Port Charles residents gather to remember the life of Luke Spencer

General Hospital Recap for Friday, January 21, 2022
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Friday, January 21, 2022

In a corner table at Kelly's, Bobbie thanked Carly for agreeing to attend Luke's memorial service with her. Carly shared that she'd always liked the way that Luke had called her "Caroline." Carly said that she saw it as a reminder that Luke knew "exactly who I am and to never forget where I came from."

Carly quickly realized that she had not asked her mother how she was handling Luke's death. Bobbie vowed that they would get through things just as they had when Aunt Ruby had died. Carly expressed her disappointment that Lucas could not get off from work to attend the service.

Bobbie sensed that Carly's sorrow involved more than just Luke's death. Bobbie reminisced about how she and Luke had arrived in Port Charles. Carly shared that she was very proud of the life that Bobbie had made for herself. Bobbie smiled slightly and shared that her ability to "survive, maybe even thrive" in Port Charles was largely due to knowing that her big brother had always had her back.

Carly shared her uncertainty about the future of her marriage. She told Bobbie that "the man who disappeared over a year ago is not the man who came back to me." Bobbie said it seemed logical that someone who had been away for so long would end up being changed in some way. Carly claimed it wasn't the changes that she was concerned about -- it was her belief that Sonny might not love her anymore.

"If Sonny can't put me and my family first, then all of his promises mean nothing," Carly stated.

At Charlie's, Sonny declared that he was not wasting any more time in his effort to reunite with Carly. Dante urged Sonny to give Carly space and to also find a way to prove that whatever Sonny had had with Nina in Nixon Falls was over and done.

Robert and Scott walked into Charlie's, and Robert questioned why there were there. Scott explained that while Robert had gotten an invitation to Luke's memorial, Scott had not. Robert urged Scott not to attend the memorial. Scott spotted Sonny across the bar and slowly approached him. "If life was a horse race, it'd be neck and neck as to who I hate more, Luke Spencer or Sonny Corinthos," Scott growled. He stared squarely into Sonny's eyes before announcing, "Well, guess what? You win by a photo finish!"

Sonny stepped close to Scott. As the bar's owner, Sonny told Scott that no one was permitted to insult Luke Spencer. Dante suggested that Robert take Scott to the memorial. Scott insisted that he wasn't going anywhere until he had a few drinks. Sonny walked back over to the bar and urged Dante to head to the memorial. Dante reluctantly agreed.

Referring to Robert and Scott, Sonny told Phyllis to give "the two gentlemen" whatever they wanted, free of charge. Scott angrily refused, proclaiming that he and Robert would buy their own drinks. Sonny again approached Scott's location and asked if Scott believed he'd "scored a touchdown" at Nina's hearing. Scott didn't comment on how he felt about his win. Instead, the attorney said that he was pleased with himself for being the one to expose that Sonny had been "stepping out" on Carly.

As Scott spoke, he poked his finger into Sonny's right shoulder. With each poke, Sonny swatted Scott's hand away. Robert stepped between the men and urged them to head to their respective corners. From behind the bar, Phyllis reminded the men that they were supposed to be honoring someone's memory. Sonny agreed, icily remarking that "in memory of Luke, I'm gonna teach Scotty a lesson."

Sonny and Scott both removed their suit jackets. Victor and his bodyguard, Johann, entered the pub, and Victor immediately took delight in the spectacle unfolding before him. "The mob boss versus the ambulance chaser," Victor quipped as he altered his voice to sound like an old school ring announcer. Victor said he wished Luke could be there because he was "just crass enough" to enjoy a bar brawl. "Who you callin' crass," Sonny snapped. "Who you callin' an ambulance chaser?" Scott asked angrily.

Scott proclaimed that he hated Victor more than he hated Sonny. Scott and Sonny then decided that they would team up against Victor. Victor took off his jacket, and he vowed to teach the two men a lesson.

After a somewhat anemic bar brawl, the men were all separated. Phyllis asked who would be paying for the damages. As the bar owner, Sonny said that he would make the repairs. Victor insisted that he should pay. Scott objected and offered to pick up the tab for the expenses. Robert reminded the men that they had a memorial to attend. Everyone left, leaving Victor and Johann as the last men standing.

Victor picked up the chairs and tables that had been knocked over and ordered a bottle of the pub's top-shelf Napoleon brandy and two glasses. Phyllis coldly told Victor that it would cost him $55. He plunked down a $100 bill on the bar and told Phyllis to keep the change. Victor poured brandy into the two glasses and proposed a toast to Luke Spencer. "I should just tell you -- the good people of your fair city are in for a big surprise. Cheers!"

When they arrived at Dock 54, Sonny decided that he would wait for Carly before going aboard the Haunted Star, and Scott thought it best that he remained ashore. Moments later, Carly and Bobbie arrived. Carly told Bobbie to go inside, promising that she would be along in a little while. Bobbie shot Sonny an icy glare as she walked past him.

Sonny put out his arm to escort Carly aboard the ship. She noticed that his hand was bruised and asked what had happened. "Luke happened," Sonny replied. Carly told Sonny that he needed to get his hand checked out at the hospital after the memorial service. Sonny assured Carly that he was perfectly fine. "The night wasn't a total loss," Sonny said. "Believe it or not, Scotty and I teamed up and ripped Victor a new one."

Sonny again put out his arm for Carly to grab onto, but she didn't. Sonny stepped aside and motioned for Carly to walk ahead of him.

At the Haunted Star, Felicia and Anna arrived and praised Laura for the way the area had been set up for the memorial. Laura explained that she was only in attendance to pay her respects and see her friends. The setup, she said, was all Tracy's doing. Anna admitted that she half expected Luke to show up at any moment.

Nikolas and Ava were the next to arrive. Laura informed Nikolas that Lucky and Ethan would not be able to attend the service because there had been a cholera outbreak in the village where Lucky had been volunteering. Laura noted that Tracy would be having another memorial service in Amsterdam in the future, and it was Lucky's hope that he would be able to attend that service.

With a moment alone, Laura exhaled deeply. She was startled when Spencer approached from behind and greeted her. Laura embraced her grandson and thanked him for coming. As Spencer explained that Esme was unable to accompany him because she was volunteering at Spring Ridge, Victor called out that they were one family, despite their differences.

"In life, [Luke] always cast a large shadow. To die in such a random accident just doesn't have the sense of poetic beauty one would have expected of him," Victor proclaimed. Laura ordered Victor to leave. Victor refused and said that all of Luke's enemies were very much alive and still very much a threat to everyone.

The memorial attendees swarmed Victor's location and ordered Victor to leave. Even Spencer urged Victor to leave. Victor ultimately agreed, and he and his bodyguard departed. Felicia and Anna both agreed that Luke would have enjoyed the chaos. The only thing he might have liked more, accordingly to Felicia, was someone punching Victor Cassadine "in his smug face." Anna snarled that she was "so close" to having done just that.

Outside on the deck, Alexis found Tracy clutching a blue urn that contained Luke's ashes. Alexis asked Tracy if she was okay or if she needed Alexis to call Ned. Tracy snapped that she was "peachy keen." When Alexis turned to head inside, Tracy called out to Alexis and apologized for snapping at her. Tracy thanked Alexis for backing down from pressing charges against her. Alexis said that everyone deserved a second chance.

Tracy wondered how she could sum up a life as complicated as Luke's. Alexis said that she couldn't, but she warned Tracy that if she did not, someone else would. Lucy, Alexis said, had a 42-page speech prepared.

Ava escorted Spencer and Nikolas to a state room to address their differences. Spencer did not see why everyone was making a big deal out of "grifter [and] glorified con man" Luke Spencer. Ava angrily told Spencer that Luke had come from nothing and made something of himself, unlike Spencer, who had had everything handed to him, only to throw it all away.

Out on one of the decks, Laura and Curtis took in some fresh air. Laura told Curtis that she and Luke had been "quite a team." Curtis wondered if it had been hard for Laura to "let go" of Luke. Laura explained that her separation from Luke had come in stages. She said that she felt bad for her grandkids, who would only know of Luke through stories and photographs. "And some of those stories will be true," Laura added with a wry smile.

By the time Dante arrived, there were few people in the area of the boat where the memorial was to be held. Suddenly, a large crash sounded from somewhere in the distance. He, Felicia, and Anna headed off to investigate.

Over the next few moments, everyone slowly returned to the bar area of the boat. Anna told Tracy that they had found an envelope containing a flash drive and a note that said, "Play me." As everyone offered their thoughts on what the flash drive contained, Dante inserted the flash drive into a television that had mysteriously appeared when no one had been in the room.

"Well, we meet again," Helena Cassadine chuckled in a videotaped message. As the attendees voiced their disgust with Helena's appearance, the video continued to play. Helena said that her message was playing because Luke Spencer had "finally done the world a favor by following [her] into the great beyond." Helena apologized for gloating but said that she had always promised to have the last word.

Helena said that she always considered Luke a "parvenu." Since she was certain that no one would know what the word meant, Helena explained that a parvenu was "someone who has suddenly reached a level of unaccustomed power and wealth but has not yet gained the prestige and dignity associated with it." She called Luke a "cheap, tawdry rhinestone, even though he fancied himself a diamond in the rough." Laura walked over to the television and yanked the power cord out of the wall.

Tracy stood behind the bar and thanked everyone for attending. She said that it did not matter what people thought of Luke -- whether they loved him, hated him, or loved and hated him. The important thing, she said, was that no one would forget him. Tracy stated that Luke had made her promise that no one would refer to him as a "hero" or a "good guy." She continued, saying that Luke was a "walking, talking contradiction."

"He was cruel, and then he would turn around and dazzle you with his kindness. He was cunning, and yet caring. He was generous at the same time as impossibly, impossibly selfish. He brought out the best and the worst in all of us. And I think, ultimately, he changed us -- every one of us... forever," Tracy concluded.

Tracy headed outside to the deck of the Haunted Star, where she could be alone with Luke. She unscrewed the lid to the urn, paused for a moment of silent reflection, and then slowly dumped Luke's ashes.

Back on the dock, Scott hoped that Luke was enjoying all the people singing his praises. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew Luke's ashes into Scott's face.

Back aboard the ship, Sonny told Laura that he had an update on the warning that Cyrus had given Laura. Laura told him that they would talk later. Curtis approached Laura and told her that he would be there for her should she need anything.

Bobbie tried to convinced Carly to join her for a sleepover with Donna and Avery, but Carly politely declined. When Bobbie disembarked, she saw the bruised and bloodied Scott and asked what had happened to him. "I caught the bouquet," he shot back.

On the deck of the ship, Carly looked out into the water and asked Luke if he was there. Suddenly, a hand reached out and touched hers. She turned and found Sonny standing beside her, smiling tenderly.

Ava commented that Luke's sendoff seemed fitting for a man who was "a rogue and a rascal." She leaned against Nikolas and mused that she had a soft spot for rascals. Nikolas smiled and put his arm around her. He told Ava that he could not stop thinking about the way that Victor had left.

Elsewhere, Felicia was stunned by Robert's account of Sonny and Scott teaming up against Victor.

Musing that she could be the designated driver, Alexis offered Tracy a ride a home. Tracy said that she needed to do something before she could leave. Tracy walked over to Laura, who was still seated at the bar, to give her a keepsake of Luke's that she believed truly belonged to Laura. Laura looked at the black velvet box and shook her head from side to side. "If that's the Ice Princess, I want no part of that thing," Laura stated. She urged Tracy to throw the diamond into the sea along with Luke's ashes.

Tracy said that she could not do that and walked away. Spencer, who had watched the interaction between Laura and Tracy, said that he wished he could have seen the Ice Princess and maybe even held it. Laura insisted that the diamond had never done anybody any good and urged Spencer to forget it.

Spencer told Laura that he hoped he could make her proud one day. She told her grandson that she was already proud of him and gave him a big hug. The two slowly made their way to the exit. Laura stopped and turned around to get one last look at the photo of Luke that hung behind the bar. She blew a kiss and said, "Goodbye, my love."

When Laura turned to exit, a woman dressed all in black, including a black hat and veil, walked toward her. The woman lifted her veil, and Laura gasped, "Jennifer Smith?"

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