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Review a cast list of past and present stars. Learn more about your favorite actors. Find out which characters are related, how many times a character has been married, and the pesky details of their criminal activity.
Accessible from the blue navigation menu at the top of any page, the About section provides soap fans with all the nitty gritty details about what is happening and has happened on your favorite soap.

The Cast and Credits section gives you easy access to a list of current and former stars from your favorite soaps. When available, you'll be able to link directly to the actors' biographies, profils of the characters they've played, and their social media accounts.

The Who's Who section offers detailed profiles of past and present characters, including a list of the performers who have played the given role, the character's marriages, relatives, affairs, crimes and other pertinent biographical information. There's also a Brief Character History section that will give you a detailed account of the character's time in town.

The About the Actors section provides biographical information about daytime stars of today and yesteryear. Find out which soaps the actors have appeared on and which characters they've played. There's also a listing of their other television, film, and stage roles, as well as a listing of news articles that have been posted about them on Soap Central.

If for some reason you find that we've omitted a piece of information, please feel free to contact us and let us know. You can use the Feedback form to reach us.

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