Damaged brains

by Sari
For the Week of October 25, 2004
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Damaged brains
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Of course it figures that Shawn would finally use his (damaged) brain to start thinking that maybe Belle WAS telling the truth just as she and Philip hit the sack.

I've been bothered by the feeling that I should be much more upset than I am by the fact that Philip/Belle and Shawn/Jan have had sex. And it took me a while, but I finally figured out why. Really, it's two-fold. First off: it's not OUR 'Shelle.' You know, the couple we have been watching for years now, the one which got together after a year of teasing and that has faced so many obstacles to their true love, yet like their respective parents before them have always managed to overcome the odds. No. Instead it is Shawn and nu-Belle, who really have no rooting value at all as a couple. Think about it-other than a few remade memories, we have never seen these two actors in a loving, relationship-themed scene. (And it's not the fault of the actress who now plays Belle; I blame TPTB, who just threw her in and expected us viewers to automatically attribute our warm fuzzy feelings for Kirsten's Belle onto her.) So really, it's just our memories of the way Shelle used to be that makes us want these two characters together. And secondly, Shawn is not OUR Shawn. Instead he is this near-violent, scary stranger who believes the word of Jan over Belle. He has been a total ass to her! Meanwhile, Philip has been the one who is there for her, comforting her and giving her the soul nourishment that she needs. Truthfully, if it weren't for the fact that I don't want Jan to win, I would say she and Shawn deserve each other and TPTB should just ship the two of them off to who cares where.

Of course it figures that Shawn would finally use his (damaged) brain to start thinking that maybe Belle WAS telling the truth just as she and Philip hit the sack. After all, Shawn didn't remember actually having sex with Jan, and if what Jan was saying was true, and Belle was in love with Phil, what would she care about him and Jan? But of course, in usual soap opera fashion, that revelation came just as Belle had decided she should give her long-saved virginity to Philip. It kind of seemed to me though that Belle had sex with Philip just for the sake of having sex. What happened to waiting for the man she knew she was meant to be with forever? Especially considering her trip to the roof afterwards, I think Belle will wind up majorly regretting her decision.

Speaking of regretting decisions, I am kind of getting the feeling this week that TPTB wrote Mimi's abortion storyline just to set up something for Jan to blackmail her with. I really hope I'm wrong. This is too big an issue and life altering event for its sole purpose to be a plot device. For once, writers, I beg you to prove me wrong!

Watching the hullabaloo on Captive Island, I had the vague feeling I was watching the beginning of Star Wars Episode IV. The DiMera minions were like the storm troopers, and in a way Billie was like Princess Leia-"help me Bo, you're my only hope." (Okay, so Billie was urging him to leave her to die, but really, he WAS her only hope.)

Anyway, so Billie, Bo, Hope, Roman, John, Brady and Nicole were running around Tony's headquarters all willy-nilly, getting into various kinds of trouble and such. As predicted, Nicole (with Patrick's help) saved Colin to prove her innocence. Brady and John were like superheroes in action. (I liked seeing a father/son adventure!) Billie almost fell to her death, whereafter Bo broke another promise to Hope and risked his life to save Billie's, leaving Hope to save the both of them. Meanwhile there was a whole lot of shaking going on beneath them, as Tony ordered Patrick to set the computer to destruct the island. Which by the way, was apparently built on top of an active volcano. Now I am no expert in Earth Science, but wouldn't they all have burned to death/ everything melted if they were that close to the mouth of the volcano? (Remember that the scenes where Billie was clinging to the shaft made it appear they were mere yards above the lava.) So now the question is whether our heroes can get off the island before it kills them all... And is Stefano really on the Island or has Tony gone round the deep end?

A word about Billie, Bo and Hope. I like Billie well enough, I really do. I don't believe she is in on some nefarious plot to break up Bo and Hope. But enough with the "accidental" kisses between her and Bo already! It's stupid, forced and unrealistic. And while I understand why Bo would be slightly more protective over her than the average Joe, it's really getting to the point where it's excessive. Like when he risked himself to save Billie in that shaft; I can't believe Bo was willing to put Hope through the pain he's been through (multiple times) when he 'saw' his love die before his eyes and was unable to help, not to mention all the time he thought she was dead and had to raise their son on his own. For Billie?!? No way. Plus, Bo Brady is a man of honor; he promised Hope he would not put himself in danger again to help Billie. But he broke that promise without a second thought. And I have had enough of Billie the Martyr, making speech after speech about them leaving her to do whatever, as she has no family to mourn her loss.


Brandon is headed back to Salem, thanks to some wrangling on Kate's part. What kind of turmoil will he stir up in Sami and Lucas's relationship? That remains to be seen... I loved Sami's call to 'Miss Wendy' the Psychic (really a woman named Tillie with Caller ID)! Especially the 'psychic's' use of her cards (a deck of playing cards), magic ball (really a Magic 8 ball) and link to the other side (a bell)...Eugenia cracked me up as she applied perfume to her wrists fervently while even just speaking of Brandon... Watching Philip and Shawn fight each other is like watching the same scene over again every day and every week. All that changes is the background scenery...Wow-I guess Philip was really um, busy in boot camp, to have been with "women" (as in more than one) after leaving Salem a virgin. But why were both Belle and Jan wearing bras under their lingerie? Isn't that kind of against the point... Why is all of Belle's focus on Shawn, and not her missing father or brother?... Post-coital, had I been Belle having that conversation with Shawn on the roof, I would have tossed him off without a second thought... And if I hear Shawn utter the words "I remember everything!" one more time I will scream! He is going to feel like such an ass once he remembers everything for real.

See you soon,

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