The City Daily Recaps Archive (December 30th, 1996)
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December 30th, 1996
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Jacob arrives at Angie's with Champagne. She wants to talk first about what they discovered at the clinic. She explains the process of in vitro fertilization and that she would not be able to carry the child. This throws Jacob who compares the theoretical other woman to an incubator. He prefers adoption. Angie assures him that after meeting a woman and a surrogate who went through it, that it seems much better. She said sometimes even a family member will do it. Jacob is still unsure, he likes the idea of the old-fashioned way of having a baby. Angie tells him that's not an option, but they decide to practice anyway.

Tracy discovers that Dillon is missing. Dillon is in the upper bar, having audio flashbacks of his mother saying "I'll send Dillon away" in increasing volume.

Zoey arrives at the bar, just as Nick is hanging up the phone. He breaks the news to her that Richard won't be home for New Year's Eve. Lorraine breaks in and whines that Nick didn't tell her that in the 10 seconds between phone hangup and Zoey arriving. Zoey is seriously bummed, and Nick says Richard is going to call her at hotline. This doesn't cheer her up because she's been let go. Nick asks why and she says because of this - pointing to the nose ring, and probably this, pointing to her mouth. The producer told her to take out the ring, and she mouthed off and refused. She heads up to the ladies room (which is just one and up the stairs - no wonder the bar is empty so often!) Tracy comes in, she tells Nick and Lorraine about Dillon being missing. She checked with Ally, Nick suggests the basement, but since the lights are still on, she figures he's not there. Meanwhile, since there is a line for the ladies room (what a surprise!), Zoey sees Dillon and asks what's wrong. He tells her that his mom is sending him to boarding school. She commiserates, and invites him to join her in a stiff drink. He orders chocolate milk and she goes down to get it. She gets two chocolates in Martini glasses and asks Lorraine and Nick to tell Tracy that Dillon is okay and to be cool. She leaves and Tracy returns from checking the basement. They tell her he's okay.

Zoey goes back up and tells Dillon they have to make a toast. He wonders where the toaster is (leading me to wonder if he's a true Quartermaine - they just about *always* have a drink in their hands, toasting most events). She explains and as Tracy comes into the background, makes a wish as a toast that he won't be sent away. Zoey thinks he needs to talk to his mom and tell her he's upset, since she's not a mind reader. Maybe once she knows, shell change her mind. He agrees. Zoey toasts/wishes that Richard would come back and also for a date for NYE. Since Dillon doesn't have a date either, they'll be each other's dates. Tracy is smiling in the background. Tracy comes up and thanks Zoey for being so sweet. She wants to talk about tomorrow night and Zoe wonders if she has a problem with older woman dating younger men. (BTW, Dillon's father is quite a bit younger than Tracy). Tracy laughs and asks her to babysit. Since it's the best offer she's had all day, Zoey agrees and heads downstairs. Tracy tells Dillon that she was worried about him and missed him. He asks why she wants to send him away. She says she thought he'd like it, but as soon she said it she knew she was wrong. They will never be separated.

Lorraine asks Zoe to join them for NYE, she tells them of her date and leaves. Lorraine admits to Nick that she was a lousy mother, in fact she can't even remember what it was like to be pregnant (is there anyone reading this who can't see where this is heading?!?). Nick tells her that the past can't be changed, but he has plans for the future.

Ally is stunned at the pregnancy news. She runs out the door, followed by Tony. She tells him he has ruined everything and she hates that he did that. He keeps apologizing and is obviously miserable. He tries to touch her and she tells him to go to hell. He wants her to talk to him so she does. She is disappointed that after a few drinks, he loses all his integrity and honour, so it's obviously all surface. She wants him to stay away and wishes she never met him. Tony continues to apologize, but Ally says she can't stand the idea of Carla living across the hall, having his baby. Tony says Carla will never live there. He tells her that she is the only woman he'll ever love. She says she won't be the other woman and asks him to leave. He does and she breaks down crying.

December 31st, 1996
Written by Deborah Graham

In Buck's apartment, under the mistletoe, Buck and Tess are kissing. Loraine and Nick come in and Nick says he might have to hose them down. Loraine is wobbling, she says, it's her shoes. Tess asks about her lipstick. What lipstick? Loraine asks. Seems it's all on Buck (Looks good on him, Tess laughs). Loraine and Tess leave. Nick tells Buck that if this was last year, he'd offer to buy him a drink. He was under blurred vision then. Wasn't he with Sydney? That's what he means, Nick says. Meanwhile, Loraine and Tess talk about Jacob and Angie and medical miracles. Loraine says it's almost 1997, she believes anything can happen. Buck comes over and says he has no use for standing under the mistletoe with Nick. He tells Tess she looks wonderful.

Jocelyn says Ally is not dressed, isn't Tony coming over soon? No. Well, Tyler is up with Dillon for the night, why doesn't she go over to see Tony? Ally says she never wants to see him again. Meanwhile, Tony tells Alex that 1997 was suppose to be the year that he and Ally got together. Alex tells him he has two options. He can leave her alone, and let her work this out. Or, he can make her listen. Tell her how much he loves her. Tony says he's tried that. Alex says it couldn't hurt. What will she do? She wouldn't shoot you. Tony thinks that he's pretty sure that she's thinking about it, though. Alex opens the door and Carla is on the other side, all decked out for New year's Eve.

At Tracy's penthouse, Zoey gave Dillon and Tyler temporary tatoos. Tracy comes over and says she's very good. Zoey asks if she'd like a snake on her cheek. No, Tracy says, she meant with the kids. The doorbell rings. Tracy coughs and answers the door. She wispers that she's glad to see him. She coughs some more.

Tracy tells Gino that she feels sick. She doesn't want him to get too close to her. She coughs. She thinks she's coming down with the flu. Zoey says funny, she never said any...Tracy turns and glares at her. Oh, she *does* look a little pale, Zoey says. Who's this, Gino asks, the new Nanny? In another life, maybe, Zoey says. Tracy introduces Zoey as Dillon's friend. Tracy says she doesn't want to go out and meet Gino's contemporaries, she might be contagious. Gino offers to stay with her and not take his eyes off her. He offers to have her sit on the couch with her head on his lap. She declines.

Tony asks what Carla wants. She wanted to know if he wanted some company. He declines. He wants to be alone. Danny comes in and Tony tells him to take Carla down to the bar for a drink. Is that like taking a dog outside to do its thing? Carla asks. Danny jokes that it would be, if she were shorter. Danny takes Carla out. Alex tells Tony that she doesn't look pregnant. But, Tony says, the doctor said she is.

Jocelyn tells Ally to talk to Tony. Ally says she doesn't want to. There's a knock on the door. Ally tells Jocelyn that if it's Tony, she doesn't want to talk to him. Okay, Jocelyn says. It's Alex, predictable old Alex, Jocelyn says. Ally kisses him and wishes him a happy new year, but you can tell she's not into this. Gee, Alex says, sounds like she means it (NOT). He suggests that she come downstairs and have a drink with them. She wants to be alone. Okay, Alex says, but if she changes her mind, she knows where they'll be. As Jocelyn and Alex get into the elevator, Jocelyn asks if Alex knows what's going on between Tony and Ally. Yes, he says, but she's not going to like it.

Tony comes out of his apartment, and wanders around. He sits on the stairs and stares off into space.

There is a knock on the door. Ally answers it and tries to slam the door on Tony, but he says wait! He knows he messed up but he was sitting over there on New Year's Eve and all he could think about was her, and how much he loves her. He loves her? Ally says. Too bad he didn't remember that when he slept with Carla! She tells him to wait. She gives him back his letter jacket, Take it, Ally says, or she'll throw it in the trash. He reluctantly takes it and goes back to the stairs.

Jocelyn says pregnant? Alex says the doctor said so. Tess says you never know what you have until...she stops. Until what? Buck asks. Until the new year, she finishes. Loraine passes out hats. Danny and Carla talk about her plan to get pregnant. She needs to bed Tony by Friday. Danny says if she doesn't get him this month, she can try next month. Tony will never fall for a 10 or 11 month pregnancy, Jocelyn says. Tony enters the bar (in the street clothes, not the fancy dress of the others). Danny leaves, on Carla's suggestion that Danny try to regain what he had with Ally last year at this time. Danny goes to comfort Ally and Carla approaches Tony. He sits with her.

Tracy and Gino decide to go down to the bar for a drink. Zoey comes in with a toy gun. They're playing cops and robbers, do they want in? Gino smiles, and says no, thanks. Tracy has to go freshen her lipstick. She takes Zoey. Oh, is this the gun-ban lecture or the nose-ring lecture? Neither, Tracy tells her she needs a favor. A minute after midnight, Zoey is to call the bar and tell her one of the kids is sick. Why? Zoey asks. Hers is not to question why...Tracy says.

There is a knock on the door. Ally tells Tony to leave her alone. Danny says it's him, he's worried about her. Ally says she's fine. Danny wants to talk to her. She opens the door. He says Happy New Year? She hugs him.

The kids are asleep on the couch. Zoey is on the floor. The music is playing "What are you doing New Year's Eve?". The clock shows 11:57. Meanwhile, Danny pets Ally's sleeping head. Carla and Tony are playing (or watching someone play) pool. Alex and Jocelyn are looking at somehing (Carla?). Tracy and Gino are at a table. Buck goes to the mike. He thanks everyone for coming this evening. 30 seconds left, Buck says. Just enough time, Gino says. He proposes a toast to the most exciting woman in the world, Tracy Quartermaine, who has agreed to be his bride. Carla drinks. Buck counts down the seconds. Buck kisses Tess, Alex kisses Jocelyn, Loraine kisses Nick. Gino gets up and Tracy rises and they hug. Carla shakes her head no as she watches Tracy and Gino.

January 1st, 1997

There will be no episode of The City today - Happy New Year everyone!!

January 2nd, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond

*Tony's walking around the streets of Manhattan and a song is playing (I've never heard it before, but the title is probably "I Think About You") With the same song playing in the background, the scene shifts to Carla walking out of The City Bar into the hallway and remembering Gino's announcement that Tracy has agreed to marry him. Tracy must have spotted Carla leaving, because she and Gino follow her out into the hall. Gino apologizes, he would have told her first if he'd known she was there. "Like that would have changed anything!", Carla yells. Tracy suggests they go upstairs and discuss it, but Carla doesn't want to go anywhere with Tracy. Gino grabs her arm and leads her to the elevator, they're going to talk about this right now.

*Alex and Jocelyn are walking out of the bar toward the door to the hallway. Alex doesn't think that they should leave Ally alone and Joc agrees, especially now that she knows Carla's pregnant. They step out into the hall and spot Gino, Tracy and Carla by the elevator. Joc suggests she and Alex take the stairs, "I don't like small spaces, especially ones with snakes in them".

*Upstairs in Ally and Joc's apartment, Danny is still watching Ally sleep. He wakes her up when she starts talking in her sleep. Ally gets up off the couch and says she should get to bed, she promised Tyler a big day. She goes over to make herself a pot of tea, but drops the teapot as soon as she picks it up. She starts crying and Danny rushes over to her. Ally goes upstairs to lay down while Danny makes the tea for her, he thinks she needs a little TLC.

*Up in Ally's bedroom, Ally has changed into pajamas and Danny brought her cup of tea up to her. Danny tucks her in and wishes her pleasant dreams. "I hope they're better than last night", Ally replies. Danny kneels down by the bed and suggests she tell him about the bad dreams, that way, she won't have them again. Ally dreamed she had fallen into a river and she was drowning. Tony was standing on the shore and she was screaming for him to help, but Tony couldn't hear her. He was standing there talking to Carla and holding their baby. That's really wierd, Danny says, pretending not to know about Carla. Carla's pregnant, Ally tells him, and Tony's the father. Danny says nothing, just caresses her cheek and holds her hand.

*In the stairwell, Tony's coming back from his walk, climbing from the 4th to the 5th floor. Meanwhile, Alex and Joc are going into Joc and Ally's apartment. The lights are off and Joc decides not to go check up on Ally, she must be asleep. Tony walks up behind them. He tells them he went out to get some air, then asks how Ally is. Alex thinks that Ally is asleep and he and Joc should get going, but Joc insists that she wants to talk to Tony about his being "a complete and total idiot".

*In Tracy's penthouse, Gino insists that Carla is not leaving until he's had a chance to explain. If he knew she were in the bar listening, he never would have announced his engagement the way he did. That's not the point, says Carla, she didn't even know that Gino was still dating "this woman". Gino asks if Carla can't be just a little happy for him. "I'm ecstatic", Carla replies unconvincingly. If Gino's so happy, why did he keep the engagement a secret from Carla? It's because of her, Carla accuses, pointing at Tracy, she wanted it kept quiet because she knows I'm on to her.

*Tracy warns that she's not going to be insulted in her own home. Gino tries to tell Carla that keeping the engagement a secret was his idea, but Carla doesn't believe it. Tracy goes to get everyone a brandy, and Carla mentions rather loudly to Gino that she can't drink because of her 'condition', which Tracy, of course, overhears. Gino tells Carla he was planning to tell her about the engagement yesterday, but when Carla broke the news that she was pregnant, he didn't want to upset her. He would have found the right time and place to tell her, but he swears Tracy never told Gino not to tell Carla. Tracy comes back with brandies for herself and Gino, and Gino begs them to try to get along, "is that too much to ask?"

*Ally doesn't feel that there's anyone she can believe in, except Danny. Danny replies that there are a lot of people she can believe in, Alex, Jocelyn. Danny always seems to be around when she needs him, Ally says. Anytime, Danny promises. Danny turns off the lamp, and suggests she go back to sleep by thinking of something peaceful and calm. What does he think about, Ally asks. Danny, sitting down on the side of the bed, says to picture herself in a place she really loves. The beach, Ally decides. Danny starts talking about how warm it is, how she's lying on a towel right by the water's edge, etc. until Ally finally falls asleep. Danny kisses her hair and leaves.

*Out in the hallway, Joc asks Tony what the heck he was thinking and they go inside Tony's apartment. Joc isn't trying to jump all over Tony, she's just trying to figure out what happened. Tony's known Carla longer than anyone, couldn't he smell a set-up? "I was an idiot", Tony replies. Carla's bags were packed and by the door and Tony thought that Carla was out of his life. He didn't see the harm in having a good-bye drink with her. Joc is upset because they were so close to having what they want, and now both Ally and Tony are miserable, all because of one night Joc is sure that Carla planned. Joc wonders if Carla is really pregnant, but Alex tells her Tony had it confirmed by his own doctor. Tony's responsible for the baby now, he wishes he could go back and change things, but he can't. Alex tells Tony they'll be behind him, but he and Joc are going home now, he's very tired. Jocelyn agrees to keep an eye on Ally for Tony. Tony walks Alex and Joc to the elevator. After the door closes, he heads back to his apartment, only to see Danny leaving Ally's place. "What the hell are you doing in there?", he asks Danny.

*Danny ignores Tony's question and walks into their apartment. Tony asks again and Danny tells him that Ally needed someone after the bombshell Tony dropped on her, that Carla is pregnant with his baby. Ally was acting sort of strange at work earlier, says Danny, and he went there to see if Ally was OK. Once he was there, Ally asked him to sit with her for awhile. "Always there to pick up the pieces, huh Dan", Tony says angrily. Tony tells Danny to keep out of it, he and Ally will work things out. Ally doesn't want anything to do with Tony, not now, not ever, Danny informs him. Tony wonders why he has the feeling that Danny is enjoying this. Danny tells Tony not to try and put this thing on him, Tony's the one who blew it. Danny walks away.

*Carla and Tracy assure Gino that they can work something out. Gino's stomach is upset, so Tracy sends him upstairs to get an antacid. As soon as Gino is far enough away, Carla warns Tracy that she has no intention of making this easy for Tracy. "You'd better get ready to kiss your papa goodbye", replies Tracy. Carla walks past Tracy, 'accidently' bumping her arm and making Tracy spill some brandy. "Don't make trouble, Carla, or you'll find out what 'wicked stepmother' really means". Carla claims that Tracy has had this whole thing with Gino set up from the very beginning. Carla comments on the size of Tracy's engagement ring. Tracy must be very good, Carla says, because Gino doesn't part with his wealth very easily. Tracy calls Carla spoiled, didn't she hear how happy Gino is? Carla doubts that Tracy is very worried about Gino's happiness. "As long as there is a breath in my body, you will never marry my father". Gino comes back downstairs. Carla insists that she has to leave now and rushes out the door, Gino feels he had better go after her and he leaves too. Tracy ponders the information that she learned tonight, that Carla's pregnant. Tracy says aloud to herself that she doesn't believe Tony's the father. Walking over to the desk, she writes on her things-to-do list, "Get goods on Carla Soleito".

January 3rd, 1997
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

Storyline: Baby Blues

Ally is lying on the couch, but jumps to sitting when Joc opens the door. She wipes tears from her eyes. She brought bagels. She'll start her diet tomorrow. Ally doesn't want any right now. Joc asks how Ally is feeling. She still doesn't want to talk about it. Joc already knows that Carla is pregnant.

Tony comes out of his room and sees Carla sleeping on the couch in his shirt. He wakes her up. Good morning! He'll tell her if it's a good morning after she tells him what the hell she's doing there.

Carla tells him about Gino and Tracey. Tony says that's a strange match. Carla says Tracey is setting Gino up under their noses. Tony reminds her that they have other things to worry about. He says Gino is a grown man and can handle himself. Carls says Tracey is not going to marry her father. Tony tells her to take it easy. The stress isn't good for the baby. Carla doesn't know what she's going to do. Tony says she should start by taking care of herself. Carla admits she doesn't even know when the last time she ate was. Tony asks if she wants cereal or eggs.

Alex told Joc. Ally is sure that the Green St grapevine is buzzing-- Poor Ally. Joc loves her and so does Tony. Tony loves her so much that he spent her birthday getting Carla pregnant and lied to her for weeks. Ally asks Joc to leave. Joc weakly says she wants to help.

Joc makes some tea. She talked to Tony last night. And he's sorry, right? yes. Joc reminds Ally that she knows about betrayal. She betrayed Alex, but he forgave her. Ally doesn't just feel betrayed, Tony broke her heart. She didn't just love him, he was her best friend. She would go to him when her heart was broken. Now who should she go to? Tony, Joc says. She can't. Joc tells her to think about it. She asks Ally not to close the door until she's sure that it's over. Joc asks her to promise to think about what Tony means to her.

Tony shoves cereal at Carla and tells her to eat. Carla asks how Tracey did it. Did it ever occur to her that Gino might actually love Tracey? Carla says it doesn't matter because they'll never make it to the altar. What is she going to do, have her killed? Carla is silent and Tony tells her not to even think about it. tony would never let that happen. Does that mean that he'll help her? Leave him out of it. Carla wants him to talk to Gino. Tell him he's making a mistake. Tracey's hiding something. After Tony finds out information on Tracey and brings it to Gino, what's he going to do, thank him for saving him from a fate worse than death? Probably not at first. Would it be before or after his goons rearranges his face? Tony starts yelling at Carla that they have enough to worry about. Everyone is miserable, but love doesn't mean anything to her anyway, right? Carla tells him to forget it. Tony says he's sorry about the comment. He didn't mean it. He still has to talk to Gino. He has to tell him about the baby. Carla already took care of that.

Gino had a right to know and she had to tell him. He's very excited. Carla can't concentrate though until she finds out what is going on with Tracey. Tony says he'll talk with Gino on one condition--that Carla take care of her condition. She hugs him. He says he'll take care of everything. He leaves.

Ally sets her tea in front of a picture of her and Tony. She picks it up and remembers their conversation. She goes to the door to go see him, but he is in the hallway with Carla, helping her with her jacket. She is asking her if her hair is messed up and he tells her she looks fine.

Storyline: A Reassuring Word From a Friend

As Tess walks in, Angie says that someone didn't come home last night. How can Angie ever repay her. Tess says she doesn't have to. That's the beauty of friendship. Buck and Tess thought Angie and Jacob could use a little time together. The more Angie talked to Jacob on the phone, the more she missed him. She's glad she made it home for the holidays. Angie asks what's new in Tess's life. Everytime she spoke to her from the clinic, she sounded...desperate. What is it, Angie asks. Where does Tess start? At the beginning. Tess went to the doctor and they found a lump on her breast. She has cancer.

Tess looks away as Angie sits beside her. Why didn't she tell her? Angie was 3,000 miles away and she came hom with great news about being able to have a baby. Tess didn't want to rain on her parade. Angie pulls her over the couch and says she wants Tess to tell her everything: what stage the cancer is in, who did the diagnosis, did she find the lump herself? Tess said she had a mammogram. Angie asks what kind of biopsy she had. Tess hasn't had one yet. The doctor said she has a lump and she went deaf after that. Angie tells her to listen to her, Just because they found a lump doesn't mean that it's a tumor or that it's cancerous. It could be any number of things, most quite harmless. Tess knows that in her head, but her heart tells her different. Angie says they won't know until they schedule a follow-up exam. She hugs Tess and says she can't let fear stop her. Angie asks how Buck is handling it He's fine. She hasn't told him yet.

Buck and Jacob are doing the books. From the looks of it, they did pretty well for they year. Is Buck sure he is using that machine right? Buck could have done it in his head, he just didn't want to get too proud. A little pride never heart anybody in small doses. "We came, we poured, and we made a pretty penny, too," Jacob says. Buck says they are numbers a man can plan a future with. He just wishes every night is New Years Eve. Angie and Jacob found a good way to ring in the New Year. Jacob says they made up for some serious lost time. Buck knows what it's like for a woman you love to go away. Is Tess going somewhere? Not if Buck can help it.

Tess is either avoiding him or being overly cheerful, but he thinks he knows what's wrong--him. So he's giving her space. She keeps talking about life having no guarantees. He thinks she wants a sure thing, a commitment. This weekend, he's going to ask Tess to be his bride.

Tess hasn't told anyone because she is afraid if she says it out loud, it will make it real and she doesn't want it to be real. Angie says this is when she needs the people that she loves. She should not be hiding this from Buck. Tess is worried that she'll end up like her mother, who had a heart attack at about the age Tess is now. Tess says her mother's creedo was, "live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse" and that's what she did. She died on her. Tess learned that if she wants something in life, she had better grab it because supplies are limited. Tess abandoned all hope--until Angie came back.

Watching Angie overcome chemotherapy damage to have a baby with Jacob started her thinking. Then last night, when Buck looked into her eyes, she could see how much he loves her, then she thinks, maybe she'll get a miracle. Only if she goes to the doctor, Angie says. Nine times out of ten, lumps are harmless. Angie asks which of them should make the appointment. Tess will. She calls. They have a cancellation for this morning. She takes it. Angie reassures her and offers to go with her, but she declines. Angie makes her promise to tell Buck. They hug and Tess leaves.

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