Dead in the water

by Sari
For the Week of November 8, 2004
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Dead in the water
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Of course we had to know that when the Captives finally escaped from their island prison nothing would go smoothly. It just wouldn't be a soap opera if that happened!

Of course we had to know that when the Captives finally escaped from their island prison nothing would go smoothly. It just wouldn't be a soap opera if that happened! What I was pleasantly surprised by, however, was that for once DAYS didn't drag something out. Yes, we had that whole long struggle with Tony, but once the last of the survivors made it onto the boats and the island exploded, it was only a few episodes until the tidal wave hit and the lost were found by the Coast Guard.

Or most of them, anyway. Was anyone surprised by the list of 'presumed dead' that the Coast Guard released? Roman and Marlena are obviously meant to be stranded together to add further sparks to their re-burgeoning relationship (and for the same to happen between Kate and John), especially since John and Doc told each other that should one of them die, the other had the blessing to move on with their life. Jack is gone to add more misery to Jen and Abby's lives. Cassie has barely been seen at all, so it's no surprise at all that she'll be presumed dead, and possibly die for real (remember that TPTB got rid of her because she didn't have promising storyline). Victor and Caroline get not only to fan the flames of their relationship, but that also means that Nicole is free for that much longer. Colin may or may not be back. If he is, it will only to bring further trouble for Nicole.

Brady's blindness when it comes to Nicole is sickening. What, just because they sex (like three hours after the love of his life supposedly died) now she can do no wrong? Victor kept telling Brady there was more he had to know about her. I wish he had just told Brady already! And it's not like she's even still the same sweet Nicole that we used to see with Brady when they first became friends. Nicole's character is a great one, I just happen to seriously dislike her and the story with Brady.

Spoilers are saying that Chloe will be back again around Christmas. I wonder if she will still be played by Nadia Bjorlin or if Chloe will have had plastic surgery and emerge as a new actor. I suppose it depends on how long the writers want her character to stick around (and, of course, what Nadia wants). I just hope that Brady won't be stupid enough to actually pick Nicole, the would-be killer and liar extraordinaire with no apparent conscience, over his beloved Chloe.

Regressing for a moment, how great was it when Victor denied Nicole the chance with Brady that she was begging for?! Serves her right so far as I am concerned.

As for the castaways who do get to return immediately to Salem, it looks as though they will be in for problems as well. Maggie may not be in time to stop Mickey from (gag) marrying Bonnie in Vegas (though it shouldn't matter too much anyway, since the marriage won't be legal because Maggie is still alive). Lexie will have to let go of whatever feelings she has for Tek, and Abe is supposed to get very ill. Hope and Bo will have Shawn to deal with, and now Billie in their lives again as well. We all know that Billie promised not to stick around, despite Bo's urging, but do you really think TPTB brought a character like Billie back for no reason?

And, surprise surprise, Tony may not be so dead after all. These last couple of weeks with him have been something, haven't they? Rumors are flying that this may be Andre (Tony's look-alike cousin), but whoever it is the DiMera genes run strong in him! The sword fight with John was something Stefano would have pulled in his whipper-snapper days, and the determination to be the last man standing was very DiMera like. As were the multiple back up plans. But I couldn't help feeling, as I watched the whole explanation of the weather machine and achieving world domination by controlling the weather, that I was watching a redux of General Hospital's Cassadine 'Ice Princess' story from the 1980's.

Meanwhile back in the real Salem, Celeste's psychic visions were out in full force for Halloween. As soon as she saw a newscast describing the active volcano on the 'uninhabited' Carribean island, she knew this is where the not-so-dead dead were. Unfortunately, and as usual, no one wanted to listen to her. I don't get why people keep dismissing Celeste and her powers-she has been dead on about her predictions at almost every turn! I guess people just don't want to believe what they don't want to hear, and Celeste does admittedly usually come bearing bad news.

Bonnie and Mickey, for example, didn't want to believe that Maggie is alive. Mimi didn't like hearing that another love was going to come between her and Rex. And Sami sure didn't want to hear that Brandon might derail her and Lucas's relationship!

I thought it was so cute how protective Will was over his parents once he saw Brandon. Of course, if even he believes that Brandon is trouble I'm not sure quite what that says for the certainty he has of his Lucas and Sami's love for each other. All considered though, I don't blame Lucas for being upset that Sami went looking after Brandon; it's not like she has the best track record. (Though I do wish Lucas could see his mother and Eugenia's role in this scheme.) But how could Sami not realize, after hearing her masked partner's voice, that it was indeed Brandon she was dancing with? I just hope that she is smart enough to realize that she and Lucas are the real thing. Who else can forgive and forget so much of what she has done?


It's about time somebody finally thought to wonder about who has been taking care of Abby since her return from camp... What a good touch it was to mention that Lexie has been looking after Zack in Bo and Hope's absence... I cracked up when Lexie, asked how she was sure it was Sami she was looking at at the costume party, explained "That witch is the only one who came to the party dressed as herself." LOL... I will admit that Nicole had a point when she brought up the hypocrisy of Caroline and Victor being together on the island when she and Brady weren't allowed to be. But at least Caroline has never tried to kill anyone... You can tell that Alison Sweeney's pregnancy is starting to show: all of a sudden Sami is wearing flowing tops, carrying big coats and being filmed from the waist up as much as possible... Who knew the DiMera crest ring was so multi-talented? It can shock people, revive them... I have to agree with Billie's assessment that it's nice that she and Hope can be honest about their feelings for each other and what they want. I wonder if there is any chance of them ever becoming friends again... In spoiler news, it looks as though we may be getting our wishes when it comes to the younger set: supposedly Mimi's abortion secret will be out AND Shawn will start getting his memory back! Can we really be so lucky?

See you soon,

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