The City Daily Recaps Archive (March 3rd, 1997)
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March 3rd, 1997
Written by Marguerite Czajka

Carla and Vito are banging on Tracy's door, looking for Gino. She's mad at Vito for not guarding Gino. She gets Vito to pick the lock which he does in two seconds. They find Gino's overcoat and decide he must still be in the building. Vito goes to the bar to see if he's there. Carla listens to a message on the answering machine. It's the doctor checking up on Gino since Tracy had called to ask about Gino's health. Vito calls and says that no one has seen Gino.

Alex (in a pretty funny scene) confronts Tracy about killing Gino, holding up his foot as evidence. She says she didn't kill him and he asks if Gino was using a do-it-yourself cryogenics kit. She tells him that Gino died of natural causes, but Alex is skeptical. She tells him she didn't kill him, he died of natural causes in the throes of passion. By *himself*?!? Alex asks. She tells him that she wanted Gino to have a really nice time on his wedding night, so she invited over an acquaintance. Alex is incredulous, so Tracy tells him the rest of the story. He tells her she should never have moved the body. She tells him that she was planning on dropping him off behind the social club, so Carla or anyone else wouldn't put a contract out on her. He wants to call the police - she worries about Dylan. Alex lets her have it - that maybe she deserves to lose Dylan, she's selfish and lazy and doesn't care about anyone but herself. He tells her he won't help her out of this mess, and she tells him he can't turn her in. She has to tell the truth for her own, Dylan's, and Zoey's sakes. She says she can't face it - he tells her she can and takes her off to call the police. He says she's lucky he has a friend there, but is making no promises. She thanks him.

Richard arrives at a very nervous Zoey's place. He wonders why she didn't meet him in the bar like she said she would. He's concerned that something is wrong. She tries to get him to leave since she's busy cleaning the freezer. He wonders why she's suddenly so concerned about freezers - the one downstairs and now her own. He wants to know what's going on. Zoey tells him that the problem is that Tracy is a very demanding boss and that has her rattled. Richard smells men's cologne and accuses her of having a man over. She gets ticked off and they start to argue. She says she's having some problems that he can't help with. He finally leaves.

Tony, going up in the elevator flashes to his and Alex' revelation that Danny must have impregnated Carla. He decides to stop by the magazine to look for proof. He finds Carla's phone number with a Post-It note saying "Prenatal 3/23". Just then Carla comes in and tells Tony that she can't find Gino. He opines that Gino probably doesn't want to see her because Gino found out the truth. She says she doesn't know what he's talking about and starts going on about Gino. He calms her down and they head to the elevator to more thoroughly check the penthouse. The elevator opens and inside is Tracy and Alex. Carla asks Tracy where her father is and what did Tracy do to him. (Cliffhanger)

March 4th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

Nick takes something out of the microwave. He pokes it with a fork, and starts remembering Loraine. There is a knock at the door. It's Angie. Hi. Hi, he says. Is she catching him at a bad time? No, he says. She was hoping he was coming down. Oh, Nick says, the party. He promises to run up the street, get their present and be right down. Angie smells the food and asks if it's Loraine's jambalaya. Yes. Is she back? Angie asks. No, it's leftovers. Nick promises to be down in 15 minutes. Angie leaves. Nick dishes out some of the food, but stops.

In the hallway, Carla screams, don't just stand there, tell me where my father is. Alex wants to go to Tony's apartment so they can all talk. Why won't you tell me? Carla screams. Tony tells her it's just a three second ride. Everything will be okay. Carla walks by Alex, who mouths "Not okay" to Tony.

Nick is out on the street, bundled up. He sees a drunk, sleeping, and he puts some money in his hand. Nick sees a Psychic Reading sign, and he stops for a second. He continues. He gets the present. He sees someone that looks like Loraine from the back. He approaches, and turns her around. It's not her.

In the bar, the bartender is directing the decorating effort. Come on, come on, let's get the banner up. It's upside down! Jacob sends the banner director to the back door to look out for Buck and Tess. What should he do if he sees them? Whistle, Jacob suggests. Here they come, Angie says as she's looking out the front door. Everyone hides and turns out the light. Tess and Buck come in talking about a drink that's Buck's speciality that Tess has to try. It's dark and deserted in the bar. What's up? Tess asks. Everyone jumps up and says surprise. Jacob brings out the wedding cake. Buck wants to make it a party for everyone. Jacob says things are going well. There was weddings, babies on the way, no taxes on the building. Things couldn't get any better, Jacob says.

Carla wants to know what's going on. Tracy says she doesn't know where to start. Alex looks at her and says just *start*. Tracy says she is so sorry. Why? Carla asks. Is her father in the hospital? Did he have a heart attack? Tracy says she is so sorry. Her father died this morning. No, Carla says, nooooooo. She faints. Tony catches her.

Buck says when he came to NY, he had one thing on his mind - to make a go of this bar. Little did he know that even thought he wanted to take a big of the big apple, NY would take a bite out of him. But, the people here have been great. The bartender asks for a couple of months off, with pay. Buck laughs and tells him he's fired. Buck thanks Jacob, and Mr. No Show. Nick says, who? Me? When the City Bar Live CD came out, Buck continues, it was a big hit and business has been great. But, becoming Tess' husband is the greatest. Buck convinces Tess to sing.

Tony sits Carla down. When did her father die? This morning, Tracy says. She found him, and called the paramedics, but it was too late. Carla says that she was up there, she didn't see him, or her, or Alex, or the paramedics. Alex says she must have just missed them. Alex suggests that the coroner will be here soon and he'll let him in to the penthouse. Carla wants to see her father one last time. Alex suggests that's not a good idea. Tony wants her to wait until she gets her color back. Tracy starts in on how sorry she is. Alex stops her and drags her out of the apartment, taking the cellular phone with him. Tracy thanks him for helping her. What was he going to say? Carla's father died with a hooker Tracy hired? Tracy asks what he's doing with the phone. He's going to do what she should have done in the first place. Inside, Carla is crying about how she told the authorities about how her father only had a few months to live. She was soooo convincing, she was proud of her self. She caused this! Tony says no. Carla cries she is so sorry, Papa.

Tess finishes up the song. Nick says let him be the first to give them a belated wedding gift. He has one for Tess and one for Buck. They're money belts. Like for traveling. Nick says that he needs a back-up singer, with a dynamite voice and long blonde hair. Does he mean it? Tess asks. Buck says he hopes so. Tess asks if they can do it. Buck says sure. He tells Nick he hopes he means it, Nick made Tess' day. The bartender presents Tess and Buck with a money tree. Nick tells Jacob that he and can add a couple more spaces in his traveling group if he and Angie want to go to Europe. Angie presents a plaque to Buck and Tess. It says Welcome to Buck and Tess' house. Angie asks Tess for a favor.

Alex and the detective are talking. She thinks he's spinning a story about Gino's last hours. Alex says it's the truth. The detective says if the coroner finds anything wrong, she'll have to report it. Alex says if there is any foul play, he'll back her up. Fine, they agree. Alex asks Tracy to get far away from the Soleitos. Tracy isn't sure if she can leave town. Business and legal stuff, and the estate has to be taken care of. Tony and Carla come in and Carla goes to see her father, with the coroner's permission. Tony wants to know what really happened. Alex puts his head in his hand (like he has a headache) and says don't ask.

Tess says tomorrow? She doesn't know...okay, she'll be there. Angie is happy. Tess and Buck dance. She is sorry that the leading singer is going solo. He and Loraine were perfect for each other. Nick is off by the side. Loraine comes in and says hi.

Carla cries over Gino. If there is one good thing, she tells a very pale Gino, it's that you died thinking she was carrying Tony's child. But she's *not*, she cries. She didn't come from Soleito blood, and neither is her baby, but she will see it is raised as a Soleito and she'll tell him all about Gino and she cries and tells him he is the best father a girl could ever have. Tony is standing near her (but she doesn't see him).

March 5th, 1997
Written by Deborah Graham

Ally goes into the office, Hello? Is anyone home? Danny? What's she doing here so early? Danny asks while brushing his teeth in the loft. She's leaving the prints, she'll be busy later. Gino died earlier, Ally says. Was it a mob hit? Danny asks. Ally says geeze. He's serious. Ally looks at some stuff on the desk. Danny asks how things are going. Ally says Carla fainted. That couldn't be good for the baby, Danny says. Danny wants to go with her to check on the family. How did he die, Danny says, coming down the stairs, if it wasn't a mob hit?

An anurism? Joey says, to Tony and Alex in Tony's apartment. Alex says it can just happen. At least he died a happy man, Alex says. The phone rings. Joey asks if he should get that. Tony says thanks. Joey answers the phone. Tony wants to know what Alex meant 'Gino died a happy man'. Alex says it's a long story, but rest assured that no foul play was involved. Ally comes in with Danny. She tells Tony how sorry she is. Danny says they don't see eye to eye, but he is sorry about Gino. He knows how close Tony and his uncle were. Danny asks how the baby is. Tony says he doesn't know, Carla is still with the doctor. How long has he been in there? Danny asks. Too long, Tony says.

In Nick's apartment, Loraine says that she didn't know where she was going, she just got on the bus and went. She couldn't face anyone after she had gone on and on about God's will and all. Nick says he understands why she left, why did she come back?

Angie tells Tess she'll be okay. Angie introduces Tess to a group of woman. Tess, Angie says, was given a second chance. Oh, what do you do now? one of them asks. Well, she guesses she's a singer, Tess says. They're impressed. Where do you sing? Tess says that she usually sings in a bar, but she just got an offer for a major tour. Tess says is this career day? Angie says Tess was also given a second chance at life - she is a survivor of breast cancer. Angie adds that she got a mamogram in time. The women says this is a lecture? No way, and they all leave. Angie tries to stop them, but Tess says let them go, they're not ready to hear the message - just like Tess wasn't ready.

Loraine went to stay with her daughter, Brianna, who has a *nice* boyfriend now (ed. note: Brianna's previous boyfriend, on LOVING, was Frankie...Angie's son). Loraine said it was time for her to face her problems, so she came back. Very grown up of her, Nick says. She still thinks God has choosen her for something. Nick says God has a plan for everyone. Loraine laughs and says she forgot about the Revered Nick. Loraine says she is sorry about Angie and Jacob. Did she come across country just to appologize? Nick asks. No, she thought he deserved a proper goodbye.

Ally asks Tony how he is holding out. He's pretty numb, he says. How is she doing? She found a buyer for her share of the building. She will probably be leaving soon. She's made some arrangements with Cooper. Tony says he never intended it would end this way. Ally says she knows, and she hopes that everything is okay with Carla and the baby. Tony says that Gino loved Carla. He was he life. Now, she has no one. That's not true, she has him, Joey, and Tony's parents, Ally says. He just hopes the baby is okay. The doctor comes out and Tony asks how they are.

The doctor says Carla is calm, for the moment. They need to keep her that way. Anything, Tony says. The doctor says to give her massages, rub her feet, just keep her calm. Anymore stress won't be good for the baby. But, the baby is okay? Tony asks. The doctor checked the vital signs and everything is okay. Good, Danny says. Tony and Alex look at each other. The doctor leaves. Alex asks Danny what he is doing there. Paying his respects. Tony comes over and stops Alex from letting the cat out of the bag about their suspiciouns. Danny goes to get coffee. Tony explains he wants to keep Danny off guard, cause Tony is going to prove that Danny is the father of the baby.

Nick says a proper goodbye can be done over the phone. Loraine says she is not over this problem with booze. She is an alcholohic. So is he, Nick says, next? She needs to follow up with Angie and Jacob. Okay, so she does that, Nick says, then what?. She tells him that she has a lot of problems. Who doesn't? Nick says. Loraine says if he was smart, he'd walk away right now. Nick says so, he isn't that smart. There are no guarantees, Loraine says. None? Nick says. NONE? Well, she loves him and she will love him forever. Nick says that was a great speech, but as soon as she said hello in the hallway, he was all hers. They kiss.

Angie says Tess has no idea how difficult it was to get those women here. Tess can understand. She wasn't easy to convince to get a follow-up, remember, and that was even when she knew she had a lump. Angie says this clinic has always given free mamogram, but they just don't want to know. Angie says she will do anything to get those high- risk woman to have a simple mamogram. Simple mamogram? Tess says. SIMPLE? To a doctor, Tess continues, it may be a couple of buttons and an image, but to the high-risk woman, it could be cancer - a death sentence.

Angie tells Tess that if the tumor was malignent, that mamogram would have saved her life. She was lucky. Angie spits out some statistics. Tess says that she's never heard it that way before. The medical community has always said 1 in 10 women will get breast cancer...why don't they ever say 9 in 10 *won't*. The glass is always half empty, Tess sighs. Well, Angie says, in this clinic, the glass will always be half full. One of the woman comes back and wonders when she can get that screening. Right this way, Angie says. How long will it take? Less than a cup of coffee, Angie says, as she puts her arm around the woman and guides her to the room. Angie smiles at Tess.

Nick and Loraine are kissing on the couch. He unbuttons her blouse, to give us the TV 14 rating. They kiss some more.

Ally brings Joey some coffee. Danny asks if she wants to grab soemthing to eat. No, not now, Ally says. Tony tells Alex about his plan...or starts to, until Joey comes over and says he thought Uncle Gino would live forever. They agree that Gino was a character. Joey is surprised that of all people, Gino died of natural causes. Well, it was God's will, Joey adds. BULL! Carla says, it was the will of that devil woman upstairs, and she will pay!

March 6th, 1997
Written by Susan Richmond


Location: Tony's apartment

Despite the efforts of Joey and Tony to calm her down, Carla is out for Tracy's blood. Carla doesn't believe her father died of natural causes. As Carla tries to leave, Tony grabs her arm and forces her to stay. He asks everyone to leave and Alex, Ally and Joey head for the door. Danny doesn't move until Carla tells him to go, she will be fine. After Danny leaves, Carla still refuses to listen to Tony. "My father is dead, and that woman is going to pay", Carla insists.

Tony convinces Carla to sit down, getting upset like this is no good for her or the baby. Carla's still insisting that Tracy killed her father despite what the autopsy said. "Doctors are not infallible, in fact, they've even been know to lie", Carla says, getting up and walking away from Tony. Tony looks at her strangely behind her back after this remark, realizing(I assume) she's probably referring to Dr. Marino. Carlo insists that all Tracy ever wanted from Gino was his money. Tracy showed her true self that first day they met when she barged into Tony's apartment and trashed everyone there. She realized then that Gino was rich and has been putting on an act to trap him ever since, Carla accuses. She still couldn't have caused Gino to have a ... you know.... whatever he died from, Tony says, forgetting the word aneurism. Carla insists that Tracy can't be trusted and all the medical reports in the world won't change Carla's mind, "I know that my father was murdered!"

Tony knows how much she loved Gino, he knows what she's going through. Tony can't possible know, Carla insists, he's never lost a parent. Carla feels like she has nothing, nobody. You have me, and you have the baby, Tony tries to comfort her. A baby Gino's never going to see, Carla says sadly, he used to talk about all the things he was going to buy for the baby, and all the things they would do together. Tracy is not going to get one cent of Gino's money, Carla swears, that money belongs to their baby. Think of all the great stories she'll have to tell the baby about "Grandpa Gino", Tony tries again to make her feel better. Carla cries, that's all our baby will ever have of Papa is stories. She asks Tony to hold her and he does, reassuring her that everything will be OK.

Tony, hugging Carla, tells her he wants her to relax and think about the baby, everything will be OK. Before she gets into bed, Carla promises Tony that she will stay away from Tracy. Tony helps her take off her shoes and tucks her into bed. He kisses her forehead and leaves. As soon as Tony is gone, Carla gets up and reaches for her shoes.

Location: Ally and Zoey's apartment

As Ally, Alex and Danny walk in, Jocelyn is packing some books in a box. No, they are not hers, Jocelyn explains to Danny, she is helping Ally pack. Alex strongly insists that he and Jocelyn go into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and let Danny and Ally talk alone. Joc doesn't think it's a good idea. Even if Ally does move to Paris, it doesn't mean that Danny is going to give up, Joc says. Across the room, Danny is telling Ally that he hates the fact she's leaving. It's the best for both of them, and Danny will see that eventually, Ally says. He apologizes for being a jerk on their date and rushing things, but Ally insists this has nothing to do with their date. Ally thinks that they have said all they have to say, but Danny disagrees. There's one more thing, "I love you, Ally".

Ally can go to Paris or wherever she wants, she and Danny will be together someday, he insists. Ally tells him to stop it, there will be someone else for him. She and Danny are great as friends, Ally tells him, but as lovers they are a disaster. She can't talk about this anymore, she says, pulling away from him and running up the stairs. Alex wants to know what Danny said to upset Ally. When Danny doesn't answer, Alex follows her up the stairs. Ally is packing jeans in a suitcase. Alex wonders what her hurry is to get out of town, running away from her problems isn't going to solve them. Ally doesn't think that she is running away. What if there was no Carla and no baby, Alex asks. Ally can't think like that, she can't keep torturing herself by think things like that and she can't stand waiting around for Tony to become the father of that baby. Alex understand, but asks her to give it a little bit more time and gives her a kiss on the forehead. Downstairs, Danny says he will lose it if Joc says that Ally's leaving is for the best. OK, she won't say it, but he knows that's how she feels. Joc wouldn't be surprised if Danny got on the plane and went chasing after her. Danny won't do that, the timing for he and Ally is wrong and he's got things keeping him here. Like what, Joc asks, the magazine? For one, Danny says. The timing for Danny and Ally will never be right, Joc tries to tell him, Ally is in love with Tony, she would be with Tony now except for Carla and the baby. Changing the subject, Danny mentions that Carla is really broken up about Gino's death. He's not surprised, it's just very different than how he felt when his own father died. It's ironic, Danny says, his father was an upstanding citizen and turned out to be a monster. Gino was a mobster and turned out to be a decent guy. It's possible to do a lot of bad things and still a good father, Joc comments. "Then I should be a perfect one", Danny says. Joc says that Danny seems to be thinking alot about fatherhood these days. Danny explains it by saying he's been spending a lot of time with Tyler. That, in addition to Carla's pregnancy, has made him think a lot about fatherhood. Joc thinks Danny would be a wonderful father. Joc wonders what is wrong with Danny, she wants to know. "OK, but you're not going to like it".

Joc doesn't like the fact that Danny is keeping secrets from her. Danny's about to tell her the truth when there's a knock on the door. It's Tony, he's come to see Ally. Joc tells him to wait and she'll let Ally know he's here. Danny leaves, telling Joc their conversation can wait. He goes over and knocks on Tony's apartment door, calling out Carla's name. Carla, who's standing right on the other side of the door, doesn't answer him or open the door. Joc goes upstairs to tell Ally that Tony is here. Alex goes downstairs to talk to Tony. Tony hasn't found any proof that Carla is carrying Danny's baby, he tells Alex. Joc comes back downstairs and interrupts their conversation to say that Ally will be down in a minute. Alex and Joc leave. Ally comes downstairs and apologizes for the mess, she's in the middle of packing. Tony tells her that she can stop packing, Tony will be leaving town.

Location: Tracy's penthouse

Tracy is just walking into the apartment carrying some bags. As she is taking her coat off, Zoey arrives and quietly asks if there are any policemen around. No, why would there be, Tracy asks. Zoey thought the police might find it suspicious that "The Godfather" died just a few days after he got married. They did an autopsy, Tracy explains, and found that Gino died of natural causes, an aneurism. An an...your...what?, asks a confused Zoey, could Tracy explain that in plain English. Gino died of a brain hemorrhage, which means Tracy is in the clear. She isn't really worried about Carla putting a hit out on her, but Tracy is worried that Carla may try to have her marriage to Gino annulled. Zoey is curious to know what is in the box that Tracy just brought in. After being reminded that Zoey helped her dump Gino's body in the freezer, Tracy agrees to let her take a look. Zoey pulls out a handful of papers. They are stock certificates from Gino's safety deposit box, Tracy explains, looking pleased with herself.

Tracy asks Zoey to help her sort the stuff from the safe deposit box: stock certificates over there, files over there, and jewelry anywhere you can put it. Zoey wonders how Tracy managed to get this stuff out of Gino's safety deposit box, Gino couldn't have had time to put Tracy's name on his accounts yet. The bank hadn't heard yet of Gino's death, Tracy explains, and Tracy forged Rose Soleito's(Gino's dead wife) signature. Zoey is very impressed. Carla may be able to keep her from inheriting Gino's estate, but at least she'll have something, Tracy says referring to the contents of the safe deposit box. Zoey finds a key in an envelope and they wonder what it belongs to, Gino's place in Brooklyn, or Fort Knox, Tracy suggests.

The key isn't labeled, it just has letters and numbers on it. Maybe it's a code, says Zoey. It looks like a house key, and I intend to find out where it is, Tracy replies. Zoey doesn't understand. Tracy owns half the building, plus the rings Gino gave her must be worth more than 1 million dollars, how much more does Tracy need? Tracy wants the money for Dillon. She doesn't want just enough for him to get by, she wants him to be rich and able to return and claim his rightful place in the Quartermaine family some day. Tracy needs to make enough money so she can go back to Port Charles and make sure Dillon gets the respect that she never got. "Nothing and nobody is going to stop me, least of all, Carla Soleito."

Tracy sends Zoey out to the stationery store to get some locking file boxes to organize Gino's "loot". Zoey leaves and Tracy slips on a large bracelet which looks like it's covered in diamonds. There's a knock on the door and Tracy answers it, thinking it's Zoey coming back for something. Instead, it's Carla, who just stands there and stares at Tracy.

March 7th, 1997
Written by Lisa Marie Turcotte

Storyline: Forgiveness

Angie is running around the apartment, straightening things up. Jacob says she forgot something: to shampoo the carpet. Angie is just staightening up. Jacob says she needs to calm down. The place looks great. They aren't expecting a photographer from House and Garden, she should relax. No, they are expecting a woman, who if Angie's instincts are right, will carry their child, Angie says.

The woman is a possible surrogate, not the Queen of England, not that he would want any of those royal freaks to be a surrogate for them anyway. How can he joke about this? What does she want him to do, wax the floors or something? Angie tells him not to make fun of her. He's sorry, but what is she so worried about? They have to approve of her just as much as she has to approve of them, more so. Angie knows, but she has looked at a lot of applications and this woman seemed like far and away the best candidate. She's well educated, she's healthy. Those references can be faked, Jacob says. Angie got her name for the clinic and she spoke to her on the phone, she has a lovely speaking voice. That clinches it, Jacob says as the doorbell rings. She's early, Angie panics. Jacob teases her and she tells him to just go get the door. It's Lorraine. He invites her in and she asks if he is sure that she is welcome. No, he's just being kind. She goes in and asks Angie if she is sure that she is welcome there. Angie says it is all right. Both of them have cause to slam the door in her face, Lorraine says. She is sorry for bothering them like this, but she would like to talk to them. She is sorry about a lot of things, but at the top of the list, she is sorry about the surrogate thing. It's all in the past, Angie says. Lorraine acted very badly and she kept the two of them from going through with it. She wants their forgiveness.

Lorraine knows that she acted like a crazy person. Angie says she was very upset. That's no excuse for practically demanding that she carry their child. Like Angie said, it's all in the past, Jacob says. Lorraine believes that she made it almost impossible for them to even consider it and that is very much in the presence of her. The phone rings. It's for Lorraine. Angie and Jacob go into the kitchen. What are they going to do? They just can't kick her out. Why not?, Angie asks. She seems together enough. For the moment, Angie says. She thinks they have given up the idea of the surrogate. What happens when she finds out? She will find out sooner or later, Jacob says. Angie votes for later. Jacob says she is a grown woman and will just have to accept it. She is unpredictable and who knows how she is going to react? Jacob thinks she is really sorry and maybe she will feel relieved to know that they haven't given it up. Angie tells him he's talking logical. Of course he is, Jacob says. But, Lorraine isn't logical, Angie says. If she actually sees the woman, who in her mind, is replacing her, she has flown the coop for a lot less. If she has another one of her seizures in front of Ms. Mason, she could scare off their best chance. Jacob says they will try to ease her out of there as best they can, but they will just have to deal with it. Lorraine calls from the living room. Nick wants to talk to Angie. He wants to have dinner with them. Sure. Just say when. Yes, just like old times...

Angie tells Nick they are looking forward to it and hangs up. So, they are going to have dinner?, Lorraine asks. Yes, some night soon. Speaking of food, they wanted to offer her something. Lorraine refuses. Jacob says that they actually have a meeting in a few minutes. Well, why didn't they say so? Business before pleasure, Lorraine says. As long as she is back on that list, she adds. She is about to leave, but then turns back and says that speaking of business, she needs to quit. She and Nick were talking about it and they think that given the situation, it isn't good for her to be working at a bar right now. Jacob can understand that. She'll miss them. They'll miss her too. He asks her to tell Buck on her way down. As Lorraine leaves, Ms. Mason shows up. They go through introductions. Call her Dorothy. He invites her in. She introduces herself to Lorraine, assuming that she is Angie. She says that if she is going to be their surrogate, they should be on a first- name basis. Jacob tries to steer her in the right direction as the scene ends.

Storyline: A hug is salvation

What does Tony mean, he's leaving?, Ally asks. Just what he said, he and Carla are going to move. It doesn't make any sense, Ally says. No, it doesn't make any sense for them both to leave, so Ally might as well start unpacking, he says. Tony volunteers to help her unpack. He says she can stop him from helping her unpack, but she can't stop him from leaving. Where will he go? Anywhere, as long as it is away from there. That's crazy, Ally tells him. His work is there, his family is there, why would he want to leave? Because he loves her.

How is Carla feeling? Fine. Nice weather we're having for March. Will that do for small talk?, Carla asks. Tracey was just coming down to see her. For what, to offer condolences? No, to discuss the funeral arrangements. Tony's parents are taking care of that, Carla says. Tracey wishes there was something she could do to help. Carla says she could keep away. She doesn't want to see Tracey within a mile of the church. Carla says she is a murderer. She killed her father and the whole world is going to know.

If Tony loves her, he'll let her go to Paris. He does love her, that's why he doesn't want her to go. She isn't going to let him turn his life upside down. His life is upside down since they are not together. It doesn't matter where he lives. But, he doesn't own his own building anywhere else, Ally says. So, he'll share his shares. Maybe Alex will relocate. Does she know how much she is going to miss Alex?, he asks. She has given up so much for him now, he doesn't want her to give up any more. It's Paris. It's not like it is a fate worse than death, Ally says. Tony realizes that he has made a lot of mistakes, some real biggies, and there is nothing he can do to change that, but he can try to do the right thing now. So, please let him. Ally doesn't think this is right. What does Carla think about this? He hasn't talked to her yet. What if she doesn't want to leave? She'll leave, Tony says. The only reason she was staying here was because of Uncle Gino. Now, he's not there anymore and she is a wreck. She doesn't go to work. The move will be good for her and the baby. She'll forget all the memories, especially of Gino and Tracey.

Tracey understands..., but she won't allow her to... Spare her the understanding, Carla says. Gino died of an aneurism. Her father may have died of natural causes, but Carla knows who brought it on. Tracey got her hooks into her father, she talks him into a quickie wedding, and then he dies the next night? What took Tracey so long? Tracey isn't going to listen to any more of this. Good, because anything else she has to say, Carla will say to the police. Tracey picks up the phone. She is calling Tony. Carla won't let her get rid of her like she got rid of her father. She grabs her arm and sees the bracelet on her wrist. How did she get this?, Carla demands.

Gino gave it to her. That's a lie! No, it is the truth. Gino gave it to her mother on their 25th wedding anniversary. He would never have given it away. Tracey takes it off and says she isn't going to have a fist fight over a bracelet. Carla knows for a fact that her father would never...she sees the certificates on the desk and asks what they are. Tracey tries to say that Gino gave them to her, but Carla knows she got into the safety-deposit box. No, Tracey was shown to the box because she is his wife. First she kills him, then she robs him?, Carla yells. Tracey did no such thing. Carla says she hopes that Tracey doesn't think that she is keeping these things. She most certainly does. Carla will see her dead first. Tracey hardly thinks they will send her to the chair for opening his safety deposit box. Does she really think that Carla trusts the law to bump her off, dear?

Tony and Carla can move or not, but it isn't going to change anything, Ally says. Yes, it will. It will change a lot. Ally says she isn't unpacking. He really hates seeing those boxes. Well, he won't have to look at them muh longer. Doesn't she understand? He doesn't want her to screw up her life because of him. She's not screwing up her life. No? She is being forced to move to another country where she doesn't even speak the language. So, she'll learn. Plus, she'll have to get a job, Tony says...if she is lucky enough to get a green card. From what he understands, there are a lot of photographers in France and some of them are very good. He doesn't have to worry about her financial situation. She still owns shares in the building and she already found a buyer. The money is not a problem, Tony says. What about all the people that she cares about? What about all the people that care about her? Ally asks him to stop. Tony knows he doesn't have the right to say anything, but if she really must go, he says she should stay with her mother for a while. Then, be back where she was when she left, Ally says. No, because then, he and Carla will be gone. Ally hopes everything will work out for him and Carla. This is not about that, Tony says. Yes it is, Ally says. She is carrying his child and she is committed to him. No, she won't...Tony trails off. She won't what? They are talking about Ally now. And him, Ally says. So, for her and him, please don't go, he asks her. If they are going to move whether or not Ally moves, what difference does it make if she moves too? It makes a difference to Tony. If he thinks she can't take care of herself, he's wrong. That's not what this is about. What is it about? She's just going to have to trust him on this one. She can't. Can he please tell her? For him, do not move, he says.

Before Carla makes any more threats, isn't she forgetting something? She doesn't think so. Tracey can destroy her blissful marriage. If she tells him the truth, he'll go back to Ally and all she will be left with is Danny's illegitimate baby. Tony will never believe her, Carla says. Really? Doesn't Tracey have the records from Dr. Marino's office that say: Carla Soleito--not pregnant. So, Carla had better play nice, or she will have to kiss her cute little private eye good-bye. Carla says it isn't over, not by a long shot. Tracey says the perverbial fat lady has sung. Carla leaves. She hits the elevator button and feels a pain that sends her to the railing. She tries to call Tony, but he's not in.

Ally's plans are already made and she has already told Cooper and Steffi that she is coming. Plans can be changed. She doesn't want to change her plans. Will she just think about it? Ally agrees to think about it. On his way out the door, he says he hates the door, because he's always walking out of it. She reaches out and hugs him tightly. She has no idea how good that feels. He kisses her and says he'll see her. He leaves and they both lean against the door.

Carla hits the elevator button a few times in pain and tries to go down the stairs. She trips and goes down a couple of flights. She lies unconscious on the landing.

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