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Hope took a significant step toward healing in the aftermath of Liam's one-night stand. Wyatt and Liam supported each other in the directions their lives were taking. The Logan sisters made Flo's place in the family official. Wyatt proposed marriage to Flo.
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Hope told Liam she wanted a separation, and Wyatt asked Flo to marry him
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PREEMPTED: Due to ''March Madness'' basketball, B&B did not air

PREEMPTED: Due to ''March Madness'' basketball, B&B did not air

Monday, March 22, 2021

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, and picked up where the Thursday, March 18, 2021, episode concluded.

Hope meets with Liam to discuss their future

Hope meets with Liam to discuss their future

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Ridge and Thomas were discussing a dress on a dress form. Thomas was glad to get advice from "the master." Ridge replied that he was still a student himself, and whenever he had design issues, he went to his father, the only master around there. Thomas replied that Eric and Ridge had given Thomas something to aspire to.

Ridge was impressed with Thomas' work and commitment to HFTF but asked if that was all Thomas was committed to -- the line, not Hope. Working on HFTF with Hope was one of the most fulfilling things Thomas had ever done. Hope had encouraged him and Zende to push the envelope, express themselves, and make it their own within the confines of the line's message. Thomas was learning a lot about balance.

Ridge thought that was good. He surmised that it was just about the line for his son. That meant Ridge didn't have to worry about Thomas having feelings for Liam's wife anymore. Thomas reminded his father that he'd been the one to reveal the paternity results problem. The old Thomas would have used the information to his advantage. Thomas hadn't done that, and he felt that it should tell Ridge something about his son.

Ridge said it told him a lot, but love was strange. In Ridge's experience, it showed up when it wanted to, and while Thomas might have thought he'd said goodbye to something, his heart might feel differently. Thomas reasoned that love was a feeling, and one couldn't control it; however, one could control how he acted. Ridge asked if Thomas could act appropriately around Hope. Thomas insisted that he could, and he was good.

Later, Ridge asked Thomas to put his phone down. Ridge wanted Thomas to say that he didn't go home to his little apartment each day and obsess about Hope. Thomas insisted that he was focused on two things: Douglas and designing. Still concerned, Ridge said he didn't want Thomas to fall into that "rabbit hole" again.

Thomas understood the concern and noted that he'd battled his share of demons. Ridge said the last time hadn't even been Thomas' fault; Thomas had had a brain injury and shouldn't beat himself up over it. Thomas was trying not to, but it was hard because his actions, no matter the reasons for them, had caused Hope pain. Thomas didn't want her in pain. Ridge replied that no one wanted it, but Hope was in a lot of pain and had to decide if she still wanted to be with Liam.

Ridge asked if Thomas realized that Hope and Liam might not survive the affair. Thomas was aware of it, and whatever Hope wanted was what Thomas wanted for her. Thomas insisted that he was focused on his son and work. He said Hope was an amazing co-parent, and he didn't know what he'd do without her.

Ridge acknowledged that Hope had been amazing when Caroline had died. Thomas said Hope had almost single-handedly brought life back to his son, and he'd always be grateful. Ridge felt that he had to declare that he wasn't against Hope. He thought she was an amazing person, and under different circumstances, Thomas and Hope might be a possibility. "But it -- not now. She's not available to you," Ridge stated.

Thomas got that, and he wasn't dwelling on it. He conveyed that if Hope came to him and said she wanted to be a family with him and Douglas, he'd be ecstatic; however, Thomas wasn't holding out for that. He knew what his feelings were, and he wasn't obsessed with Hope. He said he loved her, but that was because he'd always love her.

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke and Hope cleared away laundry and toys. Hope talked about how intently Douglas had been sketching a dress for Beth earlier. Brooke was sure Douglas would be in the family business someday, and Hope said he wanted to be just like his father.

Brooke could tell that something was on Hope's mind and asked if it was about Hope and Liam. Hope loved her husband, but she couldn't pretend his infidelity hadn't been a big deal, especially after Liam had confirmed her worst fears. She divulged that Liam had told Steffy that he loved her. "Oh, honey," Brooke responded.

"It's not okay, Mom," Hope stated. Brooke agreed, saying that Liam had committed a horrible betrayal; however, Brooke said that Hope didn't have to let it destroy her marriage. Brooke believed in the two of them. Hope quipped that it was the three of them -- Liam, Hope, and Steffy. "Always Steffy," Hope said and grimaced.

Brooke knew it hurt that Liam had turned to Steffy again. Hope replied that he hadn't waited five minutes. He'd taken the first opportunity to catch Hope in the wrong -- which he hadn't -- to run to Steffy. To Hope, it was like he'd been waiting for an excuse. Brooke asked if that was what Hope believed. Hope asked what else she should believe.

Brooke responded that Liam had made a regrettable mistake. Hope said that Liam could have fathered Steffy's baby. Brooke said the father was Finn. For Hope, that didn't change the fact that just when she'd thought her marriage had been at its strongest and that Steffy had moved on with another man, Steffy and Liam had gone behind their backs and slept together.

Brooke hated that it had happened. She said Hope didn't deserve it, and it left Hope vulnerable to the likes of Thomas. Hope didn't want to talk about Thomas. Brooke decided that they'd just focus on Hope and her family and said that as hard as it was, Hope would have to forgive her husband. Hope glared at Brooke.

At Spencer, Bill was discussing sending either Liam or Wyatt to Houston to close a podcast deal. Liam was zoned out, and Bill could tell something was on his son's mind. Liam said it wasn't the best time for him to leave town, and Bill asked if Liam wanted to talk about it.

Bill exclaimed that Liam should be doing cartwheels about the paternity test results. Liam knew it but said it wasn't that simple. Bill joked that he could push the desk out of the way if Liam needed more room. Bill insisted that it was a good thing, but Liam explained that it didn't change what had happened when he'd run to Steffy's that night.

Bill reasoned that Liam had thought Hope had been making out with the man that had kept Hope and Liam's baby from them. Liam replied that she hadn't been, and then he asked what he'd done next. Bill believed that Liam, who hadn't been aware at the time, had snapped. Liam replied that he'd broken his marriage vows and betrayed Hope's trust.

Liam conveyed that Thomas and the test results were no longer the issue. The problem was Liam's behavior and choices. Liam feared that he'd pushed it to the point where love wasn't enough. Bill asked if Hope and Liam had discussed where they stood. Liam elaborated that Hope was having a hard time because Liam had told Steffy that he loved her that night.

"Well, uh, there is love, and then there is love," Bill replied. He reasoned that Liam had a history and a child with Steffy. Liam replied that Hope had thought she'd never have to deal with that history again. They'd been doing well in their marriage, and Steffy had been moving on with Finn. Out of nowhere, Hope had been blindsided by the betrayal and pregnancy.

Bill stated that Liam wasn't the father, there wasn't an extra bond between Liam and Steffy, and there was no walking, talking reminder of the infidelity. Liam replied that it didn't erase Hope's pain over the night Liam had spent with Steffy.

Bill advised Liam to do whatever he had to do to save his marriage and regain Hope's trust. Bill said Liam could never disappoint Hope again. Liam asserted that he wouldn't. Hope was his whole world, and he couldn't imagine life without her.

Liam received a call. It was Hope. She asked him to return home for a talk. He asked if the kids were okay. She said they were fine, and he agreed to meet her at home.

After the call, Liam said Hope wanted him to go home. Bill was pleased to hear it and urged Liam to do whatever it took. Bill reminded Liam that he had a beautiful home with Hope and said Liam didn't want to lose it. Bill asked Liam to spare himself the deep regret that Bill woke up with every morning. Liam nodded and rushed out.

Back at the cabin, Hope had ended her call with Liam, and Brooke hoped she'd gotten through to Hope. Hope replied that she always listened to her mother. Brooke noted that Hope didn't always do as her mother said. "And you shouldn't," Brooke added and chuckled.

Brooke believed that Hope had to make her own decision. Brooke just knew from experience that people made mistakes and sometimes damaged the relationships they cared the most about. To Brooke, love meant forgiveness, no matter how hard it was. Hope said that Brooke's love and support meant everything, but Liam would soon be there.

"Of course," Brooke replied and turned to leave. Before going, Brooke asked Hope to remember all of the good things she had with Liam. Brooke stated that pride wasn't important enough to throw it all away.

Later, Hope was pacing when Liam arrived. He asked where the kids were, and Hope said they were with Donna. Hope stated that she and Liam needed to talk.

Hope admitted that she was still struggling with the fact that Liam had been with Steffy to begin with. Liam apologized for breaking his vows. Hope knew that he meant it and that he'd take it back if he could. Liam wished there was a way to make it up to her, but all he could do was hope Hope gave him the chance to prove he was worth forgiving.

Hope stated that their marriage had been in limbo while she tried to figure out what was going on in her mind. She said it hurt that Liam had doubted her and would even think she'd kiss Thomas or any other man. What had hurt even more was that he'd turned to Steffy again. Hope wanted to be capable of forgiveness because she loved Liam and the life they'd created in their little oasis.

Their family brought Hope joy and lit up her life, but no matter how hard she tried -- and she'd been trying -- she couldn't get that night out of her head. She couldn't get it out of her head that Liam had slept with Steffy and had told Steffy that he loved her. Hope didn't know how to move on from that. Hope felt she and Liam needed to get over the feeling of being stuck. They needed to figure out what the future held for their family and marriage.

Hope makes a decision about her future with Liam

Hope makes a decision about her future with Liam

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Thomas was sketching at a desk when Ridge returned to his office. He was surprised that Thomas had gotten so much sketching done in the short time that Ridge had been out of the office. Thomas explained that since he'd made peace with the fact that he and Hope would never be together, he could focus that energy on his work. Outside Ridge's office, Brooke quietly listened to the conversation taking place inside. When she'd heard enough, she walked inside and said that she was glad to hear that Thomas had reached the decision he had. She then shared that Hope had summoned Liam to the cabin to reveal what she'd decided to do about her marriage.

Brooke revealed that she'd encouraged Hope to forgive Liam. Ridge quickly pointed out that the decision was Hope's to make. Thomas understood that the decision had to be incredibly difficult for Hope to make. He promised to support Hope, and shared that the best way he could do that was by getting back to work on his Hope for the Future drawings. Thomas walked out of the office, allowing Brooke and Ridge to discuss Hope and Liam's relationship privately. Ridge reminded Brooke of Hope's strength and said that he was sure that Hope would make the correct decision. Brooke worried that Hope's emotions would cloud her decision-making capabilities.

Brooke insisted that Hope had to forgive Liam -- that a mistake one night should not doom their marriage.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Flo dropped by Bill's office and were taken aback when they found the mogul staring out his window. "What is this? Quiet reflection hour?" Wyatt mused. "Not anymore," Bill quipped. Wyatt, impersonating his father's voice, made several jokes that Bill might have made if the situation had been reversed. Flo, sensing that something might be bothering Bill, motioned for Wyatt to be quiet. Bill turned around with a scowl on his face and announced that he was worried about Liam.

Wyatt felt optimistic that things between Hope and Liam would smooth out. When Flo commented that Hope felt betrayed, Bill interrupted and noted that Hope was betrayed. Bill blamed "that twisted freak Thomas and his love affair with a mannequin" for all of Liam's troubles. Wyatt noted that Hope and Liam had been through a lot, but he felt confident that they would be okay, no matter what their future held.

"It kinda sounds like you made a decision about our future," Liam stammered as he looked nervously at Hope. He hoped she had decided that she wanted to stay committed to their marriage. "It's not about what I want. It's about what I can allow myself to emotionally take on," Hope replied. She explained that it was time to find stability and moved forward. "Move forward... together?" Liam asked.

Without answering Liam's question, Hope said that regardless of her decision, she and Liam had to move forward together as parents to Beth. Liam hoped that he and Hope were more than just parents. He imagined the day when the kids were grown and out of the house, saying that he looked forward to a time when it would be just the two of them again. Hope stated that the future they had been building had cracks in its foundation. "I can't do it anymore," Hope said shaking her head, adding, "Not like this."

Liam repeated a couple of times that he needed help, which included learning how to communicate effectively and how to resolve conflicts. He likened his running to Steffy to Hope's decision to possibly run away from their marriage. Hope told Liam that she found it nearly impossible to look at him and not think about how he'd had an affair with Steffy. Liam insisted that their marriage was worth fighting for. He added that he could not imagine his life without her. Hope thanked Liam for his determination to fight, but that was not enough.

"I want a separation," Hope said through tears. She stated, "I'm not certain of anything yet. I just know that I don't know how to do this anymore. I don't even know if we're meant to be together forever." Liam was crushed by Hope's decision. Hope clarified her statement: she wasn't saying that her marriage was over. She expressed her desire for things to work out, but she was realistic in understanding that hoping for something wasn't the same thing as something actually happening.

Hope and Liam reflected on their happy times together. "We have even greater moments to come, Hope. I know that," Liam said. "I will always love you," Hope replied. She turned her back to Liam and, after a moment, said, "Goodbye, Liam." Heartbroken, Liam asked, "Goodbye for now?" Hope said nothing, instead shaking her head slightly. Liam slowly walked to the door, looked back at Hope, but left without saying anything further. Once he left and the door closed behind him, Hope looked over toward the door. She gasped and fell back onto the sofa, tears streaming down her cheeks.

The Logan sisters have a new surprise in store for Flo

The Logan sisters have a new surprise in store for Flo

Thursday, March 25, 2021

At Spencer, Liam arrived after spending the night at Bill's place. Wyatt offered Liam some coffee but wished there was more he could do than just that. Liam wondered if Wyatt could go back in time and erase the night Liam had had with Steffy. Wyatt hated that Hope and Liam were separated, but Liam said he had no one to blame but himself.

Wyatt had thought Hope and Liam would get past it after the real paternity test results had been revealed. Liam replied that it hadn't changed what he'd done. Wyatt noted that Hope and Liam had already been through "so much." Liam replied that he'd tried to tell Hope that. Liam wasn't giving up on his marriage, and he had to believe that, deep down, Hope wasn't, either.

Wyatt claimed that Liam hadn't been the only person to ever "make that mistake," and it didn't have to define Hope and Liam's marriage or the time they'd spent together. Liam replied that he was okay, and Wyatt didn't have to worry about his brother. Liam wouldn't give up on his marriage, but he had to be patient. Wyatt replied that it wasn't Liam's strong suit.

Liam thanked Wyatt for letting Liam vent. Wyatt replied that he had all day for his brother. Liam changed the subject to how Wyatt and Flo were. Wyatt said they were great, especially since the Logan sisters had accepted Flo. Wyatt saw a long, happy future in store for him and Flo.

Liam was happy for Wyatt. Wyatt said he'd understand if Liam still had issues with Flo. "No, I think we're all past that by now," Liam replied, adding that it said a lot that Flo had been hired at Forrester. Liam couldn't speak for Hope, but Liam had let go of his anger with Flo awhile back. Liam claimed that Flo hadn't known what she'd been getting into and that she'd tried to be honest. "She really did," Liam said. Wyatt thanked Liam for cutting Flo slack.

Liam said that if Flo was a horrible person, Wyatt wouldn't be with her. Liam added that he wasn't in any position to judge anyone. Wyatt said that Flo was a big part of his life, and having Liam and Bill's support was important to Wyatt. Liam decided that Wyatt was being mysterious and giving off a vibe, and he asked if it had to do with Flo.

Wyatt didn't want to go on about his own relationship. He felt like he was rubbing it in. Liam replied that one of the Spencer men needed to have their relationship work out. Liam needed a break from his own thoughts, and he wanted to hear about Wyatt. He cared about Wyatt. Wyatt was touched to hear it. Liam added that his situation was just temporary, anyway.

Liam noted that his brother was giddy. Wyatt laughed, saying it was what Flo did to him. He just grew happier and happier with each passing day because of Flo. In the years that they'd been apart, one thing had been missing. It had been Flo. Wyatt had never stopped thinking about Flo, and he never wanted to be apart from her again.

Wyatt decided that he wanted to show Liam something. Wyatt pulled out a ring box, and Liam gasped in shock when he saw the ring inside. He asked if Wyatt was going to ask Flo to be his wife.

At Forrester, Katie, Brooke, and Donna were together in the CEO's office, discussing Hope and Liam's separation. Brooke said she'd urged Hope to forgive, but Brooke could only do so much. Katie replied that it had to come from within if Hope were to truly forgive Liam. Agreeing, Donna said it had to feel right for Hope. Brooke wasn't sure Hope was there yet.

Donna noticed that Hope hadn't been in yet. Brooke explained that Hope was staying at home with her kids and was trying not to upset them. Katie thought the night with Steffy was a lot to forgive. Brooke agreed; however, she said that Liam loved her daughter and had a lot of regrets.

Brooke stated that Hope hadn't said she was giving up on her marriage yet. Katie conveyed that it was lovely that Steffy and Finn were happy, but it didn't let Liam off the hook. Katie guessed Hope might be worried that it could happen again. Brooke replied that Liam had learned his lesson and was remorseful. "As he should be," Donna quipped.

Brooke clarified that she wasn't dismissing what Liam had done, but she had encouraged Hope to think long and hard before letting it tear her family apart. Katie trusted Hope to make the right choices for her marriage. Brooke said the couple had gone through too much, and their family was very special. Brooke insisted that Liam and Hope had to survive it.

Brooke felt that Hope was lucky to have caring aunts in her life. Donna said they'd always be in Hope's corner. Katie added that it was what Logan women did, and love and acceptance was what their sisterhood was about. Katie was proud of Brooke for welcoming Flo into the family and at Forrester. Katie knew it would have meant a lot to Storm.

Katie recognized that Flo had hurt Hope enormously but added that "we'd" decided to give Flo a second chance, something they'd been given at times. Katie believed Storm was happy with all they were doing for his daughter. Brooke said they should reach out to Flo. Donna thought it was a wonderful idea, and Katie picked up her phone.

In the design office, Flo grinned behind the desk, and Shauna arrived, gushing about Flo's new job. Flo said that she was working with Paris on the Foundation, and Flo thought she might even be working on HFTF. Flo was excited and appreciated the opportunity. Shauna replied that Forrester was lucky to have her. Flo said the best part of it was the chance to rebuild connections with her aunts. Flo was hoping to do the same with Hope someday.

Shauna believed it was all possible because of Katie. Flo didn't know how she'd repay Katie, but Shauna assumed that the kidney had made the women even. Flo and Shauna agreed that Katie had really changed Flo's life by going to bat for her with the Logans and helping her get a job at Forrester. Flo was grateful for her Logan family.

Later, Flo informed Shauna that Brooke had told Flo that Liam and Hope had decided to separate the previous day. Flo wondered how Hope felt. Flo wanted to reach out to Hope but was giving Hope space. Shauna said that Flo and Hope were cousins. Flo knew it, but she also knew what she'd done in keeping Beth from Hope all those months. Flo hoped she and Hope would fix it someday but said Hope had to focus on her marriage.

Shauna thought it was a shame and said Hope had an adorable family. Flo wanted Hope and Liam to be together forever, and Flo hoped she wasn't the only one who did.

Flo received a call from Katie. Flo noted that she was with her mother, and Katie invited both women to stop by the CEO's office. On Katie's side of the call, Brooke grimaced at the mention of Shauna. After the call ended, Shauna wondered what it was about.

Back in the CEO's office, Katie and Donna said that it was finally happening, and Brooke called it a big day for the Logan family.

Later, Flo and Shauna arrived, and Katie guessed the Fulton women were wondering why the Logan sisters were all there. Shauna was glad because she wanted to thank them all for accepting Flo, who hadn't known her father. Shauna said they'd given Flo something that Shauna hadn't been able to -- ties to her father.

Flo said it had always been herself and her mom. Shauna had provided Flo a wonderful life, but Flo had always wondered about her father and imagined having a big family. Flo felt connected to Storm through his sisters. Donna thought Storm was looking down on them with joy. Katie said it was the reason she wanted both of them there.

Brooke stated that it was time to make it official. Katie announced that they wanted to give Flo her father's name. Donna and Brooke agreed that it was what Storm would want. Katie picked up some legal papers that she and her sisters had had Carter draw up. Katie said they wanted Flo to take the Logan name and officially become Flo Logan.

Life throws more surprises at Flo

Life throws more surprises at Flo

Friday, March 26, 2021

At Forrester, Shauna quietly smiled, and Flo didn't know what to say. The Logan sisters explained that it was a big step to become a Logan, and Flo could take her time in deciding. Donna said that Flo Logan had a nice ring to it.

In Flo and Shauna's silence, the Logan sisters wondered if they'd been presumptuous. Brooke claimed that they'd wanted Shauna there to see how she felt about Flo changing her name from Fulton to Logan.

Shauna said her biggest regret was that Flo hadn't gotten to know her father. If Flo had, there wouldn't even be a need for legal papers. Shauna couldn't change the past, and all that mattered was how Flo felt. Shauna asked if Flo wanted to become Flo Logan.

Flo was hesitant because she didn't want to disrespect her mother or for Shauna to think Flo didn't appreciate all Shauna had given Flo. Shauna didn't feel that way at all and knew how much it would mean to Flo. Shauna advised Flo to accept the gift from her aunts.

The tearful Flo told the Logan sisters that she accepted and would love to be a part of the family. Flo said she'd always wished that she could have had Storm in her life, but knowing that his family would include her meant a lot. She intended to live up to the Logan name and make them proud forever.

Katie handed Flo the document, and Flo signed it "Flo Logan." Donna stamped it, and Katie welcomed Flo Logan to the family.

Later, Donna took the papers to Carter, leaving Shauna alone with Brooke and Katie. Shauna was still amazed by what the Logans had done for Flo. Katie said that they had loved their brother. Storm had loved, protected, and taken care of them, and they knew that he'd want them to do the same with Flo. Katie stated that "we" promised to always love and support Flo.

Later, Shauna closed the door, leaving her and Brooke alone in the room. Shauna said it wouldn't take long. She'd wanted a moment to say that, given their history with each other, Brooke's gesture toward Flo meant even more to Shauna. Brooke stated that it might not have happened if it hadn't been for Katie, who'd really pushed for it.

Brooke was glad that Katie had taken the initiative, but it didn't make Brooke forget what Shauna had done to Brooke's relationship with Ridge. Brooke admitted that it had taken coaxing to get her to go along with it, but Flo was a part of them. Brooke stated that their family would be Flo's family, then and always. Shauna thanked Brooke and left.

At Spencer, Wyatt talked to Liam about Flo being the love of Wyatt's life. Wyatt asked what Liam thought of the ring. Liam assured Wyatt that, as a jeweler's son, Wyatt had great taste in jewelry. Wyatt quipped that he didn't have it in brothers, and Liam reminded Wyatt that there were three Spencer brothers. Wyatt corrected it to brothers who could shave, and Liam decided that Will could throw Wyatt a bachelor party. Liam hoped Wyatt liked dinosaur themes.

Wyatt felt as if he were being a jerk about his relationship when Liam was going through problems. Liam said he and Hope were separated, not divorcing. Liam was happy for Wyatt and liked seeing things fall into place for Wyatt. Wyatt gushed about Flo, who'd known him since they'd been kids but still laughed at his jokes. Flo got everything about Wyatt, and he wondered how lucky that made him.

Liam considered Flo to be lucky, too. She'd found a good man. Wyatt asked Liam to say it again, but Liam refused to do it. Liam asked when Wyatt would propose to Flo. Wyatt said he had to go home and set the scene. He asked if Liam would wish him luck. Liam wished Wyatt luck, and as Liam exited, he asked Wyatt to call about how it went. Wyatt replied that when he put the ring on Flo's finger, it would be the start of the rest of their lives together. He couldn't wait to make it happen.

Later, Flo waltzed into the room, and Wyatt hid the ring. She was beaming about what had just happened to her. Flo explained that the Logan sisters had asked to meet with her and her mother. They'd had legal paperwork for Flo. Flo said she was no longer Flo Fulton; she'd become Flo Logan, officially and legally.

Wyatt said it was huge for Flo. Flo was amazed that everything was suddenly going so great for her in her life, and she was spending her life with the man she loved. She didn't know what could top it. "Now that you mention it," Wyatt said, going to the bag he'd hidden the ring in.

Wyatt told Flo that he'd found his first love with her, and they'd found their way back together. He didn't want to be apart from her again. He wanted to build a future and have kids and a minivan with her. He wanted her by his side for the rest of their lives.

Taking the ring out of the bag, Wyatt said she'd just become a Logan, but he wondered if she'd be open to changing her name again. He bent down on one knee and asked her to become Mrs. Wyatt Spencer. He opened the box and asked her to marry him.

Flo readily agreed. She'd always wanted to marry Wyatt. He slipped the ring on her finger, and they hugged. Looking at the ring, she said he'd done great. "I know," Wyatt replied, gazing adoringly at her. He told her that he loved her.

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