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Flo played a prank on Sally that exposed Sally's illness fraud. Before Flo could tell Wyatt the truth about Sally, Penny conked Flo with a candlestick. Katie deliberated her aptitude for forgiveness, and Bill implored her to keep the door open to communication.
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Flo played a prank that exposed Sally's illness fraud and Penny clobbered Flo with a candlestick
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Flo's prank reveals the truth about Sally

Flo's prank reveals the truth about Sally

Monday, April 20, 2020

At the beach house, Sally conveyed that it had really been a blessing that Wyatt had allowed her to stay there, even if it had been for just a short time. Wyatt said he'd still be by Sally's side, but they needed to get her somewhere with trained staff.

Sally got it. Sally said that if she were Flo, she'd be weirded out by Wyatt's ex dying in their future home. "But what a way to go, right?" Sally considered. She imagined dying after time walking on the beach with Wyatt. That was how she'd wanted to spend the rest of her life, not locked up, attached to machines. Sally felt she should be grateful that Flo would at least allow Wyatt to still be with Sally, and Sally asked him to say that Flo wouldn't prevent that.

Wyatt didn't want Sally thinking Flo was between them. He said Flo supported the time Sally and he were spending together. "As long as it's not here," Sally murmured.

Agreeing, Wyatt added that it was understandable. He hated that they were going through it. He would love for Sally to spend her days at the beach, but he figured that, as time went on, reality would quickly set it. He noted that she already had trouble walking and was weaker by the day. He wanted to do what he could and stated that he and Flo were committed to Sally, no matter how it went.

At Forrester, Katie and Quinn worked and wondered if Sally would be back in the office. Katie thought it would be great but unlikely, and Quinn said that at least Sally's designs would live on. Katie and Quinn were glad that Katie had told others about Sally's condition, and Quinn was proud of Wyatt for stepping up -- even if she hadn't ever been fond of Sally.

Wyatt arrived and asked how Katie was and if she'd gotten his message. She had. She said she was fine and just focusing on Will. Wyatt stated that he was there if she needed him. Katie told him that he had enough on his plate. "Right," he murmured. Katie and Quinn became concerned by his tone and wondered if something was wrong with Sally.

Wyatt explained that Sally was still with them, just weaker. Katie said she'd been meaning to visit Sally. Quinn asked how Sally had been. Wyatt stated that some days, it was like nothing was wrong, but other days, she was paler. He noted that she'd begun using a walker.

Katie assumed it meant that it wouldn't be much longer and that Sally had to be scared. Quinn quipped that Sally Spectra wasn't afraid of anything. Noting that it wasn't true, Wyatt shared news of Sally's fear of snakes, something he'd also told Flo about. Quinn asked how Flo was holding up. Wyatt said Flo was okay. Quinn commended Flo and Wyatt for their efforts. Katie figured it was why Sally was doing well and lasting longer than the doctor had predicted.

Wyatt became sad, and Katie asked what was wrong. He revealed that he'd told Sally that she needed to leave. Katie asked why. He said Sally needed a place that specialized in whatever it was that she had. Katie noted that he seemed conflicted about it and asked if something else was going on.

At the hospital, Flo snooped in Dr. Escobar's computer files and read information about Sally. Hearing Penny outside the door, Flo closed Sally's file and returned to her seat.

Penny entered the office and asked why Flo was still there. Flo claimed to have more questions than ever for Penny. The overbooked Penny asked Flo to leave. Flo persisted, but Penny advised her that Sally's case was Sally's business, and Flo should just be supportive for as long as it lasted.

Back at the beach house, Sally sent Wyatt a text message. It said that she'd started packing, but it was wearing her out. She had to rest a bit. She was sorry because she knew he needed her out of there. Figuring a little guilt trip wouldn't hurt anyone, Sally put on more makeup.

Sally received a call from Penny. Sally wasn't in the mood to talk because Wyatt had asked her to move out. Penny said she'd heard and informed Sally that Flo had been at the office again with more questions. Penny had been tempted to open up to Flo and tried to convince Sally that the plan wasn't working if Wyatt had asked her to leave.

Sally corrected that it had been a request from Flo, not Wyatt, who'd never kick a dying woman from his house. Sally was desperate to figure something out because she couldn't fake that she was dying if she was in some medical center. Penny suggested that it was time for Sally's "miracle cure."

Obstinate, Sally asserted that it was time for Flo to mind her own business. Sally was certain that Wyatt cared about her. She just needed more time to show him that she was the woman with whom he was meant to be. Penny doubted it would happen with Flo in the picture. Sally replied that she had to figure out how to get Flo out of the way.

Sally heard someone outside. She rushed off the phone and to her walker but was disappointed to see Flo letting herself into the house. Sally said that Wyatt wasn't there, and she was about to take a nap. Flo was there to see Sally, not Wyatt. Sally figured that Flo wanted to know that Sally was taking moving out seriously. Sally was -- even if she didn't want to leave.

Flo thought that was good. Sally understood Flo's worry about what Sally would need going forward; however, Sally didn't think she needed the extra care. She was getting exactly what she needed right there for the rest of her life. Flo smirked.

Sally understood why Flo wanted her to go. It was because Flo and Wyatt had waited half their lives to be together, and there Sally was, clinging onto life a little longer than expected. Flo replied that she wouldn't say it that way. Sally lauded Flo for her graciousness, calling Flo a hero for giving a dying woman the end she deserved.

Flo stated that she wanted Sally to have the end she deserved. Sally called Flo thoughtful and noble. Flo asked if Sally really had that much appreciation for Flo, who'd asked Wyatt to move Sally out. Prefacing that Sally could be truthful, Flo asked if Sally really hated Flo that much.

Sally was surprised by the question. She didn't hate Flo. On the contrary, Sally understood Flo, who probably had a hard time figuring out how much longer the situation would last.

Sally began to use the walker to get to the sofa. She was thankful to have it to keep her steady and remarked that she'd almost fallen down a couple of times. Flo quipped that they wouldn't want that to happen.

Sally sat on the sofa and asked Flo to fetch a blanket. As Flo handed one to Sally, Flo noted that Sally's symptoms were worsening and remarked that they didn't even know what Sally was battling. Sally didn't think it mattered anymore. Flo asked if it had mattered three weeks back when Sally had found out about it and had decided not to fight. Giving up just didn't seem like Sally to Flo.

Sally considered herself a fighter. She just knew that she wouldn't win that time. Flo asked why Sally couldn't at least tell Wyatt what it was that Sally was fighting. Sally didn't know why. She said it was personal. It was also a moot point because Wyatt had asked her to move out, which meant that neither he nor Flo had to care for Sally anymore.

Sally hoisted herself up onto her walker and decided to escort Flo out. Flo pulled a fake snake out of her purse and tossed it into Sally's path. When Sally saw it, she shrieked, ran across the room, and hopped onto the window seat. She anxiously yelled, pointing at the snake.

Flo stepped toward the snake. "Don't touch it! Are you crazy?" Sally asked, running around and hopping up on the sofa. Flo picked it up and announced that it was fake, just like Sally. Flo tossed it at Sally, who still let out screams as she leaped onto the ground. Flo pinched Sally's cheek and felt the thickness of Sally's makeup on her fingers.

Flo called Sally a fraud, a manipulator who wasn't even sick. Flo couldn't believe she'd wanted Sally to spend her last days with Wyatt. Flo announced that Sally was done. "Just wait until Wyatt finds out about this," Flo stated. Flo predicted that he wouldn't want anything to do with Sally ever again.

Sally confesses to faking her illness

Sally confesses to faking her illness

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

At Forrester, Katie exclaimed that Sally was terminally ill. She couldn't think of a reason that Wyatt would make Sally move out. Wyatt reasoned that it had to happen eventually, and it should happen when Sally was strong enough to move. Katie suspected it wasn't Sally's decision. Quinn interjected that Wyatt wouldn't callously throw Sally out. Katie asked if the move was his idea or Flo's.

Wyatt responded that he and Flo wanted Sally to get the care she'd need. Katie wondered if Sally had gotten worse. Wyatt said Sally had been doing well, but it wouldn't last. Katie figured that it had become too much for Wyatt. "So, what if it is?" Quinn defensively asked. Quinn felt that it was okay that he'd become overwhelmed.

Wyatt vowed to keep his promise to be there for Sally. He would do anything to give her more time. He hated losing her, but he couldn't pretend that he wouldn't. Wyatt flashed back to Sally saying she'd fight for her life, but she wanted him back first.

Katie said that Wyatt hadn't told them if it had been Flo's idea that Sally move. Wyatt revealed that it had been but clarified that it wasn't out of jealousy. In defense of Flo, Quinn stated that Flo had been a saint in the situation. Wyatt stated that Sally would need more specialized care than he could give her. There were ways to make her comfortable when the time arrived, but he didn't feel that he was prepared for whatever was coming.

Quinn stated that Katie couldn't expect Sally to live with Wyatt forever. Katie just hadn't thought they were at "that point" yet. Wyatt said that they were about to be, and no matter how strong Sally was, her condition was getting worse. Katie reasoned that asking Sally to leave at Flo's behest might "rip the rug right from under her." Wyatt knew it and had tried to explain it to Sally.

Katie recalled a lot of animosity between Sally and Flo. Wyatt insisted that Sally had nothing to fear from Flo, and their issues were behind them. Katie was surprised he didn't think the move request would bring the issues back. Wyatt replied that it wouldn't because Sally knew how much Flo cared about her. "You don't think she's going to question that now?" Katie asked.

Quinn guessed that Katie had a point, and even though Flo meant well, Sally might not see it that way. Wyatt understood how it might look on the outside, but he insisted that there was no animosity or competition. Flo had gone above and beyond to ensure that Sally got the care she needed, and Sally appreciated that. In his view, the worst tragedies could bring people together.

The situation was heartbreaking, but in Wyatt's opinion, it had really brought out the best in all of them. He knew that it was hard to believe that Sally and Flo were getting along, but the women had finally found a connection. Quinn noted that Sally had sent Flo some flowers. Wyatt said it had been to thank Flo for the time with Wyatt. "And now you're telling Sally that this time is over," Katie added.

Wyatt felt that he had to be realistic about what was happening. Sally wasn't okay, and her disease would progress. Someday, Sally wouldn't be able to mask the illness or soldier through it. The truth would catch up to her, and it would be devastating. He insisted that Sally needed someone to make tough decisions, and she'd need more help than he could give her. He and Flo would make sure that Sally got the help she needed, no matter how hard it would be.

At the beach house, Flo accused Sally of lying about her illness. Flo and Wyatt had put their relationship on hold and had worried about Sally every day. Flo surmised that it had all been a lie, and Sally wasn't dying at all. Sally asserted that Flo had some nerve with her accusations. Sally was trying to be strong, despite the pain she was in.

"Oh, my God, stop!" Flo exclaimed. Sally asked what kind of person attacked a dying woman. Flo replied that Sally wasn't dying, and Flo had proven it with the fake snake. Flo claimed to know the truth, and she couldn't wait to tell Wyatt.

Bracing her walker, Sally called Flo a horrible person for taunting Sally with that snake stunt to prove that Sally wasn't sick. Sally asked if Flo had ever heard of an adrenaline response. Flo warned Sally not to double down after being caught.

Sally refused to admit to something that wasn't true. Flo said she'd seen Sally running around, jumping on all the furniture. Sally wasn't at all the terminally ill person she pretended to be. Sally said that Flo was wrong, but Flo ordered Sally to prove it.

Sally didn't feel as if she had to prove anything. She said her diagnosis was private. Flo asserted that it was also a scam. Sally replied that she didn't have to talk about it, and she didn't have to get treatment just because Flo thought it was right. Flo quipped that Sally couldn't get treatment because there was nothing to treat.

Sally called Flo crazy. Flo was willing to bet her relationship with Wyatt on the truth about the illness and asked if Sally was, too. Sally stated that Wyatt would be horrified by Flo's treatment of her, and Flo was jealous of the time Sally was spending with Wyatt. "What's the matter, Flo? Am I not dying fast enough for you?" Sally asked.

Flo alleged that Sally wasn't dying at all. "Enough of this! You don't need this walker!" Flo said, snatching the walker away from Sally and pushing it aside. Flo said it was all an act. She wanted Sally to have dignity and admit it. Flo urged Sally to admit that she wasn't dying.

Sally stated that she was in pain, and the accusations hurt. Flo claimed she'd seen Sally. Sally said that Flo had seen her running in fear for her life. Flo had terrorized Sally with a fake snake and had wiped makeup off Sally's face. Sally said Flo would wear makeup, too, if she was as sick as Sally. Flo claimed that Sally was using makeup to make herself look sick.

The idea was preposterous to Sally. It was to Flo, too, and she wondered if Sally cared about what Wyatt was going through. Flo recalled that Sally had refused treatment and had refused to tell them what the illness was. Flo didn't get how Sally could say she loved Wyatt but then create the giant lie. Sally stated that Flo didn't know anything about Sally's love for Wyatt.

Flo remembered that Sally had vowed to hold onto Wyatt. Flo figured the illness was the way Sally had tried to do it, but due to Sally's inability to get sicker, Flo didn't know how Sally had ever thought it would work. Flo knew that Dr. Escobar was in on it with Sally. "I mean, she has to be, right?" Flo asked. Flo said the truth would get out, and it would be a lot better if Wyatt heard it from Sally.

Sally called Flo the golden girl who could do no wrong. Flo had stolen babies and other women's fiancÚs. Flo always got away with it. People fell all over themselves to make excuses for Flo, but they'd never do that for Sally.

Sally had worked her butt off at Forrester. They would have fired her in a heartbeat because she was a Spectra. No one gave her anything. Sally had had to fight for everything she'd ever gotten. She'd had to fight to keep it from being taken from her, and every time, she'd lost it, anyway.

Sally loved Wyatt more than anything, and she was sick and tired of losing. She refused to sit back and watch Flo snatch him away again. When Wyatt had left Sally, it had felt as if she'd been dying. In truth, she really wasn't dying.

Sally admitted that she'd made up her illness and wasn't dying at all. She'd done it because she'd decided to fight for what she loved, and Sally loved Wyatt more than anything that Flo would care to understand.

Flo is knocked out by Dr. Escobar

Flo is knocked out by Dr. Escobar

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

by Nel

At Spencer Publications, Bill walked into Wyatt's office, shouting into the phone at someone. Wyatt noted Bill's black mood. Bill crabbed about having had to move out of his house. Bill said misery loved company, and he knew what Wyatt had been dealing with. Wyatt guessed that Bill hadn't spoken to Katie. Bill admitted he hadn't, but he didn't blame Katie for not wanting to talk to him. He said that Will was smart and that he would figure it out. Bill blamed Quinn for the whole mess.

Wyatt agreed, and he told Bill that he'd been with Quinn and Katie a short time before. Wyatt said that he, Katie, and Quinn had discussed Sally. Bill was surprised that Sally was still with them. Wyatt said that Sally seemed pretty good. He said she was so strong that at times he forgot she was very sick. Wyatt explained that he'd been unsuccessful in convincing Sally to seek treatment, but Sally had said she would seek treatment if she and Wyatt became a couple again. Bill said that Wyatt should be proud of himself because he'd gone above and beyond.

Bill was stunned when Wyatt informed him that he'd asked Sally to move out. After he saw the shocked look on Bill's face, Wyatt explained that Flo had suggested it because she wanted what was best for Sally. Wyatt claimed he wasn't sure if he could handle what came next. Bill felt that Wyatt had done everything he could do for Sally. Wyatt wished that they could do more, but he and Flo were devastated because they didn't have more time with Sally.

Wyatt told Bill he had a feeling that Sally felt rejected. He admitted that he'd planned a future with Sally until Flo had reentered his life and Sally had called him Liam. Wyatt admitted that he hadn't handled things the way he should have. Bill said that Wyatt had probably been looking for an excuse to end his relationship with Sally when she'd called him Liam. Wyatt said that Flo had handled Sally's situation with empathy and grace, and it had been hard on Flo. Bill said that Sally and Flo were lucky to have Wyatt. He knew Wyatt would be with Sally in her final days. Bill commended Wyatt for asking Sally to move in with him, knowing her condition wasn't sustainable.

At the beach house, Sally told Flo she'd wanted a life with Wyatt. Flo said that Sally had concocted that scheme to convince everyone she was dying and because she wanted Wyatt's pity, and everyone felt sorry for her. Sally claimed she had to get through to Wyatt because she wanted them to have what they'd had before Flo had inserted herself into Wyatt's life. Sally admitted that Flo and Wyatt had history, but Flo wasn't the same person she'd been. Sally said she was Wyatt's future, and Flo was his past.

Flo asked Sally if she understood the severity of what she'd done. Everyone believed Sally was dying. Flo stated that she cared about Sally, and she was grateful that Sally was okay; however, she hated what Sally had put everyone through. She stated that Wyatt had been there for Sally, and he didn't deserve that. Sally claimed that if Flo had respected her and Wyatt's relationship, they wouldn't have wound up in that mess. Flo asked if Sally was blaming her for the situation. Flo said the game was over, and Sally had no one to blame but herself.

Flo said that Katie had been torn up about Sally's diagnosis because of what she'd been through herself. Flo couldn't understand how Sally could have done something so twisted. Sally said she didn't expect Flo to understand the love she and Wyatt shared. Flo countered that it wasn't love; it was pathetic. She said that Sally had lied and manipulated the people she claimed she loved.

Flo said Wyatt would be devastated. Flo acknowledged that it had to have been very painful for Sally when Wyatt had broken up with her, but she didn't understand why Sally would fake that she was dying. Flo said she was done with the fake makeup, the fake walk, and the walker. She claimed that Sally was living it up and living her dream as well as designing for Forrester Creations.

Flo said she thought Sally was better than that. She said that Wyatt would be devastated when he found out what Sally had done. Flo understood why Sally would resent her, but she wondered at what point Sally had decided that it would be a good idea to fake a life-ending condition. Flo said that Sally had played the martyr roll to a T, and she'd almost gotten away with it.

Flo told Sally that she'd never felt good vibes about Dr. Escobar. Sally claimed that Penny was out of the picture. Flo realized it made sense why Dr. Escobar had been so defensive every time she'd asked about Sally. Flo said she'd seen Sally's medical file. She asked if Sally was going to find a miraculous cure. She said that Sally had exploited Wyatt's goodness. Flo pulled out her phone and told Sally she wanted to see the look on Wyatt's face when he found out what Sally had done. Sally asked if it would be the same look he'd made when he'd found out about Flo's baby scandal.

Flo had begun her text to Wyatt when Dr. Penny Escobar walked in. Penny realized that Flo knew the whole story, and she asked if Sally had told her. Flo said she'd seen it on Penny's computer because Penny had left it open when she'd left her office. It turned out that Sally had suffered from stress. Penny said that she'd mentioned to Sally that she wanted to be a designer, and Sally had pressured her into her scheme.

Sally told Flo that she'd accidentally bumped into Katie, and Katie had insisted on remaining with Sally for support. Penny said she'd agreed to say that Sally was dying because she'd known that Katie wouldn't allow Sally to be alone, and she'd agreed to make the diagnosis vague. Sally claimed that her plan had worked perfectly because she'd been treated with the respect she deserved, but the most important thing was Wyatt. Sally said that he was devoted and committed to her.

Flo said that she and Wyatt were committed to each other and that Sally had used emotional blackmail by telling Wyatt that she would seek treatment if Wyatt reunited with her. Flo also knew that Sally had tried to kiss Wyatt, but he'd backed away. Sally reminded Flo that Flo had kidnapped Wyatt's niece and lied about it for months. Flo claimed that the situation wasn't about her, but when Wyatt found out what Sally had done, Sally would lose every good thing about her life in L.A. -- and Penny would lose her medical license.

As Flo began her text to Wyatt, Penny knocked Flo out cold.

Wyatt arrives home to a harrowing scene

Wyatt arrives home to a harrowing scene

Thursday, April 23, 2020

In Bill's office, Wyatt asked if Bill regretted kissing Brooke. It wasn't a simple answer for Bill, who said he and Brooke had a lot of emotional history between them. Whenever Brooke needed him, his instinct was to be there for her. He didn't regret that, but he did regret the kiss and its effect on Katie. Bill insisted that he didn't want Brooke. He loved Katie and his life with her.

Wyatt asked how to handle regret. He regretted the way he'd treated Sally when he'd known he'd been in love with Flo. Bill remarked that Wyatt had loved Sally. Wyatt acknowledged that he had and still did. He couldn't believe her time was almost over. Bill hoped Wyatt could find comfort in the fact that he'd done all he could for Sally, and Bill hoped that Wyatt and Flo could go into the future with every bit of joy that life had to offer.

Bill anxiously checked his phone and noted that there had been no word from Katie. The topic turned to Bill hurting Katie, and Wyatt didn't know how Bill could have done it again. Bill yelled that Katie wasn't supposed to know. He and Brooke hadn't been thinking, but they'd known the kiss would never go anywhere. There had been no reason to upset their significant others by mentioning it; however, Shauna and Wyatt's witchy mother had been all over it.

Wyatt asked about Will. Bill stated his hope to get it straightened out before Will suspected anything. The issue had given Bill perspective, and he urged Wyatt to protect his love for Flo with everything he had.

Wyatt was surprised that Bill supported the relationship. Bill had had his issues with Flo, but she'd really stepped up in incredible ways. He was amazed by the way Wyatt and Flo had stepped up for Sally. Bill asserted that Wyatt wouldn't have any regrets if he loved Flo and protected their future together. Wyatt replied that it was great advice.

Bill asked if the doctor had said how much time Sally had left. Wyatt stated that Sally had exceeded expectations by passing the one-month mark. It was a battle they couldn't win, and they'd eventually lose her. Bill vowed to be there for Wyatt and said that Flo would, too. Wyatt had thought Flo had been lost to him, but their relationship had defied the odds. He believed that they'd ride their future for all it was worth.

At Forrester, Donna arrived in the CEO's office, where Katie was working. Donna asked how Katie was holding up. Katie replied that she had to be okay for her son. Will hadn't figured out that Bill wasn't living with them, but she was sure it would happen soon.

Donna was surprised when Katie said she hadn't reached out to Bill. Katie figured that she would eventually. Though she still loved him, she wasn't really to talk yet. She wished she could magically turn off her feelings and forget the hurt from seeing the kiss. It was one of the most humiliating times in Katie's life, caused by Brooke and the man Katie loved.

Donna didn't want Katie to forget Quinn's part in it. Katie reasoned that Quinn was vicious, but all she'd done had been to upload the video that Shauna had recorded. Katie placed the blame for the kiss on Brooke and Bill. Katie wanted to keep her mind off of it by focusing on her son. Donna thought it was a good thing to do until Katie could forgive.

Katie figured that it would be a very long road to forgiveness. Donna believed that Bill was sorry. Katie knew that Brooke and Bill were sorry. They were always sorry, but they were incapable of keeping their hands and lips off of each other. Katie loved her sister Brooke, and she believed they'd work through it. It was just how things were with her and Brooke. "But Bill..." Katie dubiously said. She didn't know if she could ever trust him.

Katie took responsibility for her part in pushing Bill and Brooke together. Donna said Katie had been suffering from postpartum depression. Katie felt that Brooke and Bill should have taken that into consideration before they'd fallen into bed together -- no matter how much Katie had pushed them. Katie didn't know if she was being completely fair, but Donna asserted that it wasn't wrong to expect one's sister and husband to refrain from sleeping together.

Katie agreed. She wasn't sure that she and Bill would have stayed together if Will hadn't needed his parents to get it together for his sake. Katie said she'd been slapped in the face again with Bill and Brooke's attraction to each other. Each time Katie felt sorry for herself, she'd think of Sally, whose situation was tragic and final.

At the door, which was slightly ajar, Bill listened to Donna and Katie discuss what a blessing it was for Wyatt to live out Sally's last days with her. Sally could find peace, and Wyatt got to make a big difference at the end of Sally's life. It would help his healing process. Katie attributed it all to Flo, who'd put her happiness on hold. Katie was proud to call Flo a Logan.

Entering the room, Bill suspected that Flo would soon change her name to Spencer.

Later, Bill and Katie were alone together. Bill noted that she hadn't been responding to him. Katie hadn't felt like responding. He reasoned that she would listen to him apologize. The words didn't mean anything to Katie, who wondered what else one would say after being caught.

Bill could respect that Katie needed time, but he asked that she not shut him out. He suggested that she return a call every once in a while and leave the door open to conversation. They needed to be able to communicate for Will's sake and for themselves. He believed she had to know that he wouldn't let her go.

What Katie knew was that the video had played in front of many people she loved. It hadn't been just her own private humiliation; it had been there for everyone to see. To worsen matters, she hadn't seen it coming. She'd truly believed that a kiss between Brooke and Bill had no longer been possible. Until the shock of it wore off, Katie didn't know how to feel. She suggested that Bill not push it.

Katie changed the subject back to Bill's suspicion that Flo might become a Spencer. Bill wasn't interested in talking about his son's love life, but Katie said they'd have a conversation that wasn't about the two of them, as he'd suggested, or she'd go back to ignoring him.

Settling for the topic, Bill said he sensed that once Sally punched her ticket to the great beyond, Wyatt and Flo would claim their future as husband and wife.

At Wyatt's house, Sally panicked as she crouched over the unconscious Flo. Penny exclaimed that Flo had been about to call Wyatt. Penny hadn't wanted to hurt Flo and asked if Flo was okay. Sally ordered Penny to check Flo and hoped to God that Flo was okay.

Penny found Flo's pulse, but Penny was worried that Flo had a head injury or concussion. Sally was sorry about what had happened to Flo. Sally hadn't known that an idiot doctor would crack Flo over the head with a candlestick holder. The flustered Sally stated that Wyatt would eventually return home, and he couldn't find Flo there like that.

Penny wanted to call emergency services, but Sally said there was no way they could explain what had happened without losing everything they had. Penny didn't know why she'd ever let Sally talk her into the insane plan. Penny feared that Wyatt would arrive, see Flo, and learn that Sally was as healthy as a horse. Penny believed she'd lose her license.

Sally tried to get Penny to calm down because they needed to get Flo out of there before she awakened and before Wyatt showed up. Sally received a message that Wyatt was on the way back. Penny suggested they take Flo to the ER -- where people normally took unconscious and injured people. Sally refused to take Flo there -- unless Penny wanted to go to jail.

Penny didn't know what she'd been thinking to hit Flo. Sally said Penny had panicked and had lost her senses for a moment. Sally decided that they'd take Flo away, so Wyatt wouldn't know what had happened. "Are you serious? So, we're kidnapping her now?" Penny asked.

Later, Sally scurried into the house, saying Flo hadn't driven her car there. Sally wanted to put Flo in Penny's car. They couldn't use Sally's car because she was supposed to be dying, not driving around all over town.

Penny had parked around back. Sally and Penny began to drag Flo toward the bedroom to take her out through the back exit. They'd gotten Flo between the sofa and the fireplace when they heard Wyatt's car alarm out front.

On the porch, Wyatt attempted to put his key in the lock. He dropped the keys. He picked them up, unlocked the door, and opened it. His eyes filled the screen as he glanced around his living room, which was in disarray. "What the hell?" he cried.

This was the last original episode to air before The Bold and the Beautiful was forced to suspend production due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Forrester and Spectra face off in a fashion showdown (2017)

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Forrester and Spectra face off in a fashion showdown (2017)

Friday, April 24, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, The Bold and the Beautiful opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April and May, 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode originally aired on July 31, 2017. In the episode, Forrester and Spectra face off in a fashion showdown in Monte Carlo. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps dating back to 1987.



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