Moss on B&B exit: All good things end eventually

Posted Saturday, August 11, 2012 4:24:41 PM
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Ronn Moss: All good things end eventually

Ronn Moss has broken his silence about his exit from The Bold and the Beautiful. In a statement on a social media web site, Moss acknowledged his fans, and teased that "new doors" were already opening for him. Moss, an original B&B cast member, debuted in 1987.

As the news of Ronn Moss's (Ridge Forrester) exit swept across the Internet, the actor broke his silence to discuss his impending departure with fans.

"I want to make sure, without any doubt, that you guys all know how much I love you. Your support during this time and hopefully beyond is everything. I can't say anything yet, but soon will explain," Moss wrote on Facebook. "Hang in there with me. We have a wonderful new journey ahead of us. Try and not be sad, angry, disappointed. It's been a great run and all good things end eventually. As this door closes, others are opening. I want you all to come with me through these new doors of opportunities and experience how cool it's going to be. Have faith, be strong, know I'm eternally yours."

The reason for Moss' exit was not made available, though, in an initial report by Entertainment Weekly, the reason cited was "salary issues."

Fans aren't the only ones that are upset by Moss leaving The Bold and the Beautiful. Moss's co-stars have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on his exit. To read their comments, click here.

Moss will shoot his final scenes for The Bold and the Beautiful on August 14. Those scenes will air Friday, September 14.

In the wake of Moss' exit, B&B has also nixed a casting call for a new character.

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