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Days of our Lives Recap for Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Thursday, December 2, 2021

by Mike

Chloe entered the Kiriakis mansion and headed upstairs to Philip's bedroom. "What are you doing here?" Philip, who had been eating popcorn and watching a movie, began. "Well, right about now, I'm kind of wondering why my boyfriend is in the dark and acting like he doesn't want me around," Chloe responded. "I'd be a little more welcoming if I was expecting you," Philip countered.

"Did we have plans?" Philip wondered. "No...but we need to talk -- I found out something that was kind of upsetting [earlier; I found out that] you've been lying to me," Chloe clarified. "I can explain --" Philip insisted. "I stopped by Titan earlier today to surprise you and take you out to lunch -- and imagine my surprise when I find out from your now-former assistant that you were fired as CEO!" Chloe elaborated. "That...must have been awkward..." Philip mused with a sigh of relief, realizing that Chloe still didn't know about what had happened to their sapling. "Are we not a couple? [Because], you know, couples share key bits of information about their lives!" Chloe snapped.

"Is that so? Do you share every intimate detail of your life with me?" Philip challenged Chloe. "Well, I don't know what you mean about 'every intimate detail'...but I am open with you about most things -- [you know], the most important things, the things that are the deepest part of my soul -- [and yet] you don't let me in...[and] that has to change if this relationship is gonna work," Chloe responded. "Sorry," Philip muttered, drawing a nod from Chloe, who suggested that they could continue their conversation over dinner at a restaurant. "Not in the mood," Philip insisted, prompting Chloe to offer to cook a meal instead. "Don't want to run into Victor and Maggie," Philip protested, causing Chloe to rush off to pick up some takeout food. "Couldn't wait to get out of here, could you? [Well], go ahead, Chloe -- go have sex with Brady and be the whore my father always said you were!" Philip spat once the coast was clear.

Meanwhile, Maggie entered the study and greeted Victor, who was reading the Intruder's online article about Susan's self-inflicted stab wounds and the drama surrounding them -- an article that also mentioned John's involvement in the ordeal. "Chained, Maggie -- John Black was chained in the DiMera crypt like an animal...and trapped with that imbecile Susan Banks!" Victor summarized. "Susan was just as much of a victim as John was in this situation --" Maggie insisted. "Yeah, victim of 'the devil' -- or so she says..." Victor countered.

"That woman's got so many screws loose, the top of her head's flopping all over the place!" Victor declared. "Well, in this case, she's actually right -- [see], you were asleep when I got home last night, but Brady told me that Marlena is possessed again," Maggie revealed. "Are you saying that Marlena is responsible? [Seriously], how many times can one woman be possessed by the devil in one lifetime?" Victor sputtered.

"I'm just glad that Brady and I were on our way to a meeting when Belle called and told him -- I shudder to think of how he would have reacted if he had been alone..." Maggie admitted. "Is Brady drinking again -- [or] using drugs?" Victor wondered. "Now, you know [that], as his sponsor, I can't divulge that information --" Maggie objected. "I need to know!" Victor begged. "Okay, fine -- I don't want your blood pressure rising, [so] I will just tell you [that] he's not drinking...but he is struggling," Maggie clarified. "He's pining over that twit Chloe Lane?" Victor guessed.

"You're the reason that Brady is even in Chloe's orbit again!" Maggie reminded Victor. "I just wanted to get her claws out of Philip -- I certainly didn't expect Brady was gonna fall for that caterwauling streetwalker again!" Victor explained. "[Well], now your son and your grandson are enamored, yet again, with a woman you can't stand," Maggie summarized.

"Is it too much to ask that the men in my family come home with suitable mates?" Victor grumbled. "Why are you the arbiter of who is a 'suitable mate'? [And besides], the Kiriakis men aren't exactly a walk in the park to deal with!" Maggie argued. "Perhaps not -- [and perhaps] I happen to have found the last good woman in Salem," Victor conceded with a chuckle as Philip approached the study.

"So, has Brady got it bad for that stupid woman?" Victor wondered. "It's none of your business, Victor!" Maggie insisted. "I'll take that as a 'yes'... But he understands that there's no chance for a future with her, doesn't he?" Victor responded. "Actually, I do not think he understands that -- in fact, Brady told me that he thought that he and Chloe, they could be happy together if only Philip weren't in the way," Maggie admitted. "You don't think he'd do anything to hurt Philip, do you?" Victor fretted. "Oh, of course not -- Brady would never hurt Philip or anyone else; I mean, he was just letting off steam!" Maggie declared. "You and I both know, Maggie, that even a good man can be driven by jealousy to the darkest of places..." Victor countered.

At the hospital, Paulina entered the Black room with a bouquet of flowers while John was in the process of telling Brady about everything that had happened since Satan had returned to Salem to possess Marlena again. "Then it's true?" Paulina translated. Brady rushed off so John and Paulina could talk privately -- and they took turns filling each other in on their respective encounters with the demonic presence.

John assured Paulina that Abe was a very forgiving man. "Lexie was far from perfect..." John began to explain. "Go on!" Paulina excitedly prodded John. "When Lexie found out that Stefano DiMera was her father...well, she wrestled with some demons of her own --" John started to elaborate. "Lexie was possessed, too?" Paulina sputtered. "No -- I'm only figuratively speaking," John responded. "Can't blame a sister for wanting some clarification in this town..." Paulina muttered. "What I'm saying is that there were times when she yielded to her father's influence and kind of bent to the dark side -- [and] Abe was able to forgive what most men would have considered unforgivable," John concluded, delighting Paulina.

At the Price-Grant apartment, Eli stepped into the twins' bedroom with Carver so Lani and Abe could talk privately. Abe offered to leave, but Lani decided not to take the out. "I was starting to think you were avoiding me," Abe admitted. "I was; I didn't know how to face you [because] all of this is my fault -- [I mean], I'm the one who jumped to the conclusion that you were my father just because you dated Tamara around the time I was conceived... [You know], I bet you wish I had never come to Salem, looking for you..." Lani responded. "You would lose that bet -- learning that you were my daughter was one of the best things that ever happened to me," Abe insisted.

Lani received a phone call from Tamara just then -- and sent it to voicemail while explaining to Abe that it was one of many that had been ignored since the wedding ceremony. "I can't talk to her -- I mean, what is there even to say, [right]? Tamara and Paulina, they let me fall in love with this family -- with you, with Theo -- [and] form these connections that aren't even real --" Lani reasoned. "Who says that our bonds aren't real?" Abe protested.

Lani listened in shock as Abe explained that John had once been known as Roman. "[So, anyway], we were shocked and delighted by Roman's return, but that didn't lessen our love and commitment to John Black -- the heart doesn't work that way," Abe eventually concluded. "Or, at least, yours doesn't," Lani decided. "As far as I'm are now, and you always will be, my daughter," Abe stressed before giving Lani a hug.

After Abe left, Lani received another phone call from Tamara. "Hi, Mom," Lani began. Meanwhile, Abe headed over to the hospital to see John -- and ran into Paulina at the nurses' station.

Chloe ran into Brady outside the pub and requested an update on the situation with John and Marlena -- then offered a few words of comfort before rushing back to the Kiriakis mansion and discovering that Philip was gone. Meanwhile, someone crept toward the pub as Brady was wrapping up a phone conversation with Tate. The person swung a crowbar at the back of Brady's head.

Ben and Ciara took "Marlena" to their cabin after failing to think of any better places to hide her from John. "I just can't thank you enough, [Ben] -- you have been a better friend to me than anybody [else] in this town!" the demonic presence raved as Marlena before giving Ben a hug -- and Ciara watched with a mixture of suspicion and jealousy.

The demonic presence eventually pulled away from Ben -- then noticed Ciara's glare. "I'm [still] having a very hard time believing that the John Black that I saw is the same man that I've known since I was a child. I can't believe that he's some kind of monster -- [I mean], I saw the way John acted, and it terrified me, [but] I can't reconcile that with the wonderful man I've known my entire life; it's like it was someone else who came to the apartment, not John Black," Ciara explained. "Trust me -- my husband is a very, very dangerous man," the demonic presence maintained as Marlena. "[Then] I think the best thing that we can do is to call the police and let them know what's going on -- [after all], there is no way that Shawn would let anything bad happen to his mother-in-law," Ciara argued before producing a cell phone and starting to dial Shawn's phone number, prompting the demonic presence to snatch the device.

"I'm sorry for grabbing your phone -- I'm just so on edge..." the demonic presence reasoned as Marlena. "Don't worry -- we're not gonna call anyone. [I mean], cell service is terrible out here, [anyway]," Ben stressed. "You know, [Ben], the isolation was really wonderful when we were here reconnecting, but I don't really think it's a great idea now -- I mean, what if something happens to the baby?" Ciara argued. "I'm a doctor -- I can take care of you," the demonic presence countered as Marlena before stepping into the bathroom to freshen up.

"I don't like this at all, Ben -- [I mean], something just feels off here... [Look], we have to at least call Belle and tell her what's going on, [because] Marlena and John are her parents, [and] there is nothing Belle wouldn't do to help her mom -- plus, Shawn would never forgive me for keeping this from him!" Ciara stressed. "We're not fighting Dr. Evans on this," Ben insisted. Just then, someone started knocking on the cabin door insistently -- and the demonic presence burst out of the bathroom before Ben could react. "Don't open that door!" the demonic presence demanded as Marlena.

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