The City Daily Recaps Archive (December 9th, 1996)
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December 9th, 1996
Written by Deborah Graham

Tracy laughs. She doesn't think that she heard him correctly. Maybe he should have led up to it a little slower, Gino says. But, he's direct. She needs some time, Tracy says. He knows that she doesn't love him. She says she has warm feelings for him. He says he knows. He's tired of being alone. He wants to spend whatever time he has left with someone he cares for. She is unlike anyone that he has ever known, Gino says. She believes that, Tracy says. She makes him laugh. Will she do him the favor of letting him take care of her and Dillon?

The doctor tells Tess that the mamogram shows a growth in her right breast. Tess says it can't be true! She checks herself every month. The doctor says that these things sometimes show up on the mamogram before they can be felt. Tess asks if she's saying Tess has cancer.

Ally (the new actress) comes in to Danny and Tony's apartment, helping Danny. She wonders what happened. Danny and Tony says they haven't played basketball in a while and they got a little intense. Ally goes off to get an elastic bandage and Danny wonders what Tony is going to do. Tell Ally the truth, Tony says. What? Danny asks, that he slept with Carla?

Tony says that he's not so sure that he did. Tony says Carla told him what she says they did, and as she said, she has no reason to lie. But, he doesn't remember. So, Tony agrees, maybe he has been taking it out on Ally and Tyler. Danny offers to stay away from Ally and Tyler until Tyler leaves. Tony says he doesn't have to do that. Maybe he did sleep with Carla, Tony says, but it'll never happen again. So, they'll forget it and everything will be okay. Unless, Danny says, someone tells Ally. She comes back in.

The doctor tells Tess she's not saying Tess has cancer. Tess says she's not saying that she *doesn't*, Tess says. The doctor tells Tess to be calm. She wants to do a sonogram so they know what they're up against. Tess spaces out as the doctor tells her to call the nurse to set up an appointment and to keep thinking positive thoughts.

Tracy tells Gino this is so sudden. He says that she's probably had bigger rings, but he was hoping she's be thrilled to wear it. Tracy says she'd be thrilled to serve dinner on it! He laughs and says see, she makes him laugh. Will she take it? Tracy says she can't.

Gino wants a reason. Marriage is a serious step, Tracy says. He's a serious man, Gino says, at least about this. Her last marriage was a disaster. She's not sure if she wants to head down there again. Gino says that he thought they could both get what they wanted. He would get someone to spend the rest of his life with, and she would get her finanical situation taken care of. He puts the ring back in the briefcase. Tracy wonders if they could come up with another arrangement. No, Gino says, kissing her on the cheek. He wants her not to settle for less than exactly what she wants. As he leaves, she calls after him to wait.

Ally asks if they killed each other while she was gone. Tony says no, he just got upset. Ally goes to wrap Danny's ankle. Danny tries to stop her. Ally says that she can never thank him enough for bringing Tyler over. But, maybe he should stop seeing so much of Tyler, so that Tony and Tyler can bond. Danny says he just mentioned doing that with Tony. Tony says he told Danny he didn't have to do that. Ally says, please. Danny agrees. Ally leaves. Tony thanks Danny for not saying anything to Ally. Well, like Carla, what would he have to gain? What *would* he have to gain, Tony asks. Tony leaves. Danny kicks the coffee table.

The doctor finishes up, and Tess is still spaced out. Tess says she was out there in the waiting room, waiting for the mamogram, she was going to get a breast reduction. Now, she's saying that they'll be reduced by 50%. The doctor says most nodules are not maligent. And if it is, there is a limpectomy procedure, which removes a lot less than a masectomy. The doctor tries to calm Tess down, who says that she just got a man in her life, and this reduction was suppose to be a new start on her life. Now, Tess says that the doctor is saying she has a lump. Women *die* from breast cancer, Tess says. The doctor says that they need to determine what the lump is. She tells Tess to make an appointment with her receptionist and get in here tomorrow for the test. Tess is stunned, and she walks mechanically out of the doctor's office.

Gino says he'd like a clean break. Tracy says she doesn't want a break at all. Tracy says she can't just throw a step-father at Dillon. Gino offers to take Dillon in the limo, to a couple of games. They get along well, Gino says. Tracy says then there is her father. Gino wants to talk to him. Tracy laughs. There is her whole family in Port Charles. Gino says he loves Carla, but he always wanted a son. Gino asks if it's the other man. What other man? Tracy asks. The one that sent the necklace, Gino says. Oh, yes, Tracy says. It is.

Tess leaves the doctor and she sees the Christmas Santa ringing the bell. A couple comes along and give Santa some money. Tess goes through the revolving door. She looks inside again and then walks off.

Tony remembers waking up with Carla next to him. Oh no, Tony says. Oh my head, Carla says. Looks that way, Tony says. Tony, she asks, what happened? Ally comes over and hugs Tony. She's sorry about Tyler. Tony tells her to stop appologizing. Something's wrong. What's up? Ally asks. Nothing, Tony says. Slamming Danny against the fence was nothing? Ally asks. Tony says it was a man thing. Ally says okay, she knows he'd never lie to her.

Danny is calling Carla. He tells her that her whole plan may be falling apart. Tony may tell Ally all about it. So, what's the problem? Carla says. He'll explain it in person. Well, she's busy now; can they meet tomorrow night? Make it the morning, Danny says and make sure they won't be disturbed.

Gino wants to know about this other man. It's complicated, Tracy says. Does she love him? It's complicated. She needs to talk to him before she can give Gino an answer. Gino says okay, he can wait a little while. Gino goes to leave. He turns and tells her that they could be great together. He leaves. Outside, while waiting for the elevator, Gino calls someone and says Tracy is seeing someone, find out who it is; fast!

December 10th, 1996
Written by Deborah Graham

Out on the street, Buck throws a backpack over his shoulder and heads for a work out. (ed. note: *finally*, is this the place in SoHo that one of the mailing list people goes to? It was such a short bit, hardly worth showing.)

Meanwhile, in her place, Tess is in a bathrobe, and she remembers the conversation with the doctor about the lump. The doctor tells her not to assume the worst. Tess picks up the phone and calls the doctor's office. Someone's at the door. Tess hangs up withoyut making the appointment. It's Buck. He kisses her. What happened to dinner last night? he asks. Didn't he get her message? Yeah, Buck says that she said she needed some time to do some thinking. Is everything all right? he asks. Yeah, she sighs. What's wrong? Buck asks.

Ally pours brownie batter into a pan. Tyler is sitting with her. Who is he going to share these brownies with? Ally asks her son. Tyler says Dillon. That will be good, Ally says. Who else? Danny, Tyler says. Ally says Danny hurt his ankle, he might not be over today. What about Tony? Ally suggests. Tyler says that he'll share with Uncle Alex. Well, Ally tries, Uncle Alex likes Tony. Tyler says you want me to like Tony?

At the detective agency, Alex yells to Tony that Danny knows about Tony and Carla? Who else know about this? Alex asks. Just you, Danny, and Gino, Tony says. This is bad, Alex says, this is very bad.

In Carla's office, Carla asks Danny if he really thinks Tony is going to tell Ally? This is great, Carla says. Think about it, Danny says. He adds, that this is eating Tony up inside, what's he going to do? Confess, she sighs. Danny suggests she has to tell Ally she slept with Tony before he can.

Tess says she needed some time to think. So, she's thought about it, Buck says. She hasn't thought about much else, Tess says. So, how did it go at the doctor's office? She offers to get him some juice. He says after she tells him about the doctor's office. He doesn't agree with her choice, Buck says, but he cares about her, and if this is what she wants, he'll support her. No, this is *not* what she wants, Tess says. She does *not* want the plastic surgery.

Alex says Tony has to tell Ally, before someone else in New York does.

Carla says why should she tell Ally? Why does Danny think Ally would beleive her? Ally wants a second opinion when Carla gives her the time of day. Danny says that Tony will tell her, and then he'll use those little puppy dog eyes and she'll forgive him. Carla says Ally has such little self-esteem that she'd take him back after that? In a heartbeat, Danny says. So, Danny adds, Carla has to tell Ally before Tony does.

Buck says so she's serious? No operation, no plastic surgery, Tess says. She wants to know what he'd do if something drastic happened. No one would probably notice, Tess says. He would, Buck says, he knows and loves every part of her. That scab on her knee, that birthmark. That's why, Buck adds, when she wanted the surgery, he was worried. It was selfish, he says; he knows that. But, if she had that surgery, he concludes, he wouldn't love her any less. And God knows, he couldn't love her any more. He loves her, Tess says, that's good, because she has something to tell him.

Ally tells Tyler that sometimes don't Steffy and Cooper like to spend time alone? Tyler says sure; they're married. Ally says that when people are in love, they want to spend a lot of time together. Tyler asks if she's going to marry Tony. She hopes so. She wants to be a real family, with him and Tony and Uncle Alex

Connie! Carla says. Who? Danny asks. Her cousin, Tony's sister. She's got a big mouth. If she tells Connie, it will get back to Ally. that's great, danny says. She's in Florida, Carla says, she'll be back next week. Too late, Danny says. He wants to know if she's signed the annulment papers. Later this week, she says. They have until then, Danny says. They try to find a way to tell Ally. Danny suggests that he tell Jocelyn how sorry he is that Tony was cheating on Ally with Carla. Carla makes fun of Danny's idea - it requires that Ally walk in at the exact right time, they'd have to synchronize their walkie talkies. Carla has a 2pm meeting, her aide says. Danny tells her to cancel it!

Alex tells Tony he has to tell Ally before someone else does. Tony says how do you find the right time and place to tell someone that? Alex asks when he signs the annulment papers? Friday. Okay, Alex suggests, Friday morning, Tony signs the papers, then says goodbye to Mrs. Solieto, and then takes that ring he's had for months now, and take Ally somewhere quiet. That's all fine and good, Tony says, but *how* do you tell someone that?

Why is it, Tony says, when you think you have the world by the tail...Something bites you in the butt? Alex adds. Alex admires the ring. Tony says he can't lose her. Tony needs to take a walk. Alex tells him he's doing the right thing. Tony says he wishes it felt like the right thing.

Tess says she knows she hasn't been the easiest person to be around. Buck tries to interrupt, but Tess tells him to let her continue. She hasn't known real, deep-down joy. She never had that until she met him. No one has ever touched her like he does, no one has effected her like he does. She doesn't know what she'd do if that went away. Nothing is going to take that away, Buck says. Tess says good. She just hopes she doesn't screw that up like everything else in her life. She's going to live her life like every day is her last. Buck says good. Tess says no more talk about plastic surgery. No more doctors? Buck asks. No more, Tess says. Buck offers her a meal at the bar. She wants to change. Not for him, he offers. Buck leaves. Tess takes the doctor's card, and heads for the full-length mirror. She looks in the mirror and then rips up the card. You're right, Tess says. No more doctors.

Ally takes the brownies out of the oven. Tyler can have one, Ally says, when they cool. Alex comes in. He's there to get some more boxes for Jocelyn...oh, brownies, he says. Tyler says he made them. Then he'll have to have two, Alex says. After they cool, Ally warns. After they cool, Alex agrees. Tyler says they're going to go see Santa. Up at the North Pole? Alex asks. No, Macy's, Ally says. With Tony, Tyler adds. Ally says she's lucky, in a couple of days, Tony will be single and she'll be the happiest girl in the world. Alex doesn't look so sure.

Danny and Carla try to figure out what they will do now. Carla blames Danny, and takes all the credit for the things that went well. Danny says she needs to share some of the blame. They try to decide what plan B is when they don't have an alternative plan. Carla looks up and Danny turns around. Tony is at the door.

December 11th, 1996
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Alex is carting boxes up for Jocelyn. They discuss Sandy being in boarding school and how Alex wishes he was there. Joc is worried about Danny, but Alex assures her he's doing fine.

Carla and Danny are discussing letting Tony and Ally fall apart. Carla remarks on the old divide and conquer ploy. Just then Tony walks in and asks who they are discussing. They cover by saying that they are discussing Gen X magazine and the competition. Tony is somewhat skeptical. Danny thanks Carla for the advice. As Danny walks out, Tony comments on how his ankle seems to be better. He then tells Carla that he+s going to confess to Ally about their night together. Tony is mad that she told Danny, she denies that she did. He tells her that it will all be over soon - they are signing the papers on Friday. She is not pleased. She admits that she always had wanted to be with him. He says those magic words everyone wants to hear from someone they love - "You're a special person and someday you'll meet someone who'll treat you like you deserve." He leaves and she sits down, near tears, then half smiling (you could just see the wheels turning in her devious head).

Danny gets back to the office and meets Joc. She asks him if he wants to go to lunch. He+s busy looking at some negatives and says "Not now, Ally, I+m busy." He claims the slip was due to the fact that she took the pictures that he+s looking at. She doesn+t buy it and tells him she knows that he wants her - Danny denies it at first, then admits it. She tells him that there+s no chance, but he says he won+t give up. She asks him to do it for her. He seems to give in, but I was not as convinced as Jocelyn. She goes to answer the phone and he says to himself "time to take care of business."

Gino wants Vito to find out about the other guy that Tracy is seeing and steps taken to insure that Tracy will become his bride. Later, Vito tells him he can't find the guy, but Gino says he has everything he needs in the file on Tracy.

Jacob runs into Tracy and asks how things are going, and why didn+t she call him like she was supposed to. She tells him about the marriage proposal. They go to the bar to talk. She tells him she will never really marry Gino, and Jacob worries about the ethics of using Gino. Alex joins them. Jacob urges Tracy to tell Alex the news, but she ducks the subject, saying Jacob is just kidding. Jacob leaves and Alex reminds her of paying the taxes on the building. She asks him if he had ever known her to fail at anything - he does - she fails at telling the truth. She is amused and reminds him of their passionate past. They talk about her breaking a vase over his head. She says she cut her hand when she did it and he takes her hand, inspecting it for scars. Just then Gino walks in the door and catches sight of them. Alex leaves and Gino comes up. He asks if the mystery man is Alex. She looks stunned and asks how he knew. (Cliffhanger)

December 12th, 1996
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Angie and Jacob's apartment

*Tess is sitting on the couch staring at the phone, remembering the doctor telling her that her mammogram showed a growth in her right breast. The phone rings, it's Angie(We don't get to see or hear her). Angie's curious why Tess was calling her, is anything wrong? No, Tess tells her, she just missed Angie. Angie asks how Buck is and Tess asks how the fertility tests are going. They end their conversation with Tess assuring her that everything is fine, she just misses Angie. Buck knocks on the door. When Tess answers it, Buck give her a wrist corsage of flowers to wear when she's performing at the bar later tonight. Buck says he knows it's kind of corny as he puts the flowers on her wrist. Tess assures him it's not corny, thanks him and gives him a big hug.

*Buck wonders what he did to deserve such a big hug. Tess is just happy, that's all. Well, if Buck knew he was going to get such a response, he would have brought her a dozen roses, he tells her. It's not the flowers, it's him, buying her a gift for no reason. Just looking at her or hearing her sing is reason enough, plus he's glad she gave up the surgery idea. She doesn't want to talk about it, she says, walking away from him. Buck tries to get close to Tess on the couch, but she pulls away, claiming she has to go sing soon. Buck wants to make love in Angie and Jacob's apartment, but Tess thinks it's not a good idea, Jacob might come home. Buck reminds her that Jacob and Lorraine are taking Nick out for his first night out. Buck takes her by the hand and leads her toward the stairs, "Trust me", he reassures her.

*Buck's lying on the bed in his pants and cowboy boots. Tess joins him, saying that she should be singing right now. Buck takes his boots off and they start kissing. Suddenly, Tess turns her head to the side, then sits up on the edge of the bed. Buck moves over next to her and asks what is wrong. Tess is distracted, she's got a lot on her mind. Tess says she's got a problem that could be serious. Just when you think she's going to tell him about the doctor's visit, she claims the problem is the songs she picked for tonight, she's not sure that they're right for this crowd. Buck assures her that her songs are always a big hit. She's probably worrying over nothing, she agrees. Did you notice that when you worry so much about something, when you look back it often wasn't worth worrying about. Buck quotes Mark Twain, "I've known a great many troubles, most of them never happened." Tess agrees with Mark Twain, why worry when there's so many other things they could be doing. She starts kissing Buck, "It'll help me forget". Forget what, Buck asks, but Tess says it's nothing and they lie back on the bed. A few seconds later, Tess sits up again, apologizing. Buck pleads with her to tell him what is wrong.

*Tess explains that she thinks she's in the same mood she was in the night she first snuck into his bedroom, when she was scared about what was going on in the building. They didn't make love, he just held her. Buck suggests that they let Eric handle the bar tonight and he'll just stay there and hold her. Tess lays down and Buck puts his arm around her. "I love you so much", she tells him. "I love you, too", Buck replies.

Location: Tony and Danny's apartment

Alex is sorting through a box of files when Tony comes in. He asks Tony what he decided. "I told Carla", Tony tells him. Alex doesn't understand, what did Tony tell Carla? He told Carla that he's going to tell Ally what happened the other night as soon as Carla signs the annulment papers. She was pretty upset, but she did agree to sign the annulment papers. Alex thinks that sounds like good news. Tony's not really worried about Carla, what he's really worried about is that he has to spend some quality time with Ally and Tyler tonight. Every time he sees Ally he dies inside. Alex jokingly suggests he die outside in the hallway. Tony wishes he could just tell Ally tonight and get it over with. Well, then tell Ally tonight, Alex says. "Are you crazy", Tony asks, he'll wait until the papers are signed. Then don't tell Ally right now, Alex agrees. Tony thinks this whole thing stinks. Alex reminds him that he and Joc will be taking Tyler out, that way Tony will have plenty of time to talk to Ally alone. For tonight with Tyler, Alex suggests that Tony just be himself and not talk down to Tyler. There's a knock on the door, it's Ally and Tyler. (Laura Wright's back. Yeah!)

*Alex is sitting with Tyler on his lap. Tyler agrees to go to the movies with Alex and Jocelyn. Alex leaves to go help Jocelyn unpack for her new office downstairs. Tony asks Alex to check with Jocelyn to make sure she'll have the annulment papers ready for Friday. Alex tells him to relax and walks out the door. Ally's excited, this annulment's really going to happen. Tony slam dunks the basketball and Tyler reminds him that you're not supposed to play ball in the house. Tony asks Tyler if he would like to play. Tony shows him how to dribble and throws him the ball. Tyler dribbles the ball(he's not ready for the NBA yet, but he's not too bad for a 5-year old). Tyler shoots and almost makes it, it bounces off the rim.

*Tyler, sitting on Tony's shoulders, shoots and makes a basket. Tyler wants to play more, but Ally 'the referee' declares a break time. Tony lets Tyler down and Tyler goes over and whispers in Ally's ear. Ally points out where the bathroom is. Ally's so happy that Tony and Tyler are getting along well she gives Tony a big hug. She tells Tony he was right, she should have told Tyler about herself and Tony a long time ago. Tony suggests that after the annulment tomorrow they take some time to have a talk. Ally thinks that once the annulment paper are signed, everything will be perfect. Tony will be free of Carla and he's getting along well with Tyler. Ally kisses him, "this is going to be the best Christmas of my life".(#1 soap opera rule, NEVER say out loud you've never been happier, disaster is sure to follow) Ally says that she talked to Tyler about the three of them becoming a family. Tony "hopes so". Why does he only 'hope' so, Ally wants to know what is wrong.

*Nothing's wrong, he just wants the rest of their life to be like tonight, just the three of them. All this talk about the future makes him anxious when he's still got Carla to deal with. Everything's going to fine, Ally assures him, after tomorrow night the nightmare will be over. Tyler runs back out and points to the hammock and asks what it is. Ally tells him you can take naps on it. Tyler wants to take a nap, which is apparently a first for him, and Ally suggests they all take a nap. All three of them pile on and Tyler starts giggling. Ally thinks this is great, and tomorrow will be just as wonderful.

Location: City Bar

Gino and Tracy are sitting at one of the tables. Tracy's telling Gino that the other man in her life is....Alex Masters. How big a rival is he, Gino asks, he needs to know. Tracy admits that she knew Alex years ago, he did some undercover work for her father. Alex and Tracy were close for a while, but then drifted apart. They exchanged phone calls, Tracy claims, but they never met again face-to-face until she met him here in NY a few weeks ago. Tracy's not sure what she feels for Alex, but Alex began persuing her right away. (In her dreams, maybe:-) Tracy did nothing to encourage him, but Alex asked her to marry him.

*Gino's seen Alex around, he's tall, good-looking and younger than Gino, but Alex can't give Tracy what she wants, Gino tells her. Gino can give Tracy anything she's ever dreamed off, get rid of Alex. It's not that easy, Tracy explains. Her father adores Alex and if Tracy were to marry him, she would be able to reconcile with her family without having to crawl. Tracy claims that her father has made it perfectly clear that he wants Alex as a son-in-law. Tracy doesn't usually blindly follow her father's wishes, but in this case it would solve her financial problems and secure her son's future. Gino doesn't want to complicate Tracy's life. From what she just told him, he thinks the best thing he could do for her is just bow out of her life. This way her problems are solved, Gino's happy for her.

*Tracy tells Gino he doesn't understand, Alex may love Tracy, but Tracy doesn't love him. She's fond of Alex and he's a nice man, but that's all. Tracy can't even imagining rekindling what they used to have. If she weren't in such trouble with the taxes, she would be free to make her own choice. Even with all the problems, she's still tempted to follow her heart. Gino tells her to forget about the taxes and what her father wants, Tracy should follow her "inner urges". Tracy, pretending to sob, says that she wants to follow her inner urges, she's just so confused right now. She knows that Gino could give her everything she wants in life, and if it weren't for my father, the taxes, and all the complications...., Tracy says, crying. Recovering remarkably quickly, Tracy looks up at Gino and tells him she knows she wants Gino to be part of her life, forever.

*Tracy, drying her eyes, apologizes for her "unseemly behavior" and says there must be some way to work everything out. Gino tells Tracy to keep that thought in mind. He gets up, grabs his coat and kisses Tracy on the cheek, he doesn't want her to worry about anything. Gino leaves and Tracy orders a glass of the City Bar's finest champagne. "I've earned it", she says and gives a big 'Tracy laugh'.

Location: Jocelyn's new office

*Alex, downstairs in Joc's new office(Tess's old agency) answers the phone. It's Jocelyn. Alex teases her that she's staying away until he gets all the boxes unpacked. He tells her she can thank him at their place in an hour.

*Someone's pounding on the door and Alex runs to open it. Gino storms in and tells Alex that he has a problem. Alex doesn't understand. Gino tells him not to play dumb, Gino knows that they're both in love with the same lady. "What!?", Alex says, confused, "What's going on here?" Gino will tell him what's going on. It's Gino 'she' cares about, not Alex. "If the worst case scenerio happens and she chooses you, I'm warning you, if you ever, ever make her unhappy, if you even make her frown, I'll kill you personally", Gino threatens and walks out. "What the hell just happened here?", Alex asks.

December 13th, 1996
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

Storyline: Gino/Tracy

Tracey gets a call from the assessor's office who wants to make an appointment to assess the building for auction. She tells him not to bother, it's not going to auction.

Alex tells Tony about what happened with Gino and Alex realizes that he was talking about Tracy Quartermaine. He goes upstairs and asks her what is going on with her and Gino. She plays it off, but he presses her for an answer. He also wants to know why Gino thinks they are involved.

Tracy admits that Gino did some checking up on her and found out about their affair. Alex points out that it was a very brief affair and why would he think that it was still going on? She says they are both in Soho, "two and two makes six?" He asks why Gino is doing some checking up on her. He checks up on people all the time. Tracy guarantees Alex that Gino isn't going to hurt him. Alex wants to know why she is involved with a mobster. She doesn't want to say, but he goes to call Gino to find out and she tells him to hang up the phone. She'll tell him.

Tracy says it's all his fault for getting her to pay the backtaxes on the building. Why did she involve Gino? He meant for her to do it. Why did he think they were involved? Tracy says because she told him that her father was pushing them to get married, even though she doesn't want to.

Storyline: Ally/Tony/Carla

Ally asks Tess to borrow her earrings for special night with Tony. What's the occasion? Ally reminds her about the annulment and Tess congratulates her, saying that she is shocked that Carla is giving up so easily. She asks what Ally is going to wear. A cocktail dress that is a little short of everything, but she won't fill it out like Tess would. They return to talking about Carla.

Tony says it's about time as someone enters. He's disappointed that it is Alex, and not Carla. Tony tells him about spending time with Tyler. He read him a bedtime story: The Cat in the Hat. Tony's favorite. They felt like a real family and Tony liked that. Once the papers are signed, Tony will be a free man, maybe permanently. What is he going to tell Ally? He loves her, but he slept with Carla? Alex suggests he try the truth, that he was drunk and doesn't remember anything. They start talking about Gino and then Alex storms out saying he has to kill somebody.

Carla steps into the hallway and adjusts her make-up, making herself look slightly better than hell on earth. She takes off her earrings and puts on her sad face, pushing the elevator button. She smiles with satisfac- tion as she waits. Ready or not, here she comes. She bets he's not.

Tess remembers that Carla used to have a crush on Tony. Ally says she had better get over it. Tess says not to mess with Ally's man. Ally agrees. Tess says it's nice to see the good guys win one for a change. Ally says all her dreams are finally coming true. Tess says that must be really nice. They talk about family and whether or not Tess and Buck might one day have one. Ally thinks Buck would make a great father, doesn't she? Tess tells her not to push it, then apologizes for snapping at her. She asks about the evening again.

Carla comes in and says she's sorry she's late. She's cold. Tony offers her some coffee, but she says she could use some tea if it's not too much trouble. He goes to get it.

Carla takes a sip of the tea and Tony worries that she isn't feeling well he tells her she looks kind of pale. She says it's just really cold outside. She'll be fine. She says they should get this overwith. It can't be too hard. Tony says it shoudl be a piece of cake. Tony says it's not like they'll never see each other again, they're still cousins. She looks them over and asks where she signs. She is about to, then says she can't.

Tess loans Ally the earrings. Ally says if something should happen and she loses one... Tess finishes, "give the other one to Zoey and she can wear it in her nose." Tonight is important, and so are the earrings. Tess almost forgot. She runs to the refrigerator and pulls out a bottle of champagne. Ally can't take it, but Tess insists. What are friends for? Tess wants a full report. Ally guarantees it. She leaves. The phone rings. It's the doctor's office. The doctor was a little concerned after the visit. She doesn't want to frighten her but it is imperative that she doesn't delay getting a sonogram. Tess says she made an appointment. Tess thanks her for calling. The doctor reminds her of the circumstances if left untreated if it dangerous.

Ally goes into her bedroom and bounces in front of the mirror, holding the dress up to her sweater.

Tony says she promised that she wouldn't cause trouble. The last thing Carla wants to do is cause trouble, but Tony has a right to know. She flounders back and forth and puts on a great blubbering show before blurting out that she's pregnant. (Who couldn't see that coming?)

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