The City Daily Recaps Archive (January 13th, 1997)
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January 13th, 1997
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Angie and Jacob are stunned by Lorraine's willingness to carry their baby. Nick makes his displeasure known and walks off. Lorraine feels she owes them - Jacob for helping her on the wagon and for giving her a job in SoHo, Angie for saving Nick's life. Jacob and Angie go upstairs to discuss it. Lorraine apologizes for making Nick uncomfortable, but he's being an obstinate pri...oops! jerk. She wants them to be in this together, but he doesn't see how that's possible. If she's goes through with it, he wants no part of it and he's upset that his feelings mean so little.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Jacob is relieved that Angie is not interested. She's worried about Lorraines years of drinking, recent slip, and emotional shakiness, not to mention the history between Lorraine and Jacob - Angie thinks Lorraine still loves Jacob. "They all do" he laughs (Yep!) Angie thinks that Lorraine thinks that they are close, but she doesn't feel the same, but maybe they can find someone. Jacob wonders how - a sign at the bar - "Want baby - Need Womb". Angie wishes her mother was younger, but Jacob doesn't like that idea. He says he doesn't trust anyone but her to carry their baby, which saddens her - having someone else carry it is there only chance. They hold each other.

Tracy is trying to calm Gino who is upset that he can't reach Carla. She suggests he talk to Tony and Gino admits that he and Tony haven't been getting along lately. Tracy says she'll invite him up and they'll all talk CALMLY. She calls and he politely refuses. She reminds him that it's not wise to refuse Gino and tells him it would be wise for him to talk to Gino while she is there. Tracy tells Gino that she gets the impression that Carla is pregnant. Gino gleefully admits it's true and tells her she's going to be a grandmother - she laughs. (Note to non-GHers: she already is, her son Ned has a baby daughter). The doorbell rings and she lets Tony in. Gino gets right to the point and asks where Carla is, Tony's not telling. Tracy tries to calm Gino, and instead asks Tony when he last talked to Carla. Gino gets a business call, Tracy urges him to attend to it and to let his wife-to-be handle Tony and Carla. Gino leaves and Carla asks Tony where Carla is. He tells her the Plaza, but not to expect the red carpet. She expresses sympathy (Ally had told her about the situation), and tells them if there's anything she can do.... He appreciates it and tells her about their trip to Dr. Mareno. He leaves and she writes down the doctor's name.

Danny is reluctant to be Carla's sperm donor, but is convinced by the thought of not having Ally. Danny sits on the beds and gestures for Carla to come over and she gulps down the rest of her drink (these two have so much chemistry!) Carla starts undressing Danny, he tries to get her to slow down. She doesn't want to waste time on foreplay, but he needs some inspiration. She takes off her shirt and continues undressing him. Danny again asks her to slow down, so she starts massaging his neck and chest and kissing him. They kiss and fall down on the bed and the camera pans to the fire and a commercial in order to keep the TV14 rating. After they lie in bed flat on their beds saying short sentences like "That's it", "No going back now", "It was something we just had to do"... Neither of them look very happy. Danny starts to get up to get dressed and leave. She asks that they never talk of it again. He agrees. A knock on the door startles them both. (Smiling Tracy at the door cliffhanger)

January 14th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

In the bar, Tess asks if the waiter has had any word from Buck. Not since she asked 5 minutes ago. She says he checked out of the resort hours ago. No one has seen him since he left, Tess says. The waiter tells her that Buck will get over it. She remembers the fight. She thinks that she better just tell him. She hopes he's in a forgiving mood. Buck walks in with a woman and the woman kisses him. Buck sees that Tess saw that. Tess leaves. Buck runs after Tess.

Outside her door, Ally is having trouble with something. She has Tyler in her arms, too. Where is Superman when you need him? Enter Tony.

Outside Carla's room, knock knock; room service, Tracy says. She didn't order anything, Carla says to Danny. Carla looks out the peephole and sees Tracy. It's Tracy! Carla says. Danny says something, and it looks like Tracy hears voices (not sure if she can identify Danny's voice).

Buck follows Tess and makes Tess open the door. Tess says she doesn't want to make him make the snow bunny wait. Buck says she's a very nice lady. Tess says she's sure she is. Buck wants to know what is so important. Tess says nothing. She wanted something, Buck says, she was waiting for him. She yells that Buck brought that lady to show off - he knew she'd be waiting, or that someone would tell her. Buck tells her to shut up and listen to him. Tess is in shock.

Ally thanks Tony. He says it looked heavy. She can't find her key. Tony says that Danny has one - Jocelyn gave him one. He invites her into his place - maybe Danny is home. Tony calls for Danny. No Danny. Ally wonders where he is.

Tracy demands that Carla open the door. Carla is running around, getting Danny out of sight and picking up clothes. Tracy says she promised Carla's father that she would check up on her and she wants to make sure that Carla is okay. Carla says she's fine. Tracy says she just wants to look at her and then she'll report to Carla's father. Carla stuffs all the clothes under the bed. She opens the door. Tracy says she looks fine, but a little red and flushed. Is she okay? or has she over-exerted herself? Carla tries to convience Tracy that all she wants is a little peace and quiet and to be alone. Tracy talks, and walks around. She sees a bracelet and picks it up. She mentions that it's a little big for Carla's delicate writst. Meanwhile, in another room, Danny is finshing dressing, and he notices his bracelet is missing.

Carla grabs the bracelet and says it belongs to her. It's an old boyfriend's. Tracy's not buying it. Danny hears Carla and Tracy talking. Carla tells Tracy that she is tired, and she is going to take a shower. Tracy suggests a bath. Tracy says this place is so she walks to the bathroom door...Carla could hold a party in there. Carla tells her she should leave - now! Whatever is she hiding? Tracy asks.

Ally says it's all the security locks fault. Tony remembers that he insisted she put the lock in when they were having all the problems. He was worried about her. Ally wants to call a locksmith. Tony calls a friend who's a locksmith. He'll be right over, Tony says. Ally thanks him and she tells him not to let her stop him from working. Tony says he's happy to have her with him. They talk about Tyler, who is sleeping. Tony says he is sorry. Ally walks away and wonders how long the locksmith is going to take. Tony says that he thinks about what his life is going to be without her, and it's killing him. Her too, Ally admits. Maybe that means that things will work out for them, Tony suggests.

Buck drags Tess over to a chair. He wants her to sit while he talks to her. Buck says that he and the woman skied last night. They had dinner with her friends. Then, he took her to his room. Tess hopes that she was good. She was great! Buck says. She did for him what no other woman has ever done, he adds. Tess gets up. Buck makes her listen. He had a terrific time with her and a bottle of brandy. Buck tells Tess that the woman listened to him talk about Tess for hours. Just talk, he says. He told her how he loved Tess, and how he was worried about losing her, and he didn't know why, and he still doesn't - because Tess won't tell him. He is mad at her for ruining this special time they were supposed to have. What did he have planned? Tess asks. Buck says he wanted to take her to someplace special, and to make her feel special, and to ask her to marry him. Tess stares at him.

Buck says yes, he was going to ask her to marry him. Why did he bring that woman here? Tess asks. He talked her ear off all night, Buck says, he figured he owed her a ride home, and a look at the woman who is driving him crazy. Tess sits down again and asks for a favor. Would he please ask her to marry him, right here? Buck says that this is not the way he planned it. You can't even see any mountains, Buck says. Tess says if he doesn't ask her right now, she'll die. Buck asks her if she would do him the honor of becoming his wife, for the rest of her life? Tess kisses him and says yes. Kiss kiss, oh yes. Buck says that he's all worn out. Now, it's her time, Buck says. What did she want to tell him? Nothing. Buck says she said she wanted to say something. Oh, yeah, she remembers. She kisses him. Buck wants to take her home. She doesn't have one, Tess reminds him. She does, Buck says, with him, for as long as she lives.

Ally doesn't think it'll be that easy. Tony says he misses her. They almost kiss. The locksmith is here. Good to see you, he tells Tony. Tony wishes that he could say the same. The locksmith asks where the lock is. Right over there, Tony points. He'll have it open in no time. Ally goes to get Tyler ready. The locksmith comes back. That was quick, Tony says. He tells Ally to come by tomorrow and he'll get some duplicates made.

Tracy, standing in front of the bathroom door tells Carla that she's not fooling anyone. Carla says it's her place. But, Tracy says, she's stronger as she opens the door. Danny is gone. Tracy says that she can see Carla is doing well. Tracy tells Carla to call her father. Tracy leaves. Carla runs to the bathroom. Danny was outside, on the ledge. He runs to the fire, he's frozen. He didn't think she'd ever leave. He tells Carla that it's a good thing he already made his deposit, since his assets are frozen. She says that if Danny knew what just went on, he wouldn't be making jokes. That witch knows something is going on, Carla says, and she won't let up until she finds out. We get a shot of the outside of Carla's door. I assume Tracy was listening in.

January 15th, 1997
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

Storyline: A Potpourri of stories

Angie's apartment. Zoey and Angie are talking about Zoey moving out of the clinic and into Ally's apartment. Zoey tells her it doesn't mean that she is going to disappear. It'll be fun to be neighbors. She can come over and borrow things: coffee, sugar, earrings...Jacob. Angie draws the line there. It's going to be good for Zoey. Tyler is excited too. She's not nervous. She used to live in a cardboard box, she's moving up in the world. Angie thought she would be staying with Richard when he gets back from Australia. That's what Zoey thought too. Zoey hasn't heard from him, except for a call on New Year's, but they didn't hook up. Angie says he'll be coming home soon. Does she think or does she know?, Zoey asks. Angie says he has a lot of things to sort out about his family. Patience was never really Zoey's gig. Angie has a message on the machine. It's Dr. Burke's office. It's very important that Tess make an appointment ASAP. Zoey asks Angie if Tess is sick.

Buck and Tess are in bed. Tess guesses a marriage proposal is the ultimate aphrodisiac (sp). No second thoughts?, Buck asks. Nope. Then, Buck had better get up and get to work so he can bring home the bacon. Tess tells him to wait. She is having second thoughts after all. Well, actually, thoughts about seconds. They start kissing and fall back onto the bed.

Call it instinct, but Zoey gets a funny feeling about Tess. She thinks there is something wrong. Why else would Dr. Burke be calling? Angie tells her that Tess probably had a check-up and they did some routine tests. Angie is probably right, but when Zoey gets these funny feelings, they usually turn out to be right. It makes her nervous. Angie tells her if she ever needs anything,s he's here for her. Zoey thanks her and says that actually she overheard something at the bar. She wasn't snoop- ing around or anything, but she ran into Lorraine at the bar and she told Zoey that Angie and Jacob are wanting to have a baby by way of a surro- gate. She hopes that isn't rude? Angie admits that she and Jacob are discussing it. That is so cool! Zoey admits at first it freaked her out a little bit, but the more she thought about it, the more it sounded good and if she can help them in any way, she will. Angie tells her to slow down. It's just an option. Zoey's sorry. She just gets so excited. Does anyone else know about it?, Angie asks. No, she didn't tell anyone. Zoey's going to go because Ally has a key for her. Angie doesn't want Zoey to feel uncomfortable bringing it up. Zoey bounds out and the phone rings again. It's Dr. Burke. She tells her that Tess is still out and can she take a message. It's Dr. Angela Hubbard. She'll have Tess call her as soon as she gets in. She hangs up and asks what Tess isn't telling her.

Buck loves her. She loves him too. Does he think that Jacob would be up to watching the bar for a few hours? Hold on there. He needs a little time to recharge. That's not what she's talking about. She wants to go to the Rainbow Room and then take a carriage ride around the park. Buck has a better idea. He wants to follow his original plan all the way through. He wants to take her up to Vermont. Tess agrees and they kiss. She has to go take a shower. Buck pulls her back and says that his battery just recharged. As they kiss, she calls him an animal. Love will do that to you, he says.

Tess walks in, glowing. Today, she's in heaven. She's in love with a wonderful guy, who just asked her to marry him. YES!!! Angie says that is wonderful. Tess didn't expect somersaults, but could Angie be a little more enthusiastic please? Angie tells her that Dr. Burke called. She wants Tess to call her back. She called twice. Tess asks what it was about. She tells Tess to call and find out.

Storyline: The Plot Thickens

Tracey calls Dr. Marino. She wants information about Carla Soleito. He says all information is confidential. She hasn't asked any questions yet. She is very close with Carla, in fact, she is going to marry her father. Gino Soleito? Dr. Marino knows him? Only by reputation. Tracy wants to stop by later. Dr. Marino's appointments are all full. And now he has another one, she says. She'll be there around 11. She hangs up. She's going to get to the truth about who is the father of Carla's little bundle of joy.

Danny is sick. He answers the door. He says it was a rough night, with Tracey showing up. Carla is glad that Tracey didn't sniff him out like a german shephard. The important thing is that they threw her off the scent, Danny says. They hope they did. Alex walks in as they say that. Alex looks at them skeptically and asks if they rob banks on the side or something.

Throw who off what scent?, Alex asks. Carla says the competition of GenX. Danny says she's actually the distributor and things aren't working out so they are going to find a new one. There's a potential legal problem involved and Danny is putting up a smokescreen so that she doesn't nail him ni the fine print, Carla says. So, that's where Danny was last night: screwing the distributor? Danny gets slightly red, then remembers he was supposed to meet Alex and Jocelyn for dinner last night. He apologizes. Alex has a message on the desk. He's going to take some boxes down to the new P.I. office. The message is from Bo Buchanan. What does he want?, Alex asks himself. Carla speaks loudly, saying that she knows a really sharp federal tax attorny that may be able to find a loophole or something. Tony comes in, singing "That's Amore". He goes up to Alex and starts dancing with him. Alex asks him what's the matter with him? Tony is happy to tell him that things are looking up between Ally and himself. He had to help her last night when she got locked out of her apartment. He notices Carla and she says hello. He wants to know what she's doing there. Danny sneezes.

Gino kisses Tracey's cheek. She spoke to Carla and she's fine. He spoke to her too and he wants to thank Tracey for all she's done in helping to bring peace to her family. Tracey begins to say she didn't do much, but Gino tells her to close her eyes. He has a suprise for her.

What's up Carla? Nothing, she was just talking to Danny. Good old Danny He's everybody's best friend, isn't he?, Tony says. Danny sneezes. He needs some aspirin. He goes toward the kitchen, but Tony is in his way. He asks him if he minds. tony steps aside slightly. So, what is she and Sneezy up to. She just came by to find out why he gave taht witch her phone number. Tony tells her she should be nicer. Tracey is going to marry her father. Don't remind her. He gave her the number because Gino was worried about her, he was afraid that she wasn't taking care of her- self. So, he sent Mata Hari to spy on her? He didn't send anyone. She volunteered. Tracey tricked Gino into marrying her. Tony says she is going to be family, their family. She should cut her a little slack. Like he wants Ally to do with him?, she asks. Tony tells her not to worry about that, just to worry about herself. Did she make the appointment with her own doctor yet, for prenatal care? She decided to stay with Dr. Marino. He's really easy to get along with. Tony is glad she likes him. Alex calls Tony. He's taking the rest of the stuff down. By the way, Bo Buchanan called. He needs some help on a case and he might be gone all day tomorrow. Tony will help Alex take the stuff. He tells Carla that he wants her to go see the doctor and take care of the baby. Their baby, Carla reminds him. Alex and Tony leave. Danny comes out of the other room. If Tony only knew... He won't, Carla says. They had better hope last night did the trick or they can kiss their plan good-bye.

Gino was planning on saving this for the engagement party, but when the urge hit, the urge hit. He tells her to close her eyes and hold out her hand. He gives her an I.O.U. for 212 Greene St. He says that for the first time, she is speechless. His people are working on the back-taxes now. In a few weeks, she should own her part of the building free and clear. But Gino had said... Gino knows what he said that if he gave her the building, she would have no reason to marry him, but that's no way to start a marriage. He has no idea how much this means to her and her son. Tracey can't believe it. Gino takes care of the people that he loves. Tracey excuses herself for a second and gets a drink. Tracey wants to take him and Carla out to dinner tonight and she's paying. Gino is so happy. does he think Tony is happy about the pregnancy? Gino thinks the idea is growing on him. Gino looks at the pad with the doctor's name on it. He asks if Tracey is okay. Tracey assures him that it is just her annual check-up and she is actually late for it. Gino will give her a ride in the limo. Gino is trying to remember where he knows Dr. Marino has a gambling problem and got into some trouble with some of Gino's friends.

Alex thinks once they get the place fixed up, the place will be kind of nice. Does Alex think Ally is thinking about him now? Man, he has it bad, Alex says. Tony can't help it. It's destiny. They were meant to be together. He saw it in Ally's eyes last night. They got real close. They were about to kiss when the Locksmith showed up. Tony could have killed him. Why doesn't he pick up where he left off? Tony hopes they can. Since they broke up, he's been so depressed. Alex says he wasn't even bathing or brushing his teeth. Enough, Tony says. Tony asks what he's going to do about this Carla situation. Alex asks what is going on between Carla and Danny. Every time he sees them, they look like two high school students that were caught smoking. Tony keeps expecting one of them to start whistling. The other day when he walked in they were saying, "Divide and conquer." Today, it was "Throw her off the trail." That doesn't sound like numbers crunching to Alex. Does Tony think they are...involved? No, Carla is a married woman...and pregnant.

Danny is going to steam the cold out of his head. The only thing he should be steaming about is Tony's newfound hope with Ally. Danny wonder what happened last night. Carla says he should try talking to him. Like Tony is going to open up to him, right? Carla has a better chance. He offers Carla some tea. Carla says her stomach is in knots. Danny thinks it might be morning sickness. Carla tells him that you don't get morning sickness the day after you have sex. Right, right, right. How does it happen? Carla says it should take a few weeks. Carla has to go. Danny wraps a towel around his head and goes to the boiling pot of water.

Tracey goes into Dr. Marino's office and thanks him for seeing her on such short notice. He says he is busy, so can they get to the point? She says that Carla and her are very close. Now that she is going to marry Carla's father, she confides in her. She has told her about her "condition" and it would be very bad for the family if it were to get out Dr. Marino hasn't told anyone. He hasn't said a word. Not one word. Tracey smiles schemingly.

January 16th, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Angie and Jacob's apartment

*Buck is in his apartment, packing an overnight bag while talking on the phone to the car rental agency. He's making arrangements to keep the car a few more days to take Tess up to Vermont.

*In Angie's apartment, Angie tells Tess that her doctor called and wants Tess to call her back right away, it's very important. Tess tries to fool Angie by telling her it must be about insurance and then tries to avoid Angie by going to pack. Angie doesn't let her get away, though, and accuses Tess of not telling the truth. If she has to, Angie will call Dr. Burke back herself and get the details. She's Tess's friend as well as her doctor. Tess finally admits to Angie that te lump in her breast is a tumor.

*Tess lied to Angie about the tumor because she couldn't face it. "And you think ignoring it is going to make it go away?", Angie asks. Tess hasn't told Buck anything about the tumor yet, and she doesn't plan to do it now and spoil their trip. When will she tell Buck, next month, next year, Angie demands, or will Tess wait until Buck's a widower?

*Angie reminds Tess how important early detection and treatment are. There's no need, though, for Tess to imagine the worst. Tess insists that she's not in denial, she just doesn't want to ruin the happiest moment of her life. How happy can she be, carrying this secret around with her, Angie asks. Telling Buck will change the way he looks and her, how he feels about her. Once she tells Buck, just about everythin will change. Tess doesn't want to ruin what could be the last happy moment for the rest of her life. Angie understands what Tess is saying, but "we are talking about life and death". Buck overhears this last sentence and wants to know what's going on.

*Tess tells him that Angie was thinking about reupholstering the sofa and they were talking about fabrics. Buck doesn't see how that could be life or death, but Tess says a man doesn't have any idea how important that sort of thing is to a woman. Tess goes to finish packing. Angie congratulates Buck on his engagement and wishes him all the happiness in the world. Buck leaves. Tess comes back out and thanks Angie for not saying anything to Buck. Tess promises she'll call Dr. Burke and make an appointment as soon as she gets back. Angie wants Tess to realize that every hour, every minute, counts. Tess has never understood that more than she does now, that's why she wants the next few days with Buck. She gets Angie to give her a kiss on the cheek and leaves.

Loction: Dr. Marino's office

*Tracy is warning Dr. Marino that it could be bad if anyone outside the family finds out about Carla's condition. The doctor swears that he hasn't told anyone, he's very busy and can't spare anymore time to talk to Tracy. MR. SOLEITO feels that he hasn't been given enough information on his daughter's condition, Tracy warns, hoping that fear of Gino will make the doctor talk. Mr. Soleito wants answers, and he will get them "by whatever means necessary".

*The doctor doesn't appreciate being threatened. He promised Carla he wouldn't discuss her condition with anyone and he's kept that promise. Tracy tells the doctor that Mr. Soleito would not be happy if his daughter's pregnancy ended up all over the tabloids. The doctor stands up and tells Tracy their conversation is over.

*If the doctor won't give her the information, she'll call Gino and have him send over one of his 'associates', Tracy says, picking up the phone. Dr. Marino still refuses to give the information because of doctor/patient confidentiality. The doctor can't spend any more time talking to Tracy and they go out into the waiting room. Dr. Marino tells his assistant, Dee, she can't have the afternoon off as he promised because she has to work on the paperwork for his time-share condo. Even the fact that Dee promised to go to Parent's Day at her son, Adam's, school doesn't change the doctor's mind. Dr. Marino leaves and Tracy comments she has a son and knows how much it hurts to disappoint them. Tracy asks if she can talk to Dee for a moment, she's concerned about the treatment her daughter-in-law has been getting there.

*Tracy's grown to like Carla so much, and this is her first pregnancy and there are genetic conditions in her family that should be taken into consideration. Tracy just wants to check to make sure that Carlo listed all of the important information. Dee tells Tracy she's not authorized to give out information on patients, she could lose her job. Tracy reminds Dee that Dr. Marino isn't around, he's gone to Belleview (Hospital). Actually, he's at the racetrack, Dee explains. Belleview is the doctor's code name for Belmont race track. She asks Tracy what the last name was and looks for the file. It's missing. Dr. Marino must have it in his personal files, and Dee doesn't have the key to them.

*Dee apologizes for not being able to help and leaves the room. Tracy swears to herself that she will get the information, one way or another.

Starting location: 5th floor hallway

*Danny and Carla are leaving his apartment and headed toward the elevator. Danny's sneezing and complaining about having to go out on the hotel ledge the other night. He does, however, admit that sleeping with Carla wasn't so bad. They are both curious about what Tony meant when he said that he was "making headway with Ally". Carla decides to go right to the source and knocks on Ally's door. Ally opens the door and, not at all happy to see Carla, asks "What do you want?" Ally then slams the door in Carla's face and Danny warns Carla to leave Ally alone.

*Carla knocks on Ally's door again. Ally finally agrees to let her in. She sends Tyler up to clean his room, despite his protest that it is already clean. Carla tells Ally how adorable Tyler is, then, touching her stomach, wonders if she'll have a boy or a girl. Ally asks what Carla wants and why she's there. Carla explains that she's in the building to have dinner with Gino and Tracy. Ally asks her to get to the point. Carla pretends to be queasy and asks for some crackers. Ally doesn't get her any, she just asks Carla again what the hell she's doing there.

*Carla thinks they should talk, but Ally's not interested. Any self-respecting person would have signed the annulment papers and bowed gracefully out of the marriage Tony obviously didn't want, Ally accuses. But Carla used the oldest trick in the book, she got Tony drunk and got him into bed with her. It didn't take much to get Tony into bed, Carla taunts. And now Carla turns out to be pregnant, Ally never like Carla, but at least she gave her credit for originality. Carla knows that Ally wants to see Tony as the innocent in this, but that's hardly the case, Carla says. Tony doesn't remember going to bed with Carla, or remember making love to her. Ally really doubts that Carla is even pregnant. Carla offers to give her the doctor's name. Ally orders Carla to leave, but she doesn't go. Ally tells Carla to face reality, if Tony's nice to Carla at all, it's only because of the baby. That's all Carla will ever have of him, because Ally has the rest.

*Carla says Ally is the one that is pathetic. Carla is married to Tony and having his baby, and Ally still thinks she has a chance with him. Ally claims it wold kill Carla if Ally and Tony got back together after all Carla's tries to do to them. Carla's not worried, it will never happen. "You'll never have him and you know it", Ally says. There's a knock at the door. It's Danny come to get some proof sheets. He quietly says to Carla he told her not to get near Ally. "Yes, master", Carla says sarcastically. Carla says if he wants Ally, he should leave it all up to Carla. Ally comes back with the proof sheets and Carla and Danny leave. Waiting for the elevator, Carla assures Danny that as long as Tony thinks she's carrying his child, everything will be fine. All they have to do now is hope that their night together got Carla pregnant.

January 17th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

Danny is getting his mail. Carla asks if it's a love letter fom Ally. Bill from ConEd, Danny says. Better luck next time, Carla says. She's here to have dinner with her father and Tracy. Danny is going to have dinner with Alex and Jocelyn, to make up for the night he missed, since he was with her. Carla notices that he is wearing the bracelet. Carla yells at him and makes him take it off. She *knows* Tracy would notice it and make the connection. Danny doesn't plan on being anywhere near her and Tracy. She tells him to take it off anyway. Gino and Tracy are talking. Carla and Danny walk in and Tracy says she looks lovely tonight. Gino is not happy about "that guy" that hangs around with her. Tracy says it's probably nothing. Gino says that Carla is married. Gino notices that Alex is with some other woman, so he sholdn't be bothering Tracy anymore. Alex and Jocelyn are talking. Joc wonders why Tracy is with Gino. Alex says guess. Gino gets Carla to sit at the table. Carla and Tracy are not too rude to each other, but Gino tells them it's a party, they need to be happy. Tracy says Dillon is with Tyler, and the babysitter.

Tony and Ally are at the agency. Tony says he's sorry the locksmith interrupted them. Ally is glad, maybe it's a good thing. Tony says what would have happened if he hadn't? The phone rings. Tony says he's starting to hate phones. Ally answers. It's her mother. What's wrong? Ally asks.

Ally says into the phone that she'll be there as soon as she can. She tells her mother to hang in there. Ally says Tony that her step-father died. Tony says he's so sorry. Ally says he got sick, and she promised her mother she'd go see him. She cries. She never made it. Tony says it's okay to cry. Ally turns to him and he hugs her. She hugs him back.

Zoey is babysitting Dilon and Tyler. Joey knocks on the door. He has lasagna. His mother made it for Tracy. Zoey jokes about welcoming the woman into the family, and checking her out, too. Joey says, yeah, something like that. Zoey says Tracy and Carla are down in the bar with Gino, having dinner. Joey says that should be an interesting dinner. Joey is invited to play the game the kids are playing...admission is one lasagna. Joey sits on the floor with them.

Nice of you to make it this time, Jocelyn says to Danny. He appologizes. Meanwhile, Gino tries to order something, but Carla makes him order something healthy. Tracy tells Carla that she will take good care of him. Carla sighs. Tracy says she hears there's a cold snap coming. Gino says he's going to invite some people to make this a real party! Gino suggests Alex and his friends. Both Carla and Tracy try to talk him out of it. Gino ignores them and goes over to the table and invites Alex, Jocelyn, and Danny (after Alex introduces them to Gino) over to his table. At first, Alex and the others decline the invitation, then Gino insists, and Alex asks Danny. Danny declines. Gino insists again. They realize that Gino won't take no for an answer. On the way back to the table, Gino tells Alex to remember, Alex lost; Gino won Tracy fair and square. Gino kisses Tracy. Jocelyn looks at Alex, who is not happy.

Joey plays nice with the kids. Joey lands on Boardwalk, owned by one of the kids. That ends the game, Zoey says. I won! the kid says. You won, big time, Zoey says. She sends the kids off to watch TV while she and Joey clean up. Joey wonders how she ended up babysitting. She says it's her gig now - she was fired from Hot Line, until Richard comes back...if he comes back. They talk about Tracy and Gino. Zoey asks what it's like to be in a family with the Godfather. Don't worry, she says, she's not wired. Joey says she couldn't be, there's no place to hide the wire, unless the nose ring is the wire, they laugh. They talk about her nose ring, and how it's not a usual sight at his club.

Gino tells Alex he owes him. Alex asks for an explanation. If Alex wasn't competition for Tracy, Gino wouldn't have played his best game with Tracy and won. Tracy says how romantic. Gino says she knows what he means. Jocelyn takes Alex aside (by saying she thinks she lost an earing at the other table) and asks if he would like to explain what that is all about. Back at the table, Carla asks about Tracy and Alex. So, the two of you were involved? For a little while, Tracy says. How long ago was that? Carla asks. Gino says that was the past, and this is now.

Ally pulls away and tells Tony about her relationship with her step-father. (ed. note: I missed most of this, she was talking so quiet, and the static was overwhelming. If she said anything interesting or important, please, someone let us know!) Somehow, she started talking about how someone says she wishes they were as happy as them (Tony and Ally?)...but look at them now. Tony wishes that he could take the last few months and wipe them out. But we can't can we? Ally says.

Alex tries to tell Jocelyn, but he says it will take all night. Can she wait?

Carla wants to know more about Tracy and Alex. Gino says it is the past, It doesn't matter anymore, he adds. Jocelyn and Alex return. Tracy asks if she found her earing. Yup, Jocelyn says. Tracy says Jocelyn is lucky; she never can find her lost jewlery. Losing jewlery must run in the family, Jocelyn says. What does she mean? Tracy asks. Where is your bracelet? Jocelyn asks Danny.

Joey asks if anyone has told Zoey she's a little nosy? Lots, she says. Well, he killed 5 people this week...and busted up a couple. Zoey says he must have busted a knee cap or two. He doesn't even know where the knee cap is. Zoey says she pictured his club as smoked filled and full of people plotting how to hurt people and get revenge. He tells her that she has the smoke-filled part right, but she's been watching too many movies. Joey says the club is men only. Only Carla is allowed in, and they're not happy about it - but she has connections. So, Zoey will go in drag, she says. They bet that she can get in and not be detected as a woman. Joey leaves, saying he'll see her, good looking.

Ally is on the phone, waiting to get the train schedule. Tony tells her that he'll get the schedule, she needs to go pack. He wonders what she'll do with Tyler. He'll come with her, of course. Tony suggests that Zoey can watch him. Tony says that she is preoccupied, it's a long trip, and she'll be alone. He offers to go with her.

Danny says he's not sure where he lost it. Jocelyn gave it to him. Tracy asks what it looks like. Danny says it doesn't matter. Jocelyn describes it. Sounds familiar, Tracy says, remembering picking it up in Carla's place. Jocelyn asks if Tracy's seen it. Tracy rubs her chin and says she thinks so. Danny and Carla look worried. Now where, Tracy says as she continues to rub, where have I seen it?

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