Ava and Harris have their first date

Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Ava was sitting by the fire in an empty Bistro when Stefan laid a hand on her shoulder. "What the?" Ave yelped as she jumped to her feet. Stefan apologized, and he explained that Clyde had sent him the keys to the restaurant. "He also communicated to me through his intermediary that he wants this place opened ASAP," Stefan added. "No surprise," Ava said. Stefan refused to reopen.

"Well, it's not as though we are selling drugs out of the place," Ava said. "So as long as we're just laundering his money from his heinous crimes and not witnessing or partaking in said crimes, you're cool with that?" Stefan asked. Ava said no. "What the hell choice do we have?" Ava asked. Stefan argued that their only option was to kill Clyde.

"When Jake worked for our family, he was the last person we sent out for waste management," Ava said. "Do I need to remind you again that I'm not my brother?" Stefan countered. Stefan said he would do anything to keep Gabi safe. "I would do the same thing for my son. But taking out Clyde Weston from the outside, that is damn near impossible," Ava said. Stefan suggested that he meet up with someone in Statesville who would kill Clyde for them.

"You got someone in mind?" Ava asked. Stefan explained that his mother's henchman was in Stateville. "Ivan will do anything to keep his madame happy. All I got to do is make a phone call to Alamania [to my mother]," Stefan said. Ava argued that Clyde's network could retaliate.

"Without him, the [network] goes belly up. The threat is eliminated," Stefan said. "I see your point. I do. But I would not count on the likes of a washed-up valet being able to take out Clyde Weston," Ava argued. Ava reminded Stefan that if Ivan failed, Gabi and Tripp would be dead. Stefan argued that Clyde's demands over time would get more unreasonable.

"If we don't keep that son of a bitch happy, he is going to see to taking it out on those nearest and dearest to us, which means, as long as Gabi is in Statesville, awaiting trial, she is not safe," Stefan argued. Ava urged Stefan to concentrate on getting Gabi out of prison. "That's exactly what I'm doing right now!" Stefan said. Stefan argued that his point was that until the threat was eliminated, their loved ones would always be in danger.

"You're right. We need to come up with another way to get rid of him," Ava agreed. Stefan asked for ideas. With a smirk, Ava asked Stefan if the DiMera family had a better option for the job than an old henchman. "I've never been involved in that part of the business, so anybody who would be better positioned to do the job is affiliated with my brother," Stefan said. Ava asked if Stefan's mother had any other connections.

"Aren't you from a crime syndicate?" Stefan asked. "I walked away from all of that to prove to my son that I was turning my life around," Ava said. "How is that going for you?" Stefan joked.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Leo signed his deal and asked E.J. if he was free to go. "Only when your boyfriend shows up. Which I sincerely doubt he will," E.J. said. Dimitri walked into the room. "Dimitri, you came," Leo said. "I'm here to turn myself in. So, you can let my Leo go," Dimitri said. E.J. refused to let either man go. "But we had a deal!" Leo objected. E.J. ripped up the agreement.

"Not anymore. I'm going to prosecute the hell out of both of you. You're the reason why my son is dead," E.J. growled. When Leo pointed out that E.J. had dropped the felony murder charge, E.J. shrugged. "I've got a long list of charges I could file against the both of you," E.J. said. "The deal has been signed!" Dimitri argued. "Not by me," E.J. noted. Dimitri argued that E.J.'s signature was not needed.

"Leo has met the stipulation that I turn myself in. Furthermore, he hasn't done anything wrong. He hasn't killed anyone. He hasn't assaulted anyone," Dimitri argued. Dimitri told E.J. to accept the deal, or he would ensure that E.J. "got nothing." "I'm not under arrest, nor have I confessed to anything or signed anything," Dimitri said. "Except, you're in the middle of a police station," E.J. said. With a smirk, Dimitri told E.J. that it was unlikely that E.J. would get a conviction without a confession, based on the Salem PD's track record. "Accept what I'm offering you, and take the win," Dimitri said.

In the bullpen, a concerned Rafe asked Harris if he knew why E.J. had decided to cut a deal with Leo. "I don't know the details, but Dimitri Von Leuschner just showed up and turned himself in," Harris said. Rafe was stunned. "That's a win," Rafe said. Harris said he hoped that Gabi would be relieved that the man that had attempted to kill her was in custody.

With a sigh, Rafe told Harris that the drugs from the Sikowski case had disappeared from the evidence room. Rafe noted that it had been an inside job. "I can't help but think that it might have something to do with your keys going missing," Rafe said. Rafe muttered that it meant that the drug dealer would have to be released.

With a groan, Harris said he felt terrible if the theft had been his fault. "Especially since you put your neck on the line to hire me in the first place," Harris said. "Looks like that was a bad call. Give me your badge. I'm going to have to suspend you without pay," Rafe said. As Harris reached for his badge, Rafe laughed and said he was joking.

"Stop beating yourself up, okay? We don't know anything for sure. Sikowski wasn't gonna flip on that guy. He wasn't gonna flip on his boss. Maybe next time, we reel 'em both in," Rafe said. Rafe told Harris to focus on the positive instead. "We got Von Leuschner!" Rafe said. E.J. exited the interrogation room. "Get in there and book that SOB," E.J. muttered.

Rafe entered the interrogation room, and he handcuffed Dimitri. "Leo, you're free to go," Rafe said. Leo asked if he could say goodbye to Dimitri before Rafe took him away. Rafe's phone beeped. "I got to deal with this. You have five minutes," Rafe said before he walked out. "My love!" Leo said. Leo hugged Dimitri, and he said that he was heartbroken.

"I can't believe you'd do this for me," Leo said. "Truth be told, I almost didn't," Dimitri confessed. Dimitri told Leo about his conversation with Jackie Cox. "Why didn't you go with him?" Leo asked. "Why else? Because I love you. Why do you think I'm here giving up my freedom for you?" Dimitri asked. Leo groaned. Leo said he was thrilled and saddened by what Dimitri had done because he loved Leo.

"You were willing to do the same thing for me. We also shouldn't forget that I was the one who tried to kill Gabi and Stefan, and I assaulted Kayla Johnson and Detective Hunter. You were just there to help," Dimitri said. "[But E.J.] is going to put you away for a very long time," Leo countered. With a sniff, Leo noted that he had asked Sloan to ensure that conjugal visits were part of the deal. Dimitri smiled.

When Leo worried aloud about still going to jail, Dimitri promised that it would not happen. "How can you be so sure?" Leo asked. "We didn't kill that baby," Dimitri said. Leo reminded Dimitri that they had caused the accident, and Dimitri shook his head no. "Nicole's baby is still alive," Dimitri whispered. "Nicole's baby is alive!" Leo exclaimed. Dimitri shushed Leo. Leo asked Dimitri why he had not told anyone. "I shouldn't have said anything. Especially not here," Dimitri grumbled. Leo demanded details, but Rafe returned to the room.

"Listen to me, Leo. You are everything to me. Just, please, be good to yourself," Dimitri said. "You're everything to me, too, Dimitri!" Leo shouted as Rafe dragged Dimitri out of the room.

Harris walked into the Bistro. Stefan explained that he had purchased the restaurant. "We were debating some of the changes I would like to implement," Stefan said. Stefan stressed that it was an investment and that Ava would run the restaurant.

"How do you feel about that?" Harris asked Ava. "She doesn't have any say," Stefan noted. Ava said she was fine with the arrangement. "And I assume you can quit if you're not being treated right?" Harris asked. "I'm not going to quit. I just wanna make sure that Stefan doesn't take any big risks right out of the gate. Risks that we both might regret," Ava said. Stefan promised that he would not take any unnecessary risks with the restaurant.

"I'll be back. And we can discuss the new waste management plan," Stefan added. "Right. Stefan wants to try composting," Ava told Harris. After Stefan left, Harris told Ava that evidence at the police station had disappeared. "And it could be my fault," Harris said. "What? Why?" Ava asked. "It looks like the wrong person got their hands on my keys," Harris said. Ava told Harris she was sorry, and she noted it was not his fault.

"That's what Rafe said. He let me off the hook. But you know, this whole thing really bothers me," Harris admitted. "I can see that," Ava said. Harris explained that the last time he remembered having his keys before they had disappeared was when he had questioned Ava about Gil's death. "Do you have any recollection at all, what I did after that?" Harris asked. After a moment, Ava shook her head no.

"It's okay. I probably just left them on the desk when I took you home," Harris said. Harris noted that anybody could have grabbed the keys off his desk. "Stop being so hard on yourself," Ava said. Ava told Harris that she was sure that the theft was unrelated to the loss of Harris' keys. "I hope you're right," Harris whispered. With a grin, Ava suggested that they go on their overdue first date. In the square outside the Bistro, Stefan called Vivian and asked her for help.

At the hospital, Sloan told Eric that she wanted him to stop the DNA testing on their son. "I knew it. She doesn't want to go through with it because she knows the baby is mine," Nicole said. "No! I'm not going along with this because I never gave you permission," Sloan countered. Eric said it was too late. "I have the test results right here," Eric said. "This isn't right," Sloan muttered. Sloan argued that Eric had needlessly exposed their son to the germs at the hospital because Nicole had refused to accept reality.

"It's a simple test, and it's already been done," Nicole yelled. Nicole argued that Sloan was panicked because she knew the test results would prove that Nicole was the baby's mother. Sloan reached for the stroller, and she insisted on taking the baby home. "Stop! Let's just open the envelope and put everybody at ease," Eric said. "Fine. Go ahead," Sloan whispered. Nicole snatched the envelope out of Eric's hand and opened it.

"Nicole?" Eric said. "The DNA analysis is not a match," Nicole stammered. After a moment, a confused Nicole said she'd been certain that the baby was her son. "I tried to tell you," Sloan said. "I'm sorry," Eric whispered. In tears, Nicole said, "Are you? Are you really?" Kayla returned to the room, and Eric informed her that they had already read the test results.

"Is there anything that I can interpret for you?" Kayla asked. "No. They're pretty self-explanatory," Sloan said. Nicole asked Kayla if she was certain that she had tested Nicole's DNA against the baby. "Actually, no. We didn't," Kayla said. Kayla explained that the lab had been unable to extract Nicole's DNA from her toothbrush, so they had compared the baby's DNA to E.J.'s DNA, which was still on file with the hospital.

"But there's no question that E.J. was the father of your baby, right?" Sloan asked Nicole. "No," Nicole whispered. Sloan quietly noted that if the DNA had matched Nicole or E.J., the results would have been positive. Nicole teared up. "But I was sure. I mean, how can I be so wrong?" Nicole said. When Eric apologized again, Nicole yelled at him to stop. "You knew damn well that you would be taking this baby home today. You just did this test to appease me. Well, thanks for humoring me. Congratulations on the new parents!" Nicole growled before she stomped toward the door. Nicole paused at the stroller. "Goodbye, sweet baby," Nicole said.

When Nicole returned home, she sat down and rubbed her forehead with exhaustion. E.J. walked into the room. "I had to let Leo Stark go. But the good news, Dimitri has turned himself in," E.J. said. "Great," Nicole said quietly. E.J. vowed to send Dimitri to prison for a long time. "I know that this isn't going to bring our baby boy back. But at least someone is going to answer for what happened," E.J. said. Nicole said she did not care.

"I thought our baby was alive. And now I know he truly is not. And I have no choice but to accept it!" Nicole yelled. Nicole told E.J. about the DNA test. "And why didn't I know about this?" E.J. asked. "Because I didn't think you would like it," Nicole said. With a sigh, Nicole told E.J. that she had thought that Eric had believed her.

"But he didn't. He was just trying to get me to accept reality because he was sure that the baby was not ours," Nicole said. With a sigh, Nicole said that Eric had been right. "I feel like I lost our baby all over again!" Nicole said as she started to cry again. Nicole admitted that she was horrified by the thought that when she had held their baby on the side of the road, he had been dying. "He was dying, and I didn't know!" Nicole cried out. Nicole blamed herself for not having realized that something had been wrong with her son.

"Darling, there is no way you could have known. And even if you had, there was nothing you could do," E.J. said. Nicole nodded in agreement. "But I am telling you, E.J., when I held Eric and Sloan's baby in my arms, I had this overwhelming feeling that he was mine. What kind of mother doesn't know her own child?" Nicole yelled. E.J. placed his hands on Nicole's face, and he reminded her that she had suffered a horrible loss.

"Do not beat yourself up about anything anymore, okay?" E.J. said. E.J. told Nicole that they would grieve the loss of their son together. "Together," Nicole whispered. E.J. hugged Nicole, and he said, "I hate to think that you're suffering this loss all over again." Nicole noted that it was E.J.'s loss, too. With a sigh, Nicole said she was grateful for her daughter, but she had had a strong bond to her son. "Even without holding him or ever seeing him, I felt that connection, too," E.J. said.

Eric and Sloan arrived home at their apartment. Annoyed, Sloan asked Eric why he had decided to humor Nicole. "You're just allowing her to think that there is some truth to her pathetic fantasy that our adopted son is the child she gave birth to. Which would mean, by the way, that I am some depraved baby snatcher," Sloan said. Sloan asked Eric if he believed that was true. Eric said no.

"You kind of freaked out a bit when I was holding on to the test results. It's almost like you kinda were hiding something," Eric said. Furious, Sloan told Eric that she could not believe he would accuse her of kidnapping. "That's really hurtful," Sloan said. Eric apologized. "If anybody is hiding anything, it's you. Doing a DNA test on our child without my knowledge," Sloan countered. Eric argued that he had not intentionally kept the test from her, but she had run off to work before he could inform her of the test.

"Oh, my God, my client," Sloan said. While Eric took the baby in the other room, Sloan called Rafe. Rafe confirmed that Dimitri had turned himself in, and Leo had been set free. When Eric returned, she told him the news. Eric apologized again. "I thought we could just help Nicole find some closure so we could all move on," Eric explained. Sloan seemed to relax.

"You were right. I see that now. And I'm sorry for overreacting. And it's actually better this way. Now Nicole will finally accept that it's our baby," Sloan said. With a grin, Eric suggested that they name their son. "What do you think about Jude?" Eric asked. Eric noted that as of late, he had been praying a lot to Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes.

"I understand why you would. And since the miscarriage, I think we both thought that the chance to be parents kind of had passed us by," Sloan said. "I'm just really grateful to God for what he has given us," Eric said. Sloan agreed that it was the perfect name.

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