The City Daily Recaps Archive (February 3rd, 1997)
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February 3rd, 1997
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Jocelyn wonders to herself why Danny was calling Carla at the Plaza, and what the two are up to. Alex comes home with a tux for the Tracy/Gino party. Joc wants to just have a hot bath and a good sleep. They go back and forth until Alex decides they should settle it like adults and flip a coin.

Tracy instructs the maid to show a Dr. Marino upstairs when he arrives - he is a surprise for one of her guests. Tracy then gloats to herself about exposing Carla, and how she left Port Charles without a dime and is now back on top. The camera changes to a newspaper with the Quartermaine's picture on the front page in Tony's apartment while a berobed Carla ties Tony's tie. Carla says that Tracy won't be happy until everyone hates Carla. Tony wonders how she could possibly do that. She agrees that Tracy couldn't and tries to convince Tony to change his mind about going to the party. Carla goes to get ready and Tony calls Ally - but she won't talk to him. Carla comes in looking great in a black beaded dress. She tells Tony that she loves him, and wants him to know that no matter what happens. Tony doesn't know what to say - she tells him he doesn't have to say anything.

The pseudo-Q's arrive at Tracy's. Tracy informs them of their roles in an experiment in interactive theatre. Gino arrives, and while she is at the door, the actors see Gino and recognize him. Pseudo-Lila wants to bail, but Pseudo- Edward says he'll protect Pseudo-Ned. P-Lila asks what about her and he tells her to keep low. Gino is introduced to them and when P-Lila chokes on her words, Tracy tells him the stroke left her mute. Tracy pulls Gino aside and he remarks on how nice her family is - and how nice that Edward is so close to his grandson (Edward was brushing lint off Ned's jacket) The bell rings again, Tracy goes over and whispers to Edward to keep his hands off Ned and to keep Lila off the sauce (she's drinking champagne). She then heads to the door and lets in some of Gino's friends. After telling Gino that she thinks the party is going to be a complete success - she is shocked to see Alex and Jocelyn at the door. Gino rushes over to see Alex, Tracy tries to get them away with a promise of special champagne in the kitchen. Gino wants him to see an old friend first, when Joc starts to say that Alex didn't recognize anyone there, Tracy accidentally kicks her. Just then Carla and Tony arrive and Tracy rushes Gino to them, leaving Joc and Alex wondering what's going on. Gino points out Tracy's family to Carla - she seems stunned. She excuses herself to run down to Tony's to get a special engagement present that she left there.

Meanwhile, Edward introduces his self to an amused Alex. Tracy runs over and after sending Edward off, tells a grinning Alex that he needs to help her.

In the final scene, Carla, clearly delighted, tears out the picture of the Quartermaines from the paper, and tells herself she can't wait until Tracy and Gino see her gift.

February 4th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

Outside her apartment, Zoey can't find her keys. She tells Dillon that they'll have to sleep in the hologram museum. Dillon is thrilled. Joey comes over and he tells Zoey that he's on his way to Tracy's party. He's looking forward to seeing Tracy's family. Dillon says his grandparents are here? Zoey says no. Joey says he thought so...

Tracy tells Alex that she hired some actors to be her family. She begs Alex not to tell anyone, or Gino won't marry her. And this is a bad thing? Alex asks. If he doesn't marry her, Tracy says, he won't pay the taxes...and he and his friends will be out on the street. Tracy's "son", Ned, introduces himself to Jocelyn. Gino talks to Tracy's "father", and says it looks like his grandson is trying to get some action. Yeah, what a waste, Tracy's "father" says. Gino goes over to Tracy and Alex and says they look serious. Anything he should know about?

In Tony's apartment, Carla is putting on some makeup. She has the picture from the newspaper on her lap. Danny comes in. He's just gonna get his clothes and he's out of there. Is he moving? Carla asks. Yup. He's moving to Tess' old digs, Danny says, so she and Tony can have the place to themsleves. Carla wants Danny to come up to the party, she has a surprise for Tracy.

Carla tells Danny she has a surprise for Tracy. She wants him there when she tells all. Danny goes to get dressed.

Inside the apartment, Joey says he doesn't understand. Zoey puts Dillon to bed. She explains that his mom is playing a joke of some people, and she hired some actors to be his family. Like Star Trek? Dillon asks. Zoey says that he knows that if his real family was upstairs, Tracy would let him see them. Dillon understands. Now, she sighs, what is she going to tell Joey?

Alex tells Gino that they were talking about how good her family looks. (Alex is facing Gino, Tracy is facing Alex, her back to Gino) Except her mother, Tracy says. He hardly recognized her, Alex says. Her too, Tracy smiles. And her father looks kinda...*gay*, Alex says. Tracy smile widens and says doesn't he! Gino grabs Tracy by the shoulders and tells Alex that he wants his bride back - there are lots of people who haven't meet her yet. Alex says that he's going to go talk to her "father". Tracy laughs that he'll love that. On second thought, Alex says, he'll go talk to Jocelyn. Gino goes over to Tracy's "mother" and gives her another drink. Tony's parents come in and Tony has to explain that he and Ally broke up. Tracy asks Alex what she owes him for covering for her. Alex says FORGET it, please. Alex goes over to Jocelyn, who says Tracy's "son" was hitting on her. That's nothing, Alex says, Tracy's "father" was hitting on *him*. What? Don't ask, Alex says. Dr. Marino shows up, and one of the catereers says she put him upstairs, as Tracy requested. Good. Is someone sick, the caterer asks. Not yet, but they will be. Carla sneeks up right behind Tracy. Tracy asks if she's having a good time. Carla says she's happy fun, and she's about to have some more.

Joey and Zoey talk. Joey has to leave, he wants to get some of the food upstairs. Zoey says that there is no food upstairs. Joey is starving! She has take out, Zoey says, enough for two. He is thrilled. Zoey says he never called, like he said he would. She was looking forward to going to that place where his family hangs out. (ed. note: If I remember this correctly, Zoey and Joey were betting on whether she could get into the all-male club. She was going to sneak in and not get discovered). He thought her boyfriend would be back and wouldn't understand. He's not, Zoey says. So? It's a date? Joey asks. It's a date, Zoey says.

Carla says she has a present for Tracy. Funny, Tracy has one for her, upstairs. You shouldn't have, Carla says. Probably so, Tracy says. Tony's mom can't believe that he and Ally broke up. Danny arrives. Gino wants to know what he's doing there. Tracy invited him. Danny says Tracy said Gino wanted to appologize. For what? Gino says. Gino is upset. Danny says maybe he misunderstood. Gino says he does a lot of that, doesn't he? Gino tells Danny to stay away from Carla. Gino leaves to go find Tracy. Jocelyn comes over and wonders why Danny is there. He was invited, he thinks. Need a body guard? Jocelyn asks. She heard? Yeah. Alex comes over and Danny yells that he doesn't need Alex putting ideas into Joeclyn's head. About what? Alex asks. CARLA! Danny says. Meanwhile, Tracy and Carla are upstairs. Tracy wonders what this present is that Carla is taking so long to give her. Carla unfolds the picture. Unless you're going to say they all had plastic surgey, those people downstairs are fakes. Tracy's been lying to her father all along, Carla says. That's an old picture, Tracy says. It doesn't matter, Carla says. Those people downstairs are not her parents! Carla had a conversation with someone at her parent's house before coming up here.

Joey says that he doesn't want to step on Richard's toes. Richard's toes aren't close enought to get stepped on, Zoey says. When was the last time that she talked to him? Joey asks. Weeks, Zoey says. Has it ever occured to her that he dumped her? Joey asks. No, Zoey says, getting upset, it never did. Richard will come home any minute now, Zoey says, wearing the same dorky jacket. The doorbell rings. That's proably him, now, Zoey laughs. It's Richard. Zoey is stunned. Richard asks if he can come in. He looks inside and sees Joey.

Alex and Jocelyn leave the party. Tracy's "father" tells Tracy's "son" that he doesn't remember who said it, but the mightest words of mouth or pen were "It might have been". If it makes him feel beeter, Tracy's "father" says, he's too good for her. Tracy's son" looks at the other guy and walks quickly away. Upstairs, Carla says that she called and talked to the butler. Convinced him she was Tracy. Miss Tracy, he said, you know your parents won't talk to you, and they'd cut off his... pension...if they knew he was talking to her. In her fantasy, Tracy says. Well, let's go tell Daddy...or does she just want to pack and go? Wait, Tracy says, she hasn't given Carla her present yet. Tracy brings out the doctor. Tracy knows, and the doctor will confirm, that Caral is not really pregnant. Check...and mate, Tracy says.

February 5th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

At Zoey's (Ally's apartment), Richard asks, what's this? as he stands at the door, seeing Zoey and Joey. Who's this, Joey corrects. Joey introduces himself. Zoey says that she invited Joey. Richard says that he went to the clinic and was told that she moved in here. Well, if he had phoned her in the last month, she would have *told* him. Joey begs out and leaves to go to the party. Zoey kisses him and tells him she's looking forward to their date. Zoey tells Richard bye bye. She has nothing to say to him.

Upstairs at the engagement party, Carla thinks Tracy is crazy for thinking Carla isn't pregnant. Carla tries to get the doctor to support her claim. Tracy cuts him off. Carla insists that she *is* pregnant. Tracy says okay, should we tell Gino about Tracy's fake family...or (as Tracy points her Carla's stomach) Carla's fake family? Downstairs, Gino and Tony wonder where Tracy and Carla are. Gino asks Danny what he's still doing here. Danny turns to leave and runs into someone with champagne. He gets drenched. This cannot be happening to me! Danny says. Upstairs, Tracy and Carla talk about her non-pregnancy. Tracy says that before her "miscarriage" scare, Tracy was in the doctor's office...she heard her admit everything. Carla blanches. Carla suggests that she might have other insurance. Only a paramedic will save her when they colide, Tracy says. Tony comes upstairs. He sees the doctor and wonders if Carla is okay. Tracy says she and the doc go back a long way. Tony says Carla doesn't look good. Tony takes the doctor downstairs. Carla is all set to go downstairs and tell her father about Tracy's fake family. Tracy says that Carla has a pair of dueces, whereas Tracy has a full house. Yes, Carla admits...of fake family.

Zoey and Richard argue about his inability to communnicate. He tries to explain and she yells at him. What? Did he think she's be alone, stroking his pendant and wishing he was here? Well, he's wrong, Matey. She rips the pendant off her necklace and drops it. She tells him to pick it up and get OUT befroe she has him thrown out! He wants to explain why he went to Australia in the first place. She knows, Zoey says, she knows... now get OUT!

Upstairs, Carla and Tracy argue some more and Carla decides to tell dad. Downstairs, Joey arrives, and sees Danny. Trouble? Joey asks. Yes. Women? Joey ask. Any other kind? Danny asks. Tony finds Gino and says the girls were upstairs, talking. Gino thinks it's great how the two of them are getting along. Tony is not so sure. Gino says Tracy's family is strange. Her mother doesn't talk, and her father...What, Tony asks. Gino points him out, and Tony smiles. Carla and Tracy come over to Gino and Tony. Carla says she has somthing to say. Gino gets everyone's attention. Carla looks to Tracy. Tracy says, it's her show, baby. Carla looks like she's wondering what to say.

Zoey tells Richard that she was worried...was he alive? was he shacking up with a shepardess? did he give her a pretty pendant? Richard says he knows, but he tried to get in touch with her. Not hard enough, Zoey yells. Richard agrees he could have gotten in touch with her *if* he was in Australia. But, he was in London, with Sydney.

Tracy asks to have a little talk with Carla. She takes Carla off to the side. Tracy mentions that she forgot to mention one thing...the doctor gave her Carla's medical records! WHAT! Carla asks. Yup, Tracy says, proof positive that there is nothing in there (pointing to Carla's stomach again) except maybe some indigestion. Keeping with the poker analogy, Tracy says, that would be the Ace in the Hole. Go, ahead, Tracy says as she walks Carla back to Gino...say what's on your mind. Carla stalls. She finally has a touchy speech about how much she loves her father, and how she is ready to pass some of the responsibility of making him happy to his woman. She *knows* Tracy will make her father happy. She gives her blessing to this union. Tracy makes a toast to her beautiful step-daughter. Carla says thanks. And, Tracy says, to Tony. And to the grandchild that they will give Gino and her. Tony's mother says Carla is pregnant? Is *that* why you're not with Ally? Tony says, it's not as simple as that. Tony's mom says it was that simple when she had *him*! Tony's dad asks if Carla is really pregnant. Tony says well... Tracy's "mother" gets out of the wheelchair and says she's gonna have a greatgrandchild. Tracy says it's a *miracle*.

Joey takes Tony aside and he asks Tony to tell him it's not true. Tony says he was drunk. Nobody has ever gotten this drunk, Joey says. Joey asks how Ally is taking this. How does he think? Tony says that he will make sure the child is healthy and taken care of. Meanwhile, Tracy ushers her "family" out the door (on the pretense of getting mother back home before she has a set back). At the door, her "dad" wants his paycheck. It's in the mail, Tracy says. Bye, Mom, her "son" says. Tracy smiles, a little. Carla comes over to Tony and Joey and says that she doesn't feel well. Joey says join the group. Carla gets Tony to take her home. Gino tells Tracy he didn't get to say goodbye to Tracy's family. Now, Gino says, he wants to talk to Tracy about her family - her *real* family.

Richard says that he spent some time with Sydney. He tried to get the pieces of his life to fit. She still can't understand how he couldn't get in touch with her. What hurts, is that he called Nick. Nick is his father, Richard says. He was a piece of the puzzle. She gets it now, Zoey says she's a piece that doesn't fit. They argue some more. Zoey tells him to get out. He's not finished, Richard says. Yes, Zoey says, he is. Richard leaves. Zoey colapses in tears. Outside the door, Richard looks sad.

Gino says goodbye to the last of the guests. Tracy says he knew they were not her family? They were strange, Gino says, and especially her father, who had more than his eye on her son, if she knows what he means. She can explain, Tracy begins. He thinks she did it for him. Gino explains that he thinks her family refused the invitation, because they don't approve of the engagement. Tracy agrees. So, Gino continues, she hired a family for him. He is impressed that she would do that for him. He says that she is the best thing that ever happend to him. She offers him a night cap. As she gets the drinks, she wonders where she went right.

Tony and Carla enter Tony's apartment. Tony gives her some crackers. The sight of them makes her sick, Carla says. Eat them, Tony suggests. Tony goes to the kitchen, and Carla lays down on the couch, saying she feels sick. Then she wonders if she really could be pregnant.

February 6th, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Tracy's penthouse

*Tracy is on the phone with a wedding planner, getting them to quickly set up her wedding to Gino. Just the basics, nothing fancy, she tells them, just make sure it's official. The doorbell rings, it's Zoey reporting for work. She heads immediately for the coffee, while Tracy tries to tell her all about the party. The party was a fabulous sucess, better than she could have dreamed possible. Gino even figured out that she had hired actors to play her family, but he was touched because he thought Tracy was trying to protect his feelings. "And then he pulled out his tommygun and cut down the rest of the guests", Tracy says, realizing that Zoey hasn't heard a word she was saying. Tracy asks if she's upset because her boyfriend, Richard's back. How does Tracy know he's back, Zoey asks. Because Sydney sent a message to tell her Richard will be coming over to the penthouse on business. Zoey's upset to hear that Richard was coming over there right now.

*Zoey panics and runs for the door. Tracy stops her and says she has some errands she needs Zoey to run. Zoey promises to come back later and do them and she runs for the door. When she opens it, Richard is standing in the doorway. She compliments his suit, "very spiffy", and then starts to leave, but her way is blocked by a tall blond woman. Richard introduces the blond woman as his new assistant, Catherine.

*Catherine (who has a British accent) warmly greets Zoey, saying Richard has told her so much about her. That's funny, he never said a thing about you, Zoey rudely replies. Tracy invites Richard and Catherine in. Zoey tries to leave again, but Tracy stops her and says she can stay and visit for a minute. Tracy asks what she can do for Richard. Richard explains that Sydney left some paper locked in the desk and she wanted Richard to get them for her. They were for a merger that previously fell through, but has recently started up again. Catherine informs them that Richard has been made V.P. of North American operations at Chase International, she supposes Richard was to modest to tell them himself. "I suppose so", Zoey says sarcastically. Richard again asks for the papers. Tracy tells him that Dillon was making paper airplanes last week. Zoey backs her up and says the were playing Operation Desert Storm and all the planes crashed and burned. "Oh, my. That's unfortunate", Tracy says, pretending to be upset. Such a shame that the business deal will be ruined by the lack of some pieces of paper. "Are you having fun, Tracy?", Richard asks. Tracy assures him she is and tells him to go back and tell Sydney that Tracy won't lift a finger to help her. Richard and Catherine stand to go and Richard tells Zoey he'll talk to her later. Unfortunately, Zoey will be too busy later to talk to him, she has a date with Joey, Zoey informs him.

*Zoey doesn't think they have anything to talk about anyway. Is this a mercy visit to let her down easy, or did he come to flaunt his new suit, his new title and his new "chippy"? Catherine is offended and starts to tell Zoey so, but Zoey screams "shut up" at her. Tracy intervenes and and Richard and Catherine leave. Out in the hall, Catherine asks why Richard didn't explain. He doesn't think he could have said anything that would make a difference. Catherine gets in the elevator and leaves. Richard goes back to Tracy's door and almost knocks. He stops himself and walks away. Inside, Tracy has some advice for Zoey. 1. Never run from a battle, 2. Know thy enemy, and 3. Pick your battles wisely. Zoey denies caring about this battle, she doesn't have a thing for Richard anymore. Tracy doesn't believe her. OK, maybe just a little thing, Zoey says, sniffling. But she's not going to compete with some Princess Di wanna-be for him. Tracy tells her that if she's going to compete with this woman, she's going to have to clean up her act. He liked me before, Zoey tells her, if he doesn't like me now that's just tough. Zoey storms out of the penthouse, slamming the door behind her. Tracy comments to herself she's glad her own life is going better at last. She picks up the phone and calls Gino. "It's his fiancee", she tells the person who answers the phone.

Location: Nick and Buck's apartment

*Lorraine is suffering a hangover and blackout from her drunken binge of the night before. She doesn't remember how she hurt her arm (which is bandaged), even after Nick tells her about the falling bookcase. She also doesn't remember slapping Nick and apologizes for that. Sorry doesn't make up for the fact she went storming into the clinic like a madwoman and argued with people who are supposed to be her friends, says Nick. She felt very strongly about what was going on and she wanted to talk to Angie, Lorraine explains, things got out of control. "You're an alcoholic, plain and simple", Nick says.

*Lorraine meant everything she said to Angie, but she does apologize for the way she handled the situation. Lorraine mentions that she saw the travel brochures for Nick's European tour. "When do we go?", she asks. Lorraine would like to go, she thinks it would be good for them. "Now it's 'us', isn't that sweet", Nick says rather nastily. Lorraine tells him if he's going to be that way about last night, she might as well leave right now. Nick tells her she can't run from this. Lorraine claims she's trying to be honest with her feelings. So, she slipped up a little bit last night. "'Slipped up', you're even worse off than I thought", Nick accuses. Lorraine goes to leave and Nick stops her by (gently) grabbing her arm. Lorraine freaks and tells him not to touch her like that. Nick just wanted to talk to her, but he doesn't want to hear anymore lies about meetings or that God is telling her what to do, or she needs a little time away to get things together. Lorraine says she's doing the best that she can. She needs some understanding from Nick, why can't he give her that?

*When they started dating, Nick was the one drinking and she supported him then. Nick's trying to help her now, he tells her, what he wants her to do is fight against taking a drink. He didn't fight, Lorraine reminds him. When he was dying, all he did was make jokes, preside over his own wake and deny how scared he was until she forced him to admit it. Nick depended on her for strength, and that's what she's asking for from him now. What Nick wants her to do is take responsibility for her own choices and have respect for other people's choices. Nick would lay down his life for her, but he won't let what has happened between them be an excuse for her drinking. Nick doesn't understand, her head is filled with so many "thoughts and visions" that she doesn't want to stop. She wants to leave, but Nick steps in front and says she's not leaving this apartment.

*Lorraine tells him to get out of her way, she's already heard what he has to say. Nick steps aside and Lorraine starts to leave. "Going for a drink?", Nick asks. "Maybe", Lorraine replies, "you want to join me?" Lorraine says maybe she's going to go out and meet someone nice, and he can stay here and find out whose liver he got. She just wants him to leave her alone to live her own life. Lorraine turns and leaves. Soon after, the doorbell rings. It's Richard, and Nick is very glad to see him. The two of them hug. Nick invites him to go out tonight, just the guys. They hug again, happy to see one another.

Location: Jacob and Angie's apartment

*Jacob is wandering around the apartment, waiting for Angie, who didn't come home last night. He remembers her leaving the clinic last night after the fight to go get something to eat, alone. He sits down to read the newspaper, can't concentrate and throws it aside. Just then, Angie opens the door to the apartment.

*Angie explains that she spent the night at the clinic, but she didn't get much sleep. Neither did Jacob. Jacob's sorry about what happened with Lorraine and she has every right to be upset. Angie doesn't give a damn about Lorraine, in fact, she doesn't want to hear her name mentioned in her house again, Angie says angrily. Everyone's all worried about how "poor Lorraine" is doing, Angie complains, Lorraine's not the only one going through a hard time. She (Angie) is always supposed to be so patient and understanding, nothing ever gets to her. Well, this has gotten to her. Jacob want to talk about the situation, he's really listening now.

*Angie says he wasn't there with her in California, through all the weeks of tests. She spent those weeks with other women for whom this was also their last chance to have a baby. After all that time there, surrogacy was a natural, obvious choice to her, but obviously it wasn't to Jacob. Angie had hoped that Jacob would see how much this surrogate idea meant to her and he would support her. Instead, when Lorraine offered to be the surrogate, Jacob used it as an excuse to bail out on the whole idea, Angie says. So this was a test to see if she was married to someone who would do whatever she wanted, no questions asked, Jacob says. "What kind of relationship is that?", Jacob questions her. "You tell me", Angie replies.

*So that's it, he failed the test, says Jacob. Angie had to tell him how she feels. Angie gets up to go downstairs and open up the clinic. We can't just leave it like this, Jacob objects, but Angie says she's really all talked out right now. He doesn't have to worry though. They won't be discussing the surrogacy any more, "it's a dead issue". Angie leaves and runs into Lorraine waiting for the elevator. Angie decides to take the stairs. "You can just go to hell. You all can just go to hell", Lorraine calls after her, stepping into the elevator.

February 7th, 1997
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

Storyline: Love

Buck and Tess are kissing in the elevator and the door opens up. Buck says it looks like they are home. Maybe if they are real quiet, no one will notice, Tess says as she pushes the elevator button and the door closes on them again as they continue kissing. Tess wants to go back to Vermont. They can probably still get their room back. Buck would love to, but what about their responsibilities? The door opens up again. Buck thinks someone is trying to tell them something. Tess reaches for the button again and he asks what is out there that she is so afraid of. The world. Buck tells her that they'll always have Vermont. He starts to walk away. She whistles for him to come back, pointing to the luggage. She asks if they can have Vermont now as he walks away.

Angela is in the apartment. She hugs Buck and Tess. Buck tells her that she and Jacob would love Vermont. Angie is glad they got to go and had such a good time. Tess says it's so romantic. Tess starts to tell her a romantic story, but Buck stops her. He's going to go down and see Jacob and check on the bar. As he leaves, he tells her to tell Angie about the massage oil in the bathtub. Tess laughs as Buck leaves. Angie looks at Tess and knows that she didn't tell him. Tess says she'll tell him tonight. They hug.

Tess was going to tell him while they were in Vermont, but it was just too perfect there. It was like they were on the other side of the world and she just wanted to be the blushing bride-to-be before she has to be the patient, does Angie know what she means? Angie tells her that denial is a nice place to visit. Tess swears she is going to tell him tonight. The lump in Tess's breast doesn't have to be malignant. But, once she tells Buck, things are going to change. Angie agrees, but only that she won't have to go through it alone anymore. She never had to go through it alone. She always had her best friend. She notices Angie has lost her smile recently though. What's wrong? Angie says she's fine. What was that Angie was saying about denial? Angie just has a lot on her mind these days. Everyone in this building does. Is there anything Tess can do? No. If she changes her mind, she knows where she can find her. Angie says that everything is going to be all right, for both of them. Tess leaves.

In the hallway, Tess runs into Jacob. He compliments her and asks how the skiing was. She asks, "People ski in Vermont? Who knew?" Sounds like someone got some good loving. Does Jacob have any idea how lucky he is? Jacob says he's luckier than he'll ever know. Does he have any luck to spare for his roommate? Now, why would she need luck? She'll tell him tomorrow. Jacob wishes her luck, all the luck in the world and hugs her. He tells her that she looks great and leaves.

Jacob goes inside and offers to help Angie with the plants she was working with. Angie says she stopped by the bar after her last patient, but they didn't know where he was. He was out walking. He had a lot of thinking to do and he knows that he let her down. He's been thinking a lot about what she said that morning. And for a long time, he was out there, by himself and everything was fine, everything was fair. Then, along comes Angie and she tries to help me before she helps herself and I realized that she was right. I have let her down. Angie says that if he is trying to say he's sorry... Jacob is trying to say a lot more than he is sorry. He leads her over to the couch and gives her a box. She doesn't want any gifts. Good, because they aren't for her. Who is it for? She opens it up and starts to cry a little. What has he done?

Angie can't believe Jacob. She pulls out a dress and says that it is too cute. Actually, that one is drop dead gorgeous, Jacob says. He picks up another dress and says that that is too cute. He bought out the store didn't he? Jacob says they are going to have the best dressed baby in the city. He holds up a pair of shoes and tells her to look at them. Why?, Angie asks. Because of her. When she walked out this morning, he looked at himself in the mirror and didn't like what he saw. So, he took a walk and thought about all the time she spent in CA, hoping for a miracle and him back there missing her. She missed him too. When she came back, a surrogate was not exactly what she had in mind, but when he should about what he was asking her to give up, he felt selfish and alone. That's not the man she deserves. Then, he looked in a window and saw past his reflection and saw a store full of baby clothes and he just had to go in. And spend a small fortune? Angie says he has lost his mind. Jacob says he found his heart. And when they have their baby, she has got to be fly. Their little baby girl. So, he's willing to try a surrogate? No. He's ready, willing, and able. Angie loves him. She just loves him. Jacob says they are going to have a baby.

Buck and Tess are kissing again. He missed her like crazy. The man is away from her for five minutes and falls apart. He's used to having her with him and has formed a habit. His habit is her. They kiss and Tess asks if this isn't supposed to be the moment where Nick comes barging in? Buck says Nick left a note: Richard is back and they went to some club in the village. Good. So, what kind of a private party did Tess have in mind? Actually, Tess was hoping that they could talk. About us?, Buck asks. Great. They have already had the honeymoon. Now, it's time for the wedding plans. He wants to plan that now? There's no time like the present. What does she think of the two of them on horse- back in Central Park? Tess walks away. Okay, bad idea. He can do traditional. Okay, picture that cute little church they found in Vermont in Spring. Flowers everywhere. Tess stares at Buck with wonder as he says maybe even a night wedding. They can say their vows in candlelight. He tells her she would be a vision in white. Or, they could just go down to city hall and get a license and be married the next day. Whatever she wants. Tess doesn't know how to say this. She loves his ideas, but there is something else that they need to talk about before they talk weddings. He's ready.

Tess is making him a little nervous. He doesn't like the sound of it. There's something about her that he doesn't know. She has to be kidding. She has some deep, dark secret that he doesn't know about? Tess asks him not to make this more difficult than it all ready is. She pauses, then says that she has a lump in her breast.

Tomorrow morning they will talk to her doctor and see what has to happen. Angie says it's like a dream. Jacob will remind her of that when she is waking up at 4 in the morning to feed her. What if it is a boy? Then they shop, Jacob answers. Angie says a girl would be nice. If she's anything like her mommy, he's going to have his hands full. Angie has a confession. She even picked out a name: Cassandra. Cassandra Foster, jacob says. He's in love with it. She's in love with him. Angie tells him that it isn't a sure thing. The odds are against them. They have beaten the odds before and they'll do it again. Angie asks if there is anyone as happy as she is right now. She doesn't think so. Jacob disagrees. He's sitting right there next to her. Their little girl is going to have the world. They kiss.

Storyline: Baby on Board?

Carla walks in looking positively green. Tony walks in and asks if she got sick again. She tells him if he had been there five minutes ago, he would have been there for the whole thing, with sound effect and in living color. Tony tells her to lie down. Carla insists she's okay, but Tony insists that she's not fine. He takes off her shoes. He knew he shouldn't have left her alone, but he went to the store to get some crackers and ginger ale for her "sick tummy." And, he got some caviar and bagels because the other night she wanted them. Carla turns another shade greener and declares that she's never going to eat again. Danny walks in and Tony asks what the hell he is doing there.

Since the loft was Danny's in the first place, shouldn't he be asking that question? Don't worry, he says, he's moving out and so is the rest of his stuff. He notices Carla. What's wrong with her? Morning sick- ness, Carla replies. Danny laughs, isn't it a little late in the morning to be having morning sickness. Maybe she should eat something. Tony tells him it's handled. Carla sends Tony to get something. Danny wants to know what happened after he left the engagement party. He is sitting right in front of her and she says she could possibly lose her lunch, so he might want to sit somewhere else. He says she can cut the act, he's wise to her ways. Carla isn't acting. So what is it? The flu or what? It's what, Carla says. Danny gets it finally and asked, almost scared, "Morning sickness, for real?"

Danny asks how Carla can get morning sickness at night. Carla says it's the real thing. If she needs to talk...Danny says. Tony comes out and tells Danny that he came there to pack, so go do it. Carla says he's not bothering her. He's bothering Tony. Danny has things to do anyway. Tony gives Carla some crackers and a pillow and asks her to eat some of the crackers for the baby's sake. Carla says she'll eat some later. He got her a magazine too. Carla asks if he'll just sit with her for a little while. Sure. She just cannot stand being sick all alone. Her father used to sit by her bed all night long sometimes. Tony tells her to put her feet up and asks if she feels better now. Carla says she doesn't feel worse. Tony asks her if the morning sickness is different than it was before. She says no, it is just 50 times more intense. Tony doesn't understand why they call it morning sickness. They should call it any time of the day sickness. Carla read someplace that it can happen at any time. Tony doesn't like this. She's been sick since last night. He's calling Dr. Marino. Why is he calling Dr. Marino? What if it is not morning sickness? What if it is something else? Carla says he's going to think they are just hysterical parents. Tony says he pays him enough money to bother him. He'll be right back. Danny comes back and asks where the guarddog is. He went to call her doctor. Sweet, Danny says. He makes a comment about Tony being a loving husband. Carla says it's only because of the baby. He's still in love with the Barbie Doll. She apologizes to Danny. Danny asks Carla how she is sure that this is the real thing. She has to take a pregnancy test. What happened to the other one? Tracey threw it out. She tells to get another one. Done, Danny says. He leaves to get it and says he'll be back. She'll get rid of Tony. Tony comes back and says that Dr. Marino should be taken out back and shot. He's gone, as in out of town and no return date. What kind of doctor leaves and doesn't tell his patients? Carla asks if they have to discuss this now? Tony apologizes that she is sick, pregnant, and doesn't even have a doctor. The whole thing is killing him. Tomorrow morning, they are going to find another doctor. Carla says that if someone didn't know better, they would probably think that he actually cared about her.

Of course Tony cares about her and he promised her that he'll be there for her, but that's all he can offer her. Then, that's all she'll take. Does she want a pail or a bucket or something? No! She was yawning. She's fine, really. She's going to take a nap. Tony offers to help her up to bed, but she says no. She knows he has a lot of work to do and she'll be fine. She has the number down at the agency. Is she sure she doesn't want him to get her something else? She's just chilly. She takes a jacket off the back of the couch to pull it on. Tony stops her, but says she can wear it. Carla says that it is the jacket that he gave Ally, isn't it? He just asks that if she gets the urge to throw up, take it off. He'll see her later. He leaves and the elevator door opens. Ally and Tyler are in it.

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