The City Daily Recaps Archive (January 6th, 1997)
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January 6th, 1997
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Buck is going to the storeroom with a blonde waitress to get some more bottles of something. He see Tess get off the elevator, she tells him she has an appointment and she's late. He tells her to hurry back, he has something special planned. She kisses him "for luck" and leaves, while he watches her and seems to be wondering. He heads back to the bar and calls the Vermont Inn about his wanting to get the honeymoon suite for the weekend. He admits that it's not his honeymoon, but he intends on proposing there. The other bartender comes in and he asks him to work the weekend for him. He asks him to go to the storeroom to get him some champagne (I'd refuse, since the waitress who went down earlier hasn't been seen yet).

Tess gets to the doctors office and starts chattering idly. The doctor interrupts her, realizing she's nervous and scared. The doctor says that most of the time, these things turn out to be cysts and won't have to be removed. But it's better to be safe and check it out. They go in the back. Later, Tess comes out and puts on her coat and paces. The doctor comes out, the lump is not a cyst, it's a tumor. Tess is upset, even though the doctor says it might not be cancer. She needs to have a biopsy. Tess talks about dying young and the doctor tries to reassure her that there's a good chance that the tumor is benign. Tess is skeptical, since she used the same words about the growth earlier. The doctor gives Tess a surgeon's name and asks her to call him. She leaves to get a nurse who went through the same thing as Tess and her tumor was benign. Tess leaves before they get back.

Ally comes out in time to see Tony and Carla. She goes back in, despite Tony yelling to open up and Carla saying that it's not what she thinks. Tony tells Carla to stay out of it. Tony begs at the door, ignoring Carla's leaving. After the elevator leaves, a teary eyed Ally opens the door. They go over the same old things, he's sorry and miserable, she's broken-hearted and miserable. Ally goes on about how the child ties Carla and Tony together forever, Carla is his future,... While the actors did a good job here, I kept wanting Tony to point out that Ally had a child with one man while in love with the man she later married. He tells her that if she can look at him and say she doesn't love him, he'll leave her alone. She says she does love him, but wishes she didn't. He says he'll make everything right, she tells him to go. He says he won't stop fighting for her and leaves. She says "Tony" as he leaves, but he doesn't hear. (Cliffhanger)

Carla runs into Danny in the lobby. They compare notes, both guessing that nothing happened with the other. Carla relates the scene in the hallway. Carla is gloating, but Danny tells her that Tony will not give up on Ally. Danny points out that she's still not pregnant, but she replies that he'd be amazed what modern science can do. Danny says he doesn't want to hear the details. He's sick of the game and of her. She mocks him and tells him she's going gene shopping. He points out that she doesn't wear jeans, and she laughs - not those kind of genes.

January 7th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

Tracy gets off the elevator. She has a kid's football and says this ought to get me in the door. She knocks. Ally opens the dor, and tracy tells Ally to catch as she tosses the football. Tracy says that the Dallas Cowboys are looking for a hunch...ahh quarterback. Ally says they wouldn't want her. Tracy says they would, but probably not for that. Tracy wants to come in and talk to her. Ally lets her in and Tracy says she wants to talk about a mutual acquaintance of theirs. Tracy remembers that Ally warned her away from Gino Solieto. Tracy tells Ally that to make a long story short, she is seeing Gino. He proposed marriage. Wow, Ally says. That's what she said, and then she though about it. Does she know what she's getting into? Tracy says she's not concerned about Gino, she's concerned about his daugheter. She's a handful, Tracy says. That's an understatement, Ally says. Carla is diabolical, Tracy says, and she'll do anything to get what she wants.

Can we help you? the doctor at the sperm bank asks Carla. Carla tells the nice doctor she hopes so. See, it's her husband, he has this little problem, Carla says as she holds her fingers apart a tiny bit, and she's hoping that they can fix it.

At the bar, Buck says Tess will love this. Love what? Angie asks. He has something to tell her, Buck says. He's waiting for her to come back from her errand this morning. Tess is outside the door, remembering the doctor tell Tess that it's not a cyst, it's a tumor. Tess walks in and Angie says well? Tess lies and tells Angie it was nothing, everything is fine. Tess looks at Buck, who is smiling at her.

Angie wonders where the report is. Tess lies that she told the doctor not to bother. Angie asks if they did a needle procedure. No, Tess says the sonogram was all. Angie wonders if everything really is okay. Tess says to tell the truth...Yes? Angie asks. To tell the truth, the doctor said she was okay, and she tuned the rest out. Tess adds, wouldn't she? Buck comes over and takes Tess. Angie does not look like she believes Tess.

At a table in the bar, Angie comes over as Nick says that he thought he'd have to pound on the wall once Jacob and Angie got to making the baby. Jacob asks if Nick is saying the bed squeeks. Nick says something should squeek. Loraine thinks Nick is embarassing Angie. Angie sits and tells Nick and Loraine that she and Jacob can conceive a baby, that's not the problem. What is? Nick asks.

Ally tells Tracy that Tony and Carla did not get the annulment. Tracy wonders what happened. Ally tells Tracy that all she will say is that if Carla offers to make martinis to celebrate Carla's engagement, turn her down. Ally says Carla plied Tony with martinis, and took advantage of him. Tracy says well, it could be worse. Tracy knew a woman who did it once, and ended up pregnant. Ally looks at her over her coffee cup. Tracy says, no? Carla? Pregnant? Is she telling Tracy that Carla is pregnant? Ally says why not? Everyone else in the building knows. Tracy says so it's true. She is so sorry, Tracy adds. Ally says Carla *says* she is pregnant.

Carla is at the computer, complementing the doctor on their selection. The doctor says that they have so many to accomodate their clients. She mentions her husband's low sperm count, and how she wants the baby to look like her husband. Carla says she'll take this one. She points to the screen. The doctor looks at her. Do you have a problem with that? Carla asks.

Loraine says Angie came back from the clinic with such good news, they assumed that she could carry a child. She can, but not to term, Angie says. For that, they'll need a surrogate. Loraine thinks that's great. Nick asks about some team, trying to change the subject. Angie says biologically, the baby will be be hers and Jacob's. Nick says add flour, and you have a cake. Loraine says like an incubator. Jacob asks if this is appropriate dinner talk. Loraine wonders if the surrogate has to be matched like Nick's liver was, since the surrogate's blood is feeding the baby. Nick says, speaking of feeding, he wants to order dinner. Jacob wonders if they should include the rest of the bar in the conversation.

Buck gives Tess a box. It's a new sweater. He remembers her throwing all her clothes away. He wants to show her off. Tess blanches at the though of showing herself off. She'll need it for this weekend, Buck adds. He tells her that he's planned a weekend, in Vermont, for the two of them and a fireplace. Tess sighs and wonders why it has to be this weekend. Buck thinks that she doesn't want to go. What is wrong with her? Nothing, Tess says. No, Buck says, maybe it is something wrong with him.

Tracy suggests that this pregnancy is too convient. Ally says that Tony took her to his doctor, and he confirmed that she's pregnant. Ally warns Tracy of Carla's ability to break up any couple. Tracy says she hasn't dealt with the likes of Tracy yet. Tracy says that a higher power may have blessed them, and not even Carla can undo that.

Carla wants to know why she can't get the donation right away. The doctor says that they have to do compatibility tests, counceling, and she'll have to bring in her husband. Oh, no, Carla says, she wants to charge it right now. No, it's not like that. Good, she wanted to pay cash anyway, Carla says as she takes the money out. No, the doctor says, that's not how it's done. This is a business, isn't it? The doctor says they like to think of it as a service. Well, Carla says, waving the cash, service me. She wants to know his price. That's not how they do it here, the doctor says. Carla stands up and asks him his price.

The waitress takes the order and leaves. Angie appologizes for bringing up the subject. Loraine appologizes for going on and on. Nick asks about another team. The waitress comes over and says they're out of eggs. We're not, Nick says. Jacob says you just had to say that, didn't you? Nick says yeah, he just wanted to lighten the mood.

Buck and Tess argue. Buck says he'll cancel the reservation. No, Buck changes his mind, he'll go by himself. He was going to have a bigger surprise for her! Buck slams the door. Tess says, to herself, that she's had enough surprises for one day.

Ally thanks Tracy for bringing the ball back. Tracy says she's sorry about Tony, but for Ally not to give up, and not to be surprised if things work out they way they were meant to be.

The doctor tells Carla that this is a licensed facility, and he doesn't want to do anything that would jeopardize that. Carla coos that no one would have to know. The doctor declines, saying he would know. He says they can satisfy her, within the rules and without bribes. She's ready, Carla says, let's go. The doctor says it shouldn't take more than a month. Carla says she needs to be pregnant by the end of the week. Sorry, he says. She says she needs a real man. He offers to show her out. No, thanks, she wouldn't want any potential fathers to think she was taken. Good hunting, he says, as she leaves the office.

January 8th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

At the clinic, Angie is dealing with a patient. Loraine comes in as the patient is leaving. She spilled coffee on her arm at the bar. Jacob comes in and asks Angie if Loraine is going to live. Loraine tells him she's sorry, she'll go right back to work. Jacob says not to worry, he'll cover for her. Loraine says since they're both here, there's something she has to say to them.

In the hotel room, Carla calls Gino. She's at a hotel. She'd rather not say which one. He can find out, Gino says. She just needs some time to herself, Carla says. She's not going to jump out a window, she adds. He appologizes about not telling her about his engagement to Tracy. She's okay, Carla says. No, she changes her mind, she's not okay. The two men she trusted... first him, and then Tony. What's up with Tony, Gino asks. Seems Tony doesn't want this fancy wedding that Daddy has dreamed up. Gino says he'll talk to Tony. She begs him not to force Tony into something he doesn't want. Gino says he'll handle it. Carla hangs up and Danny applauds as she says that was act one.

Ally is at the old agency (the Gen X offices, also Jocelyn's office), and Tony is looking for more office space. He says he's not here to beg her to forgive him again. The phone rings and the receptionist tells Tony he has a phone call from his uncle. Tony tells her to tell him he'll call back, Tony says. He tells Ally that he meant what he said. Until she can say she doesn't love him, he won't give up. The receptionist says his uncle says it's important. It's about Carla, she adds. Tony shrugs, and turns to go to the phone. Ally looks disgusted.

Loraine tells Angie and Jacob she's sorry she went on and on about the surrogate business last night. Angie tells her that they have an appointment with a fertility doctor this afternoon. Loraine says she knows that it will all go well. Angie says she'll call a prescription in for an antibiotic for Loraine's arm, and Loraine heads back to work. Angie asks Jacob to keep an open mind. He can do that, can't he? Jacob coughs.

Zoey comes in looking for Jocelyn. Ally wonders what's up. Zoey says she needs a lawyer. She needs to file whatever you file when they fire you for no good reason. Zoey says that Richard could fix it with one phone call, but the number she has for him is no good - he moved. Well, at least she has that cot at the clinic. Tony comes over and says Gino is steamed and down in the bar. Ally spits that he wants to talk about *Carla*, right? Tony tells her not to leave, he's not done with her. Zoey says life sucks, and then you die. Ally says tell me about it. What's going on with her and Tony? There is no her and Tony, Ally says.

Danny complements Carla on her performance with Gino. Carla thinks that after Dad talks with Tony, her problems will be over. Danny says not unless she gets Tony unconscious...but that wouldn't help her cause. Carla says her head hurts, she rubs her temples. Danny grabs her and she falls to the bed, with Danny on top of her. What's wrong? Nothing, Carla says, getting up - but you never expected to be in her hotel room, on her bed, with her, did you? she coos. Neither will Tony, she adds.

Tony walks over to Gino in the bar. Gino says he has to talk to Tony. Tony says he wants to talk to Gino, too.

Jacob promises to be open, but this is a very strange setup for him. If he is set against this, they'll forget it. And she'll hate him for it. No, she says, but she wants him to realize that if he says no, he's saying no to their *ever* having a child. Jacob says that they'd be relying on a stranger...Loraine comes in, and overhears. Jacob says how do they know this woman didn't do drugs and abuse her body? Or grow attached to the baby. Angie says please, baby, please, just give it a chance. Loraine looks deep in thought.

Carla is pregnant with Tony's child?! What is Ally going to do? Zoey asks. She's going to get on with her life, Ally says, she doesn't know what Tony is going to do. Zoey says that it was a mistake. A *big* mistake, Ally says. He doesnt' care about Carla, Zoey says, he cares about Ally. Ally says he's going to be the father of Carla's baby. Ally agrees that she loves Tony, but how can she forget when she's reminded everyday of the result? Zoey says that Ally and Tony wouldn't be living with the baby...Carla would. Zoey suggests that they try counceling, then realizes who is she to give advice, her own life is messed up. Ally says she can't help with HotLine or Richard, but she can do something about the cot. Ally offers to have Zoey move in with her. Zoey says she doesn't have a lot of money, she has a little saved. Tyler loves her, Ally says. Zoey says she needs a roommate, but she doesn't think that she's the one.

Danny says she had him going for about 5 seconds, and that will be all she gets with Tony. Carla tells Danny to take care of Ally. She's about to get ready for act 2.

Tony says he's not responsible for Carla not coming home last night. Gino knows that she was upset about Gino's engagement. Gino says Carla is in a hotel, crying her eyes out about Tony. What did he do? Gino says that Carla is upset, and this is not the time for him to go back on his promises. What promise? Tony asks. Don't play dumb with me, Gino says. He's not, Tony says, what is he talking about? Gino says the wedding. Huh? Tony reminds Gino that he and Carla are already married. The big, church wedding, Gino says. What? Tony looks confused.

Jacob says if this means so much to her...Angie says that she wants it to mean so much to him, too. If she had a relative or a close friend, it would be different. Loraine comes in and says she forgot her order pad...she appologizes for interrupting. Angie says they might have needed interrupting. Loriane leaves, saying that she knows this will work out, it's in the cards.

Ally wonders who Zoey had in mind. A tall, dark Italian with the initials TS, Zoey says. Ally wonders what Zoey would do if Richard got some other woman pregnant. She'd knock him unconscious. See, Ally says. But, Tony loves her, Zoey says. Danny comes in and asks Ally to help him pick out a cover picture. She has to go home, the babysitter has to leave, Ally says. Can they do this there? Danny asks. Sure, Ally says.

Tony denies every promising Carla a big wedding. Gino ignores him and says that any child born into this family will be born with a couple married under the grace of God. Tony tries to get a word in edgewise, but Gino continues saying that he's thinking of a double wedding, and he doesn't want to hear any disagreement. Gino leaves. Tony gets up and calls Carla. He is upset, and he tells Carla that he just had a talk with Gino. Carla wonders if Tony told him where she is. No, Tony says. Did Tony talk to Gino about Tracy? Carla asks. As much as he could get in edgewise, Tony says. Seems Gino still wants to marry her, and that's not the only wedding he has on his mind, Tony says. What is Tony talking about? Carla asks. He doesn't want to talk to her over the phone, Tony says. He'll be right over. Carla hangs up, smiling. She sits on the bed and says Tony, get ready for act 2. (Maybe I should mention, she's in her black lingerie.)

January 9th, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Nick and Buck's apartment

*Lorraine's cleaning up what looks like the remains of a poker game, when Nick comes in the apartment in a very good mood. He leads her over to sit down on the couch to tell her the good news. He just came back from his checkup at the doctor, and the doctor gave him approval to do something he's been wanting to do. "How does a promotional tour of Europe sound to you?" he asks Lorraine. Lorraine thinks it's wonderful news, but she'll miss him. Nick wants to take her with him, but she doesn't think she'll be able to go. "By April I may be pregnant", she says.

*Nick thinks that Lorraine means that she is already pregnant. Not that kind of pregnant, Lorraine replies. Nick doesn't understand, how many kinds of pregnant are there? Lorraine explains that she's thinking of being a surrogate for Jacob and Angie. "Are you saying that you volunteered for the job?", Nick asks.

*No she hasn't voluteered yet, but she's considering it. Jacob and Angie have been so good to her since she's moved to New York, they've been very good friends. Besides that, when Nick was sick Lorraine prayed to God that Nick would be saved. Her prayers were answered, and now maybe this is something she could do for Him. Nick doesn't like the idea of Lorraine being a surrogate at all. At the end of the nine months Lorraine will have a precious gift, a gift that she will have to hand over to two other people, Nick reminds her. Giving away that baby is going to be like giving away a piece of her heart, Nick doesn't think that she can handle it. Lorraine disagrees, she thinks she will be able to handle it. "With a little help from the.....", Nick starts to say, then changes his mind. Lorraine knows what he meant, he thinks that she will start drinking again.

*He reminds her that AA says that you shouldn't make any big changes in your life until you've been sober at least a year. Nick just doesn't think it's the right time to do this. Lorraine says that she's only had one slip in the 11 months that Nick has known her, and that was because she thought Nick was going to die. So your slip was my fault, Nick asks. Lorraine wasn't trying to say that, maybe he should be a little less judgemental and a little more compassionate. When Nick went looking for the guy who didn't get "his liver", Lorraine didn't call him a "damn fool" or say he didn't have the right to do it. Nick doesn't want to fight, he's just trying to keep Lorraine from being hurt. What Nick means is that he doesn't think she can do it, Lorraine says, and sarcasticaly thanks him for his vote of confidence before leaving. Nick yells after her to stop, they should talk this out, but she doesn't listen.

Location: Ally's apartment

*Ally and Danny are sitting at the table looking over photos for the magazine. Ally picks out a few that she likes and shows Danny. Danny offers to take Tyler over to his place and play some basketball once he wakes up from his nap. Ally mentions that Tony promised to take Tyler to a Knicks game, but now that's never going to happen.

*It's not that Tony backed out on taking Tyler, Ally just doesn't think it would be a good idea for Tyler to spend time with Tony the way things are. It's ironic, she says, she spent all that effort getting them to be friends, and now that they are, she's keeping them apart. She feels like a lousy mother. Danny assures her that she's a fantastic mother, she's only trying to protect Tyler. Ally knows that Tyler is going to be so disappointed when she tell him he can't go to the Knicks game. Jocelyn, opening the apartment door, overhears Danny offer to volunteer his services (to take Tyler to the Knicks game instead). Jocelyn asks just what sort of services he is volunteering.

*Ally explains that Tony was supposed to take Tyler to a Knicks game and Danny has offered to take him instead. Danny offers to help take the rest of Jocelyn's stuff over to her and Alex's new place. Jocelyn sweetly accuses him of wanting to get rid of her. Danny goes upstairs to get the stuff. Jocelyn feels bad that she's leaving Ally alone, with all the stuff going on with Tony, but Ally assures her she will be just fine. Zoey's going to be moving in and Danny's right across the hall. Ally can see that Joc isn't totally thrilled about Danny being so close to Ally. Ally admits that they have a strange friendship, considering all that has happened. They taked about it on New Year's Eve, Danny stayed with her and calmed her down until she went to sleep. Danny comes back downstairs with a box of Jocelyn's things and wonders if he's interrupting any girltalk. Joc tells him Ally was just saying how nice he was to her on New Year's Eve.

*Danny says it was nothing, he just stopped by for a few minutes to see how Ally was. Ally's been using his technique of thinking of something soft and soothing to get to sleep, but it hasn't worked as well as the night he sat there talking to her about the beach. Joc snidely comments that maybe Ally should rent him by the hour. Danny walks to the other side of the room, and Joc tells Ally that she's sure she and Tony will get back together again. If Tony just slept with Carla, she could probably get over it, Ally says, but the fact that Carla's pregnant changes everything. Danny goes to take Joc's stuff downstairs. Standing by the elevator, he calls Carla on his cel phone. Carla tells Danny that Tony did come over, but then he left. Danny asks if she'll be there for a while because he's coming right over. He thinks he has an idea on how to make this whole thing work.

Location: Carla's hotel room

*Carla opens the door and Tony walks in, telling Carla they've got a big problem. Gino's planning a double church wedding, for himself and Tracy and also for Tony and Carla. "That's crazy", Carla says. Did she tell Gino that Tony promised to marry her in a chuch, Tony demands.

*Carla denies that she ever told Gino any such thing. Gino was the only one who talked about a wedding and she's upset because Tony doesn't believe her. The first thing Gino said when he heard Carla was pregnant was that they would have to be married in a church. Tony still not sure if she's telling the truth, he can't see Gino saying the whole thing was Carla's idea if it was actually his own. Carla tells Tony that she knows Tony doesn't want a wedding and that's all that matters. Tony wants her to prove it then, by talking to Gino and convincing him that they don't want a wedding. Carla says she'll try. Tony, headed for the door, insists that she try HARD. Carla stops him before he leaves, asking him for a moment of his time.

*If it's about the two of them getting together she's wasting her time, Tony says, they're never going to get together. Carla starts telling hime this story about how she went to church this morning and all of a sudden it came to her, why all these things were happening to them. The Feds case against Carla, Tony and Carla's fake marriage, the charges suddenly being dropped, everything happens for a reason. Tyler showing up on Ally's birthday(Tony reminds her that Danny brought him), Tony getting drunk and Carla getting pregnant the first time they made love, it was no accident(No kidding!) Tony knows she's no "religious fanatic", she never believed in fate or desitiny, but she can't believe all these things happening was just coincidence. Tony believes that sometime a guy drinks to much and loses his mind, and sometimes people sleep with people that they shouldn't sleep with. Carla insists that it was more than sex that night, they made love, and Tony was there even if he doesn't remember it now, how he kissed her, how he hugged her. Tony really doesn't want to discuss it. Fine, Carla says, she'll show him. She kisses him on the neck while Tony just stands there.

*Tony moves away and tells Carla to knock it off. Just talk to Gino he say. He may have been out of control that night, but he's in control now and it's not going to happen. Maybe they just shouldn't be alone together, he doesn't want any more misunderstandings. Carla can talk about it until she's blue in the face or can show him a videotape, but it's still not going to happen again. He asks her once again to let him know how it goes with Gino and leaves. Carla says out loud, "OK kid, we're going to have to get you started some other way. It has to be tonight"

January 10th, 1997
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

Storyline: And Baby Makes, uh...Five?

Angie and Jacob's apartment. Jacob is walking around, upset. She asks if he is okay. She says that today may not have been a good day to go to the fertility specialist. He says they had to go sometime. She tells him that he wasn't in the mood to go today. His mood was just fine when they got there, he tells her. The more she talked about their baby being carried by someone else, the less he could picture it. It sounds to her as if he has already made up his mind. He doesn't want to have this child.

The bar. Nick walks up to Lorraine. He brought her something. It looks like a brownie. It was the closest thing he could get to an olive branch He's sorry. He knows that it sounded like he didn't have faith in her. He was preaching, she says. Do like the good book says: don't do anything for a year. That wasn't what he was doing. She knows exactly what he was doing.

Jacob says he wants to have a baby with her, but he wants to consider adoption. Angie wants to have their own baby. She says that there is nothing wrong with adoption, but they can have their own baby. He is still against it. They take his sperm and her egg and put it inside some unknown entity. It's like they are making an alien or something. It's something done everyt day. Why risk it? There are tons of kids in this city that are dying to be adopted every day. Because it would be THEIRS. After everything they have gone through, everything she has gone through to be able to conceive, she wants to give it a chance. That's all it is anyway. Having a baby in vitro, or using a surrogate is only a chance. It may not work, but she wants to try it. He just wants to weight the pros and cons. He thinks she hasn't? He just thinks she's stacking the scales. Maybe he's right. She can't stop dreaming about what their child might be like if he had Jacob's sense of humor, his talent for music... he finishes, "my stubborn streak." She says maybe he'd have her interest in medicine. She knows he'd have his killer eyes and lips. He?, Jacob asks. Couldn't it be a 'she'? Angie doesn't care whether it is a boy or a girl. It would be a part of both of them though. He has the same dreams. She asks him to tell her what is really bothering him about a surrogate.

Lorraine knows why Nick doesn't want her to have Jacob and Angie's baby and she admits her motives are not entirely unselfish. She does want to have the baby for herself, not just for them. Nick is glad she realizes that. She just hopes that he realizes why he's against it. He comes back from the doctor's all excited because the doctor gave him the go ahead on the European tour. Nick was happy, was that a problem? He made it one. What? She says that she can' go with him because she might be pregnant and he gets all bent out of shape. He didn't get bent out of shape. He didn't get bent out of shape because of that. It was because she decided without talking to him that she was going to carry someone's baby. Not just anyone's baby at that--Jacob's baby.

Lorraine says Nick is jealous...of Jacob. Nick pulls her aside and says that maybe in a way, she is right. Jealous isn't the word he would use, but he is a little thrown that she wants to carry his baby. Angie and Jacob are married. It's THEIR baby. He reminds her that she went to bed with Jacob. Lorraine tells him that it was once, a long time ago, in Corinth. He asks her why she came to New York. He tells her that she came to NY for one reason, to break up Jacob and Angie. She has always felt inferior and this is her way of compensating. Angie can't have Jacob's baby, so she'll have it for them. Lorraine gets up and starts to walk away. Nick says he must of come a little too close to the truth. Lorraine has nothing to prove to Angie or Jacob and if that's what he thinks of her, he doesn't really know her. Maybe that's true, because the woman he knows was thrilled that he got a liver transplant. She wasn't just happy for him, she was happy for both of them. She still is. This was supposed to be their time. Their time? And when was that supposed to start? He's been obsessed with finding who was supposed to get that liver transplant. he put that on hold. For how long? A few days, a week? Indefinitely. As long as it takes. He did it for her, for both of them. Maybe that doesn't matter to her anymore, he says.

Jacob just can't get past someone walking around for nine months with their baby inside of them. Angie says she would be counseled, prepared. How do you prepare for something like that? All of the women are screened carefully. Well, they can screen all they want, it doesn't change the fact that they are inviting a complete stranger into their lives. Everytime he thinks about it, he tenses up and gets a bad feeling That's the difference between them. She gets a very good feeling. It's a miracle. It's a chance to create a child and all he can think about is what can go wrong. He's just being realistic. He has to have a little faith. Maybe she's right, but he asks her to chill on the topic right now. He's had enough for one day. He has to go down and check on the bar. Angie will go with him. They go into the hallway and she stops him. Whatever they decide, she loves him. He's glad there is one thing they agree on because he loves her too. They kiss.

How can Nick even suggest that Nick doesn't matter to her? Did he matter to her when she decided to have someone's baby? She decided to become a surrogate. It's a job. Having a baby is hardly nine to five. He's not even trying to hear her reasons. Angie and Jacob are good friends of hers and this is larger than friendship. Lorraine believes it's the will of God. He has always been there. He brought Nick through surgery and now is payback time. She got a candygram from heaven saying that God expected this from her? He can mock her, but she believes that she owes him. What about them? Don't they deserve a second chance? What second chance? Ever since he got out of the hospital what has he done? Lived. He's been on the phone too much to live. He gave all that up, but admits that he may have gone a little overboard and that may have caused a rift. But, if she gets pregnant, it's not going to be a rift, it's going to be the Grand Canyon, understand? Jacob walks up and Lorraine walks away. Did Jacob just walk in on something? He could say that. It looked pretty big. Jacob wouldn't guess in a million years.

Lorraine goes up to Angie and asks how the appointment went. Not great. Lorraine can see that something is wrong. Jacob can't imagine having a stranger carry their child. Well, what if it isn't? Isn't what? A stranger. "I can do it," Lorraine says. She means it. Lorraine would love to carry her baby. Nick and Jacob overhear them and look as shocked as Angie does.

Storyline: Strange Bedfellows

Carla is pacing in her hotel room. Danny arrives. She asks him what his big idea is as he helps himself to a drink. He reminds her that her clock is ticking and she needs to get pregnant pronto. She admits that her attempt at seducing Tony wasn't exactly the last tango in Paris. She broke into the apartment the other night and slept on the couch. In the morning, he kicked her out. She asks him not to recount her failures and tells him to get to the point. She is looking into the face of her guardian angel. He hands her a flier for the sperm bank, open 24-hours. She knows. She went there the other day. The friendly neighborhood sperm bank doesn't allow for quickie withdrawals. She couldn't even get an order to go? Remind her to laugh later. "We're screwed," he says. She wishes. Any more bright ideas?

Carla blew it and now she is trying to blame him. She didn't blow it. This sperm bank has more rules than the U.S. Senate. You have to be tested and counseled, then they make you wait a month before they break out the turkey baster. Why didn't Carla think of this 3 weeks ago, then? Because she didn't know about the sperm police then. Why doesn't she make them an offer they can't refuse. She did. They are probably the only business in town that doesn't take bribes. They are talking sperm here, not diamonds, he says. Diamonds she doesn't need. He tells her to try again. It's not exactly Fort Knox. She tells him not to call her ineffectual. He's not. If he had used his charm on Ally like he should have, they wouldn't be in this mess, she says. No, if she was really pregnant, they wouldn't be in this mess, he says. He was all alone with Ally, in her bedroom, on New Years' Eve and all he did was kiss her on the forehead and leave. He says that was smart. Carla says Ally was vulnerable. Danny wasn't going to climb all over her like a caveman. Why not? It would have been a step up from the Neanderthal that he is now. "" He should have made a move on her. He says he would have been booted out the door in two minutes. Well, he's going to be booted out the door anyway when they find out she's not really pregnant. They'll just have to come up with another plan. Carla shakes her head and says this game is over.

So that's it? That's the ball game, she says. So, what now? She'll fake a miscarriage? She's certainly not going to tell the truth. She'll call him up after it happens and cry and cry and be inconsolable. He'll come over and comfort me and then he'll return to Ally. Ally, Danny says sadly. Carla is sorry. If everthing would have worked out as they have planned, how would he see his life. He would be editor of the magazine and Ally would be his foremost photographer. Then, at night, he would come home to Ally and they would share the same bed. He says they really are good together. He could really make her happy. Carla always thought she and Anthony had chemistry too. The truth is, she has been in love with him all her life. She was so sure they would be married, really married. When she was younger, she could have any man she wanted, but not the one she wanted. And what Carla wants, Carla gets. At least in the past, Carla says, maybe she's losing her touch. When boys would come to take her out, Papa used to come check them out. Was he armed?, Danny asks. Probably, Carla laughs. When she got home, he'd be waiting. Even if he liked the guy, he'd always say, "He's not Anthony." She just always thought one day he would figure out what she always knew, that they really do belong together. It was a wonderful dream while it lasted Danny says it's going to be a hard one to give up. They both sit on the bed and commiserate.

Carla brings Danny a drink. It's a drag. Is Carla absolutely positive about this fertility thing? Carla is about as regular as the electric bill. It's all charted out. It's called the Rhythm method. She has about 6 prime time baby making hours left. They guess it's really over. They take a drink simultaneously and look at each other. If she gets pregnant tonight, all their dreams come true, right? Right. They both smile, although Danny is smiling a bit more. Then, maybe there is an option they haven't discussed yet.

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