Hunter Tylo

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Hunter Tylo
the world of soaps Presence
June 6, 1990 to June 1994; November 1994 to May 1996; October 1996 to October 30, 2002 [contract];

December 2002; March 1, 2004 to March 2, 2004 [guest appearances]

April 22, 2005 to July 3, 2013 [contract];

February 28, 2014; April 25, 2014 to May 15, 2014; November 5, 2014 to November 24, 2014 [recurring]

At A Glance
Born, Deborah Jo Hunter, a former tomboy who broke horses, roped cattle and trained guard dogs, Hunter is widely considered the most beautiful woman on daytime television. She has been featured on the cover of TV Guide as one of the sexiest women in daytime and twice named one of People's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World."

Raised in the Texas countryside, Hunter once spent her allowance on a mail-order alligator and considered becoming a veterinarian. She had to give up a scholarship, however, to raise a child and moved to Dallas to pursue modeling and commercial work. She gained valuable theatrical experience in the plays of Neil Simon and others, and earned her first movie role in the ABC movie-of-the-week License to Kill.

In 1985, Hunter became the street waif Robin McCall for three years on ABC's All My Children. A role on NBC's Days of Our Lives followed, with Tylo playing the wicked Marina Toscano. By joining the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful in 1990, Hunter has now appeared on all three major networks in top daytime dramas.

Hunter has also made guest appearances on such television series as Dallas, The Family Channel's Zorro and more recently Diagnosis Murder and Burke's Law. She starred in the worldwide hit mini-series The Maharaja's Daughter, which was shot in India and Canada. It was during this project that she met her co-star on The Bold and the Beautiful, Kabir Bedi.

Commercial work has always been plentiful for Tylo, who has represented such companies as Canada Dry, Nissan, Naturalizer and Cover Girl. She has recently served as the spokesperson for Pantene.

An accomplished equestrienne bareback rider, Hunter lives in the San Fernando Valley, currently separated from her husband, actor Michael Tylo, who portrayed Blade on The Young and the Restless, with her four children, Chris, Mickey, Izabella Gabrielle, and Katya Ariel. Her autobiography was published in 2000.
Acting Portfolio
The Bold and the Beautiful
Taylor Hayes
June 6, 1990 to June 1994; November 1994 to May 1996; October 1996 to October 30, 2002; December 2002; April 22, 2005 to July 3, 2013; February 28, 2014

Days of our Lives
Marina Toscano Johnson
1989 to 1990

All My Children
Robin McCall
1985 to 1987

The Maharaja's Daughter
Messua Shandar
Acting Portfolio
Rachel Montgomery

Final Cut

The Initiation
Awards & Acclaim
Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Lead Actress (2008)
Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Supporting Actress (2007)
Vital Statistics
PLACE OF BIRTH: Fort Worth, Texas
DATE OF BIRTH: July 3, 1962
MARITAL STATUS: Separated; Michael Tylo (1987 to 2005)
CHILDREN: Christopher "Chris" Morehart [1980]; Three children with husband Michael Tylo: Michael "Mickey", Jr. [Apr 24, 1988], Izabella Gabrielle [Nov 17, 1996], and Katya Ariel [Jan 15, 1998]
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