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Zende lashed out at Ridge's perceived nepotism and began to resent R.J.'s partnership with Eric. Bill couldn't shake the feeling that he'd met Poppy at some point in the past. Brooke and Ridge celebrated their love and reminisced about their past.
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Zende lashed out over R.J.'s partnership with Eric. Bill thought he recognized Poppy. Brooke and Ridge celebrated thei r love.
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Zende resents being overlooked at Forrester

Zende resents being overlooked at Forrester

Monday, November 20, 2023

In the design office, Luna was excited that she'd made an impression on "the" Steffy Forrester, Luna's role model. R.J. figured that Steffy had had to like Luna because she was Finn's cousin, but Luna said it could have worked against her. R.J. reasoned that Luna's secret advantage had been that Steffy had seen how important Luna was to him.

R.J. invited Luna to lunch, but she said she had plans to meet her mother. As Luna prepared to head out to meet Poppy, R.J. urged Luna to spend as much time with her mom as possible. Luna recalled that her friends had wished their moms were as chill as hers. Luna guessed she could have benefited from more structure, but she loved how free-spirited her mom was.

At Il Giardino, Sheila discovered Bill at one of her tables. She was surprised to see him, since everyone else had been boycotting the restaurant because of her. Bill replied that he wasn't there to eat; he was there to put Sheila on notice to stay away from "us," especially Steffy and Finn. Sheila asked if Bill should be off crushing the little people.

"What do you think I'm doing here?" Bill asked. Sheila quipped that she was still standing. She asked why Bill was invested in her relationship with Finn. Claiming not to care about that, Bill replied that he was there on behalf of his granddaughter Kelly. Sheila reminded Bill that she'd saved Kelly's life. Bill scoffed, wondering if Sheila had lured Kelly into the ocean with candy.

As Sheila and Bill continued to exchange barbs, he spotted Poppy entering the restaurant. Sheila claimed to get his message, but she said he didn't need to harass her at work when she was just trying to lead a normal, simple, and good life. Sheila wondered if he was there because he'd missed her. "Like food poisoning," Bill quipped.

Bringing up Deacon, Bill said he didn't know how any man could be with her. She replied that she and Deacon were taking it slow, but she was happy. She figured it bothered Bill, especially since things hadn't worked out with Bill and Katie. Sheila advised Bill to view it as a blessing and a positive time to put himself back out there.

Bill watched Luna arrive and greet Poppy. As Sheila explained how helpful her relationship with Deacon had been for her, she noticed that Bill wasn't listening. She glanced at Poppy's table and noted that he couldn't help himself from staring when he saw a beautiful woman. Deciding to return to work, Sheila asked him to let her know if he needed anything. He quipped that he needed her to get out of town and stay away from his family. Sheila smiled and strode off.

At Poppy's table, Luna told her mom how nice dinner at Finn's house had been and how nervous she'd been to meet Steffy. Luna said there was nothing arrogant about the fashion icon, and Luna admired how loving and close the Forresters were. "Unlike our family?" Poppy asked. Luna said she hadn't meant it like that. She noted that she hadn't been raised in a community, and it had always been just the two of them. She felt that R.J. was lucky.

Later, Luna continued to talk about the dinner at Finn's. Luna said her connection to Finn was there and as strong as ever. Luna added that it was a shame that Li had tried to keep them apart. Poppy wished it could have been different, but Li's personality drove people away.

Bill approached, saying he'd noticed Poppy from across the restaurant. She seemed familiar to him, and he wondered if they knew each other.

In Eric's office, Ridge took a meeting with Zende and figured he knew why Zende had wanted to see him. Zende explained that he understood why Hope for the Future was being benched due to Eric's line, but Zende didn't understand why he'd been benched in favor of R.J. Zende felt as if he was being forgotten, but Ridge replied that Zende was an important part of the HFTF team.

"A line we're not even posting on right now," Zende pointed out and said that when they did post, he reported to Thomas, Ridge's son. Zende wondered if he'd been considered to work with Eric or if R.J. had been chosen because he was Ridge's son. Zende was upset because he felt that he'd been passed over despite his talent and drive.

Ridge tried to give Zende a line about the industry, but Zende asserted that he'd grown up in the industry with successful and talented designers for parents. Zende reminded Ridge that Zende was Kristen's son, but Zende wondered if the problem was that he wasn't Ridge's son. Zende said it felt as if Ridge would push aside all other family members so that his kids could shine.

Zende asked why R.J., not Zende, was working with Eric. Ridge sighed, hearing the grave words about his father's condition echoing in his head. Zende didn't get why Ridge had picked R.J., who had so little design experience. Ridge asserted that he hadn't done it; Eric had, and everything was being handled just as Eric wanted.

Zende said that ever since Zende had picked up a pencil years back, Eric had been one of his biggest supporters. Zende didn't buy that Eric would choose to work with R.J. instead of Zende. Zende wondered if Ridge had talked Eric into giving R.J. a couture line. Ridge insisted that he hadn't picked R.J.; Eric had. From the doorway, R.J. entered, saying it was true.

R.J. was sure it seemed strange. Zende declared that it was beyond strange; it was offensive. Zende said HFTF had been back-burnered, but things like that happened. His problem was that he was a designer in the firm, but R.J. wasn't. Zende noted that R.J. had gone out of his way not to be one, and Zende wondered what he was missing. Ridge replied that Eric's reasons would become clear. Zende concluded that it was already clear: Ridge's offspring got whatever they wanted, but the others had to fend for themselves.

Asking if Zende thought Thomas liked the state of things, Ridge yelled that he'd lost the competition, and it was the world they lived in. Ridge said they'd support Eric in pushing his line, even those who felt slighted. Zende argued that it wasn't about feeling slighted. It was about being passed over for someone who preferred posting content and hadn't been a bit interested in the art of fashion. Zende figured they were passing the torch down to the anointed one, the only son of Brooke and Ridge Forrester.

Ridge claimed that it wasn't about him propping up his kids. Not buying it, Zende noted that Thomas was the lead designer on HFTF, and out of nowhere, R.J. was partnering with Eric. Ridge reminded Zende that it was a family business. Zende said R.J. had never wanted to be a part of it and had been wrapped up in being an influencer and getting likes and validation from his followers. R.J. stated that he'd done that, and "now," he wanted to do "this."

Upset, Zende asked if R.J. wanted to just show up and be a fashion designer, working with Zende's grandfather. R.J. noted that Eric was his grandfather, too, but Zende said he was the one being lost in the shuffle. He stated that it wasn't his fault that his mother wasn't in the family business or there to stick up for Zende. Zende decided that he had to stick up for himself.

Zende strode out, and R.J. said it was best to tell Zende. Ridge claimed he'd been wrong to tell Thomas and Steffy, and Ridge wanted to respect Eric. Ridge believed that Zende would understand. R.J. asked if they'd wait until Eric had gone, and then Zende would realize that the chip on his shoulder had been misguided. R.J. didn't think that was fair.

R.J. became emotional, unready for Eric to die. Ridge hugged him.

R.J. suspects that Zende is targeting him

R.J. suspects that Zende is targeting him

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

In Eric's office, R.J. was worried about Zende's insistence that he'd been cut out. R.J. noted that Zende was a Forrester. Agreeing, Ridge explained that Zende thought Ridge had overlooked him in favor of Ridge's son. R.J. wondered if it would help if Zende knew the truth about Eric.

Ridge decided that he needed to honor Eric's wishes. Ridge admitted that telling Thomas and Steffy had been wrong, and Ridge decided things would be fine with Zende. R.J., however, didn't want any bad blood between them. Ridge said they were a family, and R.J. noted that the family was about to lose its leader.

R.J. said he had loved designing with Eric, and Ridge said Eric had made the right choice. Ridge suggested that Eric might have been making up for time he hadn't spent with R.J. R.J. revealed that Eric had opened up to R.J., and it had meant a lot to R.J. R.J. planned to carry Eric's legacy with love, honor, and pride.

In the design office, Thomas whipped Hope into his arms and said she'd gotten more beautiful. She claimed he was biased. He stated that he was in love with her, and she felt the same. "Oh, did I say that?" Hope asked. They glanced at a photo of Eric, and the mood grew somber. Thomas said there were highs and lows. He loved Hope so much, and she'd said wonderful things; however, they might lose Eric and couldn't talk to anyone about it.

Zende blazed in, and Thomas asked what had gotten into him. Zende exclaimed that he was upset and asked if they were, too. "About HFTF being put on ice so R.J. can learn how to design with Granddad!" Zende exclaimed. Zende claimed that the three of them had brought HFTF back from the dead and should be rewarded, not penalized.

Hope, who wasn't thrilled about the financial allocations, said she was trying to roll with it. Thomas added that it sometimes happened. Zende didn't get why Eric had chosen to collaborate with R.J. and assumed it had been because of Ridge. Thomas doubted it, but Zende insisted that Ridge's kids had the edge around there.

Thomas stated that it was a family business, and Zende had gotten in some kind of way. "Thank you for noticing," Zende quipped. Thomas insisted that Zende hadn't been looked over. Zende complained that R.J. had been there "all of 20 minutes," but Zende had been there the entire time. Zende said he'd helped resurrect HFTF but wasn't in the running to design with Eric. Zende said R.J. had a home court advantage as Ridge and Brooke's son.

Later, Thomas and Hope went across the hall to talk to Ridge, hoping to entice him into finding money in the budget for their line. Ridge reminded them that the money earmarked for HFTF was going toward Eric's collection. Thomas said he understood that Eric was the priority. Ridge stated that he understood the frustration. Thomas remarked that he'd never seen Zende so upset, but Hope added that Zende's frustration seemed to be directed toward R.J.

In Finn's office, Finn had asked Li to meet with him to discuss her sister and niece. Li didn't want to talk about them because they wouldn't be there much longer. Finn replied that it hadn't been the impression he'd gotten from Luna, and Li expressed surprise that he'd seen Luna. Finn revealed that he and Steffy had had Luna over for dinner, and Li asked why he'd allow "that girl" into his home. Li murmured that Luna moved fast.

Li was sure Luna had been out to cozy up to her boss, but Finn said Steffy hadn't sensed anything like that. Finn decided that Li's issues with Poppy didn't involve him or Luna, and he and Luna would be spending more time together. Finn said he'd promised Luna that he'd do what he could to get Li and Poppy to get along like sisters should. Li asserted that he'd break that promise because it wouldn't happen in their lifetime.

Li insisted that Poppy's hippy-chick façade had people fooled, and Luna didn't even know who her father was. Li declared that a reconciliation between her and Poppy wouldn't happen. Finn said he didn't know what was between the sisters, but he viewed Luna as innocent. He said Luna was working to make something of herself. Li said having either of them around was a bad idea. Finn asserted that he'd find out for himself as he got to know Luna better.

At Il Giardino, Bill introduced himself to Poppy and Luna, and in Poppy's silence, Luna introduced herself and her mother to him. Bill still couldn't shake the feeling that he'd met Poppy before and asked if they'd met in New York or San Francisco. Luna said she and her mom had lived in San Francisco, and Bill suggested that maybe he and Poppy had hung out in the same places or at the same parties. Poppy doubted they'd met each other.

Luna said she'd read a bit about Bill Spencer and mentioned that he'd been married to Brooke Logan once. She proudly announced that she was a Forrester intern, and Bill said it was a small world. He figured that Poppy was proud, and Poppy affirmed it. Bill brought up the possibility that they'd met before again. Poppy said it might come back to one of them, but for the moment, she was having lunch with her busy daughter. Leaving, Bill said it was nice to meet Poppy "again."

Later, Luna had pulled up pictures from the Internet of Bill through the years. Noting that he hadn't changed much, Luna asked if Poppy was sure she didn't recognize him. Poppy didn't and said she probably looked like someone "he used to know."

Luna got called back to work. After she'd gone, Poppy took a long drink from her iced tea.

Back in the design office, Luna arrived back from lunch, and she and R.J. shared a kiss. Zende paused by the open door and watched them with a knowing grin on his face. Zende poked his head in and told R.J. that Ridge wanted to see him. After R.J. had gone, Luna asked if Zende needed anything. "You have no idea," he replied.

Zende noted that Luna and R.J. had been getting close. Luna said they enjoyed each other's company. Zende advised her to make sure the door was locked next time. Citing that she was a hard worker, Zende began to brag about the design school he'd gone to, and he said his gowns had been featured on runways around the world. He suspected that she also lived and breathed fashion. She said she could only hope to be as good as he was someday. Liking the appreciation, Zende advised her that R.J. wasn't the only up-and-coming Forrester.

In Eric's office, R.J. arrived and said Ridge had asked to see him. Ridge seemed confused and stammered, asking why R.J. was there. R.J. said Zende had said Ridge had sent for him. Ridge hadn't but decided that they should talk about Zende. R.J. wondered what had gotten into Zende.

Ridge replied that Zende had been on a plan, but R.J. had shown up and thrown a wrench into it. R.J. reminded Ridge that R.J. hadn't done that on purpose. Ridge explained that Zende saw R.J as a young guy with no experience taking a job that should have been Zende's. R.J. assumed everyone knew what a talented designer Zende was. "And that's what makes this hard for Zende," Ridge replied.

R.J. had a different take on it. He didn't want to seem paranoid, but he sensed that Zende was out to get him. Thinking that it was paranoid, Ridge asserted that there was nothing Zende could take from R.J.

Ridge surprises Brooke with a romantic night filled with memories

Ridge surprises Brooke with a romantic night filled with memories

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

In the room that had previously hosted the fashion challenge at Forrester Creations, Ridge tended to some last-minute adjustments on a beautiful, candlelit table set for two. Brooke arrived a short time later and asked what Ridge was up to. "Sometimes, you gotta stop and say thanks," he replied.

Brooke thought back to the first time that she'd seen Ridge, across the room at a crowded party. "I've been caught up in the beauty of you for as long as I can remember," Ridge said as he stared deeply into Brooke's eyes.

After Brooke and Ridge had sat down at the table, Ridge presented Brooke with a gift: a scrapbook with "Bridge" and photos of their younger selves emblazoned on its cover. Brooke paged through the album and relived some of the highlights of her time with Ridge: the creation of the BeLieF formula, Brooke walking the runway for the Brooke's Bedroom line, and their trip to Portofino.

Brooke wondered how Ridge had found the time to put the scrapbook together. "If you love someone, you make time," Ridge replied.

Ridge reflected on his most recent marriage proposal to Brooke and creating a larger-than-life heart in the sand. Brooke chuckled as she marveled at how they had reconnected on an actual bridge at the Forrester Creations building. "We have a secret weapon. We have destiny on our side," Ridge said with a smile.

As Brooke and Ridge had both previously acknowledged, there had been "missteps" on their journey through life. One of the more recent had taken place in Aspen when Ridge had chosen Taylor over Brooke. Ridge apologized for not having had faith in Brooke. But thanks to the magic of Italy, Brooke noted, they'd been able to find their way back to one another. Ridge mused that a private concert from Andrea Bocelli hadn't hurt.

Ridge rose from the table and took Brooke's hand. Together they slowly danced around the room. "You continue to make me feel loved and appreciated," Brooke said tenderly. "Be prepared, because I'm never gonna stop. I am so thankful every day... that I get to call you my Logan," Ridge said. They kissed.

ENCORE: Sheila and Deacon share their perfect Thanksgivings

ENCORE: Sheila and Deacon share their perfect Thanksgivings

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful rebroadcast a classic episode of the show from November 24, 2021.

In the episode, Sheila and Deacon shared what their perfect Thanksgivings would look like. You can read a complete recap of that episode here. To read even more B&B recaps, going all the way back to the show's first episode, check out Soap Central's The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps Archive.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 22, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air

Friday, November 24, 2023

Because of the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air due to CBS sports coverage of college football. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 22, episode concluded.

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