The City Daily Recaps Archive (February 24th, 1997)
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February 24th, 1997
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Tracy is interviewing a woman, Pamela, to do some work for her. It turns out Tracy helped her go from hooking to interior decorating. She agrees to consummate Tracy's marriage for her, but has some doubts about whether Gino will fall for it. (Pamela looks somewhat like Tracy - same general size, same hair colour).

Carla tells Tony that she'd like to make him dinner that night. They discuss sauces and he suggests one with wine in it - she says she'd better not for the next 8 months, I mean 7 months. Danny stops by and declines an invitation for dinner as he has a hot date. Ally comes in to use the dark room and it's revealed that she is Danny's date. Tony gets called to the phone and Ally heads to the darkroom. They discuss their progress with their respective infatuations/obsessions. Danny isn't happy about her plans to have sex with Tony while carrying his (Danny's) baby. Carla tells him that it's *not* his baby, it's Tony's.

On their date, Ally and Danny awkwardly talk about the weather. They decide to dance and he brings up the New Year's Eve that they spent together. He talks about how good their night together was - she says she had had too much to drink. Back up at the agency, Danny and an initially hesitant Ally decide to have a nightcap. They kiss and Ally tries to hold back. Danny points out that she has to leave Tony in the past, he's with Carla now and that's the way it's going to be. She lets him lead her off.

Meanwhile, back at Tony's, he is quiet and pensive. When Carla asks about his feelings, he brushes it off. They start talking about old times when they were little. They decide to dance as well. They start kissing, then Carla queries if he is hot in his sweater. She tells him to let her help take it off. He says he can do it and flashes back to her saying that before. He tells her that he's beginning to remember that night they made love.

In the penthouse, Tracy is plying Gino with champagne while they dance. They toast their marriage, the Soleitos in Brooklyn, NYC, Italy, all sorts of Italian food. Tracy keeps filling Gino's glass while dumping out her own. He finally stops her as he's pretty tipsy. She suggests taking the rest of the champagne up to the bedroom. She helps him up the stairs and tells him that she can't make love with the lights on. She sends him to the bed, while she runs downstairs to get the peignoir he gave him. She gives the peignoir to Pamela who questions if she has to worry about Gino overexerting himself. Tracy tells her to wear him out. Tracy wanders the kitchen, crocheting, and looking disgusted at the sounds coming from Gino and Pamela. It gets quiet, and Pamela yells down to Tracy that they have a big problem.

February 25th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

It's night in the city. In his apartment, Tony is starting to remember that night Carla said they made love. Carla says he was so drunk, Tony says. She hopes he remembers being so passionate. He tells her she asked him to let her help him take his sweater off. But, he remembers telling her he didn't need her help, to leave him alone. What happened after that, Carla?

In his apartment, Danny says Ally looks wonderful, she needs to relax. She can't, Ally says. She smells so great, Danny continues, he wants to hold her forever. Danny, she wispers, don't. Don't what? he asks. They fall to the floor, kissing.

Tracy's fill-in (Pam) tells Tracy that there is something wrong. Tracy goes upstairs. She asks why Gino's head is under the covers. She says, Gino, sweetheart, how can you breath under there? She lifts the covers and screams, he's dead!

Zoey is drying her toe nails with a hair dryer placed between her knees. Dilon yells to her. She turns off the dryer, He tells her that he can't go to sleep without his teddy bear. Of course not, she says. He thinks that he left it on his mommy's bed. That may be a problem, Zoey says.

Tracy says that he's dead. Pam doesn't want to get involved. Tracy says she wants to call Gino's doctor. Since he died of natural causes, no one will suspect his wealthy widow. She talks to the doctor, saying he knows Gino was in poor health... the doctor that at his last check up, he was fine. When was that? Tracy asks. Last week. He tells her that Gino is as healthy as a 40 year old, especially on the stress test. What? Tracy says, but Carla told her that he was really sick. The doctor tells her that that was a story for the Feds. Tracy hangs up without telling the doctor that Gino is dead. Pam asks her why she didn't tell the doctor. She has her reasons. She gets Pam to leave, and to promise she was never here. Oh, Gino, Tracy says turning to the bed, why couldn't you have died in a public place?

Carla says the music stopped, she better change the record. Tony wants an answer. Carla lies that he told her to go, but when she tried to leave, he stopped her. Tony doesn't buy it. Carla has pains, and she sits down. Tony tells her to breath deep and slow, she's just over hyperventulating. She tries the breathing.

Danny and Ally are going at it, but Ally says NO! Her dress rips, and she gets up, holding it up. No, this is wrong! Ally says as she runs out.

Tony pours a cup of tea for Carla. Is she feeling better? Much, thanks. He will be a wonderful father and a great coach, Carla says. Isn't it a little early to talk about little league? She meant Lamaze coach. Oh. He wants to talk about that night. He's always talking about that night, Carla yells. She hates how he is going on and on about that night like it was a nightmare. It's a void, not a nightmare, Tony says. She knows this tension is not good for the baby. She doesn't want anything to happen to the baby, so she is trying to ease some of the tension in her life. She has agreed to accept her father's marriage. She doesn't like Tracy, she doesn't trust her, but she will accept that she is her father's wife. Tony is proud of her.

Ally and Zoey collide at their apartment door. Zoey asks Ally to watch the kids while she retrieves Dilon's animal. Zoey leaves, Danny knocks on the door. He wants to talk. They agree that they both got carried away. She cares about him, but only as a friend. He cares more than that, Danny says, there is a chemistry. She knows that, but it keeps getting them into trouble!

Tracy sends Pam out. At the elevator door, Pam and Zoey run into each other. Zoey sees the door open. She goes in and talks to Tracy. Zoey wants Dilon's teddy bear. He says he left it on her bed. OH! Tracy will get it. The phone rings. It's Vito, who needs to talk to Gino immediately. Tracy says if he wakes up, she'll give him the message. She hangs up. And then, she adds, she'll get some garlic and a cross. She notices that Zoey went upstairs. No! Tracy calls out. Zoey sees the bear. As she reaches for it, Gino's arm falls on her. Zoey picks it up and notices it's cold. She calls him and shakes him as Tracy comes up and says stop before he loses his teeth.

Danny says he knows he came on too strong. She can't give him what he needs. He doesn't want to find someone, he wants her. He is willing to go as slow as she needs. It's over, Ally says. Just give him one more chance. If he cared about her as much as he says, he'd back off. Can he do that? He doesn't know. Please? Just go, Ally says. Danny heads for the door. He turns. Just go, Danny, she begs. He leaves. Outside, he says he blew it, Roberts. Inside, she says what were you thinking?

Carla says you know Papa will spoil this kid. Why do you always change the subject? Tony asks. The only thing that she's changing is her tea, Carla says, it's cold. She offers to put her recollections down so he can replay them every 5 minutes. He asks what happened after he told her to leave him alone. They kissed, Carla says. How much? Tony asks. The phone rings. It's Vito. He wants to talk to Gino. Carla offers to give him Tracy's number. Vito says he called there and Tracy wouldn't let him talk to Gino. Carla says she'll go up and tell her father. It's about that New Jersey thing. Carla understands and she hangs up and says she has to go talk to her father. It's their wedding night! Tony says. Carla leaves and Tony rememebers telling Carla to leave him alone. This doesn't add up, he says.

Tracy tells Zoey that Gino is a sound sleeper. Dead asleep, Zoey says. Zoey wants to call the cops. No, Tracy says, she can't. Oh no, Zoey says, you killed him. No, Tracy can honestly say, she did not do this. But, his frends and relatives may not see it that way. Zoey says this is bad, this is bad this is bad. There is a knock on the door (okay, a pounding). You're not expecting anyone are you? Zoey asks. Carla is continously pounding on the door.

February 26th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

It's still night. In her apartment, Ally is laying on the couch, remembering her and Danny maing out and Danny telling her he wants her more than he's wanted anything in his life. She rips her dress trying to get up, saying this is wrong. There is a knock at the door. She looks out the peephole (ed. note: Is this a first for Daytime TV?). It's Jocelyn. Alex is out in Jersey, visiting his son, Jocelyn says as she comes in. Jocelyn has chinese food. Ally says she already ate. Jocelyn wonders if she and Tony finally got back together. No, it was with Danny, Ally says.

Danny is in the City Bar, playing pool. Tony stops his ball.

At the penthouse, Carla is pounding on the door. Zoey says a man is dead in her bed, let's call the cops. Tracy says the ink is barely dry on her marriage certificate, and her husband is dead in her bed. Zoey says so, they'll so an autopsy and she'll be in the clear. Tracy thinks that the cops will call her in for questioning, and *then* they'll tell Carla. Tracy thinks that Carla will have a contract out on Tracy's life like *that* (snap your fingers here). Tracy says if that noise (the pounding on the door) doesn't stop, she will go crazy! Tracy tells Zoey to go see who is at the door and to get rid of them. Tracy turns to Gino and tells him this is all his fault! Zoey opens the door and Carla storms in yelling that she needs to talk to her father.

Jocelyn says this is a bad idea. Ally agrees that this was not the best idea. She was feeling lonely. Jocelyn wonders how Danny was feeling. What's wrong with two friends having dinner? Ally asks. If that's all it was. It was...Ally says, then it was more.

What does he want? Danny asks. How about a friendly game? Tony says. Danny says that he knows Tony doesn't want a game. Tony says that he wants to talk about that night that Danny brought Tyler home. Why didn't Danny come home that night? Why were Carla and Tony left alone? Danny lies that he went to his mother's and decided to stay over. Something, Tony says, that he's never done before or since? Danny thinks that Tony wants to think that if Danny was there Tony wouldn't have dropped his pants. Tony say he doesn't remember...but he will.

Carla wants to go upstairs. Zoey says she can't. Carla says watch me. Zoey wants her to respect the marriage bed. Carla just looks at Zoey. Zoey yells (so Tracy can hear her) DON'T GO UP TO THE BEDROOM. Carla pushes Zoey away and storms up the stairs. Tracy is in bed, with Gino. Tracy looks like she's disgusted (ed. note: well, you know...think how you'd feel trying to cuddle with a dead man). Carla calls to Gino. Tracy says he's exhausted. What did you do to him? Carla asks. Tracy laughs her laugh and asks if Carla really wants to know.

Tracy gets out of bed, putting on a robe. Unbelievable, Carla says. Tracy says that's just want her father said. Unbelievable is right, Zoey says. Let's go downstairs and talk, so Carla's father can sleep, Tracy says.

Ally tells Jocelyn about the date. They had dinner, Ally says and they danced. Then he invited her in for a nightcap. Please, Jocelyn says, tell me that they didn', Ally, almost. ALMOST? Jocelyn says. They kissed, Ally says. She totally stopped Danny and told him this could never happen again. Jocleyn says she can't believe Ally set her brother up again. Ally says that she was lonely. Jocelyn says Danny is totally in love with her. Ally says she told him it would never happen again. Great! Jocelyn says, Ally dashed Danny, but she managed to get Tony jealous. Ally shrugs her shoulders and slaps her hands on her side.

Danny works the jealously angle. Danny thinks that Tony is jealous because Danny is around for Ally to cry on his shoulder. Tony looks around and says, gee, Danny where is Ally? Looks like your hot date is a bust.

Carla wants to talk to her father about a business problem in Jersey. Family business, Carla says. Tracy says she's family, what can she do to help? Carla says nevermind, she'll deal with it. Just have Gino call Vito in the morning. Anything else? Tracy asks. Carla says, oh, one more thing. She does not like Tracy. Tracy says, she meant anything new? Carla says she does not like Tracy, she does not trust her, but Tracy is married to her father now, and she will try to respect that. That's the best wedding present Carla could give to her father and her, Tracy says. Carla says that Tracy makes Gino happy...but, if she ever makes him unhappy, she will pay for it. Zoey looks worried.

Zoey asks if she could get them anything to drink. No, they both answer in unison. Carla says that she expects they will be happily ever after till death do they part. Tracy says no problem. Carla says if she gets even a hint that Tracy has hurt her father... Tracy says she can honestly say that she will do nothing to hurt her father from here forward. Carla leaves. Tracy and Zoey talk about what to do with the body. Zoey says count me out. Tracy says she's in. Since when? Zoey asks. Since she saw what she saw. Tracy says besides, she has to help. If the mob kills her, Dilon will have no mother. Could Zoey live with that? Easier than moving a dead body, Zoey says. Just think of it as redecorating, Tracy suggests.

Ally says Danny is her friend. She thought a simple dinner date would be fine. But things got out of hand. Jocelyn says she is sorry for jumping down her throat. Ally says maybe she did do all those things. Jocelyn says these things will happen since they all live so close. They'll run into each other and bump in to everyone. Ally says Jocelyn thinks she should stick to her original plan and move to Paris, doesn't she?. Jocelyn says yes, that may be best.

Danny says that he won't tell Tony about how his date went. Tony tells Danny that he'll never have Ally. Tony may have blown it, but Ally will never get together with Danny. She's not that stupid. They argue. Tony tells Danny to take a swing at him. Danny declines, knowing Tony will sucker punch him if he tries. Okay, Tony says. Fair enough. Tell me about the night that you brought Tyler home, the night he was going to propose to Ally...which Danny knew about, by the way. Danny doesn't remember much about that night. Tony doesn't either, but he will, he says (again). Danny yells that Tony will make a terrible father. This kid will grow up knowing it was a mistake, unwanted. Carla arrives and stops the conversation. She went to the apartment and he wasn't there, so she got worried and came looking for him. Tony goes to pay his bar tab. Carla yells at Danny that he was about to blow it. Danny says he was cool. Carla says they made a deal. This is *not* his child, this is Tony's child! Carla and Tony leave. Danny breaks the pool cue over his knee, saying a baby is not a *deal*, Carla.

February 27th, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Tony's Apartment

Tony is working out on a home gym machine (was it always sitting practically in front of their door?) and showing off his muscles. He stops and goes to get a drink in the kitchen as Carla comes down the stairs dressed for work. She's still suffering from morning sickness, but she's going to start using POPT. What's that, Tony asks. The Power of Positive Thinking, she replies. She only got about 45 minutes of sleep last night, she claims, but she's got to go, she has a lot of appointments today. "Time to wake up", she says as she walks out the door. This makes Tony remember she said the same thing to him he night they supposedly slept together. They were in bed, she told him it was time to wake up and make love to her, and Tony told her to leave him alone.

Tony's coming back downstairs, buttoning his shirt. There's a knock at the door, it's Alex. Alex wonders why they're meeting in Tony's apartment instead of their brand new office. Tony doesn't want to run in to Danny and he'd like to talk to Alex privately. Things between Tony and Ally are pretty much over and Tony has decided to be nice to Carla for the baby's sake. They had dinner and were dancing last night, when Carla said something that made him flash back to the night they supposedly made love. "Supposedly", Alex questions. Tony says the same thing happened this morning, something Carla said reminded him of that night. Tony is 90% sure he didn't sleep with Carla that night.

Tony thinks that Carla is making the whole thing up. Alex agrees that that is possible, but there might be another answer. Is it possible that Tony might be remembering things the way he WANTS them to be? Tony's thought of that, but the images are so clear, and he remembers telling Carla to leave him alone. But Carla's pregnant, Alex reminds him, unless Tony thinks that Carla is faking it. There's no way she could be faking it, Tony replies, Carla's been as sick as a dog. If Tony didn't sleep with Carla, then somebody must have, who's been hanging around Carla lately, they ponder. Both their heads come up at the same time and turn to stare at each other. "Danny!", they say at the same time. Carla walks in at that moment.

Tony wonders why Carla's back so soon. Alex excuses himself, he's got some errands to run, but he'll be back to talk to Tony later. Alex leaves. Carla was just with a client, she explains, nothing exciting. Was the client Danny, Tony asks, picking up the blue folder Carla brought from Danny's office. Carla admits her meeting was with Danny, but it was no big deal. "If it was no big deal, why didn't you tell me in the first place, Carla?", Tony asks.

Location: GenX office

Danny pops a couple of aspirin, just in time for Carla to walk in. She's not very happy with him. A few more minutes last night and he would have told Tony that Tony isn't the father of Carla's baby. Is she going to have to have his tongue cut out so he can't talk, his fingers cut off so he can't write, she threatens. Tony's starting to get suspicious. Carla wants Danny to get it into his fat head that this child(points at her stomach) is Tony's, not his. "I'm sorry, but I just don't see it that way", Danny says.

Carla can keep reminding him that the baby she's carrying is Tony's, but they both know the truth, "the baby's mine", Danny says. Danny doesn't care if she lies to the whole world about it, the reality of what she has done is going to slap her in the face the first time the baby calls Tony "Daddy". You don't know me at all, I'm going to feel "nice and warm and fuzzy" when that happens, Carla replies. "Don't screw this up, there are all kinds of contracts", Carla warns him.

So what is Carla saying, she's going to have him wacked, Danny wonders. Carla warns him that nothing will stand between her and Tony. Tony doesn't love her, and although he's no Einstein, he can add. What is Tony going to think when 10 months go by and Carla hasn't had the baby yet. Carla will worry about that, she says. And what about what will happen to Danny if Tony finds out the truth about the baby. Tony will be "pissed off", says Danny, not seeming particularly worried. My father will be "pissed off", too, Carla reminds him, and he's got a terrible temper. That seems to worry Danny. It was your idea to get pregnant, Danny defends himself. That's not the story that Carla will tell her father if he finds out the truth about the baby, Carla threatens. "If I were you, Danny, I would keep my big mouth shut." Carla takes a blue folder supposedly containing work off Danny's desk and leaves.

As Richard enters the GenX office he hears a strange noise. It's Danny throwing a tennis ball against the wall and catching it over and over again. That's what Richard likes to see, his employees hard at work, Richard comments. Richard's brought some drawings from a London artist for Danny to take a look at. Danny finally stops throwing the ball. He's having trouble with two different women, Danny explains. Richard joking comments that Danny should be sure he doesn't go out with a girl wearing a nose ring, Richard's having problems with Zoey, too. Danny is surprised to hear that Zoey took her job back, he thought Zoey was leaving town. Why did she change her mind? "Oh, that's right, she's one of those creatures from Venus", says Danny. "And we're from Mars, Richard says". "Sure feels like it today", Danny comments.

Location: Tracy's penthouse

Tracy's propping Gino up on the sofa when there's a knock at the door. It's Zoey with a big laundry cart filled with ice. She got the ice at four different stores so as not to arouse suspicion. How is Gino, is he still pretty dead, Zoey asks. They look over to the couch and Gino falls over. There's a knock on the door and Zoey and Tracy jump. It's Vito, it's important that he sees Gino.

They stall Vito while Tracy covers up Gino's body on the couch and pulls on a bathrobe over her clothes. Zoey wheels the laundry cart away and hides. Tracy opens the door and tells Vito that Gino's not here(we see Gino laying on the couch, covered except for his hand sticking out). Vito doesn't understand how Gino could be out, he drives Gino everywhere. Tracy has no idea where Gino is, but if he calls, she'll let him know Vito's looking for him, she promises. She practically shoves him out the door and closes it behind him. Tracy takes her robe off and Zoey wheels the laundry cart back over by the couch. Tracy didn't expect Gino's associates would be looking for him this soon. Tracy at first thinks they should make Gino's death look like a mob hit, but neither of them wants to shoot a dead man. They decide to dump Gino's body in the alley by his social club tonight. It will look like he had a massive heartattack while on his way to the club. Zoey remembers there's a freezer in the basement that they could store the body in until then. She starts to leave to go check the freezer, but when she opens the door, Richard is standing there.

Richard has come to offer Zoey her job at Hotline back. Zoey quickly agrees to take it, hoping to get rid of Richard before he notices Gino. Tracy and Gino are together on the couch with their backs to Richard(Gino's head is slumped on Tracy's shoulder). Richard says hello to them. Tracy lifts her hand and waves at him without turning around, then does the same with Gino's limp arm. Richard is surprised that Zoey agreed so easily to take her old job back when she was planning on going away. Zoey just claims she's unpredictable and tries to get him to leave. Richard asks Tracy a question and she stands up and turns around to talk to him. As soon as she stands up, Gino's body slumps over on the couch. Richard looks curious and asks if Gino's OK. Fine, Tracy claims. "Gino, stop that you bad boy", she exclaims. "Newlyweds", Zoey explains. Zoey readily accepts coming back to work at her same salary as before. Zoey changes the subject and asks Richard who the freezer in the basement belongs to, something about storing food from the wedding reception (whose, I don't know, are they planning one for Tess?). Richard thinks it came with the building and belongs to everyone. Richard suggests going down to check it out and then going to the bar for a few drinks. Zoey tells Richard to wait at the City Bar for her and she will join him in a while. She rushes him out the door and goes back to Tracy with the good news that the freezer is working and empty. "Not for long", Tracy says.

Zoey and Tracy manage to dump Gino's body into the laundry hamper and start covering him with pillows and sheets. Tracy notices Gino's wallet lying on the floor and throws it in the hamper with him. They want this to look like a heart attack, not armed robbery. They roll the hamper out the door and into the elevator. Tracy is tucking the pillows in better when the elevator stops and Alex gets on. He heard the news about Tracy and Gino. Tracy panics for a second until Alex says that he means about she and Gino getting married. Alex hopes they have a long and happy life together. This statement causes Zoey to have a coughing fit. Zoey moves the side of the cart and Gino's hand pops into view. Zoey quickly pushes it back down and Alex doesn't notice. When the elevator gets to the bottom, Tracy and Zoey refuse Alex's offer of help with the hamper. He ignores their protests and wheels the hamper out of the elevator.

February 28th, 1997
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

Tony and Carla are arguing. She asks what is with him. He asks what is with her and Danny. If it was nothing, why didn't she tell him she was with Danny? Carla has morning sickness from hell and she really doesn't need this kind of grief. What grief? He just asked her a simple question. He is giving her the 3rd degree. It wasn't important to tell him. She has been working with Danny for weeks. And Tony has been working with Ally for two years and they aren't Siamese twins. Carla never thought she would see this day, but she can't believe that Tony is jealous.

The bartender gives Danny some black coffee, but Danny would rather have a shot of bourbon. He's celebrating a rotten life. Women troubles? Does he have a sign taped to his forehead? He's a bartender, he's supposed to know these things. Actually, it's women troubles. One couldn't care less if I was dead and the other one is ready to do it for her. Danny sure knows how to pick them. Look on the bright side, it can't get any worse than this. Danny wouldn't bet on that. Joc walks up and says hello. She'll have a cup of coffee. He leaves. Joc had a chat with Ally yesterday...girl stuff, hairdos, lipstick, their date. Danny yells to the bartender to make his a double.

As Alex is pulling the laundry basket, Gino's hand pops out. Zoey sees it and quickly tucks it back in. Alex doesn't notice because he is struggling with the basket. Tracey tells him not to hurt himself. He gets it down the stairs and asks if they actually thought they were going to get it down there by themselves. Tracey thanks him. Alex was wondering something--he understands that she and Gino were married in some judge's office. He thought Gino wanted to get married in a church. Plans change. Tracey says he knows how it goes. Oh, she means strike while the iron is still there? They laugh. She says Gino was impulsive. When the woman is Tracey, impulsive is the way to be, Alex says. Tracey tells him that he is too late. She is a married woman. She thanks him and says they can take it from there. Alex says he's come this far, he can help the rest of the way. Zoey and Tracey both yell, "Stop!" when he goes near the basket again.

The bartender returns with Joc's coffee and asks Danny if he was serious about that bourbon. He says yes, but Joc says no. The bartender leaves, and Joc says that they need to have a little talk. Let him spare her the time. He mocks her: Danny, how many times have I told you to stay away from Ally? He'll spare her the trouble. He is sick and tired of people riding his back, telling him what to do. He has loved Ally since Day 1, and he fought it, and where did it get him. Joc asks him to keep his voice down. He was a solid businessman for Sydney and he almost wound up with a murder rap. Then he tried to work things out with Molly and that almost got him killed. He is tired of being a good little boy. What does he want to do--go back to being a drug dealer?, Joc asks. Well, according to her, he can do no right, he says. She didn't say that. He is in love with Ally. He thinks about it all the time. He lies in bed at night and thinks about it. What it would be like to be with her and have a family and watch her kid and his grow up together. Is that so wrong, Joc? She doesn't say anything, but then asks what he meant by her kid and his kid. What kid is he talking about?

Tony hates to bring Carla down, but he's not jealous about her. That's what it sounds like to her. Tony assures her it's not. He asks how much financial advice a guy needs to run a magazine. When the guy is Danny, he needs a lot. That doesn't make sense, he says. All of the big Wall Street clients make millions. Why does she bother with the two-bit rag? Danny was Tony's roommate. She thought she was doing him a favor. Tony says she didn't even like the guy. Carla has had it. What business is it of his anyway? Just because he and Carla are friends, it doesn't mean that he wants him hanging around. So, because Tony has a problem with him, Carla has to have a problem with him? Yes, because this is his house and he lives here. So does Carla. Tony tells her she's acting like a five-year-old. They should just quit. She didn't start this. No, he did and he's sorry. Now, they should drop it, she says. Fine. She asks if he knows what it is really about. No, why doesn't she fill him in? It's about the baby. Whatever. Carla means it. They are going to be parents soon and just acting a little crazy. He's not jealous of Danny, he's just a little over-protective. Carla says it's sweet. It shows what a great father he's going to be. Speaking of which, he says, when is her next doctor's appointment. March 23rd. Tony was thinking of going along. Good, Carla says. Carla picks up the phone. She can't find Gino anywhere. He's not in Brooklyn, he's not upstairs. She gets the machine. Tony reminds her that it is their wedding night. Carla thanks him for reminding her. Tony wants her to give Gino a little space.

What's the matter, Alex asks. Nothing. Then, why are Tracey's fingernails digging into his arm? Tracey lets go and apologizes. She says she and Zoey can handle it from there. What is in there, a dead body? Two of them, Tracey replies. They all laugh. Alex goes to look in the basket, but they stop him and Tracey says there really is a reason why she doesn't want him to look in there. He's waiting. Last week, she through a desk out of the penthouse that had a lot of papers in it that belonged to Sydney Chase. Syd had a hissy-fit. She could have a fit over what they have in there too. The less Alex knows, the less he will be involved. They have really kept him long enough. Alex is going to leave, but then turns back and says he has one question. Why are they doing this now? She just got married, shouldn't she be off on her honeymoon? He's surprised that Gino went along with this. Zoey says it was Gino's idea. It's a male-territorial-thing. Alex should know about that, Tracey says. Gino wants to make the penthouse his. Alex didn't realize he was so sensitive. Still waters...Tracey says. One other question then. Why isn't Mr. Sensitive doing this himself? Why did he leave it for the ladies?

Joc asks Danny to please tell her that he didn't make some unfortunate woman a mother. Not that Danny knows... Then, what is he talking about? He just meant that if he and Ally every got married, they would probably have more kids. He's really serious about her, isn't he? Does that surprise Joc? Danny says he would make a damn good father. Isn't he getting a little ahead of himself? He guesses so. it's just being around Tyler, he's been thinking about it a lot. Anyway, he couldn't do a worse job than their father. Joc asks who could? Danny says he always knew she was a fan. She didn't mean it that way. The bartender returns and asks if he can get her anything else. He hands her a menu and walks away. While she looks at the menu, Danny has a flashback about him and Carla, where she is yelling at him for almost telling Tony about the baby. He snaps out of it as Joc says she is just going to have some more coffee. Believe it or not, Joc is a fan. Maybe she should start a club. She has seen him with Tyler and she thinks that he will make a wonderful father, but he has to admit, he hasn't always been the most responsible person in the world. Danny thanks her for the understatement But, if he had a child now, Joc really does know that he would give the child all the love and the care that they never had. Danny smiles a little.

Carla says some business came up and they have to discuss it. What kind of business? Carla asks if she should take the witness stand. Whatever it is, Tony is sure it can wait. Carla tries to call again. Tony says that Gino and Tracey are probably upstairs in the penthouse and just not answering the phone. Why not? It's the wedding night, does he have to draw her a picture? Carla makes a face and doesn't want to talk about it. Unfortunately, they don't have much else to talk about. He's going to grab some breakfast on his way to work. She is going to call some clients and then take a nap. They exchange goodbyes and he leaves. Right after he takes the elevator downstairs, she steps out of the apartment and takes the stairs up to the penthouse.

Gino was going to handle it, but then he got called away on business. Tracey wanted to finish it before he got back, so Zoey was pressed into service. They never could have handled it without him, Tracey says. To show her appreciation, she is going to take him right out to break- fast. Alex already has an appointment he is late for. And she has made him later? She tells him to go, but Alex doesn't move. She tells Zoey to go on in and she'll be there in a minute. Alex tells her to have a happy honeymoon and asks where she is going. Gino is going to surprise her. How romantic, he says. She just hopes it is someplace warm. She sends him away, and leaves the hallway, but he stops when he sees a wallet on the ground. He picks it up and sees that it is Gino's.

Joc apologizes for giving him a compliment. Danny will get over it. Joc knows something is wrong. Believe him, she doesn't want to know. Joc wants him to talk to her. He appreciates the kind words... What kind words, she really does think that he'll make a good father. But, not now...Danny says. And not with Ally, Joc says. She doesn't expect him to see it now, but Ally going away is really the best for everyone. Danny thanks her for the words. She is just trying to help. That is the kind of help he doesn't need. Joc says it always hurts to give up something that you want. Did Danny say anything about giving up? Can Joc say something without him jumping down her throat? It's another compliment, if he can take it. He has so much going for him: he's young, bright, talented, a very handsome man. None of this is going to help, Danny says. Joc says for him to let her finish and then she will get out of his life forever if that is what he wants. Danny says she knows he doesn't want that. At least, he doesn't think he does. Is she leaving out any of his virtues? She isn't telling him something he doesn't all ready know. It just hurts her to see him acting like his life is over. He's not going to jump out of any windows, he says. Joc just wishes that he would give equal time to the good parts of his life, like the fact that he is the editor of a national magazine. Welcome to count you blessings, Danny says. Okay, Joc is leaving. Danny knows what she is trying to do and he appreciates it. He just has to work it out on his own. He leaves. On his way out, he walks into Tony and they do a macho-staring-thing before passing each other. Tony gets his breakfast and sees Joc. They talk shop for a moment, then Joc says she wishes that he and Danny was still talking. The last thing he wants to do is talk about Ally and Danny. Joc doesn't think it's Ally, but Danny's been really quiet. And in his history, that usually means trouble. Danny in trouble? What a shock, Tony says. Tony is sorry, but he can't help her. Tony leaves. At the elevator, he says that Danny is hiding something, all right, but not for long.

Carla gets upstairs and sees Vito banging on the door. She asks him what he is doing there. Looking for Gino. So is she. He's been there twice and he can't get anything. She bangs on the door and calls out. The funny thing is that they didn't ask him to drive them anywhere. They keep banging.

Zoey and Tracey get the body into the refrigerator and close the lid just in time for Alex to walk in. Tracey thought he had an appointment. He does, but he was feeling guilty about leaving all this work for the two of them. Alex says it looks like they got most of it done all ready. Zoey says that she has to meet Richard and ducks out before Tracey can get her back. Tracey guesses there's no reason for them to stick around there, so they should leave. She starts to pull him, but Alex asks if he heard the freezer door close. What freezer? Alex points it out and starts to go toward it. Tracey scoots in front of him and says that a woman is entitled to a little mystery. Alex says okay and they start to leave. Alex says he forgot something and maneuvers around Tracey. he opens up the freezer and looks inside, then looks at a horrified Tracey.

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