B&B's Pierson Fodé celebrates first Emmy nomination in paradise

Posted Thursday, March 24, 2016 7:10:13 PM
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B&B's Pierson Fode celebrates first Emmy nomination in paradise

The Bold and the Beautiful's Pierson Fodé opens up about his very first Daytime Emmy nomination, rivaling with a Y&R pal and his unique celebration plans.

Nothing beats spending time in beautiful Hawaii, except for maybe finding out you've been nominated in the Outstanding Younger Actor category of the Daytime Emmy Awards while you're on one of the state's tropical islands. And that's exactly how The Bold and the Beautiful's Pierson Fodé (Thomas Forrester) learned he'll be vying for a golden statue at Emmy time this May.

soapcentral.com: Hello Pierson, and congratulations!

Pierson Fodé: Thank you so much! How are you doing?

soapcentral.com: Oh, I'm super busy today. But I'm sure you're probably busier.

Fodé: I'm in paradise right now, so you take the cake!

soapcentral.com: How did you find out you'd been nominated? Did you watch The Talk?

Fodé: No! Everybody is talking about The Talk and I really want to watch The Talk now! [Laughs] But no, I got a text this morning, and I was still kind of in wake-up mode and kind of moving around here in Hawaii on top of a volcano, and that's how it was.

soapcentral.com: What? You're in Hawaii on a volcano right now?! What an exciting place to be when you found out.

Fodé: Yes, absolutely.

soapcentral.com: So, how did you react when you saw the news?

Fodé: I read [the text] and then I was like, "Hmmm, this could be real. Or maybe they accidentally texted me." And then my phone started blowing up all over the place, and I was like, "Oh, it's real. It's definitely real." And then I looked over to my buddy and was like, "Guess who just got nominated for an Emmy!" So it was fantastic.

soapcentral.com: What scenes did you end up submitting?

Fodé: So, I submitted the scenes with Thorsten [Kaye, Ridge Forrester] and myself, where Thomas ends up punching his father over the unrequited love that Thomas felt over the years.

soapcentral.com: Did you know immediately that's what you were going to submit? Or was it tough to narrow down the scenes?

Fodé: That scene specifically I knew was the one I wanted to submit. I was pretty excited about it. My acting coach and I worked on that one specifically and really kind of found some cool moments. He had mentioned it, and I had really been feeling it as well, so we really just went for it. Yeah, that was definitely the one. It was at the top of my list and on my radar.

` soapcentral.com: What do you think about your competition?

Fodé: I only know Max [Ehrich, Fenmore Baldwin, The Young and the Restless] personally. I'm excited that we get to go up against each other. I think that's always fun. He's such a sweet guy; I love him to pieces. But I don't really know the others that are nominated, so I can't speak for them. But it's all well deserved, and it's always fun to be in a category with everybody like that. It's a cool, cool moment. Just to be nominated is a sign that you're doing something great, and at this point, I'm going to stick with that. Whoever wins, I'm happy for him, and it's cool to just to be sitting there with everybody. That will be a fantastic moment in my life.

soapcentral.com: Not everybody can get a nomination, unfortunately. Is there anyone who didn't that you really thought should have been on the list?

Fodé: Thorsten and Karla [Mosley, Maya Avant]. Those were two that really kind of shocked me a bit. I thought they were going to clean house, absolutely.

soapcentral.com: The news just came out that the event won't be televised this year, and I'm wondering what you think about that?

Fodé: It's a little strange, I suppose. I didn't know that, but I guess there's a reason for everything. It sucks that it's the first one I'm a part of, but I would love to see them change their minds.

soapcentral.com: I know guys don't usually care too much about what they wear, but considering this is your first big nomination, is it something that's on your mind?

Fodé: Yeah, it definitely is. This is my first role that I've ever been nominated for, and I want to dress to impress, so we'll see what I'll throw together!

soapcentral.com: Do you have any plans to celebrate? You're in the perfect place for it!

Fodé: Yes. The first thing I'm going to do when I'm done with interviews is go into a giant lava tube and hike around and get lost for a little bit.

What do you think about Fodé landing an Emmy nomination? Do you think he'll win in his category? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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