The Bold and the Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang gets back in the saddle after serious injury

Posted Thursday, March 14, 2024 10:24:45 AM
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The Bold and the Beautiful star Katherine Kelly Lang has been on quite a journey over the past two years.

Katherine Kelly Lang has never shied away from hard work, as evidenced by her 37 years as Brooke Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful and her devotion to athletics. Not only is Lang an Ironman triathlete, but she also has been endurance horseback racing for decades.

In 2022, during a 50-mile race, the actress seriously injured her ankle when it broke in three different places.

"It’s through the mountains, through the streams, you're trotting a lot. You're going up and down. Sometimes you get off and you run alongside your horse or you hike up a mountain to give your horse a break," Lang told PEOPLE Magazine. "I got off around the 16-mile mark to walk and eat a protein bar. I just kind of spaced out on a very rocky trail. It was really sharp rocks, almost like volcanic. I wasn't looking down, I wasn't paying attention. I was eating and looking up and around and I stepped on a very big rock. My ankle immediately went out to the side and I was down on the ground in seconds."

Thankfully, Lang's friends called an ambulance, but when she received medical care, she learned her injury was more serious than she ever imagined.

"The ankle was broken in three places and the ligaments were torn because it was such a bad dislocation," Lang said. "They immediately put me in surgery and they put a big rod on that runs up my leg. They put in six screws. I still feel the screws, I feel the rod."

The actress began rehabilitation as soon as she could and was anxious to get back in the saddle, but her physical therapist urged her to take her time to prevent any additional injury. It wasn't easy, but Lang worked hard and is now ready to ride again. On March 16, she will compete in the Western Mojave Pioneer 50, her first race since her 2022 injury -- and Lang can't wait.

"Once all the excitement kind of wears down, you start kind of relaxing into the whole thing," she said. "The horses are calm. You're kind of just moving along at a good pace and then you can really enjoy the scenery, enjoy where you are, enjoy what you're doing. And you get into a zone."

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