The City Daily Recaps Archive (March 17th, 1997)
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March 17th, 1997
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Ally and Tony are kissing in the hallway. They move into the apartment and proceed to tear each others clothes off. Afterwards, Ally goes back to her whining about Carla mode, while Tony repeats his arguments. (For details, go back to any update that has Tony and Ally talking in the last months). Tony says he'll do anything to make it right and brings out the engagement ring that he was going to give to her on her birthday. She says she can't accept it. He tells her it's not a proposal, he wants her to wear it around her neck as a reminder. She agrees to wear it and to give him some time to make things right.

Tracy is surrounded by the mob guys at Gino's other home. She demands that they leave. They informs her that she's in no position to make demands. She tells them she found a key in Gino's things and came there hoping to find a way to connect with her grief. They guess that she's looking for money. She tries to play the grieving widow, but they don't buy it. They admit they were watching her because of Gino's death, not for her protection. She tells them that she had nothing to do with his death - he died of an aneurysm. They are skeptical. She tells them that if she's not back within an hour, her assistant will call the police. They are unfazed. She threatens with her family. They know she's been disowned. They tell her to stay out of Gino's business to keep out of any unfortunate accidents. She turns over the key to them and leaves. Tracy goes back to the bar and has an audio flashback of the threats and wonders what they were trying to keep her from.

Buck carries Lorraine into the bar after she's been hit by a car. They call the paramedics and give everyone a drink on the house. The driver of the car is there also, distraught over hitting her.

In the clinic, Angie thinks Lorraine has a concussion. Lorraine comes to and Angie gets her to move her fingers and toes and asks her if she knows who they are, where she is, etc. She does. The paramedics arrive and Nick holds her while saying it was his fault for treating her bad. They make up. He goes off to get her a drink of water and asks Angie about Lorriane+s condition. Angie says she needs some test but seems optimistic. We hear a choking sound from behind the partition. They run back, Lorraine is laying down, her hand at her neck then goes still. Angie checks her and discovers she's not breathing. Angie finds out that there is something blocking her throat and tells Nick and Jacob that she has to do an emergency tracheotomy or Lorraine might die.

March 18th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

Tracy mumbles to herself, as she leaves the bar and heads to the penthouse, that if those four goons think that they're scaring her, they have another think coming...they're nothing compared to a Quartermaine board meeting. Tracy comes in and and calls for Zoey and Dillon. Dillon comes in. Tracy asks where Zoey is. She's getting ready for her last chance, Dillon says. Not hers, Zoey says, *his*. She's all dressed up, Tracy notices. She's pretty, Dilon says. Tracy wonders where she got the drtess. She borrowed it from Ally, Zoey says. Tracy asks if Zoey told Richard. About the freezer? Zoey asks. No. He'd think she was a terrible person or make jokes about you-know-who and swimming with fish sticks. Dillon says who? No one important, Zoey says. Tracy sends Dillon off to get ready for bed.

In the bar, the driver who hit Loraine wonders how she is. Tess and Buck says she's still in the clinic. They mention that the paramedics left, without her, but it seemed like they had another emergency to get to. They wonder why Jacob hasn't come out to tell them how Loraine is.

In the clinic, Angie tells Jacob and Nick that there is an obstruction, and she needs a traceonomy. NOW! she adds. She tells Jacob to call 911. He goes off.

Nick wonders why the paramedics didn't notice. Or why Angie didn't notice. Tess and Buck come in, asking what's happening. Jacob intercepts them and says that Loraine just stopped breathing. At the table, Nick asks if she is suppose to breath through the needle? Yes, Angie says. She sticks the needle in and nothing happens. What's wrong? Nick says, DO SOMETHING!

Tracy and Dillon are on the couch, talking. She suggests that Dilon go to sleep. No, he doesn't think he'll be able to sleep. What's wrong with her best boy? Tracy asks. Where do people go when they die? Dilon asks. Is he thinking about Gino? They talk about death and Tracy assures Dilon that he'll live a long time. A long long long long long time? Dilon asks? Yes, Tracy says, she'll make sure of that. So, how about a story? Dilon wants her to make up a fairy tale. He's full of difficult assignments for her tonight, isn't he?

Zoey knocks on a door. Richard answers. Wow, he says. She's just there to get her things, she replies. Richard wonders where he might have put them. Maybe under the bed, Zoey says, so Catherine won't see them. Richard doesn't care what his business associate sees. Zoey wonder why he was in a monkey suit the other night. He went to a benefit. Oh, right...with *Catherine*, Zoey spits out. It would have been with *her*, Richard says, if she had come back to her job at HotLine like she promised. Zoey sees a bag on a table, says Catherine's? No, his - everyone at the benefit got one. Zoey opens up the box inside, and spills the lotion all over. Oh, she needs air! She runs to the window. Richard offers to clean it up. She asks for a towel. He gives her one. He says he recognizes the scent. It's the perfume, or rather men's cologne that she had on that night she told him she had a man hiden under her bed, Richard says. The day she wears men's cologne, she says... He wants to know what happened that night. She can't tell him. Can't or won't? Richard asks. He wants to help her, he says.

Tracy is telling Dilon a story about a gueen, a beautiful and kind-hearted queen, and a son, a prince. They had everything but a kingdom. A princess? Dilon offers. Sure, a princess, too. Then along came a dwarf king. The king of the evil dwarf empire. But, the queen and king fell in love and married. Then, the queen and prince had a kingdom. And the princess? Dilon asks) Yes, and the princess. And the princess looked like Zoey? Dilon asks. Yes, the princess looked like Zoey. Then, one day, the king dissapeared. Poof. But, there were four dwarfs who thought the queen did something to make the king disapear, so they kept an eye on everyone. Except the princess? Dilon asks. Right, the princess was off doing her own thing. Like Zoey? Dilon asks. Yup, just like Zoey.

Zoey says that she's a little freeked, she and Tracy were planning the wedding reception and how did they know that upstairs, in the bed, Gino was dead. What about the smell, the cologne? Richard asks. She was in the penthouse and she spilled like a gallon on herself. So, she adds, whenever she smells it, she thinks about Gino and death. Zoey wants to change the subject. She sees a magazine. So, are he and Catherine looking to buy a house? Richard thinks that Zoey is jealous. Richard reminds her she is not one of the have-nots now. She is a building shareholder. Location, location, location, he says, If she were to sell her share, she'd have money! She'd use it to buy her freedom. She says she's not going to change, just cause she gets money for her share of the building. Richard takes her to the mirror and says he sees a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress.

Angie tries again and everyone yells at Loraine to breathe. Loraine has a near-death experience, where she is walking to the light. She walks and walks. She approaches the light and hears Angie telling her to breathe. She opens her eyes. She's back, Nick says. Buck, Jacob and Tess, at the foot of the bed, hug. Angie tells Jacob to get her a sterile gauze. Nick tells Loraine welcome back. She doesn't say anything, her eyes are open wide.

Dillon asks what happens next. The four evil dwarfs said to the queen, hands off the treasure. The queen wanted the treasure to hand off to her prince, her favorite guy in the world. She wanted to hand over the kingdom and the treasure. So, fear not, she tells a sleeping Dilon, the kingdom shall be yours. Where is a prince in shining armor when you need one? She smiles and gently gets up and calls Alex. She leaves a message. Call her - it's an emergency. She hangs up and says Hark, she hears pounding hooves already.

Zoey asks how he knows she didn't shoplift the beautiful dress. Richard and Zoey talk about the good times they've had. How Zoey was always getting Sydney mad, and how they loved it. She's so beautiful, he says. She still loves him, Richard asks, doesn't she? He knows she didn't shoplift the dress. She's growing, he says. She's not a petri dish, Zoey says. She knows she can pull it off, Zoey says, she just doesn't want to. Why did she come? Richard asks. She came for her toothbrush. Her $2, irreplacable, sentimental toothbrush? Richard asks. Okay, Zoey says, she came to see if she could make Richard want her again. Well, Richard says, it worked. Zoey goes to leave. Richard tries to tell her about the money. She doesn't want to hear about money - especially from him. She leaves. She leans against the outside of the closed door. Tess calls, with news about Loraine.

She's breathing, Tess says to Richard on the phone, thanks to Angie. The paramedics should be here soon, Tess continues. Loraine tries to talk, Angie, she tries...Angie...The paramedics come in. Angie diredcts everyone to get Loraine on the stretcher. Angie...Angie...someone's in danger... Angie...The paramedics take her out. Jacob asks Angie is Loraine said someone is in danger? Angie says she thinks that's what she said.

March 19th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

There's a knock on Tony's door. Come on in, it's open, Tony calls. Why is the door open? Alex asks. So he can come in, Tony says with a smile. He's tired, Alex says (sounds like he has a cold) since some idiot called him at 6am. It was 6:15, Tony says still happy. Why is he so happy? Alex asks. It's a beautiful day, Tony says, and it was a beautiful night. Alex wonders what Tony is talking about, then guesses him and Ally? Tony is happy. Ally is not going to Paris right away. Tony asks if he's even told Alex how smooth Ally's skin is. Alex figures out that Tony and Ally did the deed. Tony says he did the next best thing to propose. Ally is wearing the ring...well, not on her finger, he conceeds. Alex reminds Tony that he is a married man. Well, he has a week, Tony says. To do what? Alex asks. To blow Danny out of the water! Tony replies.

At the GenX office, Danny is on the phone. He hangs up. He remembers Carla telling him she's pregnant, then her yelling that this is not Danny's baby, this is Tony's baby, then being with her when they heard the heartbeat. Jocelyn comes in (she has a cold). She wonders what he wanted to tell her the other night. He tells her that her brother messed up really bad this time. Drugs? Jocelyn asks. No, Danny says, but she might wish it was once he tells her what he did. Just tell her, Jocelyn suggests. She has to promise not to tell anyone else. She promises. He hands her a dollar. As of this moment, Danny says, she's his attorney.

Loraine walks to the light again. She gasps and wakes up in the hospital. Nick tells her to relax and let the nurse do her job. Loraine says someone is going to die. Nick says she's not going to die. Not her, she tries to say, someone else.

Loraine wants Angie. Nick says don't try to talk, she'll hurt herself. Get Angie, Loraine tries to say. The nurse wants him to step outside. Why? Nick asks. She's going to give her a sedative. Doctor's orders. He can come back when she calms down. Nick leaves and Richard asks how she is. She'll be okay, but he's worried about her. It wasn't Nick's fault, Richard says. Nick says if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't be in there.

Alex says does Tony expect Danny to just come out and say "I'm the father of Carla's baby." Tony tells Alex that he walked into the clinic and Danny was hovering over Carla. When Tony started talking about taking Carla and the baby to California, Danny tried to play it cool. What if he wasn't playing? Alex asks. He was, Tony is sure of this. What if Carla doesn't agree to go to California? She won't have time to decide, Tony says, not with the business and the funeral. Carla comes in, crying. She can't, she says. She can't go to California...she can't leave Papa. Tony and Alex look at each other.

Danny tells his lawyer (Jocelyn) that Carla and he did plan to break up Tony and Ally. He tells Jocelyn all the details (about the plot to bring Tyler home the night of Ally's birthday and Carla's plan to sleep with Tony) and that Carla told Tony that she was pregnant, but she wasn't. Jocelyn says Carla's not pregnant? She is now, Danny says. But, it's not Tony's baby. It's his. Jocelyn stares at Danny.

Nick says he just went on and on about how she needed psychiatric help. Richard says maybe he was right. Nick says it doesn't really matter, he should have let up. She ran out into traffic, and got hit. Nick says he knew she was going to have problems when she got back to New York, and he promised to stick by her. The nurse says she's calmed down, he can go in in a minute. Nick thinks that it'll be better if he backed off a little. Richard says for him? No, Nick says, for her. Richard reminds him that he was in the hospital the whole time Nick was here, and Loraine was here, too. She slept here, she never left, and now Nick wants to back off? He doesn't know what else to do. Ricahrd says people make mistakes, and then you get over it. Now get in there, Richard says. Nick says he thought he was the father. It just proves the old cliche, Richars says that the boy becomes father to the man. Nick says it sounds like he's talking from experience. Where's Zoey? Nick asks.

Alex excuses himself to change his clothes. Tony asks if she wants to talk about it. She went to the cemetary to talk to Papa. She promised to never leave him alone. She is so alone, Tony could never understand. She has no one. Tony says she has someone. She has him. Tony hugs her.

When? Jocelyn asks. That night Carla was at the Plaza hotel. Oh, Jocelyn says, she remembers, that was the night he stood her and Alex up for dinner. Jocelyn asks why? Does he love Carla? No, she's impossible, Danny says. Well, Jocelyn says, Tony doesn't love her, either. Danny says he will love his baby. He wants to be a father to his baby.

Jocelyn says Danny has to tell the truth about this baby. Right, and Carla would deny it, and Tony and Carla would move to LA with his baby, and Ally would hate his guts. Jocelyn reminds him that they grew up in a house of lies. He has got to tell the truth. Maybe, Danny says, maybe not. Danny is going for a walk. Alex comes in. He asks Jocelyn what's going on. Just brother-sister stuff, she says, as she folds the dollar Danny gave her. They'll work it out, Jocelyn says.

Tony says that Gino isn't alone, he is with his first wife now. It's just him and Carla now. It's time to make a fresh start, no mob, no ties to family. Carla says that she'll go to California under one condition, they go as husband and wife. They *are* husband and wife, Tony says. No, what they have is a piece of paper. She wants him to be a real husband to her.

The last time he saw Zoey, Richard tells Nick, she was at his apartment to pick up her "things". He can't seem to get to her, it's like talking to someone from another planet. Nick agrees that Zoey is different. Nick asks if he told her that he paid the taxes. No, Richard says, she already things he's a money-sucking pig. Nick says that the dinner party didn't help. Richard says that he should have told him Zoey was going to be there. Nick realizes that Loraine has a gut feeling about the dinner. Maybe, Nick says, he should have paid attention to her then...and now. Nick goes in and Loraine tells him to get Angie. Nick says Angie was at the hospital all night, she's gone home for some rest. Loraine wants Angie. She saw...she saw...death. Nick leaves. Someone could die, Loraine says to no one there.

March 20th, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond

Location: Angie's Clinic

Angie is on the phone with the hospital. She's telling them that if Lorraine doesn't calm down soon, call her doctor and have him prescribe a sedative. Angie knows Lorraine wants to see her now, but she'll stop by this afternoon. As Angie hangs up, Jacob walks in and gives her a kiss. Jacob's got some good news, he set up an appointment with another surrogate this afternoon. Angie doesn't seem particularly thrilled and reminds him she's going to visit Lorraine this afternoon.

Angie spent all night with Lorraine and Lorraine's not going anywhere, Jacob points out. Jacob thinks Angie should call Lorraine on the phone and then they can go to the interview. Angie's surprised that Jacob made another appointment so soon. It's a new applicant and Jacob looked at her information and thought she looked great. Jacob thinks it's weird that now he has to try to convince her to go check this out, when the surrogate idea was hers in the first place. Nick comes into the clinic and says that mentally, Lorraine is being pretty weird. "This is news?", Jacob comments sarcastically. Lorraine is insisting that she see Angie, Nick explains. "Angie can't go", Jacob says.

She can speak for herself, Angie tells him, and seeing a potential surrogate won't take the whole afternoon. Nick thinks if Angie would come by for just a few minutes, it would calm Lorraine down about this vision she had. All of Lorraine's talk about visions and missions and God's will is wearing he and Angie down, Jacob complains. Lorraine needs Angie now, Nick insists, why doesn't Jacob let Angie speak for herself about this. It's either Lorraine or the baby, Jacob says. Angie silently thinks about her choice.

Visiting Lorraine at the hospital does not mean that she's chosing her over their child, Angie tells Jacob. Angie can stop in and visit Lorraine and then meet Jacob at the fertility clinic later. Jacob finally agrees and they hug. Angie promises Nick that she'll be by to visit Lorraine later. Nick leaves and Jacob apologizes for being so bossy. They make up and kiss.

Starting Location: Tracy's penthouse

Tracy's on the phone leaving Alex the "umpteenth" message and he hasn't called her back at all. "I'm going to find you. You can run, but you can't hide", she promises. Tracy leaves the penthouse.

Tony enters the City Bar through the hall door and sits down at the bar with Alex, who's having a drink. "A little early for the hard stuff, isn't it", Tony asks. He's just trying to get some strength to deal with "that woman", Tracy, Alex explains. He's going to return her soon as he has another drink. Alex calls for the bartender to bring him another. Make it two, Tony says. Carla's really upset about her father, she keeps visiting his grave. She's not fighting him anymore about the move to California though. In fact, she seems to be looking forward to it and the glamor of Hollywood, Tony tells Alex. The problem is that Carla wants them to be a "real family", wants Tony to be a real husband in every sense of the word. Danny has to crack and soon, Tony worries, or Carla's going to be calling the moving van. Tony does feel bad about trying to trap them, with Carla being pregnant and losing her father and everything. Alex hopes Tony likes sun and palm trees because it looks like his plan is backfiring.

What if Carla insists that they go to L.A., Alex asks. It won't get that far, Tony claims, Danny does not want to see another guy take his kid out of state. Danny will blow very soon. And what if he doesn't, asks Alex. After ordering another round of drinks, Tony decides that they have to find a way to rattle Danny's cage and they have to do it soon. Alex suggests that Tony buy the baby a gift and show it off in front of Danny. Tony doesn't think that's a bad idea. He gets up to go buy a gift and nags Alex to call Tracy back. "I'll call her", he promises before taking another sip of his drink.

Down in the lobby, Ally is intently going through her mail and doesn't hear Tracy walk up behind her. Tracy comments that she thought this was New York, you're always supposed to look and see who's behind you, it's a survival thing. "Thanks, Mom", Ally says. Tracy will let that pass, she wants to know if Ally has seen Alex. "Not today, but I'm sure he's around", Ally replies. I'm around, Tony says, coming down the hall through the open elevator and stopping to stare at Ally. "Have you seen your partner around?", Tracy asks him. "My partner?", Tony asks in a daze. "Tall, dark and handsome and playing extremely hard to get", Tracy describes. "Oh, you mean Alex", Tony says, no, he doesn't know where Alex is, exactly. "Exactly", Tracy repeats. That means you're holding out on me and you just came from the bar. She thanks him, pinches his cheek and heads for the bar. Tony is amazed, how died Tracy figure that out. "Radar", Ally replies. Ally's going ice skating. Tony was going to run an errand, but would like to treat Ally to lunch instead. "So, what do you say?", he asks Ally.

Tracy taps Alex on the shoulder. He turns around, sees her and winces. She forgives him for not returning her phone calls, but she needs his help, it's an emergency. Everythings an emergency with Tracy, he replies, does she have another stiff she needs help stuffing in a freezer? My life is in danger, she explains. "Good", Alex says, unconcerned. Gino's associates are after her, they are watching the building. She explains that they were waiting for her when she went to Gino's apartment in Brooklyn and they threatened her. Tracy doesn't understand how they even knew she was going to be going there in the first place. Alex suggests that her penthouse may be bugged.

At a table in the City Bar, Ally and Tony are eating lunch. Well, at least Ally is eating, Tony would rather just stare at Ally. He can't stop thinking about the other night when they made love, Tony tells her. Ally admits she can't stop thinking about it either, it's what is keeping her going. Tony promises they will be together soon, for good. Ally hopes that is true, when she's with Tony, she feels that everything is going to be OK. But when she's away from him, all her doubts keep coming back. He keeps telling her that they will get back together, but Carla's baby isn't going to just disappear. It's all so confusing, first Tony told her that they would be together, then he tells Carla that they will be moving to L.A. Ally's just going to have to trust him, "you do trust me?", he asks. "I'm trying", she replies. It won't be for long, Tony promises again.

Upstairs, in Tracy's penthouse, Alex searches for bugs while Tracy puts on a performance, crying and moaning about how she will never get over Gino, the love of her life. Alex finds a bug under the edge of a table, puts it in a glass and pours water into it. Tracy, meanwhile, is carrying on her act, "What will my life be like without Gino?", she wails. Once Alex tells her that they can't be overheard anymore, Tracy rants, "how dare those gangsters bug my house!!" Maybe because they are bad guys, maybe because they don't trust her, Alex suggests. If she really wants to feel safe, maybe she should move, says Alex. There's one thing she has to do first and she needs Alex's help. Alex refuses before even hearing what it is, but Tracy tells him anyway. She has to make one more trip to Gino's apartment in Brooklyn. She starts making up this story about leaving a scarf there, it's one Dillon gave to her, saved up his money for, if she doesn't get it back, it will break Dillon's heart. Alex, smiling through the whole story, doesn't buy it for a second. After laughing, he asks her why she wants to go to Brooklyn and he wants the truth this time. Tracy thinks there is something important hidden there. Alex offers to give her the name of a friend that could help her, but Tracy insists Alex must help and it must be today. Alex absolutely refuses to do it. Tracy gets a box, opens it and pulls out a gun. Before he leaves, can he show her how to use this, she asks.

Tony reaches out and holds the ring he gave Ally, which is on a chain around her neck. He likes the way it shines, but he'd like it even better if it were on her finger. Ally wonders when she will be able to wear it. At their next ice skating date, he says. She reminds him that they don't have an ice skating date and he suggests next Friday:-( "By Friday, I know things are going to be taken care of"(they'd better be), he says. Ally agrees to the date, next week at the ice skating rink in Central Park, Tony will put the ring on her finger. Ally leaves, but they kiss before she goes. "Danny, this has to work, you'd better come clean soon", Tony says to himself.

Alex insists that Tracy put the gun down, even though she swears she wouldn't keep a loaded gun in the house with Dillon around. "You with a gun in your hand is my worst nightmare, now put..that..gun..down!", Alex tells Tracy. Tracy puts the gun back in the box. "Thank God", Alex sighs in relief, holding his head. Tracy's afraid of these men, she tells Alex. Tracy should be afraid of them, Alex agrees. There may be some fabulous treasure hidden in that apartment and then she can skip town with Dillon, Tracy explains. Why doesn't she just skip town now, Alex asks. Tracy thinks that whatever she finds, she may be able to use as leverage against Gino's pals. Alex promises that if she'll just leave the gun alone, he'll take her to Brooklyn. Tracy laughs and thanks him. "Knock it off and get your coat", Alex tells her, heading for the door. Make sure your coat is old and ugly, they'll need to dress down for the subway, Alex warns her. "I'm sorry, did you say subway?", asks Tracy. If they're being followed, that's the best way to go, Alex insists. Tracy asks if he'll promise never to tell anyone that Tracy Quartermaine not only went to Brooklyn, but rode the subway to get there. Alex doesn't reply, just stares at her and then slams the door behind them as they leave.

March 21st, 1997
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Angie is at the hospital next to a sleeping Lorraine. She decides to leave a note and go. Lorraine is having the cloudy dream with the walking figure and wakes up. She tells Angie that she had an out-of-body experience while Angie was operating on her and she left the building. She talks about an alley with a white light where everything was warm and beautiful. She couldn't go in because there was also a flickering yellow light - with something horrible. She says they have to get to that alley - someone's life depends on it. Jacob arrives and he and Angie head to the hallway. He's upset that Angie missed the appointment with the surrogate, but she's worried about Lorraine. She goes back in and Lorraine tells her that the accident and Angie saving her life was all part of God's plan. She tries unsuccessfully to convince Angie that they need to find the alley to save someone's life. Angie asks her for a few hours to think about it while Lorraine rests. She leaves and tells Jacob how desperate Lorraine is and wonders if Lorraine is right.

Tracy and Alex arrive at Gino's hideaway. She's complaining because he made them take three subway trains to get there. At the door, she looks through her purse and tells Alex she forgot the key. (In case you've forgotten, the mob guys made her give it back). Alex is suspicious and refuses to pick the lock. He wants the truth about the key and she tells him. She tells him that she'll just break the door down and starts throwing her self at it. He stops her and picks the lock. Tracy is shocked to see that the place has been ransacked. He wants to leave but she thinks maybe they overlooked something. He doesn't think so, and leaves. She starts looking through the place (and I notice that one of the boxes has NYPD stenciled on it). She moves a chair and knocks off some molding from the wall, exposing a hole in the wall. She pulls out a small accordion file, pulls some papers out and excitedly says "This is it!". Just then the door opens.

A grinning Tony arrives at GenX where Danny is looking at some pictures (apparently GenX is a pictures only magazine - I never seen Danny do any other work there and the only employees are a secretary and photog Ally). Tony is carrying a nearly life size stuffed collie and announces that it is a present for his baby. He goes on to tell him that when he and Carla get to LA, he's going to buy the real thing. He wants to leave the toy there for until a special moment arrives. Danny agrees, somewhat unhappily. Tony walks out and Danny phones Carla. He reminds her of hearing their baby's heartbeat and asks if she's tried talking Tony out of moving yet. She tells him that she's working on it. After hanging up, she says to herself that she and Tony will be long gone before Danny gets any more attached to the baby. Danny is smiling to himself while having an audio flashback of the baby's heartbeat. He is interrupted by an employee - yep, it's Ally with a roll of pictures of skaters. He notices the ring on her neck chain. and asks about it. She admits that Tony gave it to her. She says that things are better. He wonders how they will be when he moves with Carla to LA. She is surprised, but insists she trusts Tony and Danny should mind his own business. She leaves Danny who wonders what Tony is up to. Ally comes back and they argue over Danny going to confront Tony.

Tony gets home and is surprised to see Carla packing. She tells him that she thought it over and decided a fresh start was what they needed. He thinks they don't have to rush - the move will be very stressful for her. He gets her to sit own and relax. She thinks it's stuffy, so he opens the door - since it's too cold to open a window. She tells him about her leg cramps, so he agrees to massage them (her thighs). Ally and Danny come in and see them. Ally runs out and Danny prevents Tony from going after her. (Cliffhanger)

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