The City Daily Recaps Archive (January 20th, 1997)
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January 20th, 1997

No episode of The City was aired today due to Presidential Inauguration coverage.

January 21st, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

When last we left The City (on Friday)....

Tony offered to go with Ally to her mother's to attend her step-father's funeral.
Danny and Carla were sweating because Tracy remembers seeing a bracelet that matches the description Jocelyn gave of Danny's missing piece of jewlery.

Tuesday, in The City:

In the agency, Tony offers to go with Ally. This funeral will not be easy, Tony says. Her mom needs her, Ally says. No, Ally needs him, Tony says. Things are so complicated, Ally says, they need time to sort things out. Tony offers to take that time on the train, they can talk. Ally says things will be complicated, people will be around, her mother will need her whole attention. Tony asks if he'd be a distraction for her, then. Tony wants her and Tyler to know that he will be there when they need him. She knows that they can count on him, Ally says, but...What is stopping you? Tony asks.

At a table, in the City Bar, Tracy says she might have seen that bracelet. Where? Danny asks. Alex wants to know what the deal is with the bracelet. It's just a bracelet, he says, isn't it? Jocelyn says that he wouldn't say that if he bought it. Carla remembers Tracy picking up the bracelet in her room. Tracy says it'll come back to her where she's seen that bracelet. Carla says she doesn't want to talk about cheap jewlery anymore. Gino agrees that he wants to stop talking about that, he wants to talk about the big ticket items, like the little trinket that Alex gave Tracy. Jocelyn wants details. Alex says it was *nothing*. Tracy looks to Jocelyn and says a necklace, nothing substantial.

Tracy says it was nothing, compared to that bracelet Danny lost. Danny sneezes a few times. Gino hopes he's not contagious. Alex says we'll know in 10 days. Jocelyn excuses herself and Alex, saying she's late for a deposition. After Alex and Jocelyn leave, Gino tells Tracy that he doesn't see what she ever saw in that man. Carla gets up and Tracy yells SIT, and tells Carla to put her head between her knees. Tracy knows what can happen. Carla excuses herself to splash water on her face. Tracy tells Gino she was pregnant once, she remembers the tricks a body can play. She offers to take care of his daughter. Tracy follows Carla to the bathroom. Danny starts to leave. Gino tells him to sit, they need to talk. In the bathroom, Tracy tells Carla that she remembers where she saw Danny's bracelet.

Ally and Tony talk about why Ally can't take Tony. Nobody was so happy for her as her mother when Ally and Tony got together. She told her mother everything. Ally cannot take Tony and pretend that everything is okay. Her mother will notice and then Ally will have to tell her everything. Tony asks what she'll say if her mother asks why he's not with her. She'll say they're having problems, and they're in different places right now. Where are they? Tony asks.

Tony repeats the question. What is going on with them? Ally says she doesn't know. She loves him, but with Carla...and Ally has to think about Tyler, she says. Tony loves her and Tyler. They could be a family, filled with love. Then, Ally says, Carla will call and he will be gone. Tony says he would be with her and Tyler as much as possible. Ally doesn't like that offer (assuming Carla wouldn't let him be with them a lot). Ally tells him not to make her miss her train. He offers to carry her to the train, if necessary. She turns around and picks a photo up. She looks ready to cry. She finds the picture she took of him playing basketball. She took the picture because she didn't want him to know how she couldn't keep her eyes off of him. She turns around. He begs her not to turn away from him...from *them*.

In their apartment, Alex says that Tracy gave herself the necklace, to make Gino jealous. It gets more interesting, Jocelyn says. She doesn't beleive him, does she. Should she? Jocelyn asks. I give up, Alex says. Alex plops on the couch. Jocelyn comes out laughing. Tracy used him to get Gino Solieto, she laughs. What's so funny about that? Alex asks. She gave you up for *him*? She laughs. Alex looks confused.

Gino wants to know how close of friends Danny and Carla have been. Just friends, Danny says. How close friends? Gino says. Not *that* close, Danny says. Gino wants to know why Danny knew about her pregnancy before her own father. Danny says that he would never lay a hand on his roommate's wife. Gino says good, cause if he ever did, he'd have to handle it. Understand? Danny sweats, and says yes, he understands. He has to go now. Danny sneezes. Gino says God bless. Danny says he hopes so.

Tracy and Carla talk about Danny being in Carla's room. Tracy hopes Danny didn't give her anything...but then, Tracy says, they'll know in 9 months, won't they? Carla says Tracy has no proof, unless she has a picture. Damn, Tracy says, she left her camera at home this time. Carla says blood is thicker than water, and if it was Tracy's word against Carla, Daddy will believe Carla before he would believe Tracy. Especially, Carla says, patting her stomach, now. Tracy says she'll just have to get proof, then. What kind of proof? Carla asks. She'll let Carla know when she finds it, Tracy says. Tracy's parting shot is that Daddy might be interesting to know his daughter is playing in someone else's sandbox.

Alex says that Jocelyn doesn't believe him, does she? Alex tells Jocelyn that Tracy said that she told Gino that they were seeing each other, to get Gino jealous. Then Gino came to talk to Alex to warn him away from Tracy. Threatened him, Alex adds. Jocelyn says really? No, he's kidding, Alex says, yes, of course. He was serious. Alex says Tracy thinks Gino is dying. Jocelyn wonders why she thinks that, his type like to be very old. If they dodge the bullets, Alex says. Tracy wants to marry Gino, Alex says, then when he dies, she'll have it all. Jocelyn says when Gino dies, then Alex can marry Tracy. Huh? Alex asks as she kisses him. Maybe he likes intrique in a woman, mystery, danger. She says that, when he marries Tracy, she can be his mistress, and (as she takes off her blouse), then he can have his mysterious woman *and* excitment. Is that intriquing enough? Down right sensual, Alex says as he grabs for Jocelyn. They fall to the bed.

Ally says she loves him, but that is not enough. It is for him, Tony says. Ally and Tony kiss, as Danny comes in and eavesdrops. Tony asks Ally if she remember what happened the last time they were in this room. Yeah, Ally sighs, they made love. They kiss. Tony offers to watch Tyler, while she travels to her Mom's. Ally kises him again. Danny is outside the door to the dark room, then leaves.

Carla and Tracy come back, and Gino says it's so nice that they cleared the air. Jacob comes over and says there is a phone call for Carla. It's Danny. He tells Carla that not only did her father warn him away from her - or he'd break his legs, but he just walked in on the lovers in a lip lock. Ally and Tony? Carla says. Yes, of course, and they're about to shuffle off to Buffalo, Danny says. They're planning a long trip, Danny says, if she doesn't do something quick. She'll think of something, Carla says, hanging up the phone and frowing. Meanwhile, Gino is talking to Tracy, saying it's so nice things are going well. Tracy, looking at Carla, says things may have just improved.

January 22nd, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

In Ally's apartment, Tyler shows Ally a picture he drew of him, Ally, Nana, Tony. Who's next to Ally? she asks. Danny, Tyler says. Ally tells Tyler that they have to take extra special care of Nana this time around, cause she's sad that grandpa went to be with the angels. She tells him that it will be a fun trip, they'll go by train. Tyler is happy. Ally says that Tony will be coming with them. Tyler is happy.

In Tess' old agency area, Alex drops a box, as he and Tony are moving into the new agency. Tony asks for a couple of days off. Alex says how convenient. Tony says Ally's step father died. Alex says he was gonna ask her if she wanted him to go with her. Tony says no need, he is going. Alex says good. But, what does Carla think of that? Tony says he doesn't care what Carla thinks.

In her office, Carla is on the phone with the doctor. She says she needs to see him, and does he understand what he has to do? Good. She'll pay him...or should she just send the cash to the race track? Only kidding, Carla says defensively. Danny comes in and yells at Carla. She has 6 phone lines, and he couldn't get a hold of her, WHY NOT! He only has her private line, Carla says. This is important! Danny yells. He wants to live. Carla asks what did her father say to him? Danny says he'll sit way over here, he values his life. Danny says that they need to figure out how to keep Tony from going away with Ally. Carla says that she and the doctor have a plan to keep Tony here.

Tracy is on the phone with the doctor's receptionist who says that the doctor does not have office hours today. Tracy finds out that the receptionist will be there, all day - the doctor hates to have the phones uncovered. Tracy hangs up the phone and wonders how she'll get into that locked file. She gets an idea and leaves.

Ally tells Tyler that they're all packed and they'll get on the train as soon as Tony shows up. Tyler says that he heard her crying last night. Ally assures him that she may be sad, but she loves him and things will get better.

Alex wonders where the emergency gear is. Tony says emergency gear? The coffee maker, Alex says. Tony syas he packed it in a brown box. They're *all* brown boxes! Alex says. They find it, but Tony begs off finding a plug to go take Ally to the train station. This is the first time that Tyler has been on a train, Tony says. Tony leaves, Tracy comes in. Hello, Alex. Talk, but don't touch, Alex says. She tells him that there is a locked box up in the penthouse, and she needs him to open it. No! Alex says. After what she and Gino put him through last night, he is not lifting a finger for her anymore.

Carla tells Danny to stick around and see her in action. Danny says that she didn't see the tow of them kissing last night or she'd be more active in keeping them apart. Carla has a plan. When is she planning on putting this plan into action? How about now, Carla says. Why wait so long? Danny asks. She waited all night, Carla says, so Ally could build up her hopes and then have them dashed to the ground, and so it would hurt like hell. Danny is not happy. He doesn't like to see Ally hurt. Carla tells him to just pick go up the pieces. Carla dials. The phone rings, just as Tony is leaving the apartment. He picks it up. Oh, thank God, Carla cries. She needs him, she sobs.

Tracy says she tried to talk Gino out of inviting him and his friends over. They talk about how Gino crowed about how the best man won, and about the expensive necklace Alex was supposed to have bought Tracy. Alex says did Tracy ever take into account what this was doing to Jocelyn? Tracy says she hopes his relationship with...what was her name? Jocelyn, Alex says. Tracy continues that she hopes his realationship didn't suffer. Not in the least, Alex says. In fact, he adds, she laughed about it. Good, Tracy says, she wouldn't want to come between him and Judy...Juliet, Alex says...JOCELYN, Alex corrects himself. Tracy says that Carla might come and ask him about their relationship. Alex tells her that he'd never talk to Carla about anything, and especially not about a relationship he wished had never happened!. Well, Tracy says, if he wants to kiss and make up, he knows where she is.

Carla cries that she feels cramps, and weak, and she's worried that she might be losing the baby. She goes on and on and on about how worried she is for the baby and how she needs his help. Tony suggests she get someone in the office to take her to the doctor. She cries, and Tony tells her to get her secretary to call a cab and get her to the doctor. She wants *him* to come get her. He says he can't get to Wall Street fast enough. She cries about seeing some blood and what if she is losing the baby...Tony says he's got some things to take care of and then he'll meet her at the doctor's office. Carla asks him to say a prayer for their baby and then she hangs up and Danny congratulates her on the Oscar winning performance. Carla says 11 am will come, and Tony will be in the doctor's office, holding her hand, cause that's the kind of guy he is. Ally will be on the train alone. Meanwhile, Tony looks sad and sits down on a chair.

Tyler is playing with a toy train. Ally says they'll have to leave soon to make the train on time. They go over to Tony's apartment, and he says hi, with no enthuasim. Ally wonders what's wrong.

Tracy goes to the doctor's office. The receptionist said that she thought she had told Tracy that the doctor wasn't in today. Tracy says she thought right. Tracy gives her some clothes Dilon outgrew, for the receptionist's 5 year old son. The receptionist says they're designer clothes. She thanks tracy, who says she likes to help people she cares about, like Carla - her daughter-in-law-to-be. Tracy says she and Carla's father are worried about the kind of treatment Carla is getting with this doctor, and she'd like to see the file. The receptionist remembers that they couldn't find the file, that it must be locked up in the doctor's office. Tracy finds out that the receptionist knows where the keys for the locked drawer are. Tracy asks her about her son. The receptionist talks about not getting enough sleep, what with being in and out of the hospital with the ashma all the time. Tracy tells her to get a cup of coffee, handing her a $100 bill. Wow, the receptionist says. Make it a capichino, Tracy says, handing her another $100. The receptionist takes the money and tells Tracy that the keys are in the doctor's middle drawer, in the back, in an envelope that says "paper clips too bent to use". Tracy goes in and finds the envelope. Tracy unlocks the drawer, saying Carla will never forget this.

Danny says shouldn't she be heading to the doctor? A woman in her condition can't rush, Carla says. Besides, she adds, Tony has a few things to take care of first. Carla takes a call. It's her manicurist. Carla decides she has a couple of minutes for a touch up. Danny can't beleive this.

Ally has Tyler play somewhere. Tony says he can't go with's Carla.

January 23rd, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond

Loction: Jacob and Angie's apartment

*Angie is on the phone with Tess. Tess seems to be trying to avoid the subject of her tumor, babbling on about how wonderful Vermont is, how wonderful it is to be alone with Buck, etc. Angie finally gets a word in to remind Tess of her appointment with the radiologist when she returns. Jacob walks in and Angie hangs up with Tess. Angie and Jacob are having a meeting with Lorraine today to tell her that they don't want her to be the surrogate. Angie wonders how this all got so complicated, it was supposed to be a good and happy thing. "Do you want a child, or not?", she asks Jacob.

*Jacob never said he didn't want a baby with her, he just doesn't want it this way. Angie reminds him that "this way" may be the only way they have. Lorraine arrives, she's a little nervous about discussing this whole thing. It's very kind of Lorraine to volunteer, Angie begins. Lorraine interrupts her to say she is very blessed to be able to do it, and she knows it's the right thing to do. Lorraine knows they must have fears, concerns and questions. Jacob tells her that they are not even sure that they are going to go through with this surrogacy thing. Lorraine's surprised to hear that and she apologizes if she got way ahead of them. Angie gently explains she knows how much this means to Lorraine, but even if they decide to go through with it, they don't think Lorraine is the right person to carry their child.

*Lorraine doesn't understand why they wouldn't want her. It's a huge commitment, Angie explains, and Lorraine and Nick have been through so much lately, they deserve to be happy. Lorraine assures them that doing this will make her happy and Nick will get used to the idea. Lorraine promises she would carry the baby with more love and care than anyone else they could find. Lorraine goes on about how this is God's will and it is a perfect fit. Jacob stops her and tells her it's just not going to happen.

*Lorraine wants them to understand that she feels it's God's will, that this was destined to be. Angie and Jacob assure her that they do understand, and Jacob asks her not to make this harder than it already is. Lorraine keeps trying to convince them until Angie, starting to get angry, says Lorraine is just going to have to accept their decision. "Are you implying that I'm unstable?", asks Lorraine. Angie doesn't understand why Lorraine is being so difficult about this. Lorraine replies that she doesn't understand why they're pushing her away. I'll tell you why we don't want you carrying our baby, Angie says....

Starting location: Tony's apartment

*Ally has come over to get Tony so they can go and catch their train, but he can't go with them because of Carla. He starts to explain about the baby, but is interrupted, first by Tyler, and then by Danny, who's getting off the elevator. At Ally's request, Danny takes Tyler over to Ally's apartment. Tony then explains to Ally that Carla thinks she's having a miscarriage.

*Over at Ally's apartment, Tyler brings Danny his travel bag and Danny starts to pump Tyler for information about what Tony and Ally were fighting about. Tyler doesn't know, so Danny asks Tyler if he's sure Tony's going on the train with them. Danny mentions that he wishes he were going on the train with Tyler and Tyler says that he would like that.

*Back at Tony's apartment, Tony's explaining that Carla's not sure it's a miscarriage, but she's at her office doubled over in pain. If it were anything else, he would go with Ally, Tony swears. Ally claims she understands. Tony promises as soon as he's taken care of Carla, he'll be on his way to Buffalo. Ally doesn't want him to do that, she doesn't want him to come at all.

*Ally doesn't think it's going to work out betwee the two of them. Go to your wife and see how she is, Ally tells Tony. They each say 'I love you', but Ally says they keep running and running and getting nowhere. Ally can't put herself and Tyler through this anymore. Tony insist they can make it work, but Ally reminds him Carla will always be a part of his life, whether he wants her to be or not. Tony begs her to stay and talk, but Ally asks him to please not make it harder than it already is. She leaves, saying that she hopes everthing is OK with his baby.

*Back in her own apartment, Ally and Tyler get ready to leave. They've missed their train, but they'll wait for the next one which comes in a few hours. Danny doesn't want them waiting in the train station alone, so he offers to rent a car and drive Tyler and her to Buffalo. Ally dosn't want to impose, but Danny assures her he could do with a day off and Gen-X will be fine without him for a day. Ally agrees and Danny then offers to stay for the funeral, too. Ally hugs him.

Starting Location: Carla's office

*Carla is just finished having her nails done, and the manicurist leaves. Carla calls Dr. Marino (dialing with a pencil so she doesn't mess up her nails), checking to be sure he's on the way to his office. She'll meet him there soon and they can talk before Tony arrives.

*At Dr. Marino's office, Tracy is using the key she found to open Dr. Marino's personal file cabinet. She finds a lot of files marked "Wagers-Trotters", "Wagers-NFL", etc. "Dr. Marino, you've been a bad boy", Tracy says, laughing.

*Tracy thumbs through the folders until she gets to Carla's. Just as she starts looking at it, Dee, in the other room, loudly says, "Dr. Marino, what a surprise". Tracy, folder in hand, closes the file cabinet and goes to hide in the examination room next door. The doctor and Dee enter and Dr. Marino tells Dee to go home early. Tracy's watching the doctor through the slightly opened exam room door.

*Carla arrives at Dr. Marino's office and hands him a check, joking not to spend it all in one place(on his gambling debts). The doctor isn't amused, but says he knows what to tell Tony, that the immediate danger of a miscarriage is over. Doesn't it bother Carla, duping her husband into thinking she's pregnant? It doesn't bother Carla at all, in fact, she's working on getting pregnant right now. Tracy overhears all of this and smiles.

*Tony arrives at the doctor's office to learn that Carla supposedly had a little scare, but the immediate risk of a miscarriage has passed. The doctor advises Carla to take it easy for the next few days. Tony thanks the doctor and he and Carla go out into the waiting room. Tony agrees that for the sake of the baby, Carla can stay in the loft with him tonight.(According to Carla, Gino's house in Brooklyn has too many steps she would have to climb) They leave. Back in his office, Dr. Marino is looking at the check Carla gave him. He then turns and notices the key to his 'secret' files is in the lock. Just then, Tracy comes out of the exam room where she has been hiding and tells Dr. Marino, "you and I have so much to talk about".

January 24th, 1997
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

Storyline: Tracy gets the goods

The doctor's office. Dr. Marino asks Tracey what she is doing there. Tracey will asks the questions. He tells her she has no business there. She takes the check from him and reads $5,000. That's a little steep for an office visit. She would hate to see what he would charge for a housecall. He's calling security. Tracey can't wait to hear what sordid little tale he would tell them, or would it be what she's going to tell them. What is she talking about? She supposes it's about a doctor and his ethics...or lack thereof. She doesn't think it is exactly ethical to help a patient fake a pregnancy. She knows about the phony miscar- riage too. He hangs up the phone and asks what she wants. He may be an obstetrician, but she thinks it's time she gave him a refresher course in the facts of life.

Carla and Tony get to his apartment and go inside. He calls out for Danny, but no one answers. Tony figures he's working late. He offers her something to drink. Seltzer is fine. He goes to the refrigerator and sees a note from Danny on it, saying that he is driving Ally and Tyler up to her mother's. Carla looks entirely pleased on the couch.

Tony crumples the note up angrily. Carla asks where her mother lives. Buffalo. Didn't Tony know she was goign? Yes, he knew. It was a family emergency. Her step-father died. they weren't very close, but her mother needs her now. Tony was supposed to go with them... But, he didn't go because of her, right? Carla is so sorry (yeah, right). She was just so scared about the baby. She didn't think about anything else. It's not her fault. It's not like she planned it. Isn't there anything Tony can do? Can he catch a later train? No. Carla offers to call Penn Station, but Tony yells that is' all right. He yells at her to forget it. He apologizes for yelling at her. She's so sorry she messed things up again. She really is trying to set things right. She even talked to Ally the other day. She did? yes, she went there to apologize but Ally was not in the mood to hear her side at all. Tony asks if they can change the subject. That's fine with her, but she just wanted to be up front with him about it because that's the kind of girl she is. Tony thanks her. He can always look on the bright side she says...everything seems really bad right now, but there is soemthing really wonderful coming their way. Tony doesn't get it, but she says, "The baby!" Tony smiles a little, "Oh yeah, right. The baby."

Dr. Marino doesn't understand. Does he remember her fiancee, Gino Soleito? Well, he's absolutely thrilled that he's going to be a grand- father. In fact, he's got one of those silly shirts that say, "I may be young and attractive, but I'm actually a Grandpa." He adores Carla. She is his only child. Tracey can't begin to imagine how devastated he will be when he finds out that Carla was only faking the pregnancy to hold onto her husband. I know he'll forgive her. He always forgives her. But he will be looking for someone to blame. Tracey wouldn't want to be the messenger of that kind of knews. Dr. Marino protests, but Tracey doesn't stop. Dr. Marino didn't stop her, She says. She says it's done and over with now. Dr. Marino gets it. He'll just sign the check over to her. Please. $5,000 is junk change. He says he doesn't have much. It's not a money thing. Well, then, what does she want? His card. She takes it and adds it to the file that he was keeping. She reminds him that it does say in the file that Carla's pregnancy test was "negativo." Dr. Marino does't trust Carla. He needed a little bit of insurance just in case she decided he's no longer needed. She says she has it now and he officially works for her now. What does she want? She'll let him know. She'll be in touch.

Tony brings Carla some cheese and crackers. She's not really hungry. He tells her to have a cracker. She takes one and he tells her to have another one. How many does she have to eat? Until he says she's had enough. Yes, sir. He really does care, doesn't he? He told her he cares about the, shut up and eat. She really is grateful that he was with her at the doctor's office today and that he is with her now, even if he is making her stuff her face, like she isn't going to be fat enough. He tells her to eat. She guesses that she is binging for two now... She really gave him a scare back there. He was really worried. He asks if there were any warning signs. No, she just started getting these really bad cramps and at first she thought it was morning sickness and then she looked down and saw the blood, so she called Dr. Marino. She never wants to go through that again. That makes two of them. She guesses she just didn't realize how much she wanted this baby until she almost lost it. She doesn't want to lose this baby. He tells her she won't lose the baby, trust him. Does she think they have books on how to be a father? He figured he would do a bit of reading. She says he's going to be a wonderful father. The doorbell rings. It's Tracey. She asks if Carla is there. Yeah. Tracey laughs characteristically and asks if he's goign to ask her in. Actually, no. He doesn't think she should have any visitors right now. He doesn't think it's a very good time. Well, all she needs is Gino's chest size. She saw a wonderful sweater for him and she wants to get it. Tony tells her it will have to wait. He whispers taht Carla almost lost the baby today. Oh my god! She runs in and Carla sees her and asks what she's doing there. Taking her to the hosptial. She picks up the phone, but Tony takes it away from her and tells her he took care of it. He took her to the doctor's already. Carla's okay. Tracey says that's not good enough. They need to get her to the hospital right away.

Carla says she has already been to the doctor and she checked out okay. Tracey says she can never be too careful in a situation like this. She needs to be in a hospital with doctors and nurses to watch over her. She'll be fine. Tracey asks if the doctor did sonogram. No, but... But, nothing. She knows that she and Tony will feel a lot better when they see that beautiful child wriggling around on the screen. Tracey bets Angie has a sonogram machine downstairs. She won't even have to leave the building. Carla says she's not leaving the building. In fact, she's not leaving the apartment. Tony says it's doctor's orders. Carla echoes him. Tracey gives in, saying she guesses doctor knows best. All Carla needs now is rest. Tracey doesn't need to worry. Tony will be there. Tracey says he doesn't need to be there. She's family. Carla doesn't think she could rest if Tracey was there. Tracey's going to leave. If they will excuse her, Carla is going to go lie down. Good idea, little mother, Tracey says. Tracey turns to Tony and says, "So, you're going to be a daddy." Carla eavesdrops.

Storyline: A proposal denied

Lorraine is at Angie and Jacob's. Lorraine wants to know why they decided to turn her down. Nick shows up. Nick hopes he's not too late. No, he's just in time. Angie and Jacob are telling her that she's not good enough to carry their child, Lorraine says.

Nick tells her to take it easy, but Lorraine knows that's it. She's not good enough, is she? They are trying to let her down easily. Yes, they are, but... Nick tells her to relax. Lorraine turns to Nick and says to him that she bets he feels vindicated now. Nick admits that he thinks they made the right decision for all concerned. Lorraine asks why they are doing this to her. She is opening herself up to them and they are pushing her away. They are not pushing Lorraine away. Lorraine says that they want to have a child. She is willing to be a surrogate mother. She is offering her services and they will not take them. Please tell her why. Jacob announces that it is because she is an alcoholic. Did she ever think of that?

Lorraine says she is a "recovered" alocoholic. Jacob believes the word is "recovering." The point is that she hasn't had a drink in over a year What about when Nick was sick. Lorraine said she had a slip, but Angie knows it was because Nick was dying. Nick wants to leave, but Lorraine wants to hear what they have to say. Angie says that kind of slip, or binge drinking, during a pregnancy can be more dangerous to a child than someone having one drink every day. Lorraine says it wasn't a binge and she would never be so weak as to drink during pregnancy. They are not judging her. Lorraine says they have already tried and convicted her. Nick wants to go, but Lorraine says she e doesn't think it is really about her drinking. Angie agrees with Nick. Lorraine wants her to be truthful. Isn't this about Jacob? She wants Angie to be honest with her. Is she jealous because she and Jacob were lovers?

Angie tells her not to say anymore. They all know that she and Jacob had a "thing," but that was a long, long time ago. Lorraine thinks that someone can't forget. Lorraine is crying. She wants them to be honest with her. Is that all this is? Is Angie jealous of her? Jealous? Lorraine tells her not to blame her that she can carry a baby and Angie can't. Nick says that's enough. Angie says that she thinks Lorraine has said what she came there to say and she won't let her take out her frustrations on her and Jacob like this. Angie knows that Lorraine has had some tough breaks, but Angie is not responsible. It's not her fault. She is responsible for her own life, which seems at the present to be more than she can handle. Angie can't understand how Lorraine can possibly think that she can handle the responsibility of having this baby. And Lorraine stands there and talks to them as if they owe her this chance?, Angie yells. The only chance that they owe each other is respect. Does she know what that is? Respecting each other's positions and respecting each other's decisions. It seems that she is in very short supply of that. Jacob says that this has gotten really out of hand and nicely asks Lorraine to leave. Nick walks out with her, saying he's sorry to Jacob. Angie says that was awful. Jacob agrees. They hug. Jacob pulls away and asks if she sees why this surrogate thing isn't going to work.

In the hallway. Lorraine is crying. Nick asks her if she is okay. She doesn't know why she said all of those horrible things to them. It's like she became someone else. Nick says it has to stop. She went into this thing without even talking to him first and when Angie and Jacob tried to let her down easy, she backed them into a corner. She knows. All she wanted was a little appreciation. Nick is sure they appreciate the offer. She offered them her body, she offered that child a home, a place to grow, and they turned her down flat over one slip. They are acting like she's worthless. Now, she's alienated her friends. What is she going to do? She hasn't alienated Nick. He's still right there. He's not going anywhere. They'll just make their apologies to Angie and Jacob and everything will be alright. Yeah. Nick wants to know why it is so important for her to carry this child. It just seems right. She says it's empty inside and she knows it's God's will. They hug.

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