The City Daily Recaps Archive (January 27th, 1997)
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January 27th, 1997
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Tracy is talking to someone about her engagement party. She is stunned that 316 people have already said they'll be there. She hangs up and wonders how she's going to get out of it. Gino arrives at the penthouse, full of compliments. Gino wants to talk about the party, Tracy does too. The restaurant seems too impersonal, she'd prefer a small gathering at the penthouse. He agrees to call the big party off and have it there next week. She tries to put it off by saying she needs to redecorate. When he says he'll have a decorator come up, she says that there's also Carla to think about. He doesn't know about the near miscarriage, so she fills him in.

Carla talks to Danny up in Port Charles (he's staying at a hotel there while accompanying Ally to Buffalo. Carla notes that PC is where Tracy is from. Danny tells her that Ally said it was definitely over between her and Tony.

Carla is pleased with the news. Danny asks about her condition, she tells him she just bought the kit. She's at Tony's and wants to take the test before he gets up. She's reading the instructions when Tony comes into the room. He wonders where she's been (she's wearing her coat). He worries about her running around, but she tells him she had to satisfy a craving for gummy bears. She questions him about his feelings for Ally, he tells her it's definitely over and she expresses sympathy. She suggests he leaves the building, he nixes the idea. He goes to get coffee and she hides the pregnancy kit under the sofa cushions. Gino and Tracy arrive, Gino is concerned. He's thrilled to find out that Tony took care of Carla during the scare. Tracy suggests Carla eat lots of liver to get back her pregnant glow. Carla is not happy with Tracy's advice. Danny calls, and tries to find out about the test - she gets the message across that people are there and hangs up. Tony goes and collapses on the couch, and finds the pregnancy test and questions Carla about it (Cliffhanger)

Joc is getting ready for work when Alex gets a call from Ally. During the call, he mentions that it's good Danny is with her. Joc overhears and is upset that Danny didn't douse the torch he was carrying for Ally. Alex is surprised, he thought Danny liked Carla - they're always together. It occurs to Alex that Carla and Danny are up to something. Joc is skeptical - she thinks that a conspiracy theory is far fetched, even by Oliver Stone standards. Alex brings up some damning evidence - bringing Ty home, being around all the time, etc. Joc is offended at Alex's accusations of Danny's having ulterior motives. She resents that Alex can't see that Danny has changed. Alex agrees that it's possible, but won't say he's wrong. She leaves in a huff.

Alex calls Joc's office to apologize. She accepts, and then goes checking on Danny. She finds a phone message for him - she calls it, and the Plaza Hotel answers. She slumps back in her chair.

January 28th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

There is a knock on Nick's door. It's Zoey. Nick's writing a new song about a woman in love who is blown away by the wind. Zoey asks if it's about her. Nope, Zoey would be the woman who blows away the wind. It's about Loraine. Zoey says she just saw her in the bar, she looked weird. Angie knocks on the door. Zoey goes to the kitchen. Nick starts to appologize to Angie. Angie starts to talk. Loraine took it hard, Nick says. Angie wishes there was something she could say or do to make Loraine feel better, but she's probably the last person Loriane wants to see. Nick says let him handle it. If Angie is afraid Loriane'll fall off the wagon, she can rest assured, she went to an AA meeting today.

Meanwhile, Loraine is trying to sign up to be a surrogate mother.

Carla suggests the pregnancy test could be Danny's. Tracy says sure, there's a rash of male pregnancies going around. Tony says it wasn't there yesterday...he knows caused he cleaned yesterday. Carla admits it's hers. Why, Gino asks. Yes, Carla, Tony adds, let's see you explain this.

Angie tells Nick that Loraine is too emotional to carry a baby for 9 months and then give it up. Nick thinks she's feeling more embarrased than anything else. Angie mentions that she and Jacob don't think that Loraine would be the right person to carry their baby. Zoey comes back and hears the last part. Loraine is going to carry the baby! That's terrific, Zoey says.

Loraine tells the interviewer that she wants to give the most precious gift to another couple. The doctor asks questions, like does she know that most people do it for the money. That's a stupid reason, Loraine says. The doctor asks if she realizes that she won't be needed after the delivery. Loriane says she was told not to interfere with the baby after it was born. Told by whom? Loraine stamemrs and then says by the receptionist when she called for the appointment? Loraine says she knows she's older than the average surrogate, but she doesn't drink and she doesn't smoke, and she's healthy. So, she doesn't smoke or drink, the doctor says, did she ever? Loraine goes on the defensive and tells him he's trying to trip her up and make her nervous. Why won't he let her just explain why she wants to be a surrogate?

Carla says she was at the pharmacy getting the gummy bears, and she saw it in the window. She bought it out of...because of...fear, Tracy offers. Yeah, Carla says, fear. She was afraid Dr. Marino was wrong. About the pregnancy? Tony asks. No, about her not having the miscarraige, Carla says. She was silly. Tracy says she'll help her take the test. Better safe than silly. Carla says she's had enough embarasment for one day. Gino tells Tracy to back off. Tracy says she only wanted to help Carla get the truth. Carla tosses the box to Tony, saying she doesn't need the test, she was being an irrational pregnant woman, she trusts Dr. Marino. Tony doesn't want the box, he tosses it to Gino, who tosses it to Tracy, who trashes it, saying (to herself) trying to make a baby with Danny? hummmmmm.

Nick tells Zoey that Loraine is not going to carry the baby. Zoey says oh and leaves. Nick tells Angie that Loraine felt empty inside. He didn't know how to reach her. Well, if she's in an AA meeting, Angie says, he did reach her. He hopes so.

He is not trying to trick her, the doctor says. So, he offers, it has been so long since her last cigarette that she doen't remember? Right, she says. Okay, he sighs. See, she says, she answers his questions, and he uses that tone of voice on her. He wasn't aware of a tone to his voice. She says she can do this, why does he want to deny her this higher calling? He says that this is standard procedure, and calling aside, she should consider her reasons a little more deeply. Loraine storms off.

Gino says she's not silly, she's scared. Gino has to talk to Carmine about the redecorating. On the phone, he tells Carmine to do a good job, he may be living there soon. Carla can't wait to meet Tracy's family. Tracy says huh? At the party, Carla gushes. Gino asks Tony about the blonde. Ally? Tony says. Yeah. Well, it's over with her, Tony tells Gino. Good, Gino says. Tracy says she has to leave. Gino sees her to the door, telling her Carmine will be there in a couple of hours. In the elevator, Tracy says a family, by next week, oh boy.

Angie and Nick talk about Loraine some more. Angie leaves.

Loraine is on the street. Walking. She sees a sign for a bar (not The City Bar). She enters.

Carla, with Tony by her side on the couch and his arm around her, says she's fine, she just needs some rest. Tony says she'll be fine as long as she does what the doctor says. Gino wants her to come home. Carla says too many stairs, she'd be better here - if Tony doesn't mind. Tony says no, it's okay. Gino gushes about the two of them together, and a beautiful grandson. He has dreamed about the two of them together. Carla says he's embarrasing her. Gino kisses her and leaves. Carla says it's so nice to see him so happy. Carla asks if Tony was serious about it being okay for her to stay here, she can always go to a hotel or something. He's okay, Tony says, but he was thinking about getting her a nurse. She doesn't need a nurse, as long as he's here. Tony still has his arm around her, and she leans on his shoulder.

Tracy goes into her penthouse. Zoey is laughing at a commercial. Tracy asks what's so funny. Zoey explains that she laughs whenever she sees Father Luke on TV. That's an exterminator, Tracy says. The actor will always he Father Luke to her, Zoey says. Tracy wants details. Zoey says she hired an actor to pretend to be an old boyfriend of her, Father Luke, to fool Richard. And it didn't work? Tracy asks. No, it did, Zoey laughs. Tracy asks how she found an actor. Zoey looks like Tracy's crazy. You throw a rock in NY and hit one, Zoey says...she auditioned the actors and picked one. Tracy says interesting. Zoey wonders what's up. Never mind, Tracy says. Tracy says (to herself) she just might still be in the game.

January 29th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

At the penthouse, Tracy is looking over the guest list. She just can't wait, she sighs to herself. The doorbell rings. Carmine, Gino's designer is there. Zoey comes in and says Dilon is asleep. Carmine looks around and says this place definately needs his touch. When he's done, the two of them will love living here. She lives here alone, Tracy says. Carmine tells her Mr. Solieto will like living here. Gino's moving in? Tracy asks.

At the clinic, Angie is talking to Tess on the phone (one-sided phone call). Angie reminds her to call the doctor! Jacob comes in as Angie is hanging up the phone. Jacob says Loraine never came in to work. Nick said she went to an AA meeting this morning. They hopes nothing is wrong.

Loraine is at a bar, with Mike a bartender. He comes over and asks if she wants another drink. What's he trying to pull on her? Loraine says, she's the mind reader. She gets another drink. He's going to cut her off after this one, he says. She remembers the doctor telling her that she may be on a mission, but she has to think about this choice. She did not choose this, Loraine says, she was choosen. Even so, the doctor says. He's making a mistake, Loraine says, just like the rest of them. Loraine pays for the drinks and the bartender offers to call her a cab. She declines, saying the cold air and a walk will do her good. The bartender says that she looks like she's on a mission. She sure is, Loraine says, she'll bring light to the blind. Someone needs to see the light, and she's the one to show it to her.

At the bar, Nick asks Jacob if he's seen Loraine. Nick says seems her AA sponsor didn't see her at the meeting this morning. Where is she? Nick wonders.

Meanwhile, there is an insistent knocking at the clinic door. Angie calls out that they're closed. It's Loraine, pounding on the door. Angie realizes she's been drinking. Loraine wants to talk. Angie wants her to go sleep it off. Loraine wants to talk NOW. Okay, Angie conceeds, what does she have to say. Bzzzzz. Loraine says, wrong...she should have said what does she need to hear?

The decorator is making massive plans. Tracy pays Zoey for babysitting. Zoey tells her not to use that word around Tyler or Dilon. Tracy says oh, yes, she remembered what happened last time she did. Zoey can't wait to meet her family tomorrow. What is Zoey talking about? Zoey looked at the guest list. Zoey wonders if Tracy needs her help tomorrow. Yes, she'll be babysitting. Tracy wants Zoey to keep Dilon down at her place during the party. Zoey suggests she bring him up to meet his grandparents. Carmine comes over, ready to talk decorating. As Carmine is telling Tracy about the fireplace with electric logs he'll install and a love seat - crushed red velvet, of course, the phone rings. Zoey gets it. It's Tracy's mother (another one-sided conversation). No, he's asleep, Zoey says. Do you want to talk to Tracy? Oh. Well, we'll see you tomorrow at the party. What? Oh, I must have the date wrong. Well, I'll tell her you called. No? Don't tell her? Oh. Well, nice talking...geeze. Meanwhile, Tracy declines the fireplace, and *especially* the love seat. Instead, she wants two areas, so that she and Gino can have their own space. Carmine says he'll have to talk to Mr. S about structural changes. Tracy hands him the phone. Zoey tells Tracy her mother called and it seems she was down right rude. Also, Zoey gets the feeling that Tracy's mother didn't know about the party.

Zoey offers to help Tracy with the plans. Like as a personal assistant. Tracy tells her to go. Zoey says she knows when she's not wanted. Zoey goes to Dillon's room to retrieve her book. The designer says Mr. S says whatever his bride wants, she gets...but, Carmine says, he is set on getting the love seat. Crushed red velvet? Tracy cringes. Yes, Carmine says. Well, she'll find a place for it, she supposes. As they walk to the door, Tracy asks when can he have the stuff here? He says first thing in the morning. Good, Tracy says as Carmine leaves. Zoey comes over to the door as an actor appears in the doorway. He's there to audition for the part of Edward Q. A light dawns, Zoey says.

At the bar, Nick is worried. Loraine missed work without calling. In the clinic, Loraine is upset that Angie won't let her carry the baby. Loraine says that her mother used to say that if someone can't find the way, she had to show them. Loraine says she's here to show her the way to have a baby.

Tracy says he's early. He's sorry. Can he give her 5 minutes? Tracy closes the door. Zoey says Edward Q? Like Quartermaine? She gets it. She's hiring actors to impersonate her family, Zoey says. In a word, Tracy says, maybe. For Gino? Zoey asks. No, for her, Tracy says. Of course. Why? Zoey asks. Tracey tells Zoey that she can't think of any other way out of this mess. Zoey says lots of folks don't get along with their parents. Tracy needs Zoey to swear she won't tell anyone. Sure, Zoey says, no problem. As long... as long as *how much*? Tracy asks. No, the money isn't improtant, Zoey says. She wants a job. As Tracy's personal assistant. Zoey says Tracy owns half this building and she must be busy with things related to that. Zoey wants to help her and to become known in this town. Tracy has no choice. But, Tracy says, one word of this and she's a dead assistant. understand? Zoey understands. And, Tracy adds, the nose ring goes. Oh, Zoey says. The doorbell rings. It's an actress auditioning for the mother role. The actress mistakes Zoey for Tracy. Zoey says she is not Ms. Q, but rather her personal assistant. The actress looks at Tracy.

Loraine tells Angie that she's here to show her God's plan. Angie tells her this is not about God, this is about what Loraine wants. Loraine yells at her to shut up, SHUT UP, S H U T U P!. Angie says she's sorry that Loraine wants something, but Angie isn't willing to give her that at her own expense. Angie goes to the phone. She's going to call Nick to come and get her and take her home. Loraine says Angie is not going to write her a prescription and hope this goes away. Loraine says they are not done. She takes the phone and hangs up.

As Jacob and Nick are moving some cases of beer, Nick says he and Loraine were doing so well. Then Loraine got on this baby track. Jacob says, Like he got on the liver donor track when he insisted on finding the guy he bumped off the list? And Angie on this...well, Jacob says, they all get distracted at one time or another. Out in the hall, Nick and Jacob hear Angie yelling at Loraine to leave, and Loraine yelling back that they are not though. Sounds like round 15, Nick says. Angie tells Loraine to leave, now. Loraine has Angie by the shoulders, yelling at her. Angie pushes, and Loriane falls backwards, hitting a tall bookshelf. She falls, and the bookcase falls on her. Angie puts her hands out (to stop the bookcase, but she was too far away). Angie screams. Jacob and Nick come it to where Angie is. Jacob tries to lift the bookcase. Nick goes to Loraine's head. The bookcase is up against the desk, and Loraine may be pinned by her legs. Loraine's upper body is clearly visible near the desk, away from the bookcase.

January 30th, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Angie's clinic

*There's a replay of yesterday's scenes, Lorraine and Angie are fighting and the bookcase falls on Lorraine. Nick and Jacob rush into the clinic and lift the bookcase back up. Nick helps Lorraine to her feet as Angie tells Jacob how Lorraine grabbed her. Lorraine tells Angie that this isn't over, trying to drop things on her and kill isn't going to stop the truth.

*Angie wasn't trying to kill Lorraine, that's crazy. Lorraine claims that she was just trying to make Angie understand that she was chosen to help Angie and Jacob have their baby. "She's drunk", Angie accuses, and Lorraine came into her office screaming like a "raving lunatic" talking about God. Lorraine starts getting upset when she thinks that Nick is taking Angie's word over her own. Angie notices that Lorraine's arm is bleeding, but Lorraine absolutely refuses to let her take a look at it. Nick grabs Lorraine, tells her she's drunk and to let Angie look at her arm. Lorraine pulls free and slaps him hard across the face.

*Nick, not mad at all, helps Lorraine sit down in a chair and tells her that he's not proud of it, but he's done worse in his day. "God wanted me to help her", Lorraine says, more calmly now. She agrees to let Angie look at her arm, and Angie decides that the cut will need some stitches. Nick helps Lorraine to one of the cubicles, where she tells Angie that she believes in everything she said with all her heart. Angie doesn't answer, she just starts treating Lorraine's hand.

*Nick and Jacob are sitting around waiting for Angie to finish working on Lorraine's arm. Nick blames himself for the way Lorraine's acting, he hasn't been there for her. Jacob then tries to place the blame on himself, this happened because he and Angie turned Lorraine down. Angie, who overhears this conversation, angrily reminds the two of them that Lorraine is a grown woman who is responsible for her own actions. The two of them shouldn't be sitting there trying to take the blame. Nick of all people should know that they shouldn't be bending over backwards accepting the blame because Lorraine is a "raging drunk", Angie reminds him. "I'm just sick to death of it", Angie yells.

*Nick comments that Angie's being a little rough on Lorraine, she was drunk, she didn't know what she was saying. She's having paranoid delusions that she was chosen by God to carry Jacob and Angie's child, Angie thinks she should be in a rehab program. She feels that Lorraine is a danger to herself and others right now. "She needs help, and I am not going to be the target of all of this hatred", Angie yells at Jacob and Nick. "I don't care what problems she has, do you understand", Angie screams. (Angie's very upset in these scenes, she actually seemed too upset, more than the situation called for, IMO) She went through two months of tests at the clinic and a miracle happened, she would be able to have Jacob's child. Why does Jacob avoid even mentioning a surrogate? And why does Jacob feel sorry for Lorraine's paranoid God fantasies and he won't even accept the real miracle God has given them, the chance to have a child? Angie tells Nick the sedative that she gave Lorraine should wear off in a few hours and he can take her up to the apartment. She then leaves, alone, to go get something to eat.

Location: Gen-X office

*Danny is sitting at his desk, on which is lying a copy of a Port Charles paper with a picture of the Quartermaines on the front. Danny's looking at some slides when Tony walks in, asking Danny "Back so soon?". Danny explains he stayed for the funeral, then left the car with Ally so she could have some time with her mother. Tony doesn't like the fact that Danny was there for Ally *again*. "It's nice that someone was", Danny replies. Tony tells him not to push it.

Ally's miserable, Danny informs Tony. Her mother didn't stop crying the whole time Danny was there and Ally's doing her best to keep he mother from falling apart. It's not Danny's fault that Tony keeps screwing up with Ally. Tony's not so sure about that, he's starting to wonder. Ally's a terrific woman, Danny replies, and she deserves a hell of a lot better than Tony. "Like you, for instance", Tony points his finger at Danny, who just smiles.

*Danny thinks Ally could do a lot worse than himself. Tony, on the other hand, feels that Danny is the bottom of the barrel, a "no-good, backstabbing, drug peddler" who's trying to worm his way into the life of a lady who's too good to even spit on him. It's not going to work, Tony tells Danny. Tony punches Danny, who then grabs Tony by the waist and they go crashing into a wall. Danny knocks Tony to the floor with a kick, but they are soon both up and fighting again.

They continue to fight until Tony gets a good punch in and knocks Danny to the floor. Danny tries to get up, put Tony pushes him down again with his foot. Tony warns Danny to stay down, because if he gets up, Tony just might kill him. Tony walks away, leaving Danny on the ground.

Location: Tracy's penthouse

*Zoey warns that Richard found out the truth about "Father Luke" when he saw him on a TV commercial. Tracy isn't worried, Gino's not the TV type. Gino has to believe that Tracy and her family are all "lovey-dovey" or there isn't going to be a wedding. Zoey doesn't understand why, but Tracy tells her to just drop it. "Yes, boss", Zoey says. The doorbell rings and Tracy asks Zoey to get it. "Yes, boss", she says again. At the door is a very cute (IMHO) actor named Mark, who has come to audition for the "role" of Ned. They join Tracy in the living room, who's with the actor and actress from yesterday. Tracy is about to tell them about the "play".

Tracy tells the actors about a fictional Broadway play that will start in April. The script isn't finished yet, but she's like to start auditioning actors. The backers are supposedly unsure of the play, so she's throwing a party, which the actors will attend in character, to give the backers a feel for the characters. "I hate improvisation", says 'Edward Q'. Tracy hands the actors character descriptions and backgrounds and tells them to just have fun with it.

Several more actors and actresses have arrived at the penthouse and they are all standing around reading their character descriptions. The actress from yesterday's show wonders how there could be a play with these characters. The characters all get along perfectly together, there's no conflict. Tracy explains this by saying they get along together well in the first act, then there is conflict in the second act. The backers were worried the play was too depressing, so Tracy wants to show them the happy side.

*Tracy has all the actors and actresses lined up(about 12 or so) and is ready to start the auditions. Then starts a scene which was like an old silent movie, Tracy is auditioning the actors, but there are no words, just music playing. Pictures of the actors and actress are shown being piled on the table. Tracy works with the different actors, even having the "Lila's" being wheeled around in a wheelchair. (Tracy's mother, Lila, has been in a wheelchair for years on GH). One of the ladies in a wheelchair runs over Tracy's foot, another actor obviously has very bad breath judging from Tracy's expression. When the music stops, Tracy is sitting in a chair and the cute "Ned" from earlier, Mark, goes down on one knee before her. He tells her he's going to have a star named after her for Mother's Day. That way, when she is no longer with them, he can show that star, the one shining brighter than any other, to his children and tell them that is Grandma, and she's going to be there forever. Tracy then ends the auditions and asks them to wait there while she and Zoey go upstairs and make their final decision. Tracy and Zoey go upstairs and Tracy is visibly shaken. (She doesn't admit it to Zoey, but I think that she was upset because her real son Ned doesn't act nearly as caring about her as that actor just did). To Zoey she says that she thought that the last actor, Mark, was good and they might use him. "Was he like you're real son, Ned?", Zoey asks. "He's alot like he used to be, once upon a time", Tracy replies.

Tracy(back downstairs again) thanks the three actors she has chosen and tells them to be there tomorrow night at 7:00. "Lila" wonders how they should dress and Tracy tells them to just dress in character. They leave and Zoey comments that she would believe them as a happy family. But will Gino, Tracy worries.

January 31st, 1997
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

There is really only one storyline today: All In The Family

Alex is looking at the invitation for the engagement party. Joc asks if he is going to lay in bed all day. He says he might get lucky. She tells him he might get a heart attack from all the coffee he's drinking, but she doesn't think he'll get lucky. A guy can hope and pray and drink his coffee. He doesn't want to go to the party. Joc says it might be worth it. He tears up the invitation. Joc says she could dress to kill and drive Tracey crazy. She's already certifiable, Alex says. Besides, the last time they were all together, they got into a big fight. Joc says that is true, but she seems to remember the outcome being enjoyable. Alex is beginning to remember that himself. They kiss and Alex agrees to go. He owes her one anyway: the whole Danny/Carla conspiracy problem. Joc says he's forgiven. They kiss again, but Joc says that it still doesn't mean that he's going to get lucky. Alex asks what her hurry is. He doesn't want to know. Yes, he does. Joc goes to the closet, gets her coat, and picks up a message as she leaves.

Danny is sleeping on the couch in the agency. Carla comes in and kisses his cheek. She tells him to get up. "Another ten m inutes, Mom." She wakes him up and tells him that his face looks worse than a 3-day-old banana. He walked into something. Like Tony's fist, Carla says. How did she know that? When she left the apartment, he was bandaging his hand. What did Danny say to him? Just the Danny wanted Ally and that Tony wasn't good enough for her. All in all, he was pretty humorous about the situation. Carla agrees, Danny is still alive. Carla has a major problem. The engagement party is tonight. Tracey has something cooking and she has a feeling that she is the main course.

Zoey answers the door and Tracey and Dillon walk in. She sends him to "detonate the TV." Tracey says she would put Mary Poppins on the unemployment line. Zoey asks about the decorator. Tracey finally talked him out of importing the statue of David, but what they end up with is anyone's guess. Zoey says anything is better than Sydney's leopard print chairs. Tracey asks if Zoey can handle this. In her sleep. Tracey says her assistants don't sleep. All Zoey has to do is keep Dillon away from the actors playing his grandparents. Tracey doesn't even want him to even know that there is an engagement party going on. Zoey tells her not to worry. The only strange face he'll see is hers. Tracey says that only Dillon and one other person can blow this charade out of the water. What other person? Tracey says she is going to go take care of it--now.

Tony pours coffee all over himself and his bandaged hand. He yells out. He picks up the phone and calls Buffalo information looking for Ally's mother's number. It's not listed.

Carla brings Danny a cold compress and tells him to put it on his eye. Isn't she overreacting? She has seen road kill with less bruises. He was talking about Tracey. No, she's not overreacting about Tracey. It is a critical situation. Since when? Since she was forced to put the pregnancy test in the couch. Tracey found it? Carla tells him to relax. Tony found it and held it up for show and tell. And Danny assumes that she told them it was his. At first, but then she confessed that she was afraid that she had lost the baby and wanted to check and make sure that it was still there. And they bought that? All except Tracey. She told her to watch her back. Tracey has something on her. Not if she's pregnant. That's a pretty big "if." Doesn't she know? Tracey threw away the test. Can't she buy another one? How careless can Carla be? Careless? She reminds him that if he hadn't left the bracelet in her hotel room, she wouldn't be after her. Tracey thinks that nonexistent baby is his? It might exist...and technically speaking, it will be his. Right. And if Tracey breathes a word of this to Gino, that fight with Tony is going to seem like a trip to Grandma's. Carla says they shouldn't be seen together anymore. She tells him not to go to the engagement party. She needs to use the phone. Does he know her? He says he has to make a few calls. She should use the one in Joc's office behind the partition. Carla leaves. Danny goes to call someone, but Joc walks in and sees him. He tells her he was mugged by a group of hot dog venders. She asks him what kind of scam he has going with Carla Soleito.

Alex answers the door. It's Tracey. She came to apologize for everything she's done since she came to NY. Apology accepted. He and Joc considered the source and didn't take it to heart. She says that she knows that they received an invitation to her little get-together, but she knows that the two of them would rather spend a quiet evening at home. Why would they want to trade barbs with Gino? He says to see her family. Tracey doesn't know that they will be there. She's working on it, but it promises to be a very difficult evening either way. Alex says she will survive. She always does. She goes to leave and Alex says that he and Joc really do wish her well. Tracey is truly sorry. She tells Alex not to think twice about the invitation. She is taking him off the guest list right now. She leaves. Alex laughs, then realizes that she doesn't want him there.

Zoey is talking around blindfolded. She walks into the clock. Dillon says she's getting colder. She turns around and starts walking toward him. Is her nose bleeding? She's getting warmer. He moves away. The doorbell rings. It's Tony. She answers the door with the blindfold still on. He asks her if she is babysitting or if she is being held hostage. Is there a difference? Tony wouldn't know. He looks like he lost his best friend...or killed him. Dillon pops out and says he won. He asks Tony if he wants to play "Blind Man's Bluff." Tony has been blind-sided one too many times. Zoey tells Dillon to go hide. She'll count to 10. She gets to four and he is gone. "It works better than bug spray." Tony just stopped by to get a phone number. That's what they all say. He just wants Ally's mother's number. She goes to write it down. She says he has it bad for Ally. She knows what it is like. She hasn't heard from Richard since New Years' Eve. He's sorry. At least he knows that Ally is in Buffalo. He also knows that she doesn't want to hear from him. Zoey tells him that's not true. She loves him. Loved...past tense, he says. Zoey tells himt hat love doesn't just die like that. He says that their love is dead and buried already. Too many complications. She says that they are perfect for each other. He says that she sounds really convinced. She has to. She's trying to convince both of them, but he must have already been a little bit convinced. He is over there getting her phone number. She tells him to call her. He says she probably won't even take her call. What if she does?

Carla is listening as Joc demands that Danny admit that he and Carla are conspiring to ruin Ally and Tony's relationship. He asks if this is before or after they shot JFK? He says it's crazy. Joc takes out the message. She knows it was the Plaza Hotel, where Carla was staying. So he called her, big deal. The big deal is that ever since the two of them have been hanging around each other, things have gone from bad to worse for Tony and Ally. Danny says it's their problem. Joc says she is sure that he and Carla are helping to create it. He stepped in to drive Ally and Tyler to her mother's house, and he just stepped in to bring Tyler back from France. Danny says it was a gesture. He just stepped in on New Years' Eve to comfort Ally when she found out that Carla was pregnant. Danny admits that it is true that he loves Ally, but he was just trying to be her friend. Joc bets being a good friend to Ally is what got him that shiner. She's just surprised that it took that long for Tony to give it to him. Danny doesn't think she believes a word he is saying. She says it's what he's not saying. She leaves. She has to get some files. She's late for court. Carla scoots out of sight. Does she need any help? No. Does he want any sisterly advice? If his conscience wouldn't leave this alone, she and Alex, outsiders, figured this out, how long could it take for insiders to figure it out? She leaves. Carla comes out and says she was not overreacting. She is leaving. She's going as far away from him as she possibly can. She tells him not to call her. She'll call him. As they get to the door, she sees a newspaper from Port Charles. The whole Q family is on the cover. Carla needs to do some damage control. Carla says this could be the end of everything they have worked for. She is going to get to know her future in-laws a little better.

Danny runs into Tracey and she says that she hopes he can get cleaned up for her party. Danny says, given his present condition, he is going to have to respectfully decline the invitation. Tracey says he'll fit right in, especially with Gino's side. Gino specifically asked that he be there, so Gino can apologize. Gino would be very disappointed and in this case, disappointed is not good. Danny will think about it. He leaves. She gets into the elevator and says that she believes that is a Danny Roberts--yes, and a Alex Masters--No.

Alex calls Joc. She has had better days. Maybe they should just stay home and relax, she says. No, they need a party, he says.

Tony stares at Ally's phone number for a moment, then picks up the phone and dials. As someone picks up, Carla walks in. He says he's sorry, he has the wrong number and hangs up. Carla says he should let his fingers do the walking, unless, they are bandaged like a mummy's. Who was he calling? Where has she been? She was out walking. Is she okay? Yes, she is fine. Tony says she should be off her feet. She has a big night tonight. Oh yeah, the party.

Tracey is talking with Dillon. He made her a picture. She can have it, for five bucks. Zoey says he's got good business sense. Tracey tells him okay. She needs to use the phone. Zoey and Dillon go to get his picture. Tracey calls Dr. Marino. It's payback time. She wants him to attend his engagement party tonight. It's blacktie. She hangs up. Dillon and Zoey come back. She says the picture if beautiful. How beautiful?, Dillon asks. Zoey says he's going to up it to ten. She tells Tracey she should send him for juice before he turns into a used car salesman. He goes. She says it really is beautiful, in fact, everything in her life is beautiful. Anyone would could possibly blow the whistle on her is occupied and she has a surprise for her soon-to-be stepdaughter. Let's just say that she will be blown away.

Carla reads the headline. "Quartermaines finance new hospital x-ray machine." She wonders why, if the family is such a bunch of do-gooders, Tracey is so uncomfortable every time they are mentioned. What is Tracey up to?

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