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Anyone who saw Finn's nightmare knows it spells doom for his marriage. But will Sheila's death signal the end of Thomas and Hope, too? And do you feel sorry for Deacon, or are you annoyed by his self-pity? Plus, was Eric's wedding just two days ago in reel time?

Time warp and kid swap

"This day has been endless," Finn told Steffy. Ain't that the truth? When Finn said that, I felt it was important to start this Two Scoops off with a time reference for any viewers who might be lost in the B&B Space and Time Continuum. The day of Sheila's death started weeks ago, as far back as February 22nd, the day after Luna slept with Zende. That means the two stories have only advanced two nights beyond Eric and Donna's wedding night!

Another detail that seemed kind of warped was the location of Steffy's kids. When Ridge and Thomas rushed to Steffy's side the night of the killing, they said they'd take care of the kids. I have no idea where Hayes was at that point, but Kelly was with Danny's mom while Finn went to Deacon's apartment.

Steffy's kids went from being at "overnights," according to Thomas and Ridge, to being with Liam and Li the next day -- except Li said Hayes was with Brooke until after Li's meeting. So, I'm guessing Ridge took the kids away from the overnights the night of Sheila's death and gave them to Li and Liam? I also figure they don't go to school or daycare.

Sheila's death occurred the same night Luna heard Zende's plea for her to leave R.J. for him. After turning Zende down, she got intimate with R.J. while Sheila got killed. Hopefully, this helps some viewers get why Luna is still acting like sleeping with Zende is brand new. It's because it still is -- even though we haven't seen her in about two weeks.

Leave Steffy and Finn alone!

Finn is dealing with a lot, and I appreciate the writers giving him a complicated emotional roadblock, one that could be insurmountable for his marriage. Ridge can't comprehend it, but Ridge was raised by the harshest "wolf" on the planet, and he never ever needs to speak during any situation that requires even the sensitivity level of elephants. Thomas doesn't get Finn, but if you ask me, all Hope has to do is tell him, "Imagine Finn is Douglas and Sheila is you." Liam doesn't get it, either, even though Bill is his father, but we all know that the agenda-driven Liam won't see anything except the pathway to Steffy's panties. So, that leaves Hope.

Hope claims to understand Finn and thinks it's her responsibility to make sure Steffy isn't alienating her husband. But isn't Hope the very one who snapped at Steffy like the coming of the apocalypse last year when Steffy dared warn Hope to stop playing handsies with Thomas before it ruined Hope's marriage? Doesn't Hope traipse around with a ring on her neck, telling everyone to mind their business because it's just between her and Thomas? But Hope acts so wounded when Steffy tells Hope to butt out of Steffy's marriage.

It's amazing that Hope can "so clearly" see what's going on in Deacon's relationship and in Steffy's marriage, but Hope, unwilling to see what she'd been doing to her own husband, dismissed several warnings before she ran her marriage off a cliff. By the same token, Liam warning Finn not to take his wife for granted because Liam was in the wings was insane, considering Liam took his wife for granted while Thomas was waiting in the wings!

Hope wants to play Little Miss Empathetic to Finn and Deacon now, but I wish someone would remember that she was the appetizer before Steffy, the main course, showed up to raise hell about Kelly, followed by Sheila's just "desserts" later that night. And it's kind of weird that Hope has all these feelings about Sheila's death when she totally glossed over hearing about her good friend Emma's death.

The fact of the matter is that Finn and Steffy don't need help understanding each other. They already do. Steffy sees what it's doing to her husband, and she tries to be sensitive that he is in mourning because she killed his mother, her biggest enemy. At the same time, Finn attempts to cope with his complicated feelings for Sheila, feelings neither the Forresters nor Li ever let him actualize, while trying to comfort his wife who'd killed in self-defense.

Steffy and Finn both understand that she had to do it, but each one of them has a problem with that fact that she had to do it. For him, it was his birth mother. He doesn't know that he actually loved Sheila, but he still feels some sort of maternal loss. For Steffy, she killed someone. She's taken a life. She doesn't know how she can cope with that. If Steffy wants to know how to cope with it, she should ask Past Steffy how she'd coped when she'd killed Aly, but more on that later.

I just wish everyone would leave Steffy and Finn alone and stop telling them how to feel about her actions and stop telling them how to react to his feelings about her actions. Liam and Hope especially need to butt out. They ruined their own marriage and shouldn't be all up in Sinn's marriage. These two have enough to deal with because Steffy just killed someone -- again!

I killed someone -- Again!

Steffy struggles with the fact that she took a life. She watched it leave the body on her living room floor. She hated that she'd had to do it and insisted that it was on her. As I watched her cry about it, I grasped the gravity of the incredulous moment, a moment in which Steffy seemed to have completely forgotten that she killed her own cousin -- in self-defense, of course.

I don't recall Steffy giving this much emotion or thought to it after she'd decisively swung a tire iron against Aly Forrester's forehead, ensuring there would be one less psycho Forrester to split the company stock with. However, Steffy hadn't had time to lament the death of Aly because she'd been preoccupied by Ivy taunting her with a video and labeling the death "murdah!"

I laughed at Brooke when she said Steffy wasn't violent, therefore, Sheila had had to provoke Steffy. Brooke may not remember how slap-happy and violent Steffy is, but I do.

Steffy not only killed Sheila, but she shot her, too, for pulling a razor out of her bag. Steffy also fought with Ivy several times, causing an electrocution and a tumble down the stairs. Steffy clawed Quinn down in the streets of Monte Carlo. Can anyone forget the way Steffy slapped Liam and hulked out on him in his living room when he'd married Ivy to keep her in the country?

Steffy was the one going to Sheila's house, knocking Sheila's lights out just to prove she wasn't afraid of Sheila. I don't know how many times Steffy smacked Sheila down, but I wonder -- if Sheila had killed Steffy for attacking Sheila in her home, would anyone be so understanding? Would anyone say Sheila had had no choice?

Steffy's violent tendencies are probably the reason Finn dreamed that Steffy triumphantly stabbed Sheila repeatedly. Some see his dreams as a psychic connection to Sheila, who is calling to him for help. On the other hand, Finn knew Steffy had brandished a knife at her own family, and after seeing her fight Sheila, he knows Steffy relishes hurting an enemy. He remembers Sheila pleading with him earlier that night, saying Steffy had been going after her, not the other way around. Finn is affected by his helplessness to stand up for his mother, the town pariah.

Finn's feelings really aren't that complicated. They are akin to battered woman's syndrome or Stockholm syndrome. It's a fact that people can love or feel compassion for abusive people. When one boils it down, whenever anyone brought up Sheila shooting her own son, she'd always claimed that shooting Finn had been an accident. When people bring it up to Finn, I'm almost certain that, in his mind, he wants to scream, "But it was an accident!" Steffy's shooting, notsomuch, and that's the dichotomy Finn has had to grapple with.

Finn's dream seems to reveal his deep-seated feelings about his wife and his repressed feelings for his birth mother, feelings he was never allowed to explore while married to Steffy or existing as the son of Li. These feelings threaten to drive a wedge between Steffy and Finn, and that could lead to a rift between Thomas and Hope as she consoles Finn against Steffy's wishes.

The foundation has been laid for Thope issues. Hope makes sympathetic faces as psycho "pot" Thomas calls Finn's "kettle" birth mother black. Thomas makes assertions on behalf of his sister, and Hope attempts to get him to see Finn's viewpoint. This is foreshadowing a growing rift between Thomas and Hope as she becomes the only person who can comfort Finn, since most others on the show are sore winners, expecting him to celebrate his mother's demise.

Steffy wants to understand Finn, but she's too deep in her own struggle to support him. He's too deep in his to be there for her. The support has to come from the outside. Finn will lean on Hope. Steffy will lean on Liam, and Thomas will freak out over the "threat" to his and Hope's relationship.

Deacon did not protect Sheila

I loved Sheila and Deacon as a couple. I wanted them to get married and to prove everyone wrong. However, the biggest problem I had with the couple was that Deacon didn't stick up for Sheila. If he had, she might be alive today -- if she isn't really alive already, that is.

Deacon was at the morgue, crying and saying goodbye to Sheila, wondering if anyone else had been there but concluding that he was the only one who'd cared. He said he'd known what direction his life would go in because he'd always stand by Sheila. I shook my head and said, "But you didn't. You didn't stand by Sheila at all." He failed her in several ways.

First, Deacon put his daughter over Sheila for the majority of their relationship. Even though he'd promised that he'd thought about losing his family before he'd proposed to Sheila, he allowed Hope to wear him down. He'd told the pathologist that he had been Sheila's fiancé. It's too bad he wasn't brave enough to say that to Hope's face. Maybe if he'd had the same attitude about Sheila that Hope had about Thomas, Sheila would be there.

Second, Deacon let people come to the restaurant and literally beat Sheila down. When he found out Li had shoved Sheila's face in pasta, he should have had that woman arrested. The last thing Deacon should have done had been to seat Bill in Sheila's section. But Deacon thought it was funny, for some reason, for Sheila to wait on people who despised her.

Third, Deacon let Steffy repeatedly come into their home and attack Sheila. He should have been filing restraining orders against these people, or at the very least, calling the police to build a record. When she'd been "disappearing" for weeks, he should have found out what was going on with her instead of sitting around eating TV dinners alone. I personally think Sugar kidnapped her, and Deacon wasn't even living with Sheila these last weeks.

That brings me to my final problem with Deacon. He's not paying enough attention. He went to the morgue and didn't look at her toes! So, don't cry to me about Sheila, Deacon. If you care so much, why don't you find out who her mysterious friend is and why that person hasn't contacted you, asking where she is.

Other worthy mentionables of the week:

Here are some other happenings worth mentioning from the week:

Remove these words from R.J. and Zende's vocabulary. Can R.J.and Zende please never say "girlfriend," "committed," and "special" again, please? I cannot even believe Zende drove all the way to the beach house to tell R.J. how special Luna is. I'm so over hearing about how special the Speed-Racer-wanna-be, black-blue-and-white Power Ranger is!

Steffy hired the ET delousing team to clean her house. Finn cringed when Steffy tried to kiss him in the same room where she'd killed his mother. The very next morning, she had the delousing team clean the crime scene. She probably figured out that no one is interested in nookie when their mother's blood is all over the floor.

Wrist tag, not a toe tag. Did anyone notice that the dead Sheila had an identification tag on her wrist and not her toe? Just put a pin in it for now, and we'll see what develops.

In a look ahead: Has Thomas worn Hope down enough yet?

Hope and Thomas commemorate their time in Rome with an Italian dinner. Isn't that something new and special? Celebrating cheating. How romantic. Ridge pushes Thomas to go after his future. To the end, Thomas makes a gown for Hope. Is this finally enough to get Hope to commit or to at least admit to loving Thomas?

Thomas isn't the only person Ridge is pushing. He also presses Brooke to accept Thomas and Hope, and Hope jumps on the pressure train. Why is it so important that Brooke accept her daughter being with a man who'd actively tried to ruin her life and kill one of her children? Brooke needs to pull a Hope and ban Hope from Brooke's life until Hope sees reason.

Finn continues to grapple with images of Sheila's death. Luna will gain support from Bill.

That's it. That's all the scoops. Please let us know what you think about it all in the comments section below, and until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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