Thope and Sinn in peril: Are The Bold and the Beautiful fans ready for a couple shuffle?

Posted Friday, March 01, 2024 3:27:43 PM
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The Bold and the Beautiful's Hope and Finn could become too close for comfort, putting two pairs on thin ice.

After more than two years of teasing, it looks as if the unthinkable could happen on The Bold and the Beautiful -- Finn and Hope could end up together.

When Steffy and Finn were first together and Hope was still with Liam, it was clear that Finn and Hope had a lot in common and could easily become friends. He was even sympathetic when Liam was against her getting to know her father, Deacon.

Of course, both Hope and Finn are part of two very popular couples at the moment, but this is a soap -- and a soap always needs a mess. A Finn and Hope fling would most certainly be that.

While Hope has been preoccupied with enjoying life with Thomas, Finn has been acting weirder than ever about anything Hope over the last few months. Back in the summer, he told Hope he thought she could do better than Thomas, despite it not being his business, but he sent up several red flags when he vowed that as long as he lived, he'd make sure Hope didn't end up with Thomas.

Things became especially alarming when Finn learned Steffy killed his crazy bio mom, Sheila Carter. Rather than trying to comfort his wife, he found comfort with Hope. While it seems like they are just friends, could B&B be heading somewhere else? If so, there could be a fan revolt like never before, as this is the last thing Sinn fans and Thope fans want for their favorite pairs.

First, B&B fans can't believe Finn just up and left his wife alone in the house as soon as he heard the police coming. That seemed to be his second mistake with fans -- when telling Steffy she had blood on her hands was the first.

As @KMe_ki put it on X (formerly known as Twitter): "I can acknowledge that Finn is going through some trauma of his own but he needs to get his shit together cause leaving Steffy alone to deal with the cops is trash."

@LetsTalkSoaps believes they can see what's coming from a mile away, writing, "Ridge: You need your husband. He should be here. Where is Finn? Hope: He's with me biotches! Welp I hope y'all see the writing on the walls now."

Others see Hope suddenly being concerned about Deacon's heartbreak over Sheila's death to be a contrived plot device.

"All of a sudden Hope is concerned about her dad's feelings," @soaplover5 said. "Guess they had to write that so her overwhelming concern for Finn would make sense."

As for Sinn and Thope fans? They refuse to give up and feel their couples will come out stronger in the end. @kolozsitery pointed out that at least Steffy and Finn's theme music could be heard at the end of the March 1 episode. That has to mean something, right?

"#Sinn if it helps the fans I can hear their theme song running in the background, there might be chances this is angst for them!" they tweeted.

Perhaps @janaeRed_8991 put it best when assuring B&B fans that this is all just a setup for some good old-fashioned soapy angst.

"Thope is been used as a prop to introduce this Finn/Steffy/ Liam triangle. #Thope is going to be fine, their angst is going to come from people on the outside. Not from Thope themselves. I have said within Thope angst, Sinn is going to have their own. Angst within an angst.

What do you think? Will Hope and Finn end up having at least a fling? Is this what you want? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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