The City Daily Recaps Archive (February 17th, 1997)
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February 17th, 1997
Written by Marguerite Czajka

The mysterious man (has anyone not guessed yet what he is?) comes in followed by everyone grinning. He takes off his scarf to reveal a clerical collar. Buck asks again if Tess will be his wife. She tells him she can't. Jacob takes everyone out for coffee while Tess and Buck rehash the same old argument. He asks her to trust in them and she relents. He runs and opens the door, nearly causing Tony, with his ear to the door, to fall over. The gang runs the two inches from the hall (they were bunched at the door) into the room. Tess guesses that they were all in on it, they deny it. Luckily, Jacob happens to have a suit of Buck's and Angie has a white satin night gown with lace robe belonging to Tess. Buck says let's go - Tess asks where, and the gang bursts into the song "Chapel of Love".

Carla goes running out of the hospital and tries to catch a cab. She tries calling Tracy, but the line is busy. She grabs a cab out from under a woman carrying a toddler.

At Tracy's, Gino is on the phone with the judge, Lisa is trying to subdue the boisterous Dylan and Tyler, and Tracy is putting the finishing touches on her wedding outfit. (She looks great in a white suit). He prattles happily about having a Valentine wedding and a Valentine honeymoon. She looks less than thrilled at the mention of a honeymoon. Tracy tells the boys to behave themselves and Dylan says "Don't I always?" (These two actors are so cute - and so believable!) Tracy gives the baby-sitter a note where they'll be and they start to leave. Gino mentions that he called Carla, so Tracy runs back in and tells Lisa not to give out the address unless it's an emergency. Tracy nervously keeps punching the elevator call button, while on the 1st floor, Carla pushes a couple out and gets in the lift. The doors close as we see Tracy and Gino's feet coming down the stairs. Carla arrives at the pent- house and demands to know where they went. Lisa refuses to tell her so Carla threatens to tear the place and after seeing her throw like two things, Lisa wimps out and tells her. Carla tears out. At the Judge's, the soon to be wedded couple and the chauffeur wait for the him. The chauffeur claims Gino looks like a million bucks and Tracy looks prettier than Nancy Reagan (which, fortunately, Gino points out is a compliment).The judge arrives and they go in to get started.

Meanwhile, Buck and Tess are in the chapel (and maybe her nightgown is actually a dress). Buck gives a little speech about all they've been through, and how much he loves her and how right things are. Tess responds how Buck has been able to change her outlook on life and how his love made her a better person, and how at first she wanted him for the wrong reasons, but then she realized how much more he really was than she first thought and that she loves him and knows he loves her. They exchange vows and kiss while the priest pronounces them husband and wife to the applause of the group.

Back at the Judge's, he is going through the vows. They are interrupted by a man looking for traffic court. The judge starts again, and Gino asks him to just do the basics to speed things up. The judge asks if anyone knows why they should not be married, and we see Carla running up the courthouse stairs. The Judge pronounces them man and wife - *husband* and wife, Tracy corrects him. Carla bursts in and says "Papa! Don't!".

In the chapel, Jacob quietly plays the keyboards while Buck and Tess dance. Tony moves so he can catch the eyes of Danny and Ally. As Tess tells Buck that this is the happiest moment of her life, the camera moves up and we look down on everyone watching Buck and Tess dance.

February 18th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

In the hospital chapel, the nurse tells Tess just a few more minutes, and then she has to head up back to her room. Tess tells Ally she can't believe she's married. Buck tells Danny that he's sorry that they can't have a reception line. Danny says maybe they can line up and all get flu shots. Buck says maybe things will work out for him soon. Tony is looking on. The nurse tells Tess they have to go now. Tony comes over and tells Tess he's happy. Tony says hi. Ally says hi. Can they talk? Tony asks. Not tonight, Ally says. Where's Carla? Ally asks, she left the hosipital...Tony says she had some last- minute stuff she had to do.

As the judge says he can kiss the bride, Carla bursts in. Don't! Don't marry this woman! She has news about this... this...barracuda.

Carla says this woman is terrible. Gino asks the judge if they can use his chambers. Please, no blood shed, he begs, it's a new carpet. Carla tells Gino about the actors Tracy hired to impersonate her family. He knows. How about her family disinheriting her. He knows. Tracy told him everything, Gino says. Carla says he wouldn't buy a car this used. That's ENOUGH! Gino says. This is his *wife*. She's good for him, Gino says. They're good for each other, Tracy adds. Gino wants Carla to be happy fro them.

Tess is not happy to be back in the hospital bed. Tess and Buck talk about being married. Tess asks when he realized he wanted to marry her. Buck says that he realized he wanted to marry her that night that she delivered the baby. Tess says how many women can deliver a baby in a bar? She blows on her nails. He says when she did that, he said that was the woman he wanted to marry.

Danny kicks the vending machine. Ally comes over. Danny invites her for coffee. Will he kick the machine again? She asks. He was thinking of a little coffee bar up the street. No, not tonight. She realizes that she lost her gloves. He offers to help her find them. NO! She says. She'll do it alone. Ally leaves and Danny goes over to a machine and kicks it. Tony is in the chapel, thinking. He sees Ally, in a wedding dress standing at the altar. Ally? he says. He gets up, and as he approaches the altar, she vanishes. Ally (really) appears at the door. Tony? she asks.

Are you alright? Ally asks. Yeah, yeah, he says, returning to the real world. She came back to get her gloves, Ally says. She didn't think that he'd still be here, He wanted to have a conversation with the big guy, about Tess. That's nice. Then, Tony adds, he started thinking about him and her up there, saying the vows. She doesn't want to talk about this. Tony says she can't tell him she wasn't thinking about the same thing. Ally says she has no feelings for him now. If he wants to talk, she says, go home to his *wife*. She is out of here.

Gino tells Carla that he knows that since her mother died, it's been him and her, but now he has found a wonderful woman, who has agreed to be his wife. He cares for her, she loves him, Gino saysaYeah, Carla agrees, along with his bank account and PIN number. Gino says, CARLA...She makes him laugh! Okay. Gino says he wants her to do this for him, okay? She nods. Good. Tracy says time to celebrate. Gino says he'll take care of the judge, and then he'll take his two ladies out to the best restraunt in town. Gino leaves, and Carla says she doesn't know how Tracy fooled her father, but Carla will get him to see reason. Tracy says he'd be real hurt when he finds out about her bombshell, as Tracy touches Carla's stomach. Don't touch me again, Carla warns. Tracy says she won't tell her father. But, he will find out, and it will not be pleasant, how happy will he be with his daughter then? Tracy asks.

Danny gets something out of the machine as a new mother is wheeled over with her baby. The father has to leave to fill out some insurance forms. Danny talks to the mother, who asks if he has any kids of his own. Not yet, Danny says. They're wonderful, she says. This is her second, and the way he dribbles, she thinks he'll be NBA material. There's nothing like babies, she adds. Meanwhile, Buck and Tess are kissing as the murse comes in to take a blood sample.

The nurse takes blood. She has something to help Tess sleep. Tess doesn't want to take anything she doesn't really need. Visiting hours are over, the nurse says. Bucks says good thing he's not a visitor. The nurse doesn't laugh. Come on, Buck says, they just got married. The nurse says okay, but buzz her if Tess wants the sleeping pill. Tess says see how irristible he can be. He doesn't have to stay, Tess says. She's not going to get rid of him, Buck says. They hug.

Go home to his wife? Tony says. He doesn't have a home...she should know that it isn't real. Well, Ally says, make it real, stop hanging on to the fantasy of them. Ally says she is tired, and he needs to let her go. Once and for all. Ally leaves. Danny is finishing up with the mother. Danny says the baby definately has the hands for an NBA star. The father comes back and says he was hoping for NFL. The mother and father leave. Ally comes over and says he's still there. He was waiting for the caffeine to kick in so he could drive home. Ally suggests he go to the coffee shop he was talking about. She'll tag along. Danny smiles, and they leave together. Tony comes out of the chapel.

Carla says that this is *not* Danny's baby. And she's not Tracy Quartermaine, Tracy says. Having seen her "family", Carla says, she wouldn't be surprised. They argue about the baby and how it might kill Gino to find out Tracy doesn't love him. Maybe, having someone that makes him feel good, might *extend* his life, Tracy says. Gino comes in and Tacy says they came to an agreement. Tracy says that Carla is concerned about her fahter, and Tracy assured her that she would take care of him. Carla says she's tired and she wants to go home and put her feet up. Take care of his grandchild, Gino says. Carla leaves. Where are they going for dinner? Tracy says. Well, now that Carla can't join them, they don't need dinner. They can get right to the wedding night. His place, or hers Gino asks. Tracy looks like she's gonna panic.

February 19th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

Ally is on the phone in her apartment with her mother talking about Tess' wedding and going to get coffee with Danny. Yes, Danny has been a very good friend. Yes, Ally says, they'll be up to see her soon, especially if Tyler is going to Paris. Danny comes in as she hangs up. Ally says thanks, her Mom really needed to talk. No problem, Danny says, well, maybe there is a problem. Tyler is upset about leaving New York, Danny says.

At his apartment, Tony is punching keys on a calculator. Nothing adds up any more, he says. He remembers Ally telling him to go home to his wife. Carla comes home and Tony asks where she was. She ran off because she found out her father was getting married. Not this again, Tony says. No, TONIGHT! Carla screams. She ran over there and she was too late. He married that woman!

In Tracy's penthouse, Gino says that she doesn't know how long he's had this fantasy about their wedding night. Please! Tracy says, they don't have to share all their secrets, do they? That's not what he meant, Gino says. Yes it was, Tracy laughs. Guido brings in a package that was just delivered for Mrs. Gino Solieto. Who? Tracy says. Oh, she adds. She shakes the package. Too light for fur, too big for diamonds. It's an outfit, from Paris gino says. They do have a way with sleepware, Tracy says. It's not for sleeping in, Gino says, as he hands her a drink.

In her hospital bed, Tess looks over and Buck wakes up. This is not the way she wanted to spend her wedding night. Buck kisses her. How about like this? Buck asks. Better, she says. He gets her to close her eyes and relax. It will be all over tomorrow, Buck says.

Danny tells Ally that Tyler has made some friends here that he said he'd miss. Can't she wait until school is over? She doesn't know. Danny says this will give Ally more time with her mother, and with Tess if the biopsy doesn't go the right way. Ally says Danny sure cares about a lot of people, but she didn't hear his name in this list. Danny says she knows he cares about her.

Tony says Carla should butt out. He can't - not with this woman. Tracy doesn't love Gino. tony wants Carla to back off. Why is he defending that woman? He just wants her to butt out, let them live their lives. She can't. Caral says she loves him too much to have him end up like...Like what? Tony asks. Like she is, Carla screams, in love with someone that doesn't love him back. It hurts too much, Carla sobs.

Tracy says she can't wear it, it's too cold out. Gino offers to turn up the heat. She takes it and says to herself that she needs something that makes him avoid her like the plague. That's IT! She goes upstairs. Gino asks how it's going. Fine, Tracy calls from upstairs. She comes down, and we see Gino (but not Tracy), who says she looks wonderful, radiant. Then he looks and says What the Hell happened to you?

What is it? Tracy asks, he looks like he's seen a ghost. Gino says her face looks like a bunch of mosquitos bite her. She picks up a silver vase. Oh my god, she says, I look terrible. She realizes that they itch. Gino thinks maybe it's something they put in the new clothes. Take it off, Gino suggests. Oh, NO! Tracy says. She remembers the note that Dillon brought home about an outbreak of the measels. She didn't think she would get them, but she's never had them. She's probably contagious, she offers. Gino says not to worry; he's had them already. He wants to call a doctor. No, Tracy says, the doctor can't do anything, he'd just tell her to relax and see it through. Tracy remembers a home rememdy that's always worked. She goes upstairs.

Tony gets Carla something to drink to calm her down. Carla says that she is sorry about falling apart. Carla says she knows that Tony is in the marriage only because of the baby. Tony reassures her that he is worried about her.

Danny says that her running away has less to do with Tyler being close to Cooper than it has to do with her being away from Tony. Ally tells him to stop using Tyler to get closer to her. He feels responsible for bringing Tyler here in the first place. Why did he spend all that money to bring Tyler here? Ally asks. To make her happy, Danny says. Truthfully, now, Ally asks. He did it hoping that she's be happy and see him in a different light. At the time, Ally says, she and Tony were in a better place. If they were meant to be, Danny says, they would have survived anything. Ally asks if he did try to break them apart? Danny says he had nothing to do with that. Ally agrees. But, Danny says, now that they have broken up, can she give him a chance?

Tess is in her hospital bed. She's dreaming. She's dreaming about the operation. The doctor opens her up and says it's bad. Malignant? The other doctor asks. Worse, the first doctor says, it has spread. Tess sits up in bed, screaming. Buck is there in a flash, holding her and rocking her on the bed.

Tess says that in her dream, the doctor says it was malignant. Buck wants her to go back to sleep. Tess wants the sleeping pill. Buck has a better idea. He gets into bed with her and says the nightmares have to deal with Buck Houston now. She puts her head on his lap and says he is her real hero.

Danny says that with all they've been through, there is something they haven't done. What's that? Ally asks. A date. What? They've never been on a date, Danny says. He thinks dinner, dance, maybe the theater. She says no...well, she's not ready for a committment. He offers to have her frisk him. For what? Ally asks, Danny laughs and says she should look for a ring, a tent he could put up outside her door, or his and her toothbrushes. She laughs and says okay, maybe they can go out on a date. How about Friday? Okay. Yeah, Danny jumps for joy. He says he'll leave before she changes her mind. Outside, Danny looks up and smiles.

Carla picks up the adding machine tape and asks what Tony was doing. He was trying to get a head start on his taxes. But, Carla says, looking at the tape, he can't add. Tony offers to give her a foot rub if she helps him with the taxes.

Tracy comes down with goop on her face that stinks. Gino offers to let her get some sleep. Tracy says but this is their wedding night. Every night will be their wedding night, Gino says, once she is over this thing. Tracy says that's okay, if it comes off on the sheets, they can just buy new sheets, can't they? Gino says she looks like she needs to rest. Tracy is scratching all over. Gino insists that she get some rest. Gino leaves. Tracy says that takes care of one what does she do for the rest of them?

February 20th, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Alex and Jocelyn's apartment

Jocelyn is on the phone trying, without sucess, to learn who paid the taxes on the building. Whoever made the donation wishes to remain anonymous. Jocelyn gives up and hangs up the phone. Alex doesn't understand why she wants to know so badly. She hates mysteries, it's a lawyer thing, she explains. Alex sits down and pulls Jocelyn onto his lap. She suggests maybe he could do some dectective work and find out who paid the taxes. Changing the subject, Jocelyn mentions they need to put wallpaper up and Alex says she can chose whatever she wants, he's easy. He'd better watch it, she might take advantage of that and ask him to make an honest woman out of her, Jocelyn jokes, getting off his lap. Alex just turns and stares at her.

Alex wonders if she's talking about marriage. Of course not, Jocelyn exclaims, she doesn't want to get married, it was a joke. "Oh, fine", Alex replies. She really doesn't want to get married, Jocelyn insists. Alex says he understands. Then why doesn't he believe her, Jocelyn asks. He's talking like a man who believes all a woman wants to do is trap him into marriage. "I don't believe that", Alex defends himself. "Unless...", Jocelyn starts to say. Unless what, Alex asks. Unless Alex is the one who wants to get married, Jocelyn accuses. "No!", shouts Alex.

Alex wants to talk about what just happened here. Nothing happened, Jocelyn says, neither one of them wants to get married, that's all. Jocelyn thinks what they need to do is get away for awhile, like to Hawaii for three weeks. It's a nice thought, but Alex can't afford it. Joc reminds him that she'll get $200,000 when she sells her share of the building. Alex thinks that's great, but it's HER money. So what, Joc ask. "So, if I'm going on vacation, I don't want you paying for it, you're the woman". "The woman", Jocelyn says(much more calmly than I would have), she thought that she was more than "the woman". "Just less than the wife", she continues. All she's trying to say is that they live together and she thinks they should share things. "It's different", Alex says. "How is it different?", Joc wants to know. "It just is", Alex replies(well, that makes it much clearer:-)

Jocelyn asks Alex to listen to her. She would like very much to be Alex's wife, but just not now. Their lives have been like a roller coaster since they've met. Only recently have they started to get to know each other like people normally do. Getting married right now would only add a lot of pressure that they don't need. Alex agrees completely, all he was trying to say was he didn't want her to think he didn't want to marry her. Alex does want to marry her, but agrees now is not the time. They can keep living in sin together, Jocelyn agrees. There's only one problem, Alex says, it's been at least 12 hours since they've sinned. "I can take care of that", Jocelyn assures him. They kiss.

Location: TV station

Nick is finishing up an interview about his upcoming European tour. Just as he finishes, we hear Zoey offstage demanding "I want my check and I want it now!!". The man Zoey's talking to claims it's in the mail, but Zoey threatens she will not leave until she has the check in her hand. The man gives up and goes off to get the check. Zoey apologies to Nick if she interrupted his interview, which she didn't. Zoey asks if he's excited about the trip. He is, but he would be more excited if he didn't have to worry about the women in his life. Nick doesn't have any idea where Lorraine is. Zoey assures him that Lorraine's doing what she said in her note, taking some time to be alone. Nick's not so sure that she's not drinking again. Over Nick's shoulder, Zoey notices Richard come through the door. She tries to escape, but Nick grabs her arm and stops her. Zoey objects, but Nick shushes her, saying "your father has spoken". Richard congratulates Nick on the interview and introduces his assistant, Catherine. Nick asks for a moment alone with Zoey and Richard, so Catherine leaves. Nick wants to know what is going on between the two of them.

"Is it any of your business?", Zoey asks rather rudely, before apologizing to Nick. Not really, they are both adults, but Nick loves them both and wants to know why their relationship fell apart. Zoey really doesn't think there's anything else to say, she and Richard have been over this all before. Richard disagrees, there's a lot left to say. He knows he didn't keep in touch, but every time he called her, she bugged him about when he would be coming back. It took a long time, but he knows where he's going now. He knows how she feels about the business and the Armani suits, but Richard's going to change things in the corporation, things they can both be proud of. Zoey needs to see past the clothes, he says. He's still the same guy underneath, who loves her and would do anything for her. She was always with him, there wasn't an hour that went by that Richard didn't think of her. He imagined her lying in bed with him at night and asked her for her advice. He still loves her and that's all he has to say about it. "Zoey", Nick prompts her to say something back.

Zoey tells Richard she loves him, but her whole life she's been living on handouts from strangers. Now, someone has paid off the taxes on the building and she finally has some real money of her own. The money will give her independence, she'll be able to go where she wants to go and do what she wants to do. It will allow her to travel, and it will be her dream, not his. Some unknown philanthropist paid off the taxes, now Zoey can start to live her dream. Richard thinks that they could do that together. No, Zoey tells him. You took time to find yourself, now it's my turn. She may regret turning down his offer, but if she accepts it now, she'll never know if it was the right choice. Richard suggests what if she goes and travels for six months, and then they meet at the top of the Empire State Building. "I love that movie", Zoey says with a smile, but she can't give herself a deadline. The man comes back with Zoey's check and hands it to her. It's not the money, it's the principle that counts, Zoey explains. Richard suggests that sometimes you should ignore the principle and listen to your heart. Zoey thanks Richard for everything, kisses him and leaves. "She doesn't know how much she has to thank you for", Nick says to Richard.

Why didn't he tell Zoey, Nick asks. Because she finally has her independence, she can be her own person, Richard replies. If he told Zoey he had anything to do with that, she would resent him for the rest of their lives. Richard gets a phone call from Sydney, who is not too happy. She can either take back the power she gave Richard, or she can let him do what he thinks is best, Richard tells her, "in my opinion, paying the taxes off on the building was the right thing".

Location: The hospital

Tess is having her blood pressure taken while the doctor talks to her. If the tumor is not malignant, she can go home today. If it is malignant, they will have to perform surgery, Tess has already signed the release papers. Angie and Jacob come in. Angie tells Tess she will be there in the operating room with her, which makes Tess very happy. The doctor leaves and the nurse tells Tess she forgot to list her next of kin on her insurance forms. Who is your next of kin, the nurse asks. My husband, Tess says proudly. "My husband is my next of kin... and my best friend." Buck smiles at her.

Buck signs the form and Tess comments that they got married in the nick of time. For what?, Buck asks. So that I have a next of kin, Tess replies. When Buck asks about her aunt in CT, Tess admits she made her up. Buck suspected that, and asks Tess to please never keep anything from him again, good or bad. Tess agrees. Buck assures her he will be by her side when she wakes up. Buck and Jacob leave the room after Buck gives Tess a kiss. Angie makes sure the doctor answered all of Tess's questions and assures her that both Dr. Rosen and his surgical team are the best. Besides, she'll be there in the operating room watching over Tess. Tess thanks her and Angie jokes that Tess will get her bill in the mail. The nurse comes in to get Tess ready and Tess tells the nurse she changed her mind... only kidding.

Jacob and Buck are standing outside in the hall waiting for Tess to come back. Jacob tries to distract Buck, but all Buck can concentrate on right now is Tess and how scared he is. In the operating room, Tess is lying on the table waiting for the operation to begin. The anesthesiologist puts the mask over Tess's face and has her count backwards from ten. Tess makes is to seven before she goes under and the operation begins.

Jacob and Buck are still waiting out in the hall for Tess. Jacob is assuring Buck that he and Tess will make it through this. The one thing Buck couldn't handle is losing Tess. In the operating room, the surgeon is closing. Angie goes out to the hall to see Buck and Jacob. She stands there without saying a word and Buck asks "Angie...How?...."

February 21st, 1997
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

Storyline: Wedding Night Jitters

Carla is reading a book on pregnancy. She reads that morning sickness can actually be a sign of a healthy baby. She says that this baby is going to be as healthy as an ox. Tony walks in and asks if she's okay. She doesn't look so good. She's fine, it's just morning sickness. It's the afternoon. It's normal. Trust her, it will pass. When? In a couple of months. She has to be sick for a couple of months?, he asks. Well, it will be better in the second trimester, but then the third trimester will be more of the same. It's all in the book. Tony asks if there is anything she can do to feel better. Yeah, she could have an out of body experience. There's a knock on the door. Carla wants Tony to send them away. It's Gino. He wants to know if she is okay. Has she had the measles all ready? Yes, both kinds. Why? Tracey has come down with the measles. On their wedding night, how convenient, Carla says. Tony has had the measles too. Gino still thinks it would be a good idea for her to stay away from Tracey for a few days. Her pleasure, Carla says.

Tracey talks to a picture of her and Dillon. "In order to save our sorry backsides, Mommy married a monster." She calls Dillon, who comes running. He asks what the red spot on her neck is. A tattoo, she tells him. Cool, can he have one? She's just kidding. It's a secret between the two of them, okay? She asks who her best guy in the whole wide world is. He is, Dillon says. And who is his best girl in the whole wide world? Zoey, he says. Wrong answer. She needs to talk to him about something. She wants him to know that nothing will ever change between them and even if sometimes, she does things that he doesn't understand, it's him and her together until the wheels fall off, right? Until the wheels fall off, he says.

Does Dillon remember a while ago, before they moved there, when they were walking down the street and they saw a man and Dillon asked if he could be his daddy? No. Well, he was pushing his son in a swing and Dillon said he would really like to have a father. Dillon guesses so. Would Dillon like to have a father? Does she mean like a real dad? What would Dillon say if she told him that she already had one picked out for him? Who? Gino Soleito. Dillon asks if he is too old. He's like Grandpa. Tracey says that Gino likes him so much and he's sort of fun to be with, right? Not as fun as Zoey. Well, she's not a viable candidate, Tracey says. Dillon wants to know what a viable candidate is. Someone she can marry. She's going to marry someone? She all ready did. Gino Soleito.

Gino says that Tracey is his wife now and he is going to demand that she show her some respect now. Carla only meant... Gino knows what Carla meant. Carla has a lot of fire in her and that is good, in this world you need to have a fire in you. But, once that baby comes, she has to put out that fire. Tony agrees. Gino says she has to be nice, sweet, and kind. That baby has to feel nothing but love coming from his Mama. Carla loves him. Gino tells her to go take a nice hot bath and lie down. What would she do without him? She would talk to Tony, Gino says. Carla leaves. Tony tells Gino that he's the only one that Carla will listen to. The harder the shell, the more beautiful the pearl, Gino says. Tony doesn't know how to get to that pearl. Even when they were kids, she was always acting so tough and so smart. Every once in a while, she would be really nice and he would like her then, but then the shell would go up. He would try to get through that shell, he really would. But, he couldn't. So, after a while, he just quit. Gino says they need to have a little talk.

So, is Dillon happy that he is going to have a step-father? Sort of, he says. He and Gino are going to be pals, she says. Okay, now can he go downstairs and play with Zoey and Tyler? In a minute. She wants to know how he feels about all of this. He doesn't know. Does he think that things are going to change? Yes. How? Like where is Gino going to sleep? Tracey takes a deep breath, laughs a little, and says they should cross that bridge when they come to it. Is he mad at her? No. Why won't he tell her what he's feeling? He doesn't know. Tracey tells him that they will have a good time with Gino. They will go to the zoo, the circus, the movies. Really? But, the most important thing is that he never forgets that he is her best guy. They hug. She sends him to go play. He leaves. He would have to ask her the one question that she doesn't have an answer for. Where is Gino going to sleep?

The secret is commitment, Gino says. If he truly commits himself to the marriage, Gino guarantees that it will work out. But, how can you commit to somoene if you just don't feel it? Gino knows that Tony doesn't think this marriage was a match made in heaven, but very few are, including his and Tracey's. Then, why did he marry her? Life is short. If you love each other, you can work it out. What if the love is one-sided? Gino says Tony has a seed of love in him for Carla and if he plants it, it will grow. What if it doesn't grow? Tony's great-grandparents didn't even know each other when they got married, but they lasted 75 years. That was a different country, and a different time, maybe a better time, Tony says. But, all he knows is that he is here, his heart is here. He is in love with someone else. Gino says Tony dealt himself a hand of cards and he has to deal with them. If he doesn't let someone into his heart, it's going to turn to leather. Gnio wants Tony to tell him something about Ally Bowman.

What does Gino want to know about Ally? Gino says they have a situation where there is a baby about to be born with Soleito blood. He knows how important that is to Gino. He knows how important Carla is to him. What does that have to do with Ally? Is she going to give them any trouble? Some women, when they don't get what they want... Gino says. Tell him about it, he's married to one, Tony says. That's not Ally. She's not like that. She's talking about moving out of town. How does he feel about that, Gino asks. It wasn't his decision, Tony says. But, someone made that decision and it was a good decision, Gino says. He tells Tony that he has to let Ally go her way and he has to go his way. Gino knows it's tough, but he has to do it. Gino guarantees that he will be just as happy with Carla, maybe even more. Gino guarantees when that baby is born, Carla's going to blossom. She's going to be a totally different woman. If he gives her affection, she'll open up like a flower. Tony will try. One day, when he is dead and gone, Gino says, he'll thank him. Tony says Gino will outlive all of them. Gino laughs. He doesn't know about that. He has to go heade his own advice. Talk about difficulty: Carla is a pussycat compared to Tracey. Gino tells him to give Carla a kiss for him. He will. Gino leaves and Carla appears. She asks if they had a nice talk. Yeah. How is she feeling? She feels better. Tony kisses her cheek and says that it was from Gino. He should get back to work, but maybe they could have dinner together tonight, just the two of them. Carla would really like that. Then, they will look at the baby books, okay? He doesn't know how much that would mean to her.

Tracey is on the phone. It's the Times' Society Page. The rumors are true, she has married Gino Soleito, but she is keeping her maiden name. They hang up as there is knock at the door. It's Gino. He sees that the spots are gone and Tracey says she was about to call him. Was it the measles? No, just a rash. She guesses it was all the excitement of the wedding night. Now, it's over and she looks beautiful, Gino says. Now, get ready. Get ready for what? Tonight is the night they celebrate their wedding, he says.

Storyline: The Future

Tess wakes and Buck is by her side. He tells her it's over. Does she have cancer?

It's good news Tess. It's not cancer. The tumor was benign. Tess starts to cry. Angie and Jacob walk in. Angie says she was there and she saw. There is absolutely no trace of cancer. Buck and Tess kiss.

Tess doesn't know how she would have gotten through it without them. Jacob says she got through it like a champ. It was Buck he was worried about. He thought he was going to have to hold his hand. Even cowboys are sensitive. That's just the way Tess likes them. Angie says she's got him, for better or for worse. Amen, Jacob says. Angie says they should leave them alone. What do they need to be alone for?, Jacob asks. When does Angie think they will let her out of there? In a couple of hours, but Angie will see what she can do to speed up the paperwork. Angie leaves. Jacob thanks them for the way they both dealt with the situation. The lesson there is that he and Angie are very fortunate. Tess thinks he always saw that. Jacob tells her the less on sunk in a little deeper. He thanks them again and leaves. Tess is a little overwhelmed by the things she thinks she has to do. Buck tells her to just rest now and be happy. She is happy. She's alive and healthy and married to him. Buck is sorry it had to be in a hospital. Maybe they should get married again, he says. She could plan it just the way she wants. She wouldn't change a thing. Why should she waste time being a bride when she can spend time being a wife. Buck likes the sound of that. Tess tells Buck to just not get any ideas about her spending her days vacuuming. He was just about to run out and get her one. What kind does she want? The kind with a maid attached to it. Buck wants to take a cruise. Where would she like to go? She doesn't care as long as she is with him. There's no getting rid of him now. They will be together until they are old and gray on their rocking chairs on their front porch. They'll be together long after that, Tess says.

Buck and Tess are lying in the hospital bed. He says if she is in pain, he can call the nurse and she'll give her something for it. Nope, this is the best day of Tess's life and she's not going to miss any of it. When she started to wake up, she could hear him. She couldn't see him, but she could hear him. She tried to get to him, but her legs felt so heavy. The closer his voice got, the lighter she felt. Does he know what else she heard? Children laughing. She saw a whole future filled with kids. Now? No, she would like it to be just the two of them for a while. Tess says he's so brave. Why? So many people say for better or for worse, but they make a promise they can't keep. He wants her to promise him something: no more secrets. She's learned her lesson. He means it. If she has a hangnail, he wants to know about it. If she has a splinter, she'll come running to him. He's serious. She knows he is, Lyndon. Only she is allowed to call him that. She can call him anything she wants, Tess says. She's his wife. He loves her.

Jacob is on the phone. Do they have to bring anything? No, thanks a lot. They'll be there. Angie walks up as he hangs up the phone. What was that about? Guess. She's in no mood to guess. They go back and forth. It's an appointment with the fertility doctor. Is he serious? If they are going to do it, they might as well get with it. They are really going to have a baby? They are going to have a baby, Jacob says as they hug.

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