The City Daily Recaps Archive (December 23rd, 1996)
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December 23rd, 1996
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Tracy's penthouse

Tracy is admiring herself in the mirror, "not bad for a widow to be" and is thinking about the phone call she overheard, in which she thinks Carla said Gino is terminally ill. She also recalls her conversation with Gino where he says he's not going to live forever. She guesses she won't have to sell anymore furniture (which is a good thing, because Sydney's old bedroom is practically bare except for the bed and the mirror). She calls Gino, but he's eating and she says not to disturb him and spoil the surprise.

*Tracy enters the restaurant(the one the photographer took their picture at) and stands across from Gino at his table. "Yes", she says. "Yes?", questions Gino. Yes, Tracy will marry him.

*Gino calls for champagne, then wonders what made Tracy change her mind. She was up all night, thinking what Gino said about family, security and support, and of course, about Gino himself. Gino just wants to be certain that she's really sure. Tracy knows she put some roadblocks up between them, but she just wasn't sure. She's sure now, and she can't believe how lucky she is to have met someone like him. Gino feels the same way about her. The wedding will take place after Gino takes care of a few things, like paying the back taxes on the building, Tracy hints. Gino says he's got a beautiful place in Brooklyn and a house in Montauk, what do they need a drafty old building for? Gino tells her to forget about the building, she's got him now. Let them auction the building off, he says.

*Tracy proposes a champagne toast, "To us", and they drink. Gino asks if he doesn't pay the back taxes on the building, is the marriage off. We made a deal, Tracy replies. Gino tells her that he's offering a better deal, him. Tracy tells him to forget the building, let them auction it off, let it burn to the ground. If she has Gino, nothing else matters. She's made Gino a very happy man, she will never want for anything. Gino slips the ring on her finger and kisses her hand. Gino wants to go back to Tracy's place, but she suggests they save something for the honeymoon. Gino agrees to wait until after the wedding, "then it's til death do us part". "Exactly", Tracy says, clinking glasses and taking a sip of champagne.

Location: Ally and Jocelyn's apartment

Jocelyn walks into the apartment and screams (and I do mean scream, like I feel like doing some days after a long, frustrating day at work:-). She throws her keys down on the table. Ally, who's untangling Christmas lights, calmly says she knows how Jocelyn feels. Jocelyn tells her the eviction was supposed to be today, but she managed to put them off another month. If worse comes to worse, they'll all just have to find another place to live. Ally doesn't even seem very concerned about the building, she's worried about Carla and why she wouldn't sign the annulment papers. Ally has a hard time believing all the trouble Carla has caused has been over Tony, expecially since Tony has made it clear to Carla that he's not interested in her.

*Joc doesn't understand why Tony let Carla get away with it. Tony felt bad for Carla, apparently she does have some feeling for him. They've known each other since they were kids, he can't stand to hurt her, Ally explains. When Ally says that she has to let Tony handle this, Joc disagrees and tells her she needs to be tougher on Carla, they need to get Carla out of their lives. Just then, Danny enters giving Tyler a ride on his back.

*Danny is whirling Tyler around. When he puts Tyler down, Tyler asks if they can go get their Christmas tree now. Ally tells him they're going to wait until Tony calls and takes him over to another part of the room to play his new game. Joc accuses Danny of not being able to leave Ally alone. Danny replies that he's just being what Joc always wanted him to be, a nice guy. Ally walks back over to Joc and Danny and tells them she's worried where Tony is. She invited his family over for Christmas Eve dinner (Yeah! More Joey!) and she hopes Tony gets back before his family gets there. The phone rings and Ally goes to answer it. Danny tells Joc to stop giving him dirty looks and to stop thinking every time he comes there, he's trying to get close to Ally. Tony and Ally are so close, he couldn't get between them even if he wanted to, which he doesn't, Danny claim. "Bull", Joc tells him. It's Tony on the phone, he had a meeting, but he'll be there soon. Ally suggests Danny could take them to get the tree, but Tony asks her to wait for him, he needs to talk to her. He'll call her back in a few minutes and they'll decide where to meet. Meanwhile, Danny tells Joc to give it a rest. Joc reminds Danny that he told her he's still in love with Ally. Danny heard that Carla refused to sign the annulment papers and decided to use the opportunity to get closer to Ally. Danny tells her not to pass moral judgements on him, "or have you forgotten how you used to earn a living". Danny immediately apologizes, he didn't mean to say that. If he keeps pursuing this thing with Ally, he's going to wind up with a broken heart, Joc warns. Ally comes over to say that was Tony on the phone, Danny doesn't have to take them to get a tree.

*First they're going to get the tree, then they'll go shopping for supper. When they get back, they'll open presents. Tyler goes to get his coat. Joc confirms that she and Alex will be there tonight, Danny agrees to come, too. Ally tries to convince Danny to invite this free-lance writer Ally met who has the hots for Danny. Danny says he'll pass, it should just be family and friends tonight. Ally puts her arm around his shoulder and says this is going to be the best Christmas ever, "Carla, eat your heart out."

Starting Location: City Bar

*Carla is on the phone telling Michael, her lawyer, to get all the dirt he can on Dr. Marino, the doctor Tony made the appointment with. Tony comes back to the table and Carla tries to postpone the appointment, but Tony won't let her get out of it. Carla wonders what will happen if the doctor says she's not pregnant. Tony asks her if she's having doubts. No, she knows she's pregnant, she can't believe Tony thinks she's lying. Tony accuses her of lying everytime she opens her mouth. If she's pregnant, he'll take care of her and the baby. If she's lying Tony's going to be her worst nightmare.

*Carla and Tony arrive at the doctor's office. They check in at the desk and are asked to have a seat, the doctor will be with them shortly. Carla complains that she's nervous, but Tony just sits and tries to read a paper. Carla's phone rings, it's Michael with some dirt on the doctor. Carla's called into the examining room and Tony starts to follow, but Carla tells him no way. Tony agrees to stay in the waiting room. He uses the phone to make a call to Ally (see above).

*Tony's sitting reading the paper when the doctor calls him into the examination room to hear the results. According to the doctor, Carla is pregnant. Tony questions the doctor if he's sure and the doctor is positive. Tony leaves the room, he needs to get some air. Carla shuts the door behind Tony and tells the doctor, "Very nice". "And very unethical", the doctor replies. Carla writes the doctor a check, made out to cash so he can take it right over to his bookie. Carla assures him the gentlemen who have been bothering the doctor will now stop. Carla warns him that if one word leaks out, she'll put him "at the bottom of the East River with your black bag around your neck". She goes out to the waiting room, where Tony is sitting with a stunned look on his face, and puts her hand on his shoulder.

December 24th, 1996
Written by Deborah Graham

Tess gives Zoey some food to bring up to Ally's party. Buck and Tess try and stall Jacob, offering to make him some food for his airplane ride. Jacob wants to leave, *NOW*, so he doesn't miss the plane (he's flying out to see Angie for the holiday). He thinks the car will be downstairs already. Buck says, funny, he couldn't get a car...what with Christmas and all. Jacob is getting frantic. He thinks he'll just hail a cab. He has *got* to get to the airport. As he opens the door to leave, finally, Angie is there, ready to knock. Tess and Buck smile at each other. Jacob and Angie hug and kiss.

Later, Tess and Buck are sitting on the stairs. Buck asks if she wants to go to the party. No. Does she want to go inside? No. She says that just being here, with him, is all she wants right now. They hug.

Angie tells Jacob about his miracle drug the fertility clinic discovered. She thinks it's a Christmas miracle that she can have kids again. He thinks it's a miracle that she's home, with him, where she belongs.

At the doctor's office, the doctor gives Tony the bad news. Tony leaves and Carla pays off the doctor.

Meanwhile, up at Ally's place.... Ally wonders where Tony is. Tony's family will be here soon, and there is no tree. Danny, once again, offers to go get one for her. Jocelyn stares at him. There is a knock at the door. Finally, Ally says. Nope. It's Alex, but he has a tree, courtsey of Tony. Where is he, Ally asks. His appointment went a little longer than he expected, but he'll be here soon. Ally is frantic, she needs some elves to decorate the tree. Zoey comes in with the food from Tess. She asks if there is anything else she can do. Ally wonders how fast she can decorate a tree. With the right elves...there's one, Zoey says as she sees Tyler. (After the commercial break, the tree looks wonderful, like it took HOURS to decorate, not minutes). Ally, again, wonders where Tony is. There is a knock at the door. Finally. Nope. It's Tony's family. Ally appologizes for Tony not being here. Tony's momma gives her a lasagne, a Italian family tradition. Momma is thrilled that Caral is out of their family. She did not like the marriage, right Papa? He grunts. She thinks Tony and Ally belong together, they love each other so much, right Papa. Grunt. The phone rings. Alex gets it. It's Tony, still at the doctor's office. He tells Alex that the doctor says Carla *is* pregnant. Alex asks if Tony is really sure that Carla is pregnant. Danny overhears and smiles. Alex tells Tony that he spoiled the surprise, Ally wanted him to be here when his family arrived. Tony, not thrilled, says he'll be there soon. Alex hangs up and tells Ally that Tony was delayed, but he's leaving now and should be here soon.

Joey and Zoey talk a little. Joey gives Zoey her bracelet back, the one that she snagged him with. She smiles at him. Alex says there is a long-distance, he means *long* distance call for her. RICHARD! She says as she forgets about Joey and races to the phone. After the phone call, she comes back and Joey asks if she and Richard are still an item. And then some, she says. Tony's Mom comes over and asks Zoey if that hurts. MOM! Joey says. Well, it looks like it would hurt, she says, as Zoey goes off somewhere.

Tony finally arraives. He kisses his mother and says hello to everyone, but he's not too enthuastic. Tony goes for some wine. Alex goes over to him and again asks if he's sure. Tony says yeah, and now he has to break the news to Ally. Not tonight, you don't, Alex says. Well, she's sure to notice something's wrong, he says. Then you become a really good actor, Alex suggests. Ally gets everyone's attention and says that this is a wonderful time and she knows that things will get even better in the future. She says something about knowing that Tony and she will be together forever. Tony smiles, trying to be a good actor.

December 25th, 1996

There will be no episode of The City today - Merry Christmas!!!

December 26th, 1996
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Carla's office

*Carla's sitting at her desk, talking on the speaker phone to Tony, who's at his apartment. She tells him she went to visit the doctor today. Tony, sounding concerned, asks her what's wrong, is the baby OK? Carla thinks so, the doctor said it's probably a bad case of morning sickness. Tony's relieved. He asks if Carla's told Gino about the pregnancy yet. No she hasn't, Gino just thinks she has the stomach flu, she couldn't keep a bite of Christmas dinner down(while she says this, Carla's drinking coffee and eating a muffin). Tony's got to go, he's going to tell Ally about Carla and the baby, he can't wait any longer. Tony hangs up. Carla turns to Danny, who's sitting on the couch and tells him Tony is telling Ally about the baby. Danny doesn't think that's a bad thing, it's what Carla wanted, isn't it.

*Yes, Carla wants Tony to tell Ally about the 'pregnancy'. Carla just doesn't think now is the right time. Carla decides to pay them an unexpected visit, to keep Tony from telling Ally right now. Danny wonders what Carla's up to, why does she want Tony to wait. Carla wants Tony to wait to break the news to Ally until she really is pregnant.

*Danny thinks Carla actually becoming pregnant is taking the whole thing a little too far. Tony's going to need tangible proof of the pregnancy, Carla insists. Fooling the doctor was fine for now, but Tony and Ally will be watching for visible signs of pregancy. Danny thought Carla and the baby were going to have some sort of 'mishap'. That's not an option anymore, says Carla, Tony's already attached to the baby, he wants them to raise it together. Carla thinks she might be able to get Tony drunk on New Year's Eve and sleep with him, but Danny tells her it won't work. Now that Carla thinks about it, it's better that Tony tell Ally now. That way, Tony will be all alone on New Year's Eve. Danny had better hope it works, otherwise Ally will be with Tony. "Tony's attachment to this child..", Carla starts to say as Gino walks in the door. "Child?", asks Gino.

*Gino wants to know what's going on. Danny excuses himself and leaves them alone to talk. Carla tells Gino that she's pregnant.

Location: Tony's apartment

*After hanging up with Carla, Tony opens the door to go to Ally's, but Ally is already standing there with a picnic basket. Tony thinks it's just going to be the two of them, but Tyler runs into Tony's apartment, playing with a toy car.

*The sitter was running late and Tyler really wanted to see Tony, so he came over, Ally explains. "Great, Al", Tony responds, not looking very happy. Ally tells Tony that Tyler loves the Power Ranger he gave him for Christmas. Ally looked everywhere and couldn't find one. You're his hero, and mine too, Ally says, kissing Tony. Tony doesn't really respond and Ally wants to know what is wrong. At first he denies anything's wrong, then he tells Ally there's something he has to talk to her about.

*He thinks they should talk about it later, when they're alone. Ally was worried that he would be upset because she invited his parents over, but Tony assures her they had a wonderful time. Ally didn't do anything wrong, she never does anything wrong, Tony tells her as he gives her a hug. They start to put the food out on the table. Ally was talking to his mother at the party and Tony's mother told her how wonderful Tony is. How Tony stayed with her when she had an operation and how Tony sends her roses every Valentine's Day, one more rose every year. Ally was also happy that Tony's mother felt comfortable enough with her to share those things, it meant a lot to her. Ally wasn't sure how his parents would treat her, since Tony's technically still married to Carla, but they both made Ally feel so good. Tony wonders aloud how long it's going to be until the sitter gets there. Ally tells him the sitter should be there soon. Ally did tell Tony's mother about Carla refusing to sign the annulment papers and Tony's mother offered to talk to Carla. Tony's upset, he doesn't want his mother going anywhere near Carla.

*Ally tells Tony it's OK, she'll just call his mother and tell her not to say anything. Ally doesn't understand why Tony is so upset about this. There's a knock at the door and Tony goes to answer it. It's the babysitter, Kathleen, who's come to pick up Tyler. Ally calls for Tyler, who comes running with his toy. Tyler and Kathleen leave. Ally understands that Tony doesn't want his mother involed with Carla. She apologizes, she should have thought of that earlier. Ally knows that Tony has done everything, short of killing Carla, to get out of the marriage. It's just been hard for Ally, knowing that Tony isn't 100 percent hers. Ally promises she can be patient, and they start kissing. Tony tells her he loves her very much, but pulls away from her after a few more seconds of kissing. He loves Ally more than anything else in the world and he doesn't want to lose her. Ally tells him to just tell her whatever it is he has to tell her.

Location: Tracy's apartment

Tracy's carrying a flower arrangement from Gino and decides the desk is a good place to put Gino's "huge, gaudy arrangement". Tracy gasps and quickly pulls the mistletoe out of the arrangement, she doesn't want to give Gino any ideas. There's a knock at the door and Tracy throws the mistletoe into a corner. Tracy yells she'll be right there and puts on the large engagement ring Gino gave her, which was sitting in its box on the table. Taking a deep breath, she opens the door expecting Gino, but it's Alex instead.

*Tracy's surprised to see him, but denies that she was expecting anyone else. Behind her back, Tracy struggles to twist Gino's ring backwards on her finger. Tracy invites Alex in, and Alex hands her something in brown paper bag. It's an old record by Helen Reddy(Who?), "I am Woman, Hear Me Roar". The symbolizism is lost on Tracy until Alex reminds her of the conversation they had the other day, where he told her she should stand on her own two feet for once. She'll be a total independant woman at last and Alex thought that it deserved a little gift. Tracy appreciates it very much. She makes a motion like she's going to walk him to the door, but he starts talking about how he was going to drop it off earlier, but she wasn't there. Tracy tells him she took Dillon to Radio City Music Hall to see the Christmas show. It wasn't the Christmas Tracy had planned, but her family still isn't talking to her. This time she's sucessful in getting him to leave, by telling him she's getting ready to take a bath, but just as Alex gets to the door, there's a knock. Tracy stops him from opening the door and motions him to be quiet. She begs him to go upstairs and hide, which he does. It's Gino. "Gino", Alex mouths silently while standing by the upstairs railing, and he backs away from the edge.

*Gino really missed not having Tracy with him at Christmas, but he thinks it was a good idea for her to spend time with her family. Tracy cuts him off, telling him how beautiful the flowers are that he sent her. (Alex is watching from above). Gino wonders if she told her family she was getting married. Tracy claims that she did tell them and they were speechless. Tracy did explain how close she and Gino have become, how Gino is taking care of Tracy and Dillon, Gino asks. Tracy claims it will take them a while to get used to it. They're are very protective of her (NOT!), especially her father. Gino tells Tracy not to worry about a thing, he'll talk with Tracy's father, her whole family, and anyone she wants to invite to the party. "Party?!?", Tracy questions. Our engagement party, Gino explains. Tracy wanted to keep it simple, "maybe an intimate dinner for two, and maybe a simple ceremony down at City Hall". Gino laughs, he wants to show Tracy off to everyone, he's got a very wide circle of associates. "I can only imagine", Tracy replies nervously. Gino insists that Tracy deserves the whole thing, an engagement party, showers and a beautiful wedding. Gino pulls out a rough draft of the engagement party invitation, it's to be at the restaurant where Tracy accepted his proposal. All Gino needs from Tracy is a list of her family and friends and their adresses. Tracy offers to take over the arrangements. She's also worried about Carla, who won't share in their joy. Carla will come around, Gino assures her. In fact, Gino's going to go visit her now. Tracy offers to go with him(to get away from Alex), but Gino insists he must do it alone and leaves. Tracy tells Alex, who's coming down the stairs, not to say a word until she has a chance to explain. "Explain what, that you're out of your freaking mind", Alex yells.

*Alex came up to Tracy's to tell her how proud he was of her and how he knew she'd make it on her own, instead he learned that she's going to be marrying Gino Soleito. Tracy tells him not to be angry. Alex tells her that he's not mad at her, he's more "pissed off" with himself. You're going to marry Gino in order to pay off the back taxes on this building, Alex accuses. Tracy assures him that's not true, admiring her ring. It'll just be for a little while. Alex assumes that she's scheming to become a rich divorcee. You can't divorce yourself from the mob, Alex tells her, it's like a life sentence without parole. "Unless the prisoner dies", Tracy says with a smile that gives Alex a bad feeling. Gino's only got a few months to live, and then Tracy will be a very merry and wealthy widow.

December 27th, 1996
Written by Deborah Graham

In Tracy's penthouse, Alex tells Tracey she is totally and utterly insane. Tracy says she found out that her darling husband-to-be is terminally ill. She can have her cake and eat it, too. Alex thinks she'll choke on her cake. What happens after the marriage? Alex asks. She eats wedding cake? Tracy suggests. After that? Alex prompts. Does he mean her wifely duties? Tracy asks. She'll work on that, and besides, it's only for a little while. Alex says his uncle has been dying for 25 years now. Alex wants to know how she found out Gino was dying. His darling daughter Carla spilled the beans, Tracy says.

In Carla's office, Gino says pregnant? Yes, Carla replies. Tony's? Yes, Carla says. She told Gino she and Tony consumated the marriage.

In Tony's apartment, Tony pulls away from Ally. What's wrong. Tony tells her that the night of her birthday, he made really big plans. Then, Danny showed up with Tyler. She appologizes since Tony left early. Tony says no, that's not it. Ally says he was going to ask her to marry her that night wasn't he? And is he asking her now? Ally asks. Tony looks uncomfortable.

Alex wants to get this straight. She's going to marry Gino based on what Carla said? No, not what she said, Tracy says, but the way she said it. Besides, Carla didn't say it to Tracy, and in fact Carla didn't know she was within earshot. Carla has eyes in the back of her head, Alex says. Alex tells Tracy that Gino is dangerous. All she can hear is the wedding march. And a funeral durge, Alex adds. That too, Tracy says, but just a little after the wedding. Alex wants to know what she'll do if the funeral isn't as soon as she expects. She'll ...ahh...apease her husband, Tracy says. Alex says there is a word for women that bed men for money. WEALTHY! Tracy laughs. Alex says this is not funny. Actually, he says, it *is* funny to think about her and Gino. Does that turn him on? Tracy coos. That's sick, even for her, Alex says. Tracy smiles.

Carla says Tony is thrilled about the baby. He wants to be with her and the baby. Gino says that Tony was serious about the annulment and that woman. Carla says Tony is happy about the baby.

Tony tells Ally that he got drunk that night. Really drunk. Carla was her, and she was packed to go. She offered to celebrate. She made a pitcher of martinis. Since when did he start dinking hard liquor? Never, that's why he got stone-cold drunk. Carla had to help him upstairs. Ally says oh, she was thinking something really bad. Please, Tony says. When he woke up, Carla was in bed with him. Ally's jaw drops and she asks if he's saying he slept with Carla.

Tony says that he was so drunk that he doesn't remember. Ally says that he was so jealous and resentful of a 5 year old boy that he slept with Carla? He wasn't jealous, Tony says, he was upset. Carla means nothing to him. They argue. Drunk, sober, Tony says, he was an idiot. She has to beleive him. He'd give his right arm...No wonder he was late for breakfast, Ally says. She was happy, making blueberry pancakes, and he was...was Carla there when she called? Tony doesn't answer. Of course she was, Ally says. All he ever wanted to do was made her happy. He wasn't going to tell her, Tony says. Why did he decide to tell her now?

Carla says the night probably wasn't an accident. Tony probably knew they were meant to be. Gino says that her mother and him had tried for years to have a baby. But, they couldn't, so they adopted. It's a macho thing, he guesses, but there is this thing about the family blood getting passed down, father to child, to grandchild. Gino raves about the baby and how she and Tony can get married in a big ceremony and all. Carla says she and Tony are already married. He goes on and on about the big wedding he wants her to have this time. He'll try for St. Peter's Catherdral. Gino sees that Carla is not happy. What's wrong? he asks. She shouldn't have done this to him, Carla says.

Alex tells Tracy that she's crazy. Alex wants her to explain to, explain this to Dillon, how she is marrying into the mob and how Dillon will be living with a gangster. No, that will never happen, Tracy says. What, Alex asks, will Dillon stay in a hotel? No, she will send him to a boarding school before she lets him live with Gino. Dillon is listening at the doorway.

She wants Dillon to go to a boarding school? Alex asks. No, of course not, Tracy says, she doesn't know what she is saying. Alex tells her she is marrying a man so she can spend more time with Dillon...but she's sending him away. Tracy says that *he* sent his son to a boarding school. That's different, he says. Of course, Tracy says, He's always right and she's always wrong. Sandy is older than Dillon and it's a special case. She has a chance to spend time with Dillon before he gets into trouble. What does he mean? Tracy asks. Wait until he spends time with Gino, Alex warns. Alex leaves. He'll send a wedding present, he says from the elevator. She tells him to just show up at the funeral. She looks terrific in black! Tracy goes back inside. Tracy calls to Dillon to see if she can pull him away from his video games so they can go and get some ice cream. He says okay. She goes upstairs to get her purse, and Dillon leaves, with a backpack of stuff, including his stuffed animal.

Carla says that the news of the baby much have been a shock to Gino. He says something about being happy and healthy for the wedding. She asks him not to look too healthy...she told the procecuter he only had a few months to live. She cried about losing her dear father. She says that the tears were real, when she thinks about life without him...Gino says that she is his life, too. She wonders what he came to talk to her about. Nothing important, he'll tell her later. Gino wants to have a big wedding for her, he tells her as he leaves that it may even be bigger than she thinks.

Tony says he wanted to tell her, but Alex told him not to. But, once he was sure, he had to tell her. Now he's sure? Ally says. Yeah. But, things are over between him and Carla? Ally asks. No, Tony says. No? Ally repeats, does he mean that he's still sleeping with her? No, no, Tony says. What's up, then. Well, the day she came over to sign the annulment papers, she told him. What? Bad news, Tony stalls. What bad news? Tony says there is no easy way to tell her this. Carla is pregnant.

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