Tylo files for, rescinds restraining order against boyfriend

Posted Sunday, March 15, 2009 1:04:44 AM
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Tylo files for, rescinds restraining order against boyfriend

It's becoming a far too common talk: domestic violence. Hunter Tylo's name has been added to the discussions taking place at dinner tables and other gathering places. It has recently been revealed that Tylo filed for a restraining order against her boyfriend. Court papers claim Corey Cofield had abused Tylo and her children.

Hunter Tylo (Taylor Forrester) is no stranger to personal heartbreak. The actress, who is already battling online rumors claiming that she's being fired from The Bold and the Beautiful, now has become part of the national discussion about women involved in potentially abusive relationships.

In legal papers filed last year in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the long-time star of The Bold and the Beautiful claimed that her boyfriend, Corey Cofield, abused her and her children. In the documents, Tylo stated that one of her daughters accused Cofield of "yelling at her and her sister and hitting them with a belt." The daughter also asserted that Cofield made them do "excessive push ups," sometimes forcing them to stay in the up position for 20 minutes.

Celebrity gossip site, TMZ.com, is also reporting that Tylo stated that on one occasion Cofield trapped her in her bedroom and grabbed her "hard" by the throat.

Cofield has denied all of the allegations made against him. Still, a judge granted Tylo a restraining order against him in May. Less than six months later, Tylo had the order terminated when Cofield started undergoing treatment for behavioral problems.

According to Tylo, Cofield "has actively been taking parenting classes and has attended family and couple's therapy."

Tylo has three children from previous relationships: Christopher Morehart, a son from her first marriage to Tom Morehart, and daughters Izabella and Katya, from her relationship with Michael Tylo. In October 2007, Tylo was rocked by the sudden death of son, Michael Tylo, Jr. The younger Michael drowned after suffering a seizure and falling into the family's pool.

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