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Finn told Steffy that the baby was his, and she agreed to marry him. With her future within her grasp, Steffy removed Liam's portrait from her wall. Hope informed Liam that Vinny had altered the test, but she had one more question for Liam that led to a deeper divide between the couple.
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Steffy agreed to marry Finn after learning that he was the father of her baby, but Liam and Hope's future wasn't as rosy
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Finn's news changes Steffy's mind about everything Finn's news changes Steffy's mind about everything

Monday, March 15, 2021

Outside the cliff house, Steffy said Finn didn't know what he was asking. Finn quipped that he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand; he was pretty confident that he knew what he was asking. He asked Steffy again if she would marry him. She questioned how she could marry him while she was pregnant with Liam's child.

Finn said he'd found out something Steffy needed to know. Steffy replied that no news could change their reality. Finn asked her to trust him when he said their reality never looked so good.

Steffy appreciated what he was trying to do. She wished she could accept and throw her arms around him, but she couldn't. She was pregnant with another man's child, and Finn deserved better. That was the only reality in her view. "But what if that child were mine?" he asked.

Steffy replied that she'd accept the proposal in a heartbeat. She said Finn knew how much she loved him and wanted a life with him. She loved him for wanting to stand by her and her child, but she refused to tie him to a life he'd someday regret. She asked him to never forget how much she loved him.

Steffy took off running on the narrow path between the house and the cliffs. Finn yelled, "Steffy, wait! It's ours! The child is ours!" Steffy turned around, and Finn said she was carrying their baby. Finn ran to Steffy, telling her that she wasn't carrying Liam's baby; it was theirs.

Steffy didn't understand. Finn asked if she remembered Vinny. Steffy did. Finn explained that Vinny worked at University Hospital in the lab. Steffy didn't know why they were talking about that. Finn asserted that Vinny had messed with the results and had made it look as if Finn hadn't been a match. "But I am. Steffy, the child is ours!" he declared.

Steffy asked if it was really true. Finn affirmed it. "We're having a baby? Oh, my God. We're having a baby!" Steffy exclaimed and jumped into his arms. Steffy asked how it was happening.

Finn said it went back to Vinny changing the test results, and all that mattered was that Finn and Steffy were having a baby. Steffy was gleeful that she'd been right in believing that Finn was the father. She said all their prayers had been answered.

Kneeling, Finn asked if he and Steffy could try it again. He said Steffy had shown him that there was more to life than work. She'd shown him joy and laughter and that he was capable of expressing love. He was gazing at the woman he loved, and she'd give him the incredible gift of a child. He guessed maybe he shouldn't ask for more, but he wanted to ask her if she'd make him happier than he'd ever been. He asked if she'd be his wife.

Steffy affirmed that she'd marry Finn. Finn slipped the ring on her finger, and they kissed.

At Spencer, Wyatt noted that Liam had been reading the same page of a report for about 20 minutes. Liam looked up, but his mind still seemed far away. He was thinking of Hope and of all the pain he'd caused her. Wyatt wondered if there had been any progress. "Well, she hasn't outright left me, so that's a plus," Liam responded.

Liam added that he and Hope were functioning as husband and wife and parents, which was what had gotten them through so far. Liam believed that Hope was really struggling and might not even be with him if it weren't for the kids. Scoffing in disbelief, he said he was having another child with Steffy. It was hard to imagine screwing things up that badly. He didn't know what he'd do if Hope couldn't get past it.

Wyatt offered to talk to Hope. Liam said he might take Wyatt up on it, but for the time being, he had to give Hope time to figure out how she fit into the new dynamic. Wyatt thought it was simple. In his view, Hope was Liam's wife and stepmother to Liam's children with Steffy.

Liam replied that he had told Hope that she was a good stepmother. Liam said that being a stepmother was not a role Hope had ever expected she would have to play, let alone twice. "Two different times I got Steffy pregnant with my child. What is wrong with me?" Liam asked.

Wyatt wanted Liam to stop beating himself up and insisted that Liam and Hope would move forward. "Unless we don't," Liam replied. Wyatt didn't want Liam to think that way, but Liam thought that at some point, he had to realize that was asking too much of Hope and might not have the right to ask her to stand by him that time.

To Wyatt, it sounded like Liam was giving up and didn't think he deserved Hope. Liam asked in which world he did deserve Hope after what he'd done. Liam pointed out that Wyatt had said himself that Hope didn't deserve a man who'd keep running back to his ex. Wyatt claimed that it had been back in the day that he'd said that.

Liam replied that Wyatt had still been right. Liam wasn't saying that he was giving up or that there was a better man for Hope than he was. However, he felt that she deserved better from him and better than he'd treated her. He had to work day and night to prove that he could be that guy, the one who could make good on his promises. Eventually, he might have her forgiveness. Wyatt believed that his brother could do it.

Liam didn't think it would be easy. No matter what he said or did, Hope might not be convinced. He had to be prepared for the fact that, even if Hope wanted a life with him, she might be unable to get past him having another child with Steffy.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope was stunned to hear that Vinny had altered the paternity test. The baby was Finn's, not Liam's. She warned Thomas not to be messing with her, but he said Finn had been there and had heard it, too. Hope didn't know if she should laugh or cry. She said it changed everything, and Steffy needed to know. Thomas said Finn was telling her at that moment, and Thomas was happy for everyone.

Hope thanked Thomas for telling her. She said he hadn't even thought twice about rushing there to do it. He replied that he was just the messenger, and he'd figured that she'd want to know as soon as possible. She didn't think it was something he would have done in the past. Agreeing, Thomas added that he'd needed to see the beautiful smile on Hope's face.

Hope asked why Vinny had changed the results. Thomas informed her that Vinny had thought it had been something a good friend would do. Hope looked at him quizzically, and Thomas said Vinny had done it so that Thomas could be with her. Thomas added that he'd had nothing to do with it, and Vinny had acted on his own.

Hope asked how Thomas had learned about it and if Vinny had bragged, thinking Thomas would be happy about it. Thomas replied that Vinny had kept dropping hints, and after Thomas had found out that Vinny worked at the lab, Thomas had put two and two together. Vinny wasn't the most scrupulous guy, but Thomas hadn't wanted to believe Vinny would do that.

Thomas explained that it had gnawed at him, and he'd gone to confront Vinny at the lab. Finn had overheard them, and Thomas and Finn had gotten the truth. Vinny had admitted falsifying the test in a misguided plan to help Thomas land Hope. Thomas felt terrible that Vinny had done it as a favor to Thomas.

Hope asked if Vinny had thought Steffy and Liam would get back together. Thomas said it was possible. He figured Vinny had thought the baby would be too much for Hope, and her marriage wouldn't last. She guessed that would give Thomas a chance to swoop in. Thomas began to say he wouldn't do that, but she cut him off, saying she knew and believed him. It was just a lot for her to process.

Thomas had told Vinny how bad the act had been. It wasn't something a friend would do. Thomas also hated that it had caused Hope pain. Hope was glad Thomas had trusted his instincts and confronted Vinny. She thanked Thomas for telling her and said it changed a lot.

Liam entered and asked what was going on. Thomas asked if Hope wanted to tell Liam. Liam asked what, and Thomas said it was something that would change Liam's life forever.

This episode featured the song "Reverie" by Marcus Eaton.

Liam learns that Vinny altered the paternity test results Liam learns that Vinny altered the paternity test results

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn couldn't believe that they were getting married and having a baby -- their baby. As they entered the house, she thanked him for reminding her to call Amelia, who was at the airport with Kelly. Steffy was very glad that he'd found her. Finn hadn't been able to let her slip away, not knowing she was carrying their child.

"You're gonna be a father!" Steffy exclaimed. Finn added that she'd be his wife. She wanted to know every detail of how it had happened. Recalling that Finn had said Vinny had been involved, Steffy asked why Vinny would care about her paternity test results. Finn said it had been for her brother. "For Thomas?" Steffy replied.

Finn revealed that Vinny hated Liam because Thomas hated Liam. Steffy asked what that had to do with her and Finn. Finn explained that Liam being the father would cause a rift in Liam's marriage. She replied that it had already done that, and Hope had been devastated. He replied that it was precisely the point. Steffy didn't get it.

Finn replied that Steffy hadn't even heard half the story. Steffy decided that she just wanted to celebrate. He felt that they had their whole lives to celebrate, but she needed an explanation. Finn said that Vinny had thought that he'd been doing Thomas a favor by changing the paternity test results and paving the way for Thomas and Hope to be together.

Later, Steffy said her jaw was literally on the floor about the news of what Vinny had done. Finn asked if she needed help picking it up. She asked if that was a pregnancy joke, but he swore that it wasn't. Grinning about their baby, she asked if he was ready to wait on her hand and foot. Finn couldn't wait for her to order him around. He'd been waiting for it all of his life.

Steffy believed that Finn would be a great father. She felt lucky that the baby was his and said he had no idea how happy she was. Finn stated that it had been a wild ride, but they were a little family. Steffy began to ask a question about Thomas. Anticipating the question, Finn said Thomas hadn't had anything to do with it, and they, in fact, had Thomas to thank. Thomas had been the one to expose Vinny. Thomas was their hero.

Steffy needed certainty that Thomas had had nothing to do with it, and Finn assured her that it had been all Vinny. Finn knew about Thomas' past but insisted that Thomas hadn't done anything wrong that time. Finn said they should be grateful to Thomas for the miracle.

Steffy had thought it would be a day filled with tears, but she couldn't stop smiling. Finn told her that she'd always been beautiful, but she was even more so because he knew she was carrying his child. Finn felt as if he'd won the lottery, but he asked if Steffy knew what she was getting herself into. There would be a lot of him and a lot of dingy gray scrubs.

Steffy claimed that she was obsessed with the scrubs. Finn had noticed that they'd become her favorite pajamas. She liked how the string around her belly helped her fit them. The scrubs reminded her of how he'd saved her life. She said he'd been there for her and would always be there for her. It had been killing her to get on a plane and leave him.

Finn said none of it mattered. They were engaged and about to be parents. It was beyond his expectations. He loved Steffy and their baby. He couldn't wait for the three of them to begin their life together.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope conveyed that Thomas had something to say. Liam quipped that Thomas wanted to say he was a changed man -- again. Hope replied that it was about Liam. Liam asked what was going on, why Thomas was standing in Liam's living room, and why Hope and Thomas were looking that way. Thomas replied that his words would change Liam's life.

Liam was antsy about it because he and Thomas didn't have the best track record. Thomas decided that Hope should tell Liam, and Thomas left. Liam asked what was going on. Hope replied that she'd heard the most incredible news. She hoped he felt that it was good news, too.

Hope said it was something that they'd all wanted. Liam asked what the holdup was in telling him. She was trying to be sensitive to his feelings because it might not be something he wanted to hear. Liam started to get concerned. Hope insisted upon preparing him because she was sure it would be a shock. Liam replied that he could handle just about anything at that point.

Hope agreed. She knew how strong Liam was, but she felt that it was a little more complicated for him than for the rest of them. Liam asked her to just tell him. Hope replied that it was about Steffy and her pregnancy. Liam urged Hope to just tell him.

Hope didn't want to drag it out, but she didn't know how to tell Liam. He didn't get what the issue was if everyone was fine. She replied that it wasn't the solution to all of their problems. She said his life was about to change, and they'd been lied to. She was sure some people were thrilled about it, and she said he might be, too; however, she'd understand if he felt a sense of loss.

Liam scoffed and said Hope's name. "Steffy's baby. You aren't the father," Hope finally said. Liam asked if Hope was talking about the baby that Steffy was pregnant with at that moment. He told her that they'd taken a paternity test. She replied that they hadn't gotten the correct results. He said that it was statistically impossible for the test to be wrong.

Hope knew it was hard to believe. Liam claimed to believe her. He said he'd never disbelieve her again, but he didn't know where it had come from. Hope replied that Thomas had said it. With a knowing look, Liam asked her why Thomas would know something like that. Hope responded that Thomas had figured out the truth. Liam asked if she just believed Thomas.

Hope asked if Liam remembered Vinny. Liam did. Hope explained that Vinny worked in the same lab that had processed Steffy's test, and Vinny had altered the results. " on," Liam replied. He asked what incentive Vinny would have to do it. Hope replied that Vinny had thought that "Thomas and I would..."

Shocked, Liam cut Hope off, saying that he'd freak out if Thomas was involved in some way. Hope said it had all been Vinny's doing and Vinny's idea. When Thomas had found out the truth, he'd rushed to tell Hope. After a moment of silence, Liam said that Hope was telling him that Finn was the father, and Hope knew it without a doubt. Liam quizzically stated that Steffy wasn't carrying his child. Hope repeated that the baby wasn't Liam's.

In Ridge's office, Ridge worked with a dress on a dress form. Brooke arrived, wondering if he'd heard from his daughter and whether Finn had stopped Steffy from going to Paris. Ridge hadn't heard anything, but he hoped Finn had caught Steffy and conveyed his message to her.

Brooke figured that it had to be hard on Ridge that Steffy was moving to Paris with his grandchild. Ridge wondered if he'd tried hard enough to talk Steffy out of it. Brooke didn't know what more he could have done when Steffy was leaving because she was pregnant with Liam's child. Ridge wished there had been a better way to handle it and a different outcome.

The hopeless romantic in Ridge wondered if Finn had been able to convince Steffy. Ridge imagined Finn jumping on a horse and riding down the beaches in Santa Monica and Venice. Finn would jump the fence and enter the airport with the police on his trail. He'd reach Steffy's plane and tell her what he wanted his life to be. Brooke asked what would happen then and what Finn could possibly say to change Steffy's mind.

Just then, Thomas rushed in. Brooke and Ridge asked what was going on and what had happened to his face. Thomas said he'd explain that later, but he needed to talk to Ridge. Ridge had intended to call Thomas to let him know that Steffy was leaving for Paris that day. Thomas asked if Finn knew about it, and Brooke and Ridge exchanged looks.

Thomas hadn't known of any international meetings for Steffy. Ridge explained that Steffy was trying to let Finn off the hook "for being a baby daddy" to a kid that wasn't his. Brooke added that it was complicated, and Finn was in a challenging position. Thomas asserted that it wasn't what everything thought it was. Ridge said it was what Steffy thought, and there was no way to change her mind. "Oh, I think there's a way," Thomas replied.

Thomas told Ridge that they couldn't let Steffy go because Steffy didn't know the truth about the baby. Brooke and Ridge asked what Thomas was talking about. Thomas said the paternity test was wrong, and the baby's father was Finn, not Liam.

Liam grapples with the news about the paternity test results Liam grapples with the news about the paternity test results

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy gazed at her ring. Amazed that the engagement almost hadn't happened. Finn said he would have chased Steffy to the airport if he'd had to, and if he hadn't caught her there, he would have roamed Paris until he'd found her. She advised him that he could have just called, but he asked where the romance was in that.

Steffy said she loved Finn, and he figured she'd better because they'd be together for the next 70 years. She didn't believe she'd ever stop smiling, and he didn't think he would, either. He asked if she needed help packing her bags or if she wanted to go to Paris together. He offered to propose again on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Steffy felt she'd just had the best proposal outside on the cliff by the ocean. She didn't think it could get more romantic than that. Finn couldn't wait to start their new life with Kelly and the baby on the way. Steffy couldn't believe it was happening, and she felt as if she were the luckiest woman in the world. Her ring was a perfect fit, as if it had been meant to be.

Finn said he'd known that he and Steffy had been meant to be almost from the start. Steffy replied that it could have turned out differently, and she'd been prepared to live without him. It had been a sacrifice she'd been willing to make for him. Finn told her that he wouldn't have let her, and that ring had been going on her finger that day, no matter what.

Steffy felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders to know that she was carrying Finn's baby. She'd loved the child from the start. She'd pushed through her waves of guilt and had tried to stay strong for the baby's sake. Steffy asked what would have happened if Thomas hadn't been suspicious. She said Vinny would have gotten away with it, and Finn wouldn't have gotten to know his own child.

Finn told Steffy that it was okay. The baby was theirs and no one else's. "Little Charlotte or little James" would grow up calling Steffy and Finn mom and dad for the rest of their lives. Steffy was impressed that Finn was thinking of names. He admitted that he kind of liked those names. Steffy liked them, but she'd been thinking of naming a boy after Finn.

Finn decided that they had plenty of time to think of baby names. Steffy felt as if she could breathe again. She was finally at peace with the pregnancy. "Our little baby," she said.

Later, Finn and Steffy slurped on juice boxes. It was the best Steffy could do on short notice. "Well, at least it's grape," Finn replied. He said they'd have a proper toast later.

Steffy couldn't express how grateful she was that he'd saved her life and transformed it by showing unconditional love and commitment. She said he'd loved the baby even when he'd thought it hadn't been his. He was a special man with a huge, generous heart. She'd fallen in love with him and was more in love because he was the father of her baby. She was excited for their future and family.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam still had a hard time believing that Thomas and Vinny weren't pulling a big manipulation. Hope replied that Vinny had tried to, but Finn and Thomas had gotten him to confess. She realized that a hospital was full of safeguards about those types of things, but Vinny had been very determined. Liam murmured that he could kill Vinny.

Hope asked if Liam needed time alone. Liam needed to know how Vinny had gotten away with it. She said Vinny hadn't gotten away with it, and they knew the truth. Liam replied that it was the truth "according to Thomas." Hope asked how Liam felt, knowing Steffy's child wasn't his.

Liam repeated the question. Hope knew what a devoted father he was and wouldn't blame him if he were disappointed. Liam asked how Hope felt. He assumed she was relieved. Hope was glad that Finn was the father, but it didn't mean that she couldn't empathize with Liam, who'd probably fallen in love with the baby, despite the complications. She wanted to hear how Liam was feeling.

Liam was amazed that Hope would worry about his feelings after how painful it had been for her. Hope replied that he'd thought he'd be a father again, and he might be shocked, hurt, and angry that it had been taken from him.

Liam guessed he was all those things, and he was upset that Vinny had tried to play God like that. Liam supposed that he did feel as if something had been taken from him, but he was sure the child would be loved.

Liam assumed Steffy and Finn knew what had happened. Hope said Finn had gone to tell Steffy. Liam figured that they'd be thrilled, and he was happy for them.

Liam stated that he'd said "all this" before, but he hoped Hope knew in her heart how deeply sorry he was for what he'd done to her. He'd failed their marriage, and he had to live with it for the rest of his life. He didn't know how many marriages survived infidelity and a pregnancy with a woman he already shared a child with.

Liam didn't know if he had the right to ask Hope to try to hold onto the marriage. Despite it all, she had held onto it up to that point. He said it turned out that he wasn't the father of Steffy's baby, after all. He didn't know how Hope felt about it, but he wanted to take it as a sign and a chance to move forward from that awful night. He asked if they could do that and try to heal as a family.

At Forrester, Ridge was on the phone, trying to reach Lieutenant Baker. Ridge had already texted Baker all of the information, but Ridge asked the person he was talking with to have Baker call back as soon as possible. After the call had ended, Ridge hoped the police found Vinny and would throw him in jail for changing medical records and attacking Thomas after he'd had a brain injury.

Ridge marveled at the idea that Steffy had been right all along about the baby belonging to Finn. Ridge thanked Thomas for shedding light on the situation. It was unbelievable to Brooke that Vinny had thought he could pull it off. "It's unbelievable that idiot got a job in a lab," Ridge quipped. Thomas said the hospital would conduct a full investigation. Ridge was glad they would because Vinny had caused a lot of heartache.

Thomas said that Vinny wouldn't get away with it. Ridge noted that it was because of Thomas. Brooke couldn't believe Vinny's motive and recalled that Thomas had said that Vinny had wanted Thomas to be with Hope.

Later, Thomas remarked that Vinny had said he'd thank Vinny. Thomas hadn't known what that had meant at the time. Brooke stated that Finn had overheard Thomas and Vinny. Thomas explained that it was then that he and Finn had worked together to get the truth out. Ridge recalled that Finn had been there, looking for Steffy to tell her something, but Finn hadn't said what he'd needed to tell her. Ridge hoped Finn would find Steffy before she took off.

Ridge got a message from Steffy. She was with Finn. She said that everything was cool. She knew everything, and she'd let them know what was going on as soon as she could. Brooke expressed relief. She was happy for Steffy. Ridge said Brooke didn't seem happy.

Brooke couldn't help but think of Hope and the impact it would have on her when she found out. Thomas said that Hope already knew because she'd been the first person he'd told about it. "So, you took it upon yourself to tell my daughter," Brooke replied.

Thomas asked if he'd done something wrong. Ridge told Brooke that they weren't doing "that" again and asked Brooke to tell Thomas that she wasn't saying that. Brooke replied that she wasn't. She was just thinking about the implications for Hope and Liam. Brooke figured it could help their marriage and alleviate some of the problems.

Thomas said it was why he'd rushed to tell Hope, and he'd left when Liam had arrived. Brooke thought it was pretty selfless of Thomas, considering his own feelings for Hope. Ridge said it was because Thomas had grown and changed. Ridge stated that Brooke had asked Thomas to be a better person, and he'd become one. Ridge was proud of Thomas. Thomas added that all he wanted was Hope's happiness. That was it.

Steffy finally removes Liam's portrait from her wall Steffy finally removes Liam's portrait from her wall

Thursday, March 18, 2021

In the evening at Forrester, Ridge ended a call with Lt. Baker. Vinny was in police custody. Brooke guessed they were going to charge Vinny. Ridge hoped so. Brooke didn't know why Vinny would risk so much on that test. Ridge concluded that it had been to get Hope and Thomas together.

Brooke hated to ask, but she wondered if Ridge thought Thomas had had any hand in it at all. Ridge asserted that Thomas had been the one to expose Vinny. "But I can understand why you still have questions," Thomas said, closing the office door as he entered.

Thomas denied being involved and said he would have stopped Vinny if he'd known. It would have spared a lot of people a lot of pain, especially Hope. Thomas explained that it had been torture for everyone, which was why he'd gone straight to Hope when he'd found out.

Thomas believed that Hope deserved to be happy, and he hoped the news would help her. He wanted Hope to find peace with Liam -- if it was something she could do. "If?" Brooke asked. She assumed that Thomas thought there was someone better out there for Hope. "You, perhaps?" Brooke asked.

Thomas guessed that Brooke suspected that he still loved Hope, and he said Brooke was correct. He didn't think it was a secret. He'd always loved Hope and wanted what was best for her. Brooke assumed that he thought it could be him. Ridge said she was putting words in Thomas' mouth. Thomas felt that Brooke's questions were justified.

Brooke didn't want to provoke Thomas or fight with him. She was just concerned because of his history. She wanted them to be honest. Ridge said there was nothing to argue about. Brooke hoped not, but she needed to know if Thomas thought Hope was the only woman for him.

Thomas recognized that he'd made mistakes where Hope was concerned, and to him, it made sense that Brooke was wary. Brooke acknowledged that Hope was supportive of Thomas, who'd been making an effort. Thomas said that Hope and Liam could focus on their family, and Thomas and Hope could focus on Douglas and HFTF. He said that was it. There was no agenda, and he just wanted Hope to be happy.

Later, Thomas was alone. He flashed back to telling Hope that he loved her while he'd been in the hospital.

At the cliff house, Finn left Kelly playing in her room. In the living room, he asked Steffy how Liam had taken the news. She said that "relieved" wasn't the right word, but Liam was happy. Finn wondered how Kelly would take the news of the engagement.

Steffy thought her daughter would love it and said they'd be a happy family. There was just one thing that Steffy needed to do to make it feel complete. Finn wondered what that was. She strode over to the portrait on the wall. She lifted it off its hook, and Finn smiled.

Later, Steffy directed Finn as he hung a set of three photos in place of Steffy and Liam's portrait. One was of Finn and Steffy. One was of the two of them with Kelly, and the last one was of Steffy, Kelly, and Liam at the coffee table. Once they'd finished, Steffy said it was their future. "With room to grow," he added. She stated that there would be no more looking at the past.

Steffy asked if Finn was really okay with moving in there. Finn didn't mind at all. He was looking forward to it. She thought his place was beautiful, but the cliff house was Kelly's home. Finn said it would be the new baby's home, too. He felt that they'd had fantastic memories there. It was where they'd fallen in love, and it would be where they started their life together. Steffy couldn't wait to tell everyone, especially Kelly.

Steffy and Finn took Kelly in to view the new decor. Steffy asked if Kelly remembered saying how much fun Finn was and how she liked him. Kelly did. Steffy informed Kelly that Finn would be living with them. Steffy said Liam would always be a part of the family, but Finn would be, too. Finn stated that he'd proposed to Kelly's mother.

Steffy showed Kelly the ring and said she'd agreed to marry Finn. She asked if it was pretty. "Cha, cha, cha!" Kelly replied. Chuckling, Steffy told Finn that it meant Kelly liked it. Finn informed Kelly that he wanted to be a good stepfather and asked if she liked the idea of him marrying her mother. Kelly approved of it.

Later, Steffy noted that Kelly had scampered off before Steffy had told her about the baby. Finn wondered if it would be confusing for Kelly to learn that Liam had been the father, but Finn had become the father. Steffy said she hadn't told Kelly anything about the paternity yet. Steffy was still trying to wrap her head around it. She said her life had had many twists and turns. She'd been at a low point when she'd met Finn, and her family with Liam had been torn apart. She'd been a CEO and single mom, trying to make it work.

Finn replied that Steffy had done it beautifully. Steffy said she had tried, but she'd always wondered if the right man was out there. Grinning, she said in had walked a doctor with a great sense of humor. Steffy was grateful for Finn. Every day got better and better with him. They had a solid foundation that they could build upon for their family. She asked him to always remember the love that they shared.

Finn said that walking into her hospital room had been the best thing that had ever happened to him. Up to that point, his career had been his entire life. He'd realized early on that she'd been more than just a patient. He'd been falling in love with her. He was blessed to be Kelly's stepdad, and he marveled at the fact that Steffy had made him a father. He told her that she'd never question his commitment, and he'd make her smile for the rest of her life.

Finn and Steffy kissed. Kelly had slipped into the room and cooed about them kissing. Steffy reminded Kelly that Steffy said Kelly would have another brother or sister. Steffy informed Kelly that the baby was lucky to have her as a sister and Finn as a dad. Steffy said they'd be a big, happy family. She asked how that sounded, and Kelly replied, "Cha, cha, cha!"

In the cabin, Liam conveyed to Hope that Steffy was ecstatic, and it was what Finn and Steffy had wanted. It was what they'd all wanted. Hope said they'd be amazing parents, and it would be a new adventure for Finn. Liam hoped that he and Hope could get back to their adventure.

Hope replied that the paternity news didn't erase the night Liam had spent with Steffy or the pain it had caused their marriage. Hope was relieved that he wasn't the father of Steffy's baby, but Hope still didn't get how they'd gotten there. Liam replied that he'd thought Thomas had been sucking her back in, and Liam's caveman brain had taken over when he'd thought he'd seen Thomas kissing her. Liam had lost touch with reality and made the worst choice of his life.

Hope told Liam that he'd been wrong about her, and he'd been wrong about Thomas, too. She felt that what Thomas had done had been heroic. Liam didn't know about Thomas being all that, but Hope insisted that Thomas had gotten Vinny to admit that he'd switched the results. "Or he tricked his good pal Vinny into taking the fall for him," Liam reasoned.

Upset, Hope said that if Thomas still wanted to be with her, he would have kept the information a secret. Liam said Hope was defending the guy who'd kept Beth from them and had let them believe their child had been dead. Liam asked how long Thomas had known about the paternity.

Hope wondered what kind of question that was. She said Thomas had had a brain injury, and people were capable of change. She believed that Thomas had learned from his mistakes and had developed really good qualities. Liam asked her to name one. "Loyalty," Hope shot back.

Liam reasoned that Thomas was loyal to his family and to himself, but whatever Thomas felt for Hope, it wasn't loyalty in Liam's book. He asked her to say she saw that. Hope looked away. Apologizing, Liam said he didn't want to be arguing about Thomas. Hope didn't, either.

Liam said he and Hope loved each other and could get their life back. Hope asked if he meant back to the way it had been. Agreeing, he replied that things could be good again. Hope asked if they'd ever been good or if she'd been married to a man in love with another woman.

Liam hated what he'd done to hurt Hope, but he wanted to try to find a way to move forward. He said they couldn't change the past, but in one instance, the past had changed for them. The test results had been wrong. Hope decided that she needed to ask one more question about Liam's night with Steffy. Hope wanted to know if he'd told Steffy that he'd still loved her.

Liam admitted that he'd said something like that. Anger flashed in Hope's eyes. He began to claim he had a child with Steffy, but Hope said he had a child with his wife. She thought he ought to be "grown enough to know" that saying those words to Steffy in the context of the night they'd spent together had been completely inappropriate and wrong.

Hope said that Liam was a kind and generous man, but he was also selfish. She saw him as wanting to be liked, adored, and loved, but those things came with a price. She asked if he didn't realize that there was a problem with "that."

Liam loved Hope and thought they should be talking about their marriage and family. He felt that they'd survived a lot. Hope agreed that they had and recalled that they'd gotten Beth back, putting an end to a terrible nightmare. Hope had had hope for their future, "but look at us now." She said he'd slept with Steffy and had told Steffy that he loved her.

Hope had thought she'd feel better learning that Finn was the father, but she'd been fooling herself. Liam asked what she was saying. Hope needed more time to consider everything. He was okay with that. He asked if it was about Thomas. Liam noted that Hope was standing up for Thomas and defending him. Liam asked her not to confuse loyalty with obsession.

"Maybe, just maybe, one of the reasons I've been so vulnerable to Steffy is because you kept pulling Thomas in," Liam said. Hope replied that she'd given Thomas a second chance because she'd believed that he'd changed. Liam told her that he was asking for the same thing. He felt that there had to be a way to get beyond it. Liam stated that Finn and Steffy had their baby, and "this" was where Liam wanted to be. Liam asserted that it was his home with Douglas, Beth, and Hope. It had always been Hope for Liam.

PREEMPTED: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air PREEMPTED: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

Friday, March 19, 2021

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, and picked up where the Thursday, March 18, 2021, episode concluded.

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Karla Mosley welcomes her second child


Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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