The City Daily Recaps Archive (December 16th, 1996)
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December 16th, 1996
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Alex can't believe that anyone would fall for the story that Edward wants him and Tracy to marry. He's very upset, mainly because he has a little problem with a mob boss threatening him. He wants the truth about what is going on. She tells him she needed to prove herself as a good mother with Dylan since she wasn't with Ned. She said that when she came back from being abroad with Dylan, her family was very cruel to her. Alex doesn't buy that Lila would be cruel and asks what Tracy did. She said that she only tried to insure Dylan+s future with ELQ. Alex quickly translates that to mean that she tried to take over the company. She admits it and also admits that she's flat broke. Alex finds it amusing that she's in the same boat as the rest of them. She says she needs the building more than they do - in order to keep her parents from taking Dylan. He doubts that. She says it's true - because she was a bad mother to Ned, she tried to take over the company, she tried to run someone down with her car (her voice trails off at this one). She tells him that her parents are building a case against her and she'll do anything to keep him. She said that she tried to charm Gino into playing the back taxes and her charm worked too well, he wants to marry her. She wants Alex to play along - he won't, Gino is dangerous. She tells him that Gino wouldn't hurt her, but Alex isn't worried about her, he's worried about himself.. He suggests that she go back to her family and work things out. She can't do that, and starts crying. The bell rings and Alex goes to answer while Tracy pulls herself together. It's Joc, who is surprised to see Alex there.

Ally is all dressed up and gives Joc a gift for helping her and Tony solve their FBI problem. It's the movie "Madame X". Ally talks about how she and Tony have something to celebrate. (BTW, I hate Ally's makeup in these scenes - she looks overdone and it hides her natural good looks). Zoey arrives at Ally's, and tells her that she'd like to be roommates if the offer is still open. Ally tells her no, since she thinks Tony will be moving in. Joc goes off to return a phone call and Ally tells Zoe that she's going to surprise Tony by having his whole family over for Christmas. She invites Zoey and Richard to join them. Zoey tells her that Richard is in Australia and will be there for the holidays. Ally checks her face in a mirror and decides she has way to much lipstick on. Zoe thinks she looks pretty, Ally says now she knows she should take some of it off. She's then going to head to Tony's. The tax guy calls, we hear Joc say "Tracy Quatermaine?!?". She hangs up and tells Zoey that Tracy has been sitting on some important information about the building. She won't say more, and then takes off, leaving Zoey watching Richard's last HotLine.

Tony cannot believe Carla is pregnant, while I can+t believe TPTB are doing this to us loyal viewers. He doesn't understand how she could tell so soon, she says she took a home test because she was a few days late. He suggests that it might be stress causing her to be late. She tells him she took a *test*. She said she just got carried away. Tony tells her that she never gets carried away and if they did have sex (which he seems to doubt), she set him up! Carla is most offended, but Tony isn't falling for it. She asks if he thinks she is so low and has so little pride that she would invent a baby. He thinks that it is just too convenient. She sobs that she's just so scared and so alone.

Ally holds a bottle of champagne and practices a toast to her and Tony being back together. Meanwhile, Carla gets mad because Tony is worried how the pregnancy will affect Ally and runs out of the apartment crying, while Tony yells Carla! after her. She runs past Ally and jumps in the elevator. After the door closes, she gets a satisfied look on her face. Ally goes to Tony's and asks what's up with Carla (Cliffhanger)

December 17th, 1996
Written by Deborah Graham

In Tracy's penthouse, Alex is at the door and sees Jocelyn. What is he doing here? Jocelyn asks. He had to talk to Tracy. They were talking about the building, Alex says. Jocelyn says that she found out Tracy knows about the auction. Tracy offers to go change clothes (she is in a robe). Jocelyn says not to do that for *her*. Jocelyn is upset. She thinks that Tracy wanted to wait for the auction and then buy the building out from under them. Jocelyn says that Tracy spends more money in a day than they will ever see in their lifetimes. Tracy laughs her laugh.

In Tony's apartment, Ally tells Tony that's strange; Carla has tear ducts. Ally wonders what that was all about. Well, Ally beams, it doesn't matter since the annulment papers are signed and notarized. Tony tells her that they did not sign the annulment papers.

In a fancy restraunt, Carla tells Danny that she did not sign the papers. Tony is a gentleman - he knows better than to strong arm a mother to be. Danny laughs.

Jocelyn wants in on the joke. Tracy appologizes. Alex says this isn't the way it seems. Tracy appologizes for not giving her the letter sooner. Tracy says they were talking about how much the building means to them all, then they were reminising about the past. She thanks Alex for the hanky. Tracy gives the letter to Jocelyn and then takes Alex aside and tries to make a deal with him. He wants to know what she is talking about; reminising? And what about the hanky? She tells him her deal is that if he doesn't tell anyone about Gino and her plight, she won't let Jocelyn think anything is happening between them. Nothing *is* happening between them! Alex says. Jocelyn comes over and asks which one of them is going to tell her what is going on?

Tony says Carla didn't sign the papers. Ally says she feels weird all dressed up. She wanted to celebrate. Tony says he wanted to celebrate getting out of the marriage with Carla. Ally says Tess warned her about Carla. Carla wants to cause trouble. Ally is sure that whereever Carla is, those tears are long forgotten by now. Tony says he has to talk to her. He thinks that Carla was more into this marriage...Marriage? Ally yells. This was not like a real marriage. Not like they were man or wife, she screams. She wants to go talk to Carla. NO! Tony says. They can't do that.

Danny says Tony will need proof. So, she says, she buys a home test, doctors the stick, and voila, proof. So, then what? Danny says, in a couple of months, Tony is passing out cigars to celebrate the birth of a throw pillow? (ed. note: Does Danny watch OLTL?) Tony and Carla stay married, Carla says, for the baby, and then he realizes he loves her, and not just the baby. Then, she loses the baby, and Tony helps her through that. Danny says she's dreaming. Well, they stayed married, Carla says, that means she hasn't lost yet. YET; that's the word, Danny says.

Alex tells Jocelyn that whatever she's thinking...Jocelyn says she's thinking that his friend here is planning something. Jocelyn says that this letter is postmarked three weeks ago. If Tracy had told her two weeks ago, she could have done something. She can do something now, Jocelyn yells. She's going to sue Tracey for withholding information. Tracy laughs. This was public information! Jocelyn could have found this out, if she was doing her job. Beth and Dillon come home. He got a tummy ache at the movie. Tracy asks Alex and Jocelyn to leave so she can tend to her son. Jocelyn says she'll call her tomorrow.

Danny asks if Carla saw Ally. Yeah, they crossed paths. Ally was curious about Carla's crying. Carla tells Danny to go to Ally after dinner with some work to do. Carla figures she'll be alone and in need of company. Unless she's with Tony right now and he's telling her all about the bambino, Danny says.

Tony says Carla is upset, and if they confront her now, she'll just dig her heels in deeper. The phone rings. Zoey says that Tyler is back from the movies. Ally tells her to bring him over. Tyler comes over and tells Ally that they saw a Christmas tree. Ally says they'll go out tomorrow and buy the best Christmas tree. And Tony can come with us. Yeah! Tyler says. Ally says she's probably making too much out of this. This will be the best Christmas ever, with or without the annulment papers. It's only a piece of paper, after all. Tony looks nervous.

Tracy has Dillon's teddy bear, Patches. She knows he's too old to play with Patches like he used to. But, there is a doll at Grandma's that she used to play with. When she gets sick now, Tracy continues, she wishes she had that doll. How is he feeling? No answer. How was the movie? No answer. Wasn't it about those geese that learned to fly? The Mom died, Dillon says. Is that what's wrong? Tracy says. He's afraid that she'll die, Dillon says. Tracy promises that she'll never die. They hug and Tracy asks him not to grow up too fast.

As they walk into their apartment, Alex tells Jocelyn that it was the quietest taxi ride. Alex tells Jocelyn that Tracy is broke. Jocelyn thinks he's kidding. Alex told her Tracy was filthy rich, Jocelyn says. She was, but now she's broke. Joeclyn and Alex talk about Dillon, and how terrible it would be to have the thread-bare kid out on the street with just his Christmas tree and a lump of coal. He *is* kinda cute, Jocelyn says. She thanks Alex for telling her the truth. They hug.

Danny admits that if Tony tells Ally he slept with Carla, Ally would be mad for a few weeks, but she'd get over it. But, Carla adds, if there is a baby involved, not even Ally is that forgiving. Danny doesn't agree with what Carla is doing. But, they toast Tony Jr.

Tony sees Ally and Tyler home. He walks back to his apartment and remembers Carla saying she is pregnant. He cries, and colapses in to the chair.

December 18th, 1996
Written by Deborah Graham

At the studio, Zoey is practicing for her opening of HotLine while the makeup artist is trying to get the stuff on her. Zoey is upset. She can't do this, she can't do this without Richard. Did someone mention my name? Richard asks. Zoey beams.

Nick tells Loraine that she looks wonderful in an apron. Of course, he says she'd look better out of the apron. She wants a note from his doctor before he gets frisky. He says she might have to watch out, he has an appointment next week. She asks if he'll be okay with Richard going off to Australia for the Holidays? He thinks things are falling into place for everyone.

Tracy remembers talking to Dillon about the movie and how the Mom died in the movie that Dillon saw. She says that she won't let that happen to her. Promise? he asks. Back in current time, the doorbell rings. It's Gino. It's unexpected, Tracy says. He'll be brief. He says that he asked her an important question, and he is not the kind of guy that likes to wait. Of course not, she says. Gino asks if she is going to marry him or not?

She can't talk about this right now. Can't or won't. The timing isn't right. Gino says that he had a talk with Masters. So did she, Tracy says. She tells Gino that whatever he said to Alex worked, he is no longer interested in her. And she's not interested in Masters, Gino says. Right, Tracy asks. So, what is the trouble now? Tracy says she has the building and the back taxes to worry about. Gino says this is where he steps in and offers to pay the back taxes? Tracy says she would never expect that from him. Of course she does, Gino says. He says it's time to lay it on the line.

Zoey is thrilled that Richard hasn't gone yet. He wants to make sure that Father Luke doesn't come back when he's gone and try to take up where he left off. Zoey laughs and said he gave up the collar - he's a BugBuster now. Zoey suggests they get tatoos to show they belong together. Richard offers to pierce his nose. He gives Zoey his necklace.

Nick thinks that when Richard comes over for breakfast, they shouldn't mention the transplant and Nick's quest to find the next recipient. Buck comes in, wondering what happened to Tess. Loraine says she took the day off, to go to Connecicut. Why? Buck says. To vist a sick aunt. Buck is confussed, he didn't know she had an aunt in CT.

Tess is not at her aunt's house.

Richard offers to stick around at the studio so that she can see him off at the airport. No, she says, get out of here. He says he has one more stop, then he's off to the airport. They kiss. She gives him a present. It's a cigar box, Richard remarks. Zoey tells him it's the box that she used to put her money in, when she was robbed, and no one cared for her but him. In it is a picture of her. He kisses it. She doesn't want him to forget her. As if he could, he says. Maybe, Zoey offers, when he returns, they can fill it with memorabilia. They kiss some more and declare their love. Richard leaves and Zoey kisses his necklace.

Why would Tess call her and not Buck? Loraine says the phone was busy. Nick says he made a few calls, but the line should be free until after the New Years. Buck thinks that something is wrong. Loraine thinks that it has to do with her decision about the breast reduction. Ohhh, Nick says. He can't imagine, after all he went through, that anyone would willingly let a doctor operate. Loraine says that's because your're a man. Buck says she decided against it.

Tess is on the ferry. She is drinking coffee. She is thinking. She remembers telling the doctor she examines herself every month. She's never felt a lump. She thinks to herself, no more doctors.

Tracy says does she look like a golddigger? That's not what he was saying, Gino offers. He know that she is not in love with him. But, he adds, she makes her laugh. He makes her laugh, too, Tracy says. With his money, Gino offers, and her class, that's more than enough to start a marriage with. Gino says that he wants to spend the time he has left with someone he cares for. He goes on and on about how little time he has left and how, if she marries him she will inherit...she says she wouldn't expect anything. He says if she is married to him, she will inherit it. What's his is hers. Just think of it, Tracy, if she marries him, she'd never have to go back to her father for anything. Tracy is considering it.

That didn't sound like a marriage proposal, it sounded more like a business proposal, Tracy says. She thinks that maybe they need to do a business deal. She wants to rethink the loan. No deal. That would make her financially independant. She would pay him back with interest. He wants her. He says that if she marries him, she'd be set for life.

Richard comes in to Nick's apartment. He gives Nick a list of names with the same blood types as Nick's. Nick doesn't know what to say. Richard says it's okay. Nick knows that he doesn't approve. Richard says whatever it takes to help him be happy. Nick gives Richard a tape. It's a new song. Nick says he dedicated one to Zoey, his daughter, the least he could do was do one for Richard. It's called "Making up for Lost Time". Which Nick hopes they can do when he gets back. Richard leaves. Buck thinks he was too adament about Tess not having the surgery. Loraine thinks it could be that time of the month, or that time of the year. Nick says the "I'll be Home for Christmas", blues. Nick says that he learned that as long as you have your health, you have it all.

Tess is looking at NY from the ferry.

To death do us part, Tracy says, sounds so scary. Gino says that he can be a good father to Dillon. He'll make a man out of him. He's just a baby, Tracy says. Never too young, Gino says. He offers to let her think about it, but he wants an answer soon. She promises to answer him in a day or so. Gino leaves. No WAY! Tracy says to the door. I'm not letting that man near my son. Although, money does have its rewards. If Gino dies... or meets with an unfortunate accident. Noooo, I couldn't do *that*, she says. WHY NOT, she replies.

December 19th, 1996
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Tracy's penthouse

*Tracy's talking to herself, wondering what she's going to do about "that clueless gnome", Gino Soleito. The phone rings, but Tracy lets the answering machine pick it up. It's Alex, but Tracy doesn't pick up. Alex leaves a message that he and Tracy need to talk. He's heading over to Tony's now, but he'll try her again later. Tracy, talking to herself again, says that she's been thinking of marrying Gino and then killing him. Whatever she does, though, she has to keep Dillon safe. The phone rings again, this time Tracy races to pick it up when she hears that Mr. Cookson, the headmaster of Oldbrook(?) Boys Academy is on the line. She knows that there's a long waiting list for his school, but she hopes to enroll Dillon there. Beth, overhearing the conversation, exclaims "you can't be serious. Miss Quartermaine, what do you think you're doing!"

*Beth doesn't want a sweet little boy like Dillon sent away to some "horrible institution". Tracy not the Wicked Witch of the West. It's a first class boarding school, at the moment she's only considering it, and she doesn't accept critiques from servants in her employ. It's because of Mr. Soleito that you're sending Dillon away, Beth accuses. What I do or don't do is none of your business, Tracy tells her angrily. She hired Beth to look after Dillon and that's it. Beth doesn't think she can face it, Tracy telling that poor little boy he's being sent away to school. Tracy tries to tell Beth that this isn't easy on her either. Beth doesn't listen and quits. "You're an evil woman, Miss Quartermaine. May God have mercy on your soul", Beth tells her before storming back upstairs. Tracy, sitting at the table, looks very upset.

*Tracy and Dillon enter the apartment, Tracy picked Dillon up at school. Dillon runs in calling Beth's name, but she's not there. Tracy gets a hug from Dillon, then sits down on the couch with him, she has to tell him something. Tracy tells him that she's always there for him, even when he can't see her, no matter how far apart they are or where he might be. She loves him very much. "I love you too", Dillon tells her, giving her a big hug.

Location: Tony and Danny's apartment

*Alex is trying to call Tracy again, but the line is busy(see above). Tony comes in, still jogging. He grabs a drink of water, tries to catch his breath and tells Alex that Carla didn't sign the annulment papers. In fact, Carla's pregnant and she's claiming that Tony is the father.

*Alex wonders if anyone else knows about this. No, only Carla. "Oh God, she's got great timing", Alex says. Alex asks Tony if it's true he only went to bed with Carla one time. Tony confirms that it was only once, when he got drunk a few weeks ago. "And she already knows that she's pregnant?", Alex questions.(Alex must watch AMC, where it took DR. Santos nearly 5 MONTHS to figure out she was pregnant:-) Alex can't believe that Tony's buying Carla's story on the basis of one supposed home pregnancy test. (Me either!) Tony says that Carla was very convincing, she was even crying when she left. What would Carla have to gain by pretending to be pregnant, Tony asks?(I love him, but boy is he dense lately). Carla gets what she wants, the two of you stay married, Alex explains patiently. Tony says Carla's feelings were nothing but a schoolgirl crush. Alex points out that Carla is all grown up now and her feelings may have grown up with her. It doesn't make any sense, Tony insists, Carla knows how much in love with Ally he is, he's explained it all to Carla before. Does Alex think Carla's really setting him up? "Think about it"(please!), Alex says. First Carla says she made love to Tony, which Tony doesn't even remember, and in that one night Carla claims she became pregnant. But she tells Tony she's pregnant just when she's about to sign the annulment papers. "That part's convenient", Tony finally agrees. "Do you think she's making the whole thing up?", Tony asks Alex.

*Tony explains he didn't tell Ally the part about Carla being pregnant, only that she wouldn't sign the annulment papers. Tony had to make sure this pregnancy was real before he told her. Does Alex think this will ruin his relationship with Ally, ruin his entire life? It depends on how Tony handles it, Alex replies. Tony feels he has to tell Ally, get it out in the open. After that, it's up to her. If Alex were in Tony's place, he wouldn't take Carla's word on anything. Tony needs to get proof from a reputable doctor and make sure he's the father of the kid. Tony's got to be very careful with Carla, she certainly wouldn't be upset if Tony's relationship with Ally is ruined.

Location: Gen-X office

*Ally is sitting working at a desk. Danny starts to walk over toward her, but the phone rings and he goes to answer it. It's Carla, asking if he's free to talk. Not really, he replies, does Carla need something? Yes, she called to remind Danny to be there for Ally, to be charming. Ally's going to need a friend since she knows Carla didn't sign the annulment papers. Carla hangs up and is told that Gino is there(at Carla's office) to see her. Danny walks back over to Ally and gives her a suggestion about the pictures she's cropping. Then he tells her about this friend of his who's interested in renting part of the office space for a gym. "That's nice", she replies, not really paying any attention to Danny. He thought maybe that Ally could talk to the other owners of the building about the gym idea. A gym, what are you talking about, she asks, finally paying a little attention. Danny wants to know what's wrong with her, he can tell something is bothering her. He reminds her of the time after Molly was arrested when she made him talk to her up in his room. That helped him, now it's his turn to repay the favor. He pulls a chair over next to her and asks her to talk to him.

*Ally's telling Danny about Carla not signing the annulment paper because she still has strong feelings for Tony. Danny doesn't understand, why didn't Tony make her sign the papers anyway? Ally claims that Tony was surprised at the time, he had no idea Carla had such strong feeling for him. Danny doesn't believe that, he lived with the two of them.... "And what does that mean?", Ally asks. Nothing, Danny claims, he's sure Tony was so in love with Ally he didn't even notice Carla sending him signals the whole time they were living together. "If Tony didn't notice, he's either blind or...". "Or what, Danny!?", Ally demands.

*What kind of signals, Ally asks. Things like coming out of the bathroom in a nightgown and then pretending she thought no one was home, Danny explains. Danny assures her that Tony never responded to Carla, in fact, Danny should have kept his mouth shut and never brought the whole thing up. Danny tries to change the subject by talking about Ally's photos, but she tells him to stop it. He was trying to make a point, what was it, Ally asks. It just surprises Danny that Tony said he had no clue that Carla didn't want to give up this marriage. "Things don't go over his head, he usually picks up on these things", Ally claims. Ally just wishes they could have been prepared for Carla yesterday and those annulment papers could have been signed. Ally doesn't understand Carla, what good does it do to postpone the annulment, there's no way Carla will be able to hold onto Tony. Danny agrees with her and then changes the subject back to Ally's pictures. That's the second time Danny has changed the subject, Ally accuses, what isn't he telling her?

*He's already mouthed off about Carla enough. He swears that there is nothing else to tell. Ally thanks him for listening to her and letting her talk, it helped her. Danny walks over and gives her a hug.

Location: Carla's office

*Carla escorts Gino into her office. Gino's impressed, as always, with the size of her office. It's nice to know those college dollars went somewhere, he tells her. Where would the Soleito family be without their own personal financial advisor? Carla wonders why Gino came down there instead of just calling her back, is something wrong? No, it just sounded like what Carla had to tell him was important. Carla tells him that she and Tony didn't sign the annulment papers, she thinks they just might have a future together, a future without Ally in the picture.

*Gino doesn't believe it. Whenever he sees Tony all he talks about is Ally. Nothing would make Gino happier than to see Carla settled down with Tony, though. Carla says that if things work out with Tony, it's going to mean her leaving Gino alone at his house, and she hates to do that. Gino assures her that he may not be alone for long. Carla hopes he's not starting up with Tracy Quartermaine again. Gino silences her complaints about Tracy and tells her when there's any news, she'll be the first to know.

*Carla's on the phone with her lawyer, Michael. She hangs up and tells Gino that she's going to have a final meeting with him and all charges against her will be formally dropped. She's sure everything will be fine, she's not keeping anything from him, asks Gino. Everything will be fine, she assures him. The intercom buzzes, Tony's on the phone for Carla. Gino leaves to give her some privacy. Carla picks up the phone and Tony tells her he's decided what they need to do next. He doesn't want to discuss it over the phone and asks her to meet him at the City Bar tomorrow at 1:00. She agrees and they hang up. Tony tells Alex "it's" all set.

December 20th, 1996

Tony has Carla meet him at the City Bar. He wants Carla to go to a doctor of his choice for another pregnancy test. Carla tries to wiggle out of it, but Tony refuses to take no for an answer. Buck is worried about losing the bar when the building is auctioned off. Jacob recommends that they not depend on Tracy to save them. Tess returns to the City Bar with bags full of gifts for everyone and maxed out credit cards. She wants to make her last Christmas a happy one. Tracy calls to get a new nanny for Dillon, but tells them to forget it when she finds out how much it will cost. Alex visits Tracy at her penthouse, and she tells him she's thinking of marrying Gino and then killing him. After Alex warns her that it's not healthy for her to kill a mob boss, Tracy assures him she won't go through with it. Her only two options are to crawl back to her family or to marry Gino. Alex suggests that Tracy chooses neither, that she should stand on her own two feet for once.

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