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Actor History
Danube Hermosillo
February 9, 2017 to present

Receptionist at Spectra Fashions

Resides At

Los Angeles, CA

Marital Status

Single (assumed)

Past Marriages

None known


None known


None (assumed)

Flings & Affairs

None known

Crimes Committed

None known

Health and Vitals

No known conditions

Brief Character History

Darlita is a friend of Saul Feinberg, the grandson of tailor Saul Feinberg, who worked at knockoff fashion house Spectra Fashions until his death in 1996. Darlita interviewed with Sally Spectra, the namesake of Spectra's original owner, on Saul's recommendation. Bubble-headed but earnest, Darlita got the job and tried to encourage fledgling designer Sally when her all-important début line was savaged by the only fashion reporter who attended Spectra's showing.

Though seemingly more interested in the condition of her fingernails than work, Darlita was on board when Saul came up with the idea to steal designs from rival fashion house Forrester Creations by installing tiny cameras in the jewelry of Sally's little sister, Coco Spectra, who was interning at Forrester. Tasked with monitoring the feed, Darlita thought Coco was making love to Forrester executive Rick Forrester, unaware that Coco had let Rick's wife, model Maya Avant, wear her inadvertent spy cam. Darlita eagerly helped take Spectra's multitude of orders after their successful showing but had her bubble burst when Sally confessed to grand larceny and industrial espionage to keep Coco from having to testify.

Darlita attended Sally's preliminary hearing, horrified that Sally was facing up to 15 years in jail. Darlita was impressed when Sally's new love, Thomas Forrester, spoke to the judge on Sally's behalf, then invested $100,000 in Spectra to keep Sally's cousin, C.J. Garrison, from selling the company to publishing magnate Bill Spencer, who wanted to replace Spectra with a skyscraper and personally wrote Sally's scathing review to aid in his quest. Darlita celebrated Spectra's salvation by dancing in a conga line with Saul, Coco, and Sally's grandmother, Shirley Spectra.

Darlita excitedly received texted photos of Coco driving a Camaro with her boyfriend, R.J. Forrester, not knowing that moments later Coco crashed the car from being distracted behind the wheel. Later, Darlita helped Spectra get ready for a swimwear fashion challenge against Forrester Creations. Darlita couldn't understand it when Thomas left town to be with his ex, Caroline Spencer, and their toddler son, Douglas Forrester, but assisted Sally in mounting a successful fashion preview of her own work; the only glitch was a small fire that broke out from a faulty electrical socket. Later, on the eve of Spectra's big fashion show, Darlita and the others watched helplessly as the building and collection burned to the ground. Thinking Spectra was finished, Darlita was confused when Sally became the owner of the burned-out fashion house and began restoring it without saying who had made it possible.

After it turned out Bill owned the building after all, Darlita joined Sally and her new benefactor, Liam Spencer, in taking part in a sit-in to prevent its demolition. But Darlita and the others ran when a nearby building exploded; Darlita was horrified to turn around and discover Liam and Sally had gone back into the building, becoming trapped in its rubble when Bill destroyed it prematurely. Darlita stood with Spectra in refusing to let Bill finance their relocation and new start. Later, Darlita was stunned to be included in the Forrester family's extravagant Thanksgiving feast.

Knowing Sally had a thing for Liam, Darlita helped Sally look up info on Liam's ex, Hope Logan, who had come back to town.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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