Kimberly Matula updates her B&B status

Posted Thursday, October 25, 2012 1:54:46 PM
Kimberly Matula updates her B&B status

The Internet has spawned another rumor about a B&B actor leaving the show. This time, though, actress Kimberly Matula took to social media to let fans know exactly what was going on. Matula joined The Bold and the Beautiful in 2010.

With two of the show's biggest stars exiting, it's natural that some fans of The Bold and the Beautiful might be nervous about others leaving. It is that anxiety that is believed to have created a web rumor about the impending exit of yet another star.

Kimberly Matula (Hope Logan) took to her official Facebook page to dispel the notion that she's leaving the role she's played for nearly three years.

"Dear everybody," Matula wrote on her Facebook page. "Lots of rumors are going around that I am leaving the show and I want to say that these rumors aaaaare... FALSE! I just renewed my contract and will be staying."

Matula joined the B&B cast in January 2010 when Hope was "aged" in an attempt to bring the next generation of Forresters and Logans to the front burner. The character was born on-screen in July 2002.

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