The City Daily Recaps Archive (March 10th, 1997)
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March 10th, 1997
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Jacob takes the discreet possible surrogate into the apartment, while Angie tries to ease things with Lorraine. Lorraine's words are understanding, but her tone is not. She leaves. Angie and Jacob chat with Dorothy, dis- covering she is musical. She tells them that she was a surrogate once before and enjoyed it. She admits the money is a big part of it, but over all sounds very sensible and caring. She has two girls of her own, and the previous surrogate baby was also a girl.. This seems to raise some concern about being able to deliver a boy (?). They tell her they kinda want a girl and have even picked out a name - Cassandra. She stops them and says that part of it is their business and none of hers. Angie seems concerned at this. Dorothy explains that she sees herself as an independent contractor, she focuses on mothering her own children, but the baby she'd be carrying would be their child, not hers. They wonder if they could contact the other couple. She tells them she doesn't know where they are - but they are welcome to talk to the attorney who arranges things. She leaves and Jacob thinks they found the right person, but Angie is apprehensive - she feels strange about her.

Lorraine talks to Nick and tells him she just has a bad feeling about this particular surrogate (for once I agree with her). Nick tries to reassure her that any one A&J get would come highly recommended. Lorraine is not eased. He wants her to get out of A&J's private life. They start discussing her accompanying him on his tour. She needs to get a passport (he's surprised she doesn't have one) and some new clothes for Paris.

Tracy talks to a locksmith about what a key she has goes to. She is told that if she takes it to them, they may be able to tell what it's to. She says she doesn't have the time.

Tony arrives at the apartment looking for Carla, not finding her, he heads up to Tracy's. She had been there, but Tracy cannot tell him where Carla went, only where Tracy would like her to go. Tracy notes how protective he is, and points out that if something happens to the baby, he would be free to go back to his old life. He's upset at her implications. She thinks that somewhere deep inside he hopes she does lose the baby. He leaves and once outside, realizes that what she said was true. He asks God to help Carla not lose the baby.

Meanwhile, in the stairwell, Carla painfully pulls out her cell phone, and tries to dial before doubling in pain. Danny comes along and hears something and calls out. Carla calls to him for help. Danny races up the stairs, she is worried about losing "this baby", Danny assures her that she is not going to lose "our baby". He carries her downstairs.

March 11th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

Ally is still packing, looking over a pile of paperback books. Tess shows up and they talk about Ally leaving. Tess tries to talk Ally into staying, and Ally admits that she loves Tony, but she knows it will never work out. Ally says Tony asked her to postpone her trip to Paris for two weeks. Tess says she has known Tony for a long time, and if he wants her to stay, he must have something planned. Ally says it doesn't matter, she is leaving. She tells Tess that Tony wanted her to stay so much that he told Ally he and Carla were leaving the city. Tess laughs at the thought of Carla in the country. Tess leaves, after having the last word, "Stay." Ally sits down and writes Tony a letter, telling him she has decided to go to Paris, and she doesn't want to ever see him again.

Danny, carrying Carla, tells her the baby will be okay. Danny takes her to Angie's place. Angie and Jacob are trying to agree on whether Dorothy, the first surrogate they talked to is the best choice. Angie is unsure, and Jacob thinks she's perfect. She's detached, and very professional, isn't that what they wanted? Angie guesses so, but Dorothy seemed "too professional". She seemed too unconcerned about their baby. Jacob says the easier to let go. Angie says she just doesn't feel right about it. Danny pounds on the door to Angie's apartment. he sets Carla down on the couch. Angie gives her a preliminary exam, and then wants to take her to the clinic to get a sonogram done. Angie asks if she can walk. Danny says lets not take chances, he'll carry her. Jacob and Angie look at each other as Carla puts her arms around Danny's neck. In the clinic, Angie tells a much calmer Carla that the sonogram showed only what it was suppose to show, except maybe the baby was a little smaller than expected. She asks if Carla is sure of the conception date. She thought so. Angie suggests that Carla have her doctor recalculate a due date from the size. Carla says she will. Angie asks if Carla wants to hear the baby's heartbeat. Outside, Jacob leaves a message on Tony's machine. Danny is pacing. Jacob says the baby's father should be here. Danny looks up. Angie gets the baby's heartbeat. Carla glows. Danny wants to come in. Angie leaves. Carla says she heard "their" baby's heartbeat. Does Danny want to hear the heartbeat? Carla sets up the machine, and Danny is asking "is that it?" I don't hear anything. You have to be quiet, Carla says. Danny says he's trying. Then, there is the heartbeat. Is that it? Yes, Carla beams. Wow, Danny says. Carla thanks Danny for finding her. She is so glad that their baby is going to be okay. They hug, then kiss.

Alex is on the phone with Sandy (we only hear Alex) and he's folding clothes while he's talking. It's just a party, Alex says, folding a pair of jeans. With girls. Well, he'll like girls soon. He already does? Alex says, picking up Jocelyn's bra and folding it. Two? Two of his girlfriends will be at the party? Has he talked to his mother about this? There is a knock at the door. It's Tony. He tells Alex that the talked to Tracy, and she knocked him for a loop. She went on and on about how something happened to the baby, Tony would be relieved. Alex says Tracy says dumb things sometimes. Tony says well, this one hit home. Sometimes, at night, as he's falling asleep, he wishes that when he woke up, there was no baby. Alex tries to get Tony to realize these are normal feelings, and that it won't cause anything to happen to the baby. Tony tells Alex about his plan to prove Danny is the father. He's going to tell Carla that they're moving away. He figures Danny won't be able to stand having his kid so far away. Alex says this assumes that Danny will do the right thing, and there is no indication that Danny will do that. Tony says he plans on playing this father thing up. About how he'll raise *his* baby as a Soleito, he'll bring the baby up Catholic, and Tony figures that Danny is about to blow. Alex wonders why Tony doesn't just wait until the baby is born and then have a paternity test done. Tony wants to get to Ally before she leaves for Paris. He figures that if she goes to Paris, he will never see her again. He shows Alex that he still carries around the engagement ring he wanted to give her. Alex suggests he just tell Ally about his suspicions. No, Tony says, he has to have proof, or if he's wrong, she'll never forgive him for trying to pin the paternity on Danny.

March 12th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

Nick shows Loraine to a table at the bar. He has an itinerary for their trip. That is, if she hasn't changed her mind. Loraine says that she will not change her mind, she promised him she would leave Angie alone and she would go with him. Loraine wonders where the kids are. It's not like Zoey to be late, Nick says...but Richard. They're not coming together? Loraine asks. Nick says he didn't tell either of them that the other was invited. Richard walks in with his assistant.

Zoey walks into Tracy's apartment with a bundle of clothes. For the funeral, and for the merry widow, Zoey says. Tracy says she needs to find out what this key is for. Zoey goes to the window and see some guys with binoculars watching the building. Tracy wanders over to the window and Zoey pulls her down. Tracy says that Zoey has watched too much of "The Untouchables". Well, Zoey says, at least they were untouchable. Tracy thinks maybe she pushed Carla too far this time.

Carla and Danny are kissing. Carla appologizes. She says hearing their baby's heart beat was just so great. Danny says this is the first time she's said "their" baby. Carla looks at her stomach, and smiles. They hear Tony's voice. Danny stands up, and away from Carla. Carla wipes her lips. Tony asks how the baby is.

How is the baby? Tony repeats. Danny says the baby is fine. What happened? Tony asks. Danny says he found Carla at the bottom of the steps and brought her here. Tony says he got a message from Jacob about her falling. She got dizzy and fell, she guesses, Carla says. Was this after she had it out with Tracy? Tony yells that she has to consider the baby. Carla agrees that she needs to stay away from all the stress. Tony says he has an idea, they're gonna move. Uptown? Carla asks. She can handle that. No, more like out-of-towm. Danny, in the background, is not happy.

Tracy and Zoey are talking about Gino's cause of death and how Tracy has to watch her back. Tracy has Zoey call Joey so that Tracy and the mob can have it out. Joey agrees, he'll be right over. Zoey tells Tracy that she's late for dinner, she hasn't washed her hair, changed, or anything. Tracy says it's only with Nick, so...

Richard says they're on their way to a charity benefit. Loraine comes back and says she couldn't get a hold of Zoey. Zoey comes in right after Richard orders champagne and mineral water. Zoey says she didn't know she was suppose to wear her party clothes. The waitress brings the drinks and asks Zoey if she wants anything. That champagne looks good, she says, fun. Richard wants to leave. Zoey insists that since Nick went to all the trouble to get them all here, they should stay. Enjoy.

Loraine suggests that they order. Zoey says yes, she looks anorexic. She doesn't think Richard feeds her enough. Zoey says it's a complement! Zoey asks where they are off to in the fancy clothes. A must-attend play, the assistant says. What play? Zoey says. The Temptress. Ahh, Zoey says. A business man is seduced by the alluring business associate. Not a brain-bender, Zoey says. Loraine asks if anyone saw the documentary about the oil spill. The assistant did, and she gives a thoughtful, and informed opinion.

Joey shows up and tells Tracy he knows what this is about. She wasn't invited to the get-together at the club. He tells her that all the guys know is that one day Gino was single, and alive, and the next day, he was married and dead.

Tony says that he thinks the change would be good for her and the baby. She thrives on the city, Carla says. She has work. Danny says he can't picture her driving a station wagon. Tony says he knows that. But, her company has an office out west. When he called, they were estatic. About what? Carla says. About us, Tony says, relocating to LA. Danny looks like he's gonna be sick.

Tracy says she has the coroner's report that Gino died of an anurism. In *her* bed, Joey says. In his *head*, Tracy says. Tracy offers to show them the official report. His associates don't put much stock in official records, Joey says. She's an outsider, Joey says, and Gino died in her house. So, Tracy suggests, she won't be an outsider anymore. She wants all his associates over here after the funeral. Then, she won't be an outsider, she'd be sympatico. Tracy asks if Joey liked Gino? Yes, Joey says. Did he know Gino? Yes. Would Gino appreciate how they are treating his widow? Joey thinks. No, he admits. Okay, then, Tracy says, tomorrow. Joey leaves. Now, Tracy says, how would Martha Stewart entertain 4 goons who want to see her dead?

Richard makes an excuse to leave. At the table, Nick appologizes, he didn't know Richard was going to be bringing...Loraine interrupts, saying Zoey is a big girl. Zoey says yup, she can do whatever she wants. And she wants desert! And hemlock to wash it all down, Zoey sighs, draining her champagne. Loraine excuses herself. She talks to Dorothy, who is at the bar, dropping off her references. Jacob isn't here tonight, Loraine says. Yeah, she found that out. Loraine volunteers to give them to Angie tomorrow. Dorothy is very happy. Loraine is holding on to the references.

Tony goes on and on about how great it will be to live in LA. Carla is not happy about it. She'll be bi-costal, with offices on the east and west. What about him, Carla says. Oh, Tony says, he'll be busy, teaching the baby to skate and lots of other things. Danny says only strange poeple like in LA. Carla says this is too much for her right now. Tony says it will be great. A nurse comes in and says Angie was called to the hospital, but they can stay as long as they want. She asks which one is the baby's father. That would be me, Tony says, as Carla looks at Danny. Would you like to hear the baby's heartbeat? Sure. The nurse finds the heartbeat. Tony beams. Wow, our baby has a strong heartbeat, he says.

March 13th, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond

Starting Location: Ally's apartment

Tyler's getting ready to go to a sleepover at a friend's house. Ally looks in his bag, notices he forget his toothbrush, and sends him back to get it and to brush his teeth. While he's gone, Ally re-reads a letter that she's written to Tony, telling him that she has decided to go to France. This has to be good-bye for good, she writes, she doesn't want to see Tony again... ever.

Ally and Tyler are riding downstairs in the elevator and Ally is staring at the letter with "Tony" written on the envelope. She stops by the mailboxes and asks Tyler to hold on minute. As she stands there, she remembers Tony admitting he's made a lot of mistakes, but there's nothing he can do to change that.

Location: Tony's apartment

Tony and Carla, dressed in black, return from Gino's funeral. At Tony's suggestion, they go a sit on the couch. It was a nice ceremony, Tony comments, Gino would have been proud of all the things that were said about him. Every word was true, those and more, Carla agrees. Tracy's having everyone over to her place, Tony's going to go up there to see his parents. Carla doesn't want to go, and Tony doesn't think she should go, either. As Tony leaves to go upstairs, Danny is lurking on the staircase, waiting for Tony to go. As soon as the elevator doors close, Danny is knocking on Carla's door.

Carla brings Danny a cup of coffee and thanks him again for rescuing her the other day. If he hadn't come along when he did, she might have lost the baby. When they heard the heartbeat yesterday, it all suddenly became real. Carla's first thought when she woke up this morning was to tell Gino about the baby, but the she remembered.... At the cemetery today when they were lowering the casket into the ground and throwing the dirt on top of it.... She knew that he was gone, but a part of her wanted to believe it was all a big mistake, "but the sound of that dirt was like something hitting me across the face". "I knew that he was really gone, I'd never see his face, he'd never get to see the baby", Carla starts crying. She would have given anything to see the look on Gino's face when he saw the baby. Danny hugs her as she cries.

Carla apologizes for losing it, she's a grown woman, not a lost little girl. In a way, he almost envies her, Danny says. Danny's father died right in front of him and he didn't feel anything, except relief. He didn't love his father any more than his father loved him, which was zero. Carla comments it must have been awful, growing up that way. It was, Danny agrees, but living with him was like reading a book on how not to be a father. It's going to be a very different story with their baby, Danny says, rubbing Cara's stomach. Carla removes his hand and shakes her head no.

Carla's sure that one day he will make a wonderful father, but not to this baby. That is my baby, too, Danny reminds her. She's better talk Tony out of moving to L.A. or all bets are off, Danny warns. Carla promises to try, then says its been a really horrible day and she's going to go get some sleep. Danny agrees to leave, "but I am not leaving that baby, Carla".

Location: Tracy's penthouse

Tess and Buck step out of the elevator on Tracy's floor. Buck's not too anxious to be there, he doesn't know any of the Soleito's except Tony and he barely knows Tracy. Tess explains again that she knew the Soleito's growing up and used to babysit for Carla, so she has to be here. "You're my husband, so wither I goeth, so do you. Now let's goeth", she commands. Tess rings the bell, "stick with me, I'll keep you out of the East River", she reassures him. Joey opens the door and Tess tells him how sorry she was to hear about Gino. Across the room, Zoey is helping Tracy set out the food and is telling Tracy yet again what a crazy idea this is. Gino's goons are still spying on her, Zoey reminds Tracy, she can't believe Tracy is inviting them in to have a drink. Have you ever heard the expression, "hold your friends close, but your enemies closer", Tracy asks. Zoey, who has seen Gino's goons come in the door, wouldn't want to hold them close, "they make Gino look like Brad Pitt". Tracy turns and surveys the four mobsters who have just arrived. She squeezes her eyes closed tightly, and the opens them again. "Wow!"

Tony leads the four men in and introduces them to Tracy. Their names are Rico, ?, Percy and C.C. What colorful names, Tracy comments, as Tony and Zoey quickly desert her, leaving her alone with them. Tracy's glad that they all could come, and she hoped they understood the invitation included their wives. Rico, the spokesperson for the group, explains that his wife died a year ago and that the other's wives don't get involved in family business. This is hardly business, Tracy says, but it is a pleasure to meet all of them, Gino spoke so highly of his friends. Rico is surprised that Gino ever spoke of them to her. Gino was married to Rose for over 25 years and he doubts if Rose even knew their names. Tracy is interested in business, in anything that concerned Gino. That's probably why he talked to her about things he never told Rose. The mobsters start commenting on the redecorating, how it must have cost a bundle, but Gino was rich enough to afford it. Tracy comes right out and asks if they are accusing her of killing Gino to get his money. "If we believed that, we wouldn't be here, and neither would you", Rico tells her.

If they're not accusing her of anything, then why are their men watching her every move. It's for her protection, when someone in the upper ranks of the organization dies, his widow can be in a very awkward position, Rico explains. As long as they are around, nothing will happen to Tracy, Rico promises. He apologizes for any misunderstanding and Tracy has their heartfelt condolences, Rico tells her, kissing her hand. Tess comes over to say Hi to Rico. Tessie Wilder?, he says, greeting her with a BIG hug and kisses on the cheeks. Tess introduces Buck as her husband of a few weeks and Rico jokingly curses his bad timing. Rico wishes them good luck. Across the room, Tony is telling his parents that Carla is downstairs resting. Tony's mother can't help wishing that it were Ally having Tony's baby instead of Carla. Tony's going to go downstairs to check on Carla, but he'll be back up later, he tells his parents. He leaves at the same time as the four mobsters, who tell him how sorry they are about his uncle. There's an opening in the organization, though, is Tony interested? "It ain't going to happen", he replies.

Back in the apartment, Tracy and Zoey are clearing the food off the table and Zoey wants to know what happened with those goons. One minute they looked like they were going to feed Tracy to the fish, the next they were shaking her hand. Quartermaine charm, Tracy claims. Did she ask them about the key, Zoey asks. No, Tracy wasn't about to push her luck, the key will have to wait. Tess is reminiscing with Tony's parents about the old times and a 4th of July party at "the old place". What old place is this, Tracy questions them. Tess explains that she, the Soleitos and Rico used to live in the same apartment building in Redhook, Brooklyn. Once they became rich, the Soleito's bought the building for elderly people to live in it, rent free. They all keep their own apartment there, Gino had one there, too. Tony's dad suggests she might like to come see the place, but Joey says he doesn't think Tracy would be interested. "I'd be extremely interested", Tracy says with a smile.

As Tony's parents leave, Tony's father compliments Tracy that she is a lovely lady and he wishes Gino had more time with her. Tracy thanks them for coming, she'll keep in touch. After they leave, Tracy claps her hands together and laughs, very excited. Zoey doesn't understand why she is so excited. Gino kept an apartment in that building on Atlantic Avenue, Tracy explains, the key must be to that apartment. Now all she needs to do is find out which building it is. Zoey tries to warn her, but Tracy is too excited to listen. "Atlantic Avenue, here I come!"

The elevator must have been running very slowly:-), because Tony and the four mobsters are just now getting out of the elevator on the ground floor. Before leaving, Rico reminds Tony his job is to take care of Tony and Gino's grandchild. They leave, and Tony notices an envelope with his name on it wedged on the top of the row of mailboxes. He opens it, reads the letter from Ally and looks very upset.

Location: Hospital Chapel

Lorraine has tracked Angie all the way to the hospital to deliver Dorothy's (the surrogate) references to her. Lorraine didn't just come to deliver the references, she knows it's none of her business, but she wanted to warn Angie that there's something strange about Dorothy. Angie bluntly tells her she's right, this is none of her business.

They both say they're sorry, and Angie admits that she's having reservations about Dorothy, but it's no concern of Lorraine's. Lorraine starts babbling on about being drawn back, being chosen to come back for some reason, something that has to do with Angie.

Angie's tired of Lorraine talking about being sent, or chosen, or whatever. Last time they went through this, things got very scary, and ugly. Lorraine claims there's some sort of force at work here, there's nothing they can do about it. Angie suggests that they best thing they can do is keep some distance between them. Lorraine says it's too late, there's already a connection between them. Angie walks out on her. Lorriane doesn't know the reason yet, she says to herself, but she will soon, and Angie will know, too.

March 14th, 1997
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

Storyline: Trust Part I

Tracy is talking on the phone with Zoey. She wants her to stay with Dillon after she picks him up from school. She's going to Brooklyn. She spoke to Tess and she gave her the exact address of the apartment. She may find nothing, but she may find the crown jewels. Doesn't she think it is worth it? Gino's pals adore her, they aren't going to be a problem, she says when Zoey worries. Besides, she has a much bigger problem: finding a cab that will take her there.

When Ally comes off the elevator, Tony is waiting for her on the stairs. He got her letter. They need to talk. She meant everything she wrote. There's nothing more for them to say. There's a lot more to say. It is going to take a lot more than a letter to get rid of him. What will it take to get rid of him? She'll have to stop loving him, can she manage that?

Ally asks him if he enjoys torturing her. Yeah, he gets off on it. Then can he please stop this? Stop loving her? No, he can't. Well, he is going to have to. He told her, when she stops loving him. She is get- ing really close because she can't take much more of this. He never thought of her as a quitter. If wanting this pain to stop makes her a quitter, then yes, she is. Does she think that she is the only one that is hurting? No, but he can't make Carla not be having his baby. He just needs a little more time. Can she do that for him? No. All the time in the world isn't goign to change anything. It can if she will just trust him. All he needs is a week, two at the most. She is all out of trust. Why, Ally? Because of one night? The night that Danny picked to bring Tyler home. The same night that he went home a little angry and found Carla mixing Martinis. Would he please stop? She is well aware of that night and the consequences that followed. What if he could just make it all go away?

Ally wishes to God that they could go and take it all away. Maybe they could, if she would just give him a little more time. That night changed everything, she says. There is nothing he or anyone else can do to change that. Tony doesn't just want to talk about that night. He wants to think back to a different time. A certain Thursday afternoon that changed his life just as much as that night did. What is he talking about? Tony asks her to close her eyes. She argues, but then does. He reminds her about the afternoon, February 22, 1996. The first day they went out together. They went ice skating. He tells her about this beautiful girl who came up to him and put her arms around him and tried to keep him from falling. She didn't have much luck, but it didn't matter. It just felt good to have her there with him. Things felt right again. It felt as if he might actually have someone in his life again. And, he did. That day changed his life jsut as much as the other night. So, why can't they try to think about the good night, all the good nights that they have had. He knows they could have their skating days back. Ally is crying, and shaking her head. He tells her that she can open her eyes now. He apologizes for making her cry. He just wants to make her happy. He loves her so much. She loves him too. Will she give him the week, two weeks? They'll meet at the skating rink, okay? No, Tony.

Location shots of street. Tracy gets out of a cab and tries to get him to stay by giving him a large tip, but he won't stay. He likes money, but he likes living better. He speeds off. Tracey gets out her direc- tions and starts walking. She does not look very comfortable. She finds the place and eventually gets past the two boys throwing a ball back and forth on the steps.

Didn't she hear anything he said? Every word. And she still didn't change her mind? Their skating rink is gone, she sayd. If he walks out the door, she'll never see him again--forever. She doesn't answer. "I love you, Ally. I want the last words you hear me say, forever, to be I love you." She cries and he leaves. She slams against the wall, sinking down a little. She thinks about their skating date and then runs to the door. He is in the hallway and she almost knocks him over the railing as they hug.

Tracy is upstairs in the apartment building. She goes inside and is faced with the four men from Gino's funeral that spoke to Tony. One of them says, "Welcome to Brooklyn, Mrs. S."

Storyline: Trust Part II

Jacob wants to know what Lorraine said. Angie tells him she said she was "sent" back to NY. she was chosen. She didn't know what for, but it had something to do with Angie. She went on and on about this force that couldn't be stopped. Angie just gets chills talking about it. Jacob says maybe it's just her Madame Lorraine, see-all, know-all routine. Angie tells him that this went way beyond her tarot cards. Jacob says she shouldn't let it get to her. It does get to her. She's crazy! She is really starting to scare her. Jacob guesses that they are going to have to do something about it. Nick walks up and asks if he is talking about someone he knows.

Nick thought Lorraine had it together this time. Obviously not, Jacob says. She promised to stay out of their business. Angie says that she probably meant it at the time. Was she drinking? Angie thought so at first, but she was sober. Nick asks what would make her go off like that. Angie has no idea. She must have some idea, she's a doctor. She's not a psychologist. Neither is Jacob but he knows that she has some serious problems. Is he saying that Lorraine is mentally disturbed? He doesn't know if that is what he's trying to say, but what does Nick think. Nick doesn't know what to think. Speculating isn't going to do any good, but it is clear to see that the woman needs professional help. Nick is afraid she is right. Lorraine walks up.

Nick wants to give Angie and Jacob a little space. They are kind of in the middle of something. Lorraine says that's fine. Lorraine is sorry. She didn't mean to upset her. Angie says it's all right. Nick and Lorraine leave Jacob and Angie alone. Angie just hopes that Lorraine is all right. Jacob says she's unbelievable. In what sense? Well, Lorraine seems to be making a career out of playing mind games with her and Angie still is just hoping that she is okay. It's a doctor thing. It needs to be a Nick thing, Jacob says. Angie would be more than happy to give him the job. That makes two of them, because they need to start concentrating on little Cassandra. Well, not with Dorothy as a sur- rogate. Next, Jacob says. No one else looked as good on paper. Jacob tells her not to get discouraged. There are plenty of qualified women out there. She knows. It's really not that, she says. She has been thinking about it, and she is just not sure that a surrogate is the way to go. Lorraine really did work a number on her, he says. She just said that she's not SURE.

So, is Nick angry with her? No, he's not, he says, but then changes his mind. Yes, he is. Lorraine is sorry, but this is something she felt she had to do. Does she know that twice in the last week, she has promised him that she will stop interfering with them. She's not interfering. She had to warn her. He yells that she is trying to run their lives and if that isn't interfering, then she doesn't know what is. Will he keep his voice down? If he tries to talk to her like a rational human being, nothing seems to get through. That's because he is yelling at her. He supposes their trip to Europe is out now too. She didn't say anything like that. God forbid, she would have to do a week or two without her Jacob and Angie fix. Why does he have to be so cruel and close-minded? He's not being cruel. He's just stating the facts. Can't he see that there is something important going on here? Something more important than... Let him tell her what is going on there: she is trying to find something to take the place of the high she gets from drinking. She denies is softly. He continues, and what does she latch onto? Some nonsense about second-sight and callings. Does she have her own private line in the great beyond. It is not nonsense, she says. Does she see a burning bush or something? She tells him not to mock her. He should try to understand her. What he is trying to do is live in the real world. And, in the real world, there is no room for the kind of nonsense she has been spouting, which obviously means more to her than their relationship does. Nothing means more to her than their relationship. Nick thought he could be enough for her. He thought he could help her through her troubles, but it is obvious that he can't. What is he saying--their relationship is over? No, he is saying that she needs to get professional help and the only way that she is going to get that help is by admitting to herself that she needs it.

Angie insists this has nothing to do with Lorraine. For the last few months, all he has heard was surrogate, surrogate, surrogate. She bent herself out of shape trying to get him to say yes. He finally agrees and now she has changed her mind? She isn't saying anything yet. And on the day that Lorraine comes to Angie with her vision nonsense? Okay, maybe Lorraine's premonitions had some affect on her, but the whole idea of the surrogate hasn't been sitting well with her for a while. He will tell her for how long: approximately 24 hours since they talked with Dorothy. He told her, they will find someone else. Angie reminds him that he also told her that there may not be someone else who could be maternal and not maternal, objective and not objective. Jacob is sure they will find someone. Angie says that isn't the point. No one will ever be 100 percent. She knows that. Dorothy was probably as close to the right person as they will find. The feelings that she might not have had anything to do with Dorothy. It might have been what he thought from the beginning: that letting someone else give birth to their baby wasn't a good idea. The one time he wanted to be wrong, she's telling him that he's right. Because, she thinks he's right. Jacob says they should interview two or three more women and if she still has the same feelings, they'll drop it. Angie doesn't really think it is going to change anything. Jacob says she has been through so much to be able to have a child. Doesn't she think she owes it to herself to give it one more chance? How did she get so lucky? She didn't--she married him, he says. They kiss.

Lorraine thanks Nick for calling her insane. He says they all have their problems. Reverend Nick doesn't, she says. The Reverend Nick thing was a lark, he says. He seems awfully proud of it, she says. He doesn't believe in God's will, just like he doesn't believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. Lorraine believes in him. Nick is trying to talk some sense, talk her out of throwing her life out the window. If he would believe in her, there might be a reason to make sense of their relationship. He tells her not to put this on him. Why not? He's perfect, right Reverend? Nick tells her that she needs professional help. What she doesn't need, she says, is him yelling at her, telling her that she is sick. She gets up and he says she is good at running away. he calls her back, but she doesn't listen. She runs out the door. There is a screeching of tires and a scream and Nick runs out the door after her.

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