Spencer and Trina make love for the first time

General Hospital Recap for Friday, September 29, 2023
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General Hospital Daily Recaps (Friday, September 29, 2023)
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Friday, September 29, 2023

In New York City, Spencer and Trina sat down to a candlelit dinner at a restaurant with a view of the city skyline. Trina gushed about seeing Moulin Rouge with Spencer. Trina said that she didn't think she was as exciting as the characters from the play, but Spencer said that he hadn't been able to take his eyes away from Trina.

Spencer and Trina admitted that they were starving, and they shared looks of love as they prepared to order dinner. After they had finished dinner, Spencer and Trina sipped Champagne. Trina said that she knew it had been difficult for Spencer to get away from Port Charles because of Ace. "And I just want to let you know how grateful I am that you made time for us," Trina said affectionately.

Spencer smiled at Trina. "I love us," Spencer said. "Me, too. And... I love you, Spencer Cassadine. So very much," Trina told Spencer as the two of them stared into each other's eyes. Spencer asked why Trina hadn't said anything earlier when he had professed his love to her in their hotel room.

Trina said that she had learned from Stella that good things happened to those who waited. Spencer said that he would have waited "an eternity" to hear Trina say that she loved him. Trina asked what Spencer was thinking about. Spencer told Trina that he was the "luckiest guy in the world." "I've loved you for so very long, Trina. Since the day that I met you," Spencer admitted as he and Trina held hands.

Trina said that it had seemed like a long time since she and Spencer had first met. A series of flashbacks appeared on-screen as Spencer and Trina recalled important memories of their time together -- from the couple's first kiss to Trina jumping into Spencer's arms in Greenland, as well as Trina gifting Spencer one of the turtle doves.

As they held hands over the dinner table, Spencer assured Trina. "The best is yet to come," Spencer said, and he kissed Trina's hand as the backdrop of the New York City skyline shined down over the couple.

A waiter asked if Spencer and Trina wanted to see a dessert menu. Spencer deferred to Trina, who said confidently that the couple had to be going. Spencer asked for the check, and he and Trina left after gazing at one another.

Back in their hotel room, Trina was in awe to find red rose petals spread across her and Spencer's bed. Trina and Spencer stared longingly at each other before they began to kiss. The two began to slowly undress one another before Spencer lifted Trina's body and carried her to their bed.

As music played in the background, Spencer and Trina made love for the first time next to a window that looked out upon the stars over New York City. After making love, Spencer and Trina held one another in bed. Trina and Spencer kissed before she rested her head against his shoulder.

As they lay in bed together, Spencer assured Trina. "You know when I'm the happiest? When I'm with you. I mean it," Spencer said before he and Trina pulled one another closer together. Spencer and Trina kissed again.

At Sonny's penthouse, Nina awoke in bed when she heard Sonny enter. Sonny apologized that he had awoken Nina. As Sonny undressed, Nina said that she loved waking up to Sonny. Sonny joined Nina in bed. Nina told Sonny that Charlotte had been "acting out." Sonny said that family was the most important thing in the world.

With Sonny's words fresh on her mind, Nina said that she and Sonny needed to talk about Gladys. Nina told Sonny about Gladys having lost a lot of money to gambling in Selina's poker games at the Savoy. Sonny was furious at Gladys, and he said that Gladys should have known better, given what gambling had done to Mike years earlier. "I hate to tell you this, but it gets worse," Nina said.

Nina explained how Gladys had siphoned Sasha's funds, in addition to how Gladys and Dr. Montague had conspired for Sasha to be held against Sasha's will at Ferncliff. Sonny grew even angrier when he spoke of Gladys. "Gladys is family. I've put up with this way too long. That's on me. Gladys will be dealt with," Sonny said with finality.

Nina noted that it was late, and she encouraged Sonny to go to bed. Sonny spotted a slew of papers that pertained to the wedding that Olivia was planning for Sonny and Nina. Sonny said that Nina had too much on her plate.

Nina admitted that she felt overworked. but she said the only thing that mattered was planning her and Sonny's wedding. Sonny surprised Nina when he said he had an idea. "Why don't we elope?" Sonny asked.

Nina initially expressed hesitation, but Sonny proposed that he and Nina fly to Sonny's private island the following day to be married. "What do you say?" Sonny whispered. "I say... yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Nina shouted as she flung the stack of papers she'd been looking at into the air. Sonny and Nina were happy.

At the hospital, Willow visited Drew. Willow told Drew that she and Nina had grown closer. Drew was happy for Willow, and he asked if Michael had softened toward Nina. Willow said that Michael was stubborn. Drew said that life was short and that people shouldn't waste their time holding grudges.

Drew thanked Willow for having visited him. After she left Drew's room, Willow envisioned that she was seeing Harmony. In the vision, Harmony said that she had a warning for Willow. Harmony appeared to mouth the words, "your dad" and "I'm warning you, Willow: do not trust him."

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Carly told Michael that Judge Kim had used Drew to advance Kim's career. Carly and Michael claimed that Carly and Drew were the victims of Drew and Carly having committed insider trading. Michael and Carly strategized on how to work on Drew's public image.

Carly wanted to use Alexis to run a series of damaging articles on Judge Kim. Michael shared that he might have a lead on who had tipped off the SEC, and he vowed to find out who had turned Drew and Carly in for having committed insider trading. Carly left to visit Drew at the hospital.

A short while later, Willow met Michael at the gatehouse. Michael surmised that something was wrong with Willow. Willow shared that she had nodded off in the hospital lounge after she had visited Drew. Willow said that she had had a dream about Harmony. "But it was only a dream," Willow insisted.

Also at the hospital, Elizabeth and Finn had bidden one another goodnight, but a short while later, Elizabeth discovered Finn alone in the hospital's shower room. A fully dressed Elizabeth stepped into the shower with Finn.

Elizabeth and Finn kissed for several moments, but Elizabeth remained in her scrubs before eventually leaving. On her way out, Elizabeth used to a towel to wipe off her mouth. Later, Elizabeth spotted Amy at the nurses' station. Amy rambled before Finn appeared. Amy noted that both Elizabeth and Finn had wet hair. Finn smirked.

At Wyndemere, Ava entered the mansion after having been caught in a pouring rainstorm. Ava noted that the storm had only affected Spoon Island. Giles, the house butler, said that there had been power outages as a result of the storm.

Ava stood in front of the fireplace in the living room as the power flickered. Giles handed Ava an envelope that contained images of Wyndemere from a real estate agency that Ava had hired to sell Spoon Island. Ava stared at the photos as she sipped a martini. "I cannot wait to move off this island," Ava said to herself.

Ava toasted to "the end of the Wyndemere era," and she flashed back to her argument with Nikolas when she had knocked him unconscious months earlier. A short while later, after the lights had gone out, Ava slowly found her way around the living room in the dark. When the lights returned, Ava spotted someone, and she screamed as she dropped her martini glass.

Ava was surprised to discover that Mason had slipped into the mansion. Ava wondered how Mason had entered, and she ordered him to leave. Mason stunned Ava when he said that someone else had gone to the island with him. Backed against the fireplace, Ava searched for something to defend herself with. "You ratted us out, Ava. Wasn't smart," Mason said as he approached Ava.

At a bank in Geneva, Switzerland, Laura and Kevin met with a banker named Hans Muller. Laura asked Hans to help her find Nikolas. Hans asked why Laura felt that Nikolas was in Geneva. "Because his money is here," Laura said.

Hans told Laura and Kevin that there had been several recent withdrawals from Nikolas' bank. Hans added that the withdrawals had been made by Nikolas in person, confirming for Laura that Nikolas was still alive. Hans left to allow Laura and Kevin some time to study the withdrawal sheets. Thrilled by the news that Nikolas was alive, Laura hugged Kevin.

Laura noted a large withdrawal in the records, and she wondered if Nikolas had used it to hide his plans and whereabouts. Kevin said that he and Laura couldn't be certain, and he suggested that they head back to their hotel room to celebrate that Nikolas was alive. Laura agreed, and she and Kevin left.

Not long afterwards, a man was seen entering Hans's office from behind. The man was revealed to be Nikolas, who said that he needed to make another withdrawal. Hans said that Nikolas had just missed Laura and Kevin. Hans encouraged Nikolas to "be a good son" and to do the right thing. "I plan to," Nikolas said with a smirk and a sinister tone to his voice.

At the same time as Nikolas spoke to Hans, the living room at Wyndemere, where Ava had been with Mason, appeared to be empty.

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• "Good things come to those who wait," Trina tells Spencer.

• Laura asks for help finding Nikolas.

• Drew needs important information from Willow.

• Carly advises Michael that she has information on Drew's judge and intends to use it.


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