The City Daily Recaps Archive (February 10th, 1997)
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February 10th, 1997
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Tony meets Ally and Tyler coming off of the elevator. He walks them home. Ty is happy to see Tony and wants to know when they can play basketball. Ally sends him off to get in his pajamas. Tony makes polite chitchat until Ally asks about Carla. He tells her she's doing well, but will be staying with him for a while. Still not remembering that she carried another man's baby while she was in love with Casey, she tells him that Carla is permanent. Tony tells her that Danny has moved out, she wonders why, then guesses it's because of her. He gives her the non-news that Danny likes her. She's insulted that he thinks she's to blind to notice that and that he seems to think that she would return the feelings. Getting angrier, she tells him that she loves him and jumping into bed after something like drinking too much is his way, not hers. In typical soap fashion, the anger leads to a kiss. She stops and says that it's wrong. He protests and she says there's something he has to know.... (Cliffhanger)

Tess tells Buck about the lump. He's very concerned but upset that she didn't tell him sooner. She tells him that she's scared and also didn't want to spoil his happiness. She tells him that she could lose a breast and even worse if the cancer has spread. He semi-convinces her to be optimistic. To his dismay, she says she that though she loves him, she won't marry him if the tumor is malignant. They emotionally argue, Tess thinks without her good body he won't find her attractive and he tries to convince her that isn't true. He tells her that working through problems is what loving someone is all about.

Tracy is gloating to herself about Carla's non-pregnancy when Gino arrives. For once, she seems actually happy to see him. She apologizes again for lying about her family. In a bit of Quartermaine-like logic, he explains that if you are doing it to spare someone's feelings it's called caring, not lying. He's happy about the toasts made by Tracy and Carla, Tracy says that they understand each other better now. They discuss living arrangements post-wedding. He figures the penthouse during the week and Brooklyn on weekends. He's excited about his grandchild being just downstairs from them. He tells her that any baby of Carla's would be important, but Tony being the father (Soleito Blood) makes it even better. She tells him that she doesn't want him to be disappointed if something happened to the baby, referring to the miscarriage scare. He tells her that nothing will happen. He tells her that he went to pay the building taxes and someone had beat him to it. He thinks it was her, but she reminds him that she's broke. They both look confused.

Danny arrives at Tony's with a test kit for Carla. They anxiously await the results. Carla talks about being a mother and Danny mentions that he might be a father. She makes him promise that if it is positive, then the night at the Plaza never happened. The timer goes off and they check the results - they're positive! Carla smiles at first, then looks a little apprehensive.

February 11th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

In Buck's apartment, Tess says this is the best thing, it really is. Buck says wait, you love me so much you're not sure we can ever be married? Tess explainsthat he proposed to her before he knew the truth. He knows now, Buck says. Tess says but he could have had a chance to think about... about if he wants to marry her. This thing she is going through, Buck says,it doesn't change...he wants her to be his wife, for better or worse. They hug.

In Tony's apartment, "We did it!" Danny says, kissing Carla on the forehead. Is she sure it worked? Yeah, she's sure. She's going to have a baby, Carla adds. Carla goes to put the stuff away before Tony gets back. Unless, she says, he wants to keep it for a souvenir or something. No, Danny says. He's staring at her, Carla says, what is it? He doesn't know, there she is...standing there...and she's carrying his baby. THIS IS NOT HIS BABY, THIS IS TONY'S BABY!

In Ally's apartment, Tony asks Ally what she has to tell him? She did a lot of thinking about them and their future. So did he, Tony interrupts. Ally tells him to listen to her! Tony continues (ed. note: sorry for the interruption, but he was really pushy here and did not listen to Ally. She wanted to tell him something, and he wouldn't listen), saying how while he was kissing her, he realized that they belong together. STOP! Ally tells him she's moving away.

You're leaving? Tony finally hears what Ally is saying. Not for another month, Ally says. Why? Tony asks. Does she *really* have to answer that question? It's because of Carla? Tony asks. Seeing him is like a knife going through her heart, Ally says. She can't live like that...she won't! He understands, Tony says. They'll find another place for her. He *doesn't* understand, Ally says. She's leaving the city. She going to spend some time with her mother in Buffalo. Then she and Tyler will get another place somewhere. They love each other, Tony says. That's *why* she is leaving. She can't deal with this. He thinks she's running away.

Danny says Tony is the father, that is our story and we're sticking to it. But, Danny asks, what about the lady upstairs? Carla says seems the doctor has left town. But Tracy has his papers, Danny says. It's just paper, written by someone with a cronic problem with the ponies, Carla says. Her father wants this to be Tony's baby so badly that he'll believe this *is* Tony's baby. Danny tells her that she needs to get another doctor. Carla tells him that he's getting fatherly on her, and she doesn't like it. Danny says that this is his kid. She thanks him for his small part in this, but his part is now OVER.

Tess is crying. Buck says he's not some teenager who thinks that marriage means happily ever after. She's not giving him too much credit if she thinks he's walking out on her now. Think of them, Tess says, and all the crazy things they've done. Her especially. Buck adds that he was right there with her. Why should now be any different? Buck asks. It's different's different because she could *die*.

Buck doesn't want to hear any more talk about her dying. Women do die from breast cancer, Tess says. They don't even know if she *has* cancer. Buck says he likes that she takes life by the horns and never gives up. She's not. He won't let her, he'll be by her side, morning, noon, and night, and he'll keep telling her. She loves him, she loves him so much. But she doesn't want to be a burden to him. Too late, Buck says, she's his. It's just a ceremony, Tess begs, why is it so important to him? He wants to tell the whole world that he has made a committment. She is very sick, Tess says. She has no insurance, this could cost him *everything*. They'll handle it. She says he says that now, but this could end up costing him too much and he'll resent her. She couldn't stand that, she'd rather die.

Carla is on the phone, she needs those by tomorrow. Danny remembers making love to Carla. She hangs up. Carla reminds him that he needs to pack before Tony gets home. He says give him a break - this has not been a normal day for him. He feels strange. Doesn't she? Not in the least, she says. Remember why they did it, she adds. So he could go after Ally and she and Tony could live happily ever after, Danny says. Carla reminds him that he told her that Ally was the love of his life, that she was the only one that understood him. Doesn't he want Ally anymore?

Ally tells Tony that she needs to get away from him. A couple of weeks ago, Tony reminds her, he said that the only way that she could drive him out of her life is if she could say the 5 little words, 'I don't love you anymore'. Can she say them? Ally says he should go. He is torn between Carla and the baby and her, she says. Maybe someday he will learn to love Carla. Never, Tony says. He will always love her. She loves him, too. But, she can't continue like this. She's sorry.

Buck says she hasn't listened to anything he's said. He'd never hate her. He'd sell everything he owns - he'd rob a bank to make her well. He's a very stubborn man, Tess says. Another thing, Buck says, he is going to be by her side tomorrow when she talks to the doctor. He'll be her shadow. Everywhere she goes, he'll be by her side. Okay, she says, he wins. So, Buck asks, they'll go ahead with the wedding plans? If that is what he really wants, Tess says. They hug.

Ally wants a favor from Tony. Anything, he says. She's not leaving for a while, she starts. She wants them to keep their distance. Unless it's unavoidable, they shouldn't see each other anymore. Oh, Allllll, Tony says. Goodbye, Tony, she says. Ally turns her back on him. Tony leaves, and cries on the stairs. Inside, Ally whispers "Goodby Tony".

Danny agrees he still wants Ally, but he wants Carla to admit this baby is not a "biological experiement". Carla says it was a little more than that - but she can't get carried away. Her father expects this to be Tony's baby, and he'd be really disappointed if it wasn't. Danny asks if that's a threat. No, just the truth. Tony comes in. He says Carla was supposed to take a nap. She did. She feels better now. She felt bad before, but that was okay, cause she was thinking about their wonderful baby. She takes Tony's hands as she says this. Danny says that's his cue to leave. Carla says there are a lot of mid-winter sales on baby clothes. Does he want to go with her. Sure Carla, Tony sighs.

"Unbreak My Heart" plays as we see Ally, standing at the window. Tyler comes over and she picks him up. Cut to Tony, in his apartment, sitting on the couch, staring at the ceiling. Carla comes over with the store flyers for the sales. Cut to Danny, nowhere specific.

February 12th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

Tracy is talking on the phone to Isabelle. Tracy says this will be like her 20th wedding, she does not want to wear white. No, not black..not yet. Something in a sweet silk suit. She needs it right away. No, not that reason! Let's just say her fianance is dying to marry her. She hangs up when the doorbell rings. It's Zoey. What's the deal? Zoey asks. Are they shopping for rice and shoes today? Nope, Tracy says, both are in stock. Tracy has some news that might chase her blues away. The taxes have been paid on this building, Tracy says. A wedding present from the big guy? No, not Gino, Tracy says. Tracy wonders if Zoey is pining over Sydney's little wombat. His name is Richard, Zoey says, and she wishes she had never meet that little wombat.

In his apartment, Nick is on the phone, Richard comes in. Nick hasn't heard from Loraine. Does he thinks she's drinking again? Richard asks. Nick hopes not, but the way she looked yesterday, he's worried about her.

Meanwhile, Loraine is looking over a drink menu when the waiter comes up and suggests a magrarita. Loraine declines. He wonders if he can tempt her. Yes, she says, but she wants coffee. Irish? the waiter asks. No, Loraine says, straight, no chaser. Okay, the waiter says.

Angie comes down to the bar. Tess and Buck comes in. Angie asks how it went. Tess says it went, She was in, she was checked, she was out. Angie's beeper goes off. Jacob asks what's next. Tess says she goes into the hospital this afternoon, she has her biopsy tomorrow and then the moment of truth.

Tracy says Richard's charms elude her, she doesn't know what Zoey sees in him. Zoey wonders how to get him back into her life. Tracy says she is not Zoey's Fairy Godmother. The hair? Zoey wonders, does she need to do something with her hair? Tracy laughs, of course. Think normal, Tracy suggests. She's never been normal. She left the convent and the uniforms right to the street and thrift shops. She skipped the "normal". Tracy finally agrees to help, but she doesn't know if she can make a silk purse out of those ears.

Nick and Ricahrd are talking about Loraine. Richard says that if she is in a bar, there is nothing Nick can do about it. Richard has more faith in Loraine, it seems. Richard invites Nick to breakfast. Nick says no thanks, but he just made some coffee. Nick is impressed that Richard wants to spend time with Dad than with his suit-friends. Richard mentions that he promised Sydney to change some thing about the company. He wants to add day care and to start treating the employees like humans instead of just numbers. Nick is impressed. Richard was hoping Zoey would be, too. They talk about why Richard didn't call Zoey more often while he was in Australia. Richard says when he did call, she would always ask if he had found himself yet and when he was coming back. Nick says every day that he didn't call she got more worried and madder. Then he comes back a changed man, with a beautiful woman on his arm. What was Zoey supposed to think? Richard wants to know how to get her back. Nick wonders if he is asking for fatherly advice?

Tess asks Jacob about the baby clothes she saw upstairs. Jacob says he got a little carried away. He says he's going to give this surrogate thing a chance. Buck leaves to sign for a delivery. Tess asks Jacob to look after Buck for her. Afraid he'll find someone else? Jacob asks. Maybe he should, Tess sighs. She just wants to make sure if he gets the blues that he has someone to talk to. Jacob says no problem. Buck signs for the package. Angie returns. Buck asks her what if Tess does have cancer? Angie says lots of women survive. He feels like he's in a box and he doesn't know what to do. She tells him to be optomistic for her. He can do that, can't he?

He'd do anything for Tess, Buck says. How about a smile? Angie suggests. Tess comes over and Angie says it wasn't an emergency - her nurse couldn't find the scotch tape. Tess wants to talk to Angie. Tess is scared to death. But, she's trying not to let Buck see it, since he's being so optomistic. She doesn't want to worry Buck any more than she has to. Buck and Jacob talk. Jacob asks how Buck is. Buck says he's great, he acted like such a jackass before he knew what was going on with Tess. When she was talking about the breast reduction, he went on and on about not changing anything, how she was perfect just as she is. That caused her not to go to the doctor to see about this lump. Jacob wants to know if Buck wants him to punch him out now - it will be less painful than the beating that Buck is giving himself. Buck thinks it's his fault, she could have gone to the doctor sooner...

Tracy is in her penthouse with Isabelle, looking over possible dresses. Zoey comes in wearing a white suit. She is a nerd, Zoey says. Tracy says that suit looks so different on Zoey than when Tracy wears it. Tracy introduces her personal shopper, Isabelle, to Zoey. Is there any hope? Tracy asks Isabelle. Isabelle says maybe...she goes to Zoey. The phone rings. Richard is calling to talk to Zoey. Tracy says she is here, but she can't come to the phone right now. Richard wants to see her. Tracy says this is not a good time. Maybe in three or four hours, Tracy says, looking at Zoey. Richard is in Nick's apartment and he will be up in a few minutes. Richard slams the phone down. Tracy tells Zoey that her friend needs better phone manners. He's on his way up, tracy says, let's get to work!

Richard hangs up and Nick tells him to loose the suit coat. He'll just freak Zoey out again. The phone rings. It's a wrong number. Nick hangs up angrily. Richard tells him not to jump everytime the phone rings. Loraine will call him when she is ready to call him. Nick wants to go look for Loraine.

Meanwhile, Loraine is writing Nick a letter. She says the good news is that she is not drinking. The bad news is that she doesn't think she can be with him, it just isn't right for her. There is only one thing that she can do and that is the right thing.

Tess will be in the hospital on Valentine's Day, she tells Angie. And Buck will be with you. It may be the last one they spend together, Tess sighs. Buck heads over to the table that Angie and Tess are at, but he stops and overhears what they're talking about. Tess is worried that the cancer has spread, and that she'll have to undergo chemotheraphy. She won't put Buck through that, Tess says. Angie reminds her that Buck wants to marry her. Tess says that is one promise she will not keep. Buck overhears this conversation, and he returns to Jacob to ask a big favor.

Loraine is calling someone to see how far she can get on $200. Nick is calling people looking for Loraine. Richard changes out of the suit. He leaves. Nick dials another number.

Zoey is dressed up, looking great. Tracy is pleased, and she asks Isabelle to go this good on her wedding dress. Isabelle sees herself out. Richard is at the door. Zoey answers, and Richard mistakes her for Tracy, then he laughs. This upsets Zoey, who runs out to the elevator. Good going, Mr. Wilkins, Tracy says. Richard takes off after Zoey. The elevator door closes, and Richard laughs and appologizes for laughing, but really, he says.

February 13th, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: GenX office

*Danny comes through the door and stops at the reception desk to pick up his messages. While standing there, he recalls Carla telling him that the baby is not his, it's Tony's. Across the room, Ally is on the phone with Jocelyn, who tells her someone paid the taxes on the building. Ally's excited, now she can sell her shares and move to Paris with Tyler. At the reception desk, Danny signs a Valentine's Day card and hides it under his coat as he walks over to Ally. Ally tells Danny the news about the taxes, but he doesn't seem very excited about it. He would rather know why she plans to move, he'd hate to see them go. We'd miss you too, Ally assures him, but she has to do what's best for herself and Tyler.

*Ally's not sure where Danny's going with the conversation, but she doesn't need any more complications right now, Ally warns. All he said was that he would miss her, Danny reminds her. Danny hands her the card he signed earlier, "Happy Valentine's Day". Ally opens the card and thanks him. They are going to miss him, Ally tells Danny, especially after all they've been through together. Now they are really good friends. "Right", Danny agrees. Does she think that by moving to Paris life is suddendly going to be a "piece of cake", Danny asks. "Yes", Ally replies, after everything that has gone on here, "definitely yes".

*Ally's got to move far away, far away from "him"[Tony]. Danny's been a great friend to Ally this year, if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't have had Tyler with her so soon, especially on her birthday. Now it's Ally's turn to do something for Danny, what can she do? Stay, Danny answers, reaching up to stroke Ally's hair and the side of her face.

*Ally pulls away from him, saying "don't, please." Danny only meant that he cares about her, it's hard to lose a friend, he claims. Ally knows that's not all he wants, she's known for a while now. Danny doesn't deny it. Ally's flattered, she tells him, he's a handsome man, editor of his own magizine and he's great with Tyler. But she loves Tony and he knows that, that's why she has to leave. Danny can't talk her out of it, remind her what they had, he asks. Ally asks him not to press it, she can't handle any relationships right now. Danny asks her not to dismiss him so easily. She's not, Ally insists, but what she really needs him to be right now is a friend, only a friend.

Location: Tony's apartment

*Carla is on her phone, thanking someone for information. As she starts scooping some ice cream she says, "My, my, my. Tracy Quartermaine, corporate raider". Carla's not surprised, she says to herself, eating a pickle spear. She dips the pickle in the ice cream and eats it(Yuk!), then leaves to do battle with Tracy.

Location: Tracy's penthouse

*Tracy's on the phone talking to Gino, who we see sitting at his table at the club. Tracy assures him the plans for the wedding are going fine, everything is under control. "Like the last party you threw?", Gino laughs, remembering again the actors Tracy hired to impersonate her family. At least the evening wasn't boring, Tracy says. Gino assures her that he will never be bored with her and they hang up. "There are sides to me you have yet to see, Gino dear", Tracy says to herself. "I can attest to that", Carla says, having apparently let herself into the penthouse.

*Carla lets Tracy know she knows all about Tracy's failed attempt to take over ELQ, her family's business. Tracy's son Ned won't even speak to her now and her family has disowned her. "Boy, are they (the Quartermaines) mad at you!", Carla rubs it in. "I always considered you a formidible opponent", Tracy replies, "until now".

*Carla thinks Tracy is bluffing. When Carla tells her father the truth about Tracy "you'll be lucky if they ever find the body. Now pack and go." Tracy declines and explains to Carla that Gino knows all about her hiring actors to play her family. Far from being angry, Gino was touched that Tracy went out of her way to protect him from her family's disapproval. Tracy says that nothing that Carla manages to dig up will matter compared to breaking Gino's heart with her non-existant pregnancy. Tracy reminds Carla that she has Dr. Marino's files that prove she is not pregnant. "I am pregnant, Tracy", Carla assures her.

*Tracy extends her congratulations to Carla and Danny. It's Tony's baby, Carla insists. "Yeah, until it comes out looking like a little Danny", says Tracy sarcastically. Gino arrives, thrilled to see his two women getting along so well together. Tracy and Carla leave Gino and go to the kitchen so they can finish their "girl talk". Carla wants Tracy to back out of the wedding and to do it without breaking Gino's heart. Tracy agrees (far too easily), but asks Carla to allow her to break it to Gino. Carla agrees, but tells Tracy not to take too long. Carla goes and says goodbye to Gino and leaves, saying to herself "Goodbye, Tracy Quartermaine" as she closes the penthouse door. Tracy, rather than breaking up with Gino, wants to get married right away. "How about now?", she asks Gino. Gino laughs at first, then realizes she's serious.

Location: Ally and Zoey's apartment

*As Richard lets himself in the front door, we see Zoey's black dress go flying over the counter and hear her exclaim she can't believe she let Tracy talk her into this. When she comes out of the bedroom, she is wearing a plaid bathrobe. She looks up, notices Richard and tells him to shut the door behind him on his way out. Richard doesn't leave and instead asks that they call a truce for a minute. "Why, so you can laugh at me some more?", Zoey asks. Richard denies laughing at her, he was just shocked by how beautiful she looked. Zoey is not flattered, "as opposed to how ugly I usually look?". That's not it, the smile on his face was a smile of appreciation, Richard tries to explain. Richard knows he came back to the States looking a little different, but what's inside him hasn't changed, he still wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Zoey tells him to stop, the whole thing was a mistake from the beginning.

*She made the mistake of thinking that two people from such different worlds could ever make it work together. They go sit on the couch together and Zoey asks Richard what he loves about her. He loves her laugh, her smile, he loves seeing her toothbrush next to his, and he loves the way her body feels next to his. Those are all the wrong reasons, Zoey insists. Does he remember when she first got there and he took her to that party at Syndey's, she asks. Yes, he remembers her wearing a little pink dress which didn't belong to her, and he remembers her trying to steal the silverware, but having no place to put it, he says with a laugh. And I remember Sydney's face when I walked in with you, Richard smiles. That's the problem. Richard's going to be throwing parties like that soon with celebrities and dignitaries, it's all so phoney. Taking down her fancy hairstyle, Zoey says, look at me. "I'm not a joke, I'm not a party favor, I'm not somebody that you can come running to when you want to stick it to mommy." Her nose ring and the way she dresses are going to get old really quick when he starts showing up on Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, Zoey tells him. Richard tries to tell her he loves her, he doesn't care what she looks like. He's not asking her to change. But we don't fit, Zoey insists. I still love you and you still love me, Richard replies.

*Zoey will always love him. Richard loves and needs her, too. What does he need her for, Zoey asks, he's got zillions of dollars. Richard would like her to help run the company. Zoey doesn't see herself running his business or running in the same circles he will now be in. With the money and power he now has, the two of them can do so much good for people, like Donald Trump with a conscience and Ivana Trump if she had a heart. This is Richard's dream, not hers, Zoey insists. Maybe she needs to go and do what Richard did, go away and find herself. Zoey can sell her share of the building and use the money to go away. This year has been hard and she has to find out who she is before she goes off and tries to be someone she's not. She doesn't ever want Richard to wake up beside her and wonder if he made a mistake. "That will never happen", he tells her. "So this is goodbye, just like that?", Richard asks. "For now", Zoey says. They kiss. Zoey says, "just keep me in your dreams", and Richard turns and leaves. The phone rings, it's Jacob telling Zoey that Tess is in the hospital. Zoey promises to visit her there later today.

February 14th, 1997
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

Ally is helping Tyler tie his shoes. She is going to go visit Tess and he is going to go upstairs and play with Dillon. The doorbell rings. It's Danny. She says it isn't a good time. He tells her that it isn't about the two of them. He just heard about Tess.

Tess can't decide what she likes best about being there: the biopsy or the outfit. Angie tells her everything will be fine. Tess asks for it in writing. It's a very good chance that it is just a lump. It's a quick procedure. The nurse comes in. Tess asks why she has to stay overnight. Procedure. Can Tess bribe the doctor to get this done a little sooner? Not this one. She takes Tess's blood pressure. Tess doesn't understand how Angie does this for a living. Does Tess want something to calm her nerves? Yeah, Buck.

Buck is on the phone. He says that it is Room 209, second floor. He really appreciates this. He'll be waiting. He hangs up. Jacob brings him some coffee. He takes a sip and says it's hot. It's coffee, Jacob reminds him. It's supposed to be hot. Buck just hopes that Zoey can get in touch with everyone.

Carla is struggling with her jacket as she tells Tony how she had Tess tied up to a chair for over an hour before she let her go. Tony can't believe she tied up her babysitter. She could have ratted on her, but she didn't. She told Gino that they were playing cowboys and indians. Carla always liked her after that. Did she like Carla? Well, she was always nice to her. Carla just can't believe this is happening to Tess. Tony wants to know if she is up for this. Yes. She just has to wait for a call from her client and then they can go to the hospital. Tony says he should become a client too. Now that all the taxes are taken care of, he'll need some financial advice. Does Carla really think that Tracey paid off the taxes on the building? Carla doesn't think Tracey is thinking about the building right now. Why does Carla say that. Carla just thinks she has other things on her mind.

Gino is on the phone. Tracey walks up to Dillon and tells him that he has to clean his room because Tyler will be there any minute. Dillon protests, but leaves. Tracey looks at Gino and turns away again. She says quietly, "I love you and I'm doing this for you." She goes to Gino as he hangs up the phone. She guesses that was the justice of the peace. He still can't believe that she wants to get married today. Live for today, Tracey says. Well, that's what they say, Gino says, but he has to say no.

Zoey gets to Nick's door as he is reading Lorraine's letter. She hugs him and says she is freaked about Tess. He says she'll be all right. What if something bad happens? Either way, we'll be there for her, Nick says. Zoey sees the letter and asks what it is. Lorraine needs a little time to herself, to sort things out. The important thing is is that she's sober. That's good. How is Nick doing? Good. How sure? One crisis at a time, Nick says. The important thing now is that they all get together and rally around Tess. Does that include him?, Richard asks, walking in the door. What is he doing here?, Zoey asks. Nick asked him. He thinks they should all go to the hospital together.

Ally hands the babysitter Tyler's bag and asks her if she can handle two boys. Sure, she's armed, she says, pulling out a squirt gun. She and Tyler leave. Danny wants to share a cab to the hospital. Ally doesn't know. About the other night, Danny says, he knows he came on a little strong and he's sorry. It's okay, Ally says. No, it's not. He knows how she still feels about Tony. Ally hasn't had much time to think about that recently. She's worried about Tess. Ally owes her so much. Neither of them would be there if it weren't for her. Danny is really glad they are going to the hospital together. Ally will go get her purse.

Carla and Tony walk into the hallway and Carla complains that her client probably called her back again. Tony says she can call from the hospital Carla just wishes she had given her her cellular number. If it is that big of a deal, Carla should stay home. Tony has to get to the hospital by 4. It's not a big deal, Carla says. She'll work it out. She always does, Danny says, coming out of Ally's apartment with Ally. He guesses that they heard about Tess. Tony and Carla are headed to the hospital now. It's really scary, isn't it, Carla asks. Tony asks Ally how she has been as the elevator arrives. Fine, she says flatly and walks past.

Tyler and Dillon want to have a squirtgun fight, but the babysitter suggests a story. They leave. Gino puts his hands on Tracey's arms and asks if she is all right. No, she's not. She says he's obviously having second thoughts about marrying her. He's never been more sure of anything in his life. He just wants a big church wedding with Tony and Carla getting married too. Tracey has always had this idea that eloping would be great. It's so romantic, so cavalier. It's so crazy, Gino says. Yes, it's crazy, Tracey says, Let's do it! Gino can't. Hasn't he ever done anything wild and crazy in his life? Yes, but this doesn't feel right. He has Carla to consider too. She would never forgive him, especially after the way she found out about the engagement. Tracey says that was a suprise. Now, she knows they are getting married. She'll understand. Gino doesn't understand. What is it she's not telling him.

If it turns out to be a simple excision, where they just go in and take the lump out, the entire procedure should take 15 min to half an hour, Angie says. If...Tess says. If, nothing, Buck says. He's not the one wearing the hospital gown, Tess says. Does she look as nervous as she feels? The nurse tells her not to worry, she'll be back with a sedative. Alex and Joc show up with flowers. They won't let her go through this alone. Tess says they didn't have to come. They wanted to. It was either that or stay home and argue about the wallpaper. Tess says that now that Joc owns a piece of the building, she may talk about moving back in. Angie and Jacob have a spare room. Speaking of those taxes, does anyone know who paid them off? Gino, Jacob says. Alex would hedge the same bet. All that really matters is that it is paid, Buck says. After this whole thing is over, Buck is going to sell off part of his share and take his lady on a long cruise. Tess can't think of a better way to spend that money. Buck thinks it's a sign that things are going their way, which means that everything is going to work out just fine. Absolutely, Tess says.

Tess talks about how they found the lump. She says she will probably owe her life to the jerk that wanted her to star in the topless review, that's what started the whole thing. Zoey comes bounding in on that, yelling, "Topless review? Where do I sign up?" What is going on?, Tess asks. Nick thought they would show up and spring you. Richard says they brought her some chocolate, there should be one of everything in there that she shouldn't eat. If they get any more people in there, they will have to call the fire marshall, Tess says. Does that mean they can't come in?, Tony asks. They file in. They just wanted to be there for her. She doesn't know what to say. That would be a first, Buck says. All of them coming there is the best gift she could hope for. Tess starts crying and accuses Buck of setting this up. To think that she has been going through this by herself and she didn't have to..., Tess says. Now, her friends are here to see her through, Angie says.

What is Tracey not telling him? Okay, it's her heart. Is she sick? No, he captured it the other night. The way he reacted to the actors she hired to impersonate her family. Another man would have jumped to the wrong conclusion. Gino doubts that. Another man would have wanted to get rid of her. She can't wait to start her life with him. Gino is flattered, but he's an old fashioned guy. Get over it, she says. He doesn't want to. He's proud of her. He wants to have a big ceremony with all of his friend, plus a double ceremony, with Tony and Carla. Fine, Tracey says. He can have a church wedding with all of Brooklyn invited if he wants...later. But she doesn't want to waste another minute of the time they have together. She wants him to marry her today. She wants him to wisk her away to city hall and marry him so that when she puts her head on her pillow tonight, she is Mrs. Gino Soleito. Gino laughs, So, that's it. Gino says she wants to get married tonight because she "wants" him.

What Tracey meant was... Gino starts after her, but she escapes. All right his "little vixen," the justice of the peace it is. Today? They will do it. He tells her to go make herself even more beautiful. He's going to go call Judge Gardner. By the time the get over there, it will be all set. She has made him a very happy men. Now she knows what they mean when they say be careful what you wish for. Gino calls Gardner and then Carla. He says he was hoping that she would be there because he wants her to hear it from her and not through any grapevine...

If Tony was in the hospital and everyone showed up like this..., Tony starts. Carla finishes,...he'd kick them all out. How does she know? Tony cries when he gets shots, she says. That's because they hurt, Tony tells her. Tess thanks everyone for coming. It means so much too her. There's no where else that they would be. Tess was afraid that she was acting so bizarre around the building that they would put her in Bellevue. Alex says that she has to start t talking about alien abductions first. What about cowboy abductions?, Buck asks. That doesn't count. Joc says that if anyone should get shipped out, it should be all of them. They were so wrapped up in their little problems that they didn't notice that something was really wrong. Tess is never going to take her friends for granted again. Buck didn't think she was doing that now. She loves him. He loves her too. They kiss and the others decide to leave them alone. They file into the hallway. Tony says they will catch them later. Buck tells him not to go far. They won't. They leave. Carla needs to make a phone call. Danny asks her if she is leaving so soon? He wishes, she says.

Zoey says Joc was right. The whole time she has been worried about her make-up and her hair and Tess is in there worrying about whether she is going to live or die. Richard walks up and says the issue was never what she looked like.

Tony goes over to Ally and asks how she is holding up. She just walks away.

Carla hears the message from Gino and explodes. Tony tells her to take it easy when she slams the phone down. Carla tells him not to tell her what to do. She's sorry. She's just... Tony knows. She's having a coronary. She's in a good place though, a hospital. Does she want to talk about it? It's just the client. She has been working on this deal for a month and she just bailed out. She has to go. Tell Tess she's sorry.

Tess is feeling so good she may not need that sedative after all. Just to be safe, they should up the dosage. They kiss. Buck tells her that everyone is not there yet. A man walks in the door and Buck says he takes that back, smiling.

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