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On the whole, the reunions have been a pleasure to watch, especially the one between Marlena and John.

Color me happy Scoopers! What a fabulous week! So far, I have been thrilled to see that the reunions ARE in fact genuine and that almost everyone has made it home (where are Victor and Caroline??). On the whole, the reunions have been a pleasure to watch, especially the one between Marlena and John - they actually brought tears to my eyes! The credit for that can be placed squarely on the shoulders of Deirdre Hall and Drake Hogesteyn. Both of the actors made the emotion of their reunion totally believable! The only teensy disappointment was the Jack/Jennifer reunion; I thought there could have been a tad bit more emotion - but who's complaining? I am on pins and needles this coming week, keeping my fingers tightly crossed that TPTB will not draw out the homecomings too long but not rush through them either. A delicate balance needs to be achieved in order to win back some fan support and keep us interested in the storylines.

I guess Bo is one of those people who have to keep hitting their head before they realize that it hurts. He just never learns. No matter how stupid Billie is (I really dislike using the word "stupid" but I can't find another word that fits her character so well!) Bo just goes along with her anyway. The only saving grace in their latest escapade is that he nagged and lectured her the whole time - even after she fell down the hole. Let's just hope that this is the last time he blindly follows her. Spoiler alert - I heard on the Net that Bo and Billie end up having sex because of the bump he took to the head. Apparently he will think that he is making love to Hope. Sheesh - I reeeaally hope that this is just a rumour and does not come to pass. I can't think of an ickier scene to watch then Bo and Billie getting it on.

When I saw Stan/Sami show up at the bunker, I just about choked on my water. Was it just me or did that come completely out of left field? Reilly must have read my last column where I wondered how they were going to deal with the Sami situation once Marlena came home. Well -his answer was to send her to the bunker where Philip is being held prisoner. To do WHAT - Who knows! Anyhow, I'm guessing that Lucas will end up rescuing her but I would doubt that she'd actually reveal herself to him. Man! I've always thought that Sami had a few screws loose but - how crazy is she? Not too smart to blindly follow anything the mysterious caller tells her to do.

The four musketeers (as they've been nicknamed) almost came to blows before their leap from the airplane. (I have to admit that I chuckled with each of their "yells" as they leapt in to the great blue yonder). I thought it was interesting that it took about four seconds for the guys to melt down and start fighting with each other. Everyone was slinging insults and making accusations until Brady (night in shining armor that he is) brought the focus back to their "mission." It took Rex a bit longer to get over Shawn's motives for being on the rescue mission but I personally was like... well duh! And that was as fine time to bring it up - right before they had to hurl their bodies out of a plane. Although this whole story drives me nuts for the improbability and inconsistency...I am still enjoying it and look forward to watching our pseudo-heroes rescue Philip (and Stan) and make it back to Salem in one piece.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Bobbi:"Pamela, it is a absolute pleasure to read your column, it's so refreshing to know that others feel the same way about DOOL! I have been watching it for as long as I can remember, however to actually sit down and watch a full episode now is painful. I realize the whole point of watching our soaps is to escape the every day realities, but it has gotten to a point of just plain ridiculous. Keep up the great work, I look forward to reading all about your next scoop! PMP!!" Thanks Bobbi, I appreciate your feedback. Let's keep our fingers crossed that DOOL will pick up the pace soon! By the way - what does PMP stand for? ~P

From Daniel:"I have to disagree with you about Billie. She's not someone you should hate. She's a former drug addict and physical/sexual abuse survivor. She's just trying desperately to regain the only real happiness she ever had. Unfortunately JER's lame writing has pigeonholed both the character and the actress -- who I actually like, though not as much as Lisa Rinna. Hopefully Billie will get out of Bo and Hope's relationship. I know it's not a popular opinion, but these two are Days most boring couple. They're both constantly self righteous blowhards. Billie needs some excitement with a psuedo bad boy. Patrick certainly fits the bill, and we know the actress and Billy Warlock (who's coming back, possibly as Frankie) have some chemistry as they were once married in real life. There's a possible triangle that doesn't involve Bo OR Hope. I personally can't believe you would waste time complaining about Billie, when her mother's turned into such a hypocritical b!tch. I used to like Kate, then I hated her, liked her again when she got together with Roman, but now I simply despise her. She's such an annoying villainess that she actually makes Sami look like a really nice person. For the record I totally AGREE with you about poor Maggie. That woman needs to get her backbone back in place, and move out of Mickey's love shack ASAP. It might be fun to have Mickey try to win her back with Bonnie constantly trying to sabotage his efforts. At least it'd give Suzanne Rogers something to do. Maybe she could spend sometime with blind and never seen Abe, who she said was the finest man she knew as he was "dying." I'm not suggesting an affair for these two (although they did spend more time on the island together than anyone else since Jack wandered off into the jungle). It just seems really unfair that these two fine actors have been given nothing to do since their return. Maybe Maggie could be Abe's sympathetic shoulder to lean on, while Lexie tries to hide her attraction to Tek. A complicated "triangle" like that would give all of these underused actors alot of things to play, and they certainly deserve it. Same goes for Victor and Caroline, but I guess Days is trying to get some movement before busting Nicole... who I think should be with Austin. Who knows, maybe Vic and Caroline are going to take some time to recover in Greece, and possibly get horizontal at the same time. That would certainly throw Papa Shawn for a loop, and reopen a good old classic Days storyline." Thank you for writing in Daniel; it's not often that I get such a thoughtful response to my column. I have to say that I respectfully disagree with you re: Billie Reed. The fact that she is a recovering drug addict and abuse survivor does not excuse her recent behavior toward Bo and Hope. There has been (by Days' count) approximately 20 years between when she was a troubled teen and the person she is supposed to be today. Her past should have no bearing on her actions today nor should they give her carte blanche to do or say any horrible thing that comes to her mind. And lately, she has been completely over the top and dead wrong about the hateful things she has been saying to Hope. I agree that JER has pigeonholed the character but he has done the same to many of the other characters; namely Bo and Hope. I mean, I USED to really like the character of Billie. Maybe I will again, as long as Days gives her a story apart from Bo and Hope's. The only reason I complain about Billie is because I'm tired of complaining about Kate. The character of Kate has been ruined in my eyes and I don't think that even Roman can redeem her. I think your idea of having Maggie helping Abe is a great one - at least it would give those two fabulous actors some screen time. ~P

From Linda Cole:" Pamela, one question, Who does Patrick want, Hope or Jennifer? I am a big Mimi fan and want the old Mimi back also. I read your column and agree with you whole heartly. I admire the actress that plays Nancy. Anyone who has watched the show as long as me will notice how much weight she has lost and I applaud her! She looks wonderful. My one wish would be for Mimi to find a different person to call on besides her supposed to be "Mom" or Belle. Belle only cares about herself. But thats just my opinion." I'm hoping that Patrick wants Billie! I don't want to see him chasing after either Hope or Jennifer. Thanks for writing in Linda! ~P

From Gwen Morgan:"I have watched DOOL from roughly the age of 14 or so (my mom used to tell me what happened while I was at school). I have too become disillusioned with Mr. Reilly's writing. Seems to me there was far less stupidity in the characters' actions before he came along; i.e.: all the killings that really weren't, Billie coming back in between Bo and Hope, the character of Bonnie being at all, the island, etc. The only thing I can see that he's done even REMOTELY right is bringing back some of the older characters (Chloe, Nancy and husband, and Austin). Now, if he could just bring back Patch and Kayla... there might be some hope for him." OH I hear you Gwen!!! I have been hoping against hope that Patch and Kayla would make return to Salem. With all the people who were killed off - it seems incredible that neither of them showed up in town. I think the odds of their return are slim, especially considering that Mary Beth Evans is now a regular on ATWT and doing an excellent job I might add. But I for one still have my fingers crossed. ~P

From Karen:" Thanks SO much for your Two Scoops and suggestions ;) they're always what I'm thinking, just in print! And thanks for printing others comments as well, I guess we all have the same opinion about the show lately. I could really care less about what's going on lately, if it wasn't for Jennifer and Jack I don't know if I'd be watching after 15 or so years. That and Stami, how great is that! I love Sami, but Stan is great! Hope/Bo well that's been touched on, as has the whole teen situation. I wish Jan doesn't have to leave she's the only one who gives the teens any storyline (she only needs to STOP repeating herself TONS of times)..OH and that goes for everyone else, that means you Billie! You would think we'd be excited that the "dead" is coming home but instead of being excited I'm just "yeah, yeah, whatever." I think TPTB after killing these characters/actors off and the outrage from fans that they hatched up this "idea" that they really didn't kill them off. We never see Cassie, and Victor and Caroline once a blue moon, and Marlena & Roman the same conversation over and over and over again. Okay, sooo sorry to vent! I was actually signing on to answer your computer Yes, what Rex did could happen. A person can get behind one's firewall. One should have both a software AND a hardware firewall. And using virus scanners can greatly help protect your computer (not from hackers though). Oh and to your EMS comments...yes that was a whole mess, paramedics would have "worked" on her until she got to the hospital, and if he was a paramedic he would have used Advanced Life Support (ALS) measures on her. As to your ambulance comments though it could be possible that only one ambulance would have been dispatched to that call, though once that bus got on scene they would have called for additional ones. Not in all areas are multiple ambulances dispatched. In Days' case they said they were hung up somewhere (concert, convention? something..). Though they could have taken a second one in the ambulance with Abby. SORRRRY for all that I guess it's just that it's late and I'm rambling on..THANKS AGAIN for your Two Scoops!! I look forward to reading them every week!." Thanks for writing in Karen - I really appreciate your information on my computer question. I am now hunting everywhere for a hardware firewall (I had no idea such a thing existed!) Please thank your husband for me! Also, thanks for clarifying the ambulance thing on Days...I guess I missed the part where they were hung up somewhere else :) ~P

From Moriah:.".. of course Lucas has used a gun! He shot and killed Franco Kelly after all. He also went to military school so he has a bit more training than the other guys." That's right! I totally forgot about military school! Well then - he should have been the leader of this little band of brothers. Strange that Lucas himself didn't remind the guys that he was the only one with some sort of training. Thanks for writing in! ~P

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