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For the Week of April 4, 2005
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Our faves continue to move on, despite historical and emotional info that should have shown them by now that dead, disappeared or captured really mean nothing in Salem.

Ever have one of those soap opera weeks of your own? You know, when everything goes wrong, your friends have heartbreak they need to share, a pet gets ill or dies, and to top it off, you're just coming down from an Easter chocolate high, and just as you're crashing from all the sugar, you have to face reality in the form of Terry Schiavo and the Pope's death? Of course you have - if not this week, then there's been some other week when you have just enough to cope with that even listening to your favorite characters whine about something they could fix if they would just face up to things, drives you bonkers.

That's how DAYS struck me this week. Like the overemotional, juvenile angst of a navel gazing, self absorbed teen, the DAYS characters just rubbed me the wrong way every time I tried to pay attention to their mean spirited mouths.

I'll bring out my well-worn violin one more time - Is this really the way we want our characters to live? Are these the role models we want our children to follow? And is ANYONE enjoying the show's juvenile tone anymore? Twice this week I thought I was watching PASSIONS instead of DAYS, and that is not a compliment.

Our faves continue to 'move on', despite historical and emotional info that should have shown them by now that dead, disappeared or captured really mean nothing in Salem. I can sort of understand John's need for a quickie - nothing like a little sugar to help a junkie mellow out! - but where the heck are Kate's brains? Gotta be pretty low, or she'd finally get the hint that having sex with someone who's still carrying the torch for another is a sure road to heartache. She only has to look at her own kids to see what beating a dead horse leads to. Sigh.

And Marlena and Roman - at least they were married at some point, and exes can make for comfort sex, but please ... They at least know for sure that their partners are still alive! I guess being chained at the ankles for so long was just too close for comfort. Gotta wonder how they got their clothes off, though. If they put as much effort into escaping as they did into disrobing, they'd have been free a long time ago!

Just a couple of weeks after the big 'wedding that never was', both Lucas and Will are showing ample signs that they need a woman in their lives. Shave and a haircut, two bits, boys! They're acting rather macho, all things considered, but need someone to care for them before Lucas gets too hairy to get into cupboards!

The hands down best part of the week was Bart's hysteria when he thought the castle was surrounded and about to go down. Sure, it was slapstick, but the way he kept running in and out, each time more heavily armored, tickled me. I guess I really needed something to give me a laugh, and you can always count on Bart to add his comic relief.

Rumor has it that Shawn is about to go commando in an effort to save Philip. Give me a break! All he needs is to sniff a beer cap, and it'll be head first off the next motorcycle. Shawn doesn't have a great track record with vehicles, drink, or macho posing. Good thing Belle's so crazy about him, or people would realize he's still just a goofy, over-grown kid who's more apt to put his foot in it than help.

Here's what you all had to say this week: "Is it just me or does it seem that time moves a lot differently in Salem. How can people fly from Salem to Europe and back again in the time it takes someone to walk through a door. Does the ISA have super sonic jets that we don't know about? And it really bugs me the way they get stuck on one day for like 6 weeks at a time, if my count is right it is only Jan. 2nd in Salem. Maybe the Writers should change the name of the Show to "Day of our Lives" so that we could avoid this confusion. And Seriously I Hate Kate. Loyal Reader Ted Austin "
"Austin IS dumb, but he's totally cute, and I have loved him ever since I saw a flashback where he did push-ups while Sami lay on his back, stretched along the length of him. Sigh. I feel sorry for Melissa Reeves. I figure she got the fake Jennifer script (and most scripts) and said, "This sucks!" It must have been awful to have a fake reunion as a fake Jennifer. Considering how angry she was about the hair thing, I don't think the Jennifer double cares about anything apart from doing her job well." from Macarena
"I too have been questioning the return of past characters. Billy Warlock (Frankie) and Austin Peck (Austin), what will they be returning to, there is no life for them in Salem as of now? Will Frankie be returning to fill the void in Jennifer's life since Jack has been taken back to the DiMera castle again. For Austin, I would not know what or why he would be returning to Salem. With the writing of James E. Reilly, it is no wonder everyone is deciding to leave the show. His storylines continue forever and he rewrites the lives of so many of the characters. He does not pay attention to the things that have happened in the past, he must think that the loyal fans of Days of Our Lives do not know what has gone on in Salem for the past 40 years. " from Phil

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