Sally tells Nick that Adam could be the baby's father

The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, February 3, 2023
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Friday, February 3, 2023)
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Friday, February 3, 2023

by Nel

Billy and Chelsea arrived at Society. The server showed them to their table and commented that their table was the most romantic table at Society. Chelsea asked Billy if they were on a date. After a little light banter, Chelsea stated it was too soon for them to be on a date, since Billy's breakup with Lily had been so recent. Chelsea admitted it was too soon for her, as well, because of everything she'd been through in the past few months. Billy assured her it was nothing more than two friends checking in with each other over a meal.

Billy noticed that Chelsea seemed distracted. Chelsea said their server believed they were on a date, and she was concerned the server knew who they were. She said the server could tell Abby she'd seen them on a date, and then his family would get involved. Billy agreed that he didn't want his family asking questions.

Billy called the server over. He told her that he and Chelsea were not on a date. She smiled and walked away. Chelsea commented that she didn't know whether the server had been charmed or annoyed by Billy. Billy said it could be either because he was "a lot." Chelsea said she was more concerned if Billy's family saw it as a date. Billy informed her that Jack and Diane had reunited. Chelsea noted that he didn't seem troubled by that. Billy said he believed in second chances.

Chelsea thanked Billy for dinner and said it had been exactly what she'd needed.

Nick arrived at Sally's suite, and through the door, he announced that he had all kinds of healthy snacks. Sally opened the door, and he could see she'd been crying. She told Nick she was completely overwhelmed, and everything was about the baby. At Nick's prompting, Sally said the whole blood pressure thing had her thinking about all the things that could go wrong bringing a child into the world, and that didn't take into account raising the child. She said it was her first genuine moment of fear. She said she was a mess and asked how she was going to be as a mom.

Nick assured Sally that what she was feeling was normal. Sally claimed she shouldn't be overwhelmed about becoming a parent. Nick assured her that everyone went through it, even him. Nick admitted he'd been worried sick with every one of his kids. Sally claimed Nick was a natural. Nick admitted he'd been a mess before Noah had been born, just like Sally. He said she would get through it.

Nick told Sally that part of the problem was the build-up. He said nine months seemed like forever, but it went by very fast. He told her everything changed when the baby arrived. Nick raved that when she saw the baby and got to hold it, everything would make sense. He stated that when the baby was handed to her, she wouldn't be able to imagine loving anything that much, and the fear disappeared because everything became clear.

Sally said Nick was an outstanding father, but she claimed it was different for her. She said Nick had had a loving mother and father around when he'd been growing up, and he'd known they loved him. Sally said she'd never had that. She said she'd learned at a young age that people let each other down. She said she'd learned to deal with it as an adult, but as a child, it had been devastating. She said the thought of doing that to her own child made her chest tighten up so much that she could hardly breathe.

Adam arrived at Sally's door. He was about to knock when he heard Nick's voice, and then Sally apologized for dumping everything on him. He heard Nick say that it wasn't the way things worked. They were in it together, and she wasn't dumping anything on him. Sally said she found it difficult to lean on anyone. Adam walked away.

Nick told Sally they only needed to get through her next doctor's appointment, and everything would be less scary. He promised he was there for all of it with her, from pregnancy, to birth, to school, to recitals, soccer, and sleepovers. Sally asked where they stood. Nick said it was too soon for them to make a decision about their future, but as far as being a parent, he was solid. Sally began to cry. Nick asked what was bothering her.

Sally told Nick she was concerned because they'd planned on taking things slow. She stated that with the pregnancy, things were moving at warp speed, and no one knew where they were going. She said every decision she made wouldn't be just for her, and she had to get it right. Sally said no baby could have a better father, and that was all that mattered. They kissed and began disrobing.

After the loving, Sally told Nick she was very content at that moment. She said he made her feel special. Nick reassured her that she had nothing to worry about because he had her. Troubled and in tears, Sally confessed that Adam could be the baby's father.

At Newman Media, Victoria told Nate they needed to celebrate. She produced a bottle of 23-year-old single malt scotch. She said she'd wanted to open it on a special occasion. She revealed that she and Nate were going to step outside the box. She said she thought it would be nice to step away from the nine-to-five corporate structure. She announced that she wanted to scoop up Omega Sphere and take down McCall Unlimited.

Nate told Victoria he loved what she was planning. He said Devon would have quashed that move at Chancellor-Winters because it was too risky. Nate suggested their first move should be to lure Daniel and his project to Newman Media. Victoria asked what they could give Daniel that Chancellor-Winters couldn't. Nate suggested the full power and magnitude of Newman Enterprises.

Nate told Victoria that he would convince Daniel that Chancellor-Winters would micromanage and second-guess him constantly. Victoria agreed. She suggested they give Daniel autonomy and make that part of his agreement. Nate said he knew how Chancellor-Winters structured their deals, and they had to make sure they would be better at it. Victoria gushed that Nate had been wasted at Chancellor-Winters.

Nate bragged to Victoria that he had a secret weapon, Audra. He said she'd left Chancellor-Winters, but she was still tight with Tucker. He said Audra had informed him about Tucker's plans for Omega Sphere. Victoria appreciated Nate revealing his source. He said he trusted Victoria, and he hoped that went both ways. Victoria said that she and Victor had discussed using Audra as a way of taking control of Tucker's company.

Victoria warned Nate they had to be very careful around Audra. She said if Audra slipped up, Tucker would be onto them. Nate claimed Audra was on their side. He said Audra had agreed to keep him informed and help him predict Tucker's moves so he could stay one step ahead. Victoria admitted she was wary of Audra. Nate said Audra was good at what she did, and part of that was playing the game. He said they had to play it better.

Nate told Victoria that most people didn't like his aggressive side, and he kept it under wraps. He said he found it exhilarating throwing around ideas with her. She told him not to let anyone dictate who he should be because they had no idea what it took to fill their shoes or make things really happen. Victoria suddenly kissed Nate. When the kiss ended, Victoria tried to cover the awkward moment by saying they'd had some good ideas about Omega Sphere and Tucker. Nate said he would set things in motion in the morning. She wished him a good night and left.

Diane approached the Abbotts' home and noticed the door was ajar. Timidly, she called out to Jack. She entered and saw a bottle of Champagne on ice, flowers, and Jack wearing a tux. Diane asked what the occasion was. Jack said he wanted to celebrate with her. She said she expected the rest of the Abbotts to arrive. Jack assured her they were completely alone and suggested she relax. Diane asked Jack how it was possible that she could be falling for him all over again. Jack toasted to them.

Diane asked how long Jack had been planning that little celebration. Jack admitted he'd wanted to do something special on New Year's Eve, but he was glad he'd waited because he was even more enamored with Diane than he had been in the previous weeks. Diane admitted that the previous year, she hadn't known whether she could return to her old life in Genoa City. She said it took her breath away that they'd found each other again. She said no one could have predicted that.

Jack told Diane he thought it had been in the cards for a long time. He said finding Diane again might be the fulfilment of a prophecy, all brought about by Dina. Diane didn't understand how Dina had predicted they would reunite after the years everyone had believed she'd been dead. He admitted it hadn't been Dina, but rather her jewelry.

Jack explained to Diane about the antique emerald necklace John had bought for Dina. He said it was called the Teardrop of Love. He said after Dina and John had split up, Dina had traveled the world, and the necklace had gotten lost. Jack said he'd been able to track it down before Dina had died. He explained that after Dina had died, they'd all received a little piece of the necklace. Jack showed Diane his emerald cufflinks. He said there had been a legend attached to the necklace. He said whoever wore the necklace or was around the gem would find love.

Jack told Diane that over time, he'd realized that if the legend were true, it might just be family love. He said after Dina had died, he'd been closer to the Abbott family. He said the Teardrop of Love had not only brought him family love, it might have also brought him a beautiful, captivating, gorgeous woman. He said perhaps the gem had just needed a little time to do its magic. Diane kissed him. Jack suggested they take their fate into their own hands and decide where things would go next for them.

Diane told Jack she wasn't crazy about planning ahead because she'd had the rug pulled out from under her too many times. She said she loved being in the present because it was difficult to imagine the future. She said she wanted to focus daily on being grateful. Jack suggested he do the grand planning for both of them. He said what they had was very special, and he didn't want to waste it. He said when she was ready, he wanted to present her with an image of what life could be for them. Diane asked to hear it.

Jack told Diane he wanted to travel and see all the grand sights of the world with her, and they could take Harrison on giant adventures during school breaks. Diane said it all sounded like fun, but it was just fantasy. Diane said all she wanted was Christmas with the whole family. She wanted to celebrate holidays with people who mattered to her, have big family dinners where everyone shared their day, enjoy the traditional Abbott breakfasts, and have picnics at the lake. She wanted all those special moments she'd missed when she'd been away. She said she also wanted that moment with Jack because she felt worthy, wanted, and safe. They sealed it with a kiss.

Diane told Jack she had concerns about their future. Jack assumed those involved people who wanted to get in the way of their happiness. Diane said there were people who would make things difficult for them. Jack asked why it mattered. He said they'd earned and deserved it. Diane said she wasn't sure she did. Jack understood the lengths she'd gone to and the sacrifices she'd made to find her way back to them.

Jack told Diane that things hadn't worked out for them previously because they hadn't been the people they'd been meant to be. They'd needed to grow, learn, and make mistakes so they could find their way back to each other. He said they were the people they needed to be to make things work. He said they were together, and he didn't want to waste a moment of it. They kissed once again.

Chelsea and Billy arrived at her apartment, and Chelsea invited him in for tea. Billy accepted. Chelsea commented that he had the same look on his face he'd had when they'd debated whether they were on a date. Billy said he was uber cautious about not making Chelsea's life more difficult. Chelsea said that thanks to him, she was on the right path, and he didn't have to worry about her. Billy confessed he leaned on Chelsea, as well, and hanging out with her had been good for him. He said it stopped him from thinking about anything else.

Chelsea told Billy she felt the same way. She admitted the previous few months had been intense, and she admitted he knew her better than anyone. Billy revealed he'd gotten a glimpse into her soul, and that had been a gift. Chelsea said she didn't know what that evening had been, but she'd had a wonderful time. She added that she didn't want to do anything to jeopardize their friendship. Billy agreed.

Chelsea told Billy they'd gone through something traumatizing and very intense together, but they'd gotten through it. She said that over the past few months, she'd seen Billy's soul, too, and she knew who he was. She said it brought her a lot of comfort. She kissed Billy on the cheek. Billy left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Adam appeared very agitated while having a drink at the bar.

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