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Roman keeps insisting that he and Marlena keep their roll in the hay a secret from Kate and John. Of course the truth will come out, most likely being revealed by Tony.

Hello Scoopers! I don't know if all of you had the chance to read Roxanne's post on Monday but unfortunately she will no longer be contributing to the Two Scoops column. I understand her sentiment perfectly and wish her well. In the meantime, I will take over the responsibility of writing both weeks, until Sari returns from her sabbatical, at which point we'll go back to our original arrangement of splitting the weeks. I haven't heard from her lately, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all is well with her. I know she reads this column when she can... so if you're out there Sari - we're thinking of you! :)
I was just thinking how ironic it is that I started writing this column again in January to fill in for Sari and now here I am, taking on the responsibility of posting every week. Strange how these things happen. Any-who....

John/Marlena/Kate/Roman. What a quadrangle! Although I'm not thrilled with how they were forced in to the quadrangle set-up; at least it should make for some interesting story. Marlena and Kate have all ready had a bit of a wrangle over who was going to get John some water. And with all the sideways looks the couples are giving each other - we can be assured that their declaration that "everything will go back to normal" is just wishful thinking. In my opinion, the writing is on the wall. Roman keeps insisting that he and Marlena keep their roll in the hay a secret from Kate and John. Of course the truth will come out, most likely being revealed by Tony. At which point there will be even more turmoil created for the foursome, with John and Kate most likely being pushed back together as they comfort each other over their spouse's infidelity. It's sad when you can see the end product long before the story gets there. But, since it's movement - I'm happily eating it up. As long as we don't have to endure too many tortured looks and red herrings; I'll be happy. It's as simple as that really. There is a ton of story potential for these two couples, however it needs to be well written in order to avoid falling in to repetitiveness and tedium. I'm always hopeful Scoopers - TPTB might yet be able to turn things around.

By the way...I absolutely loathe Kate. I realized that fact after watching her this week. She glibly lied to Roman about her involvement in Sami and Lucas's breakup when she could have simply answered, "no, I had nothing to do with it" (which is still a lie, but really - we never expected her to admit her part) but instead she ranted about how Sami did this to herself and that she (Kate) did everything she could to help. And then she poured her venom in to Will's ear by telling him that he and Lucas were better off without Sami. UGH, I really, really dislike this character. I'm telling you scoopers... there had better be some big payoff for putting up with Kate's antics and lies for so long. I want to see Roman dump her on her behind and watch all her 'precious' children turn their backs on her. I literally laughed when Kate whined to John that she is not a cold, uncaring monster. Oh gag me! Obviously someone is in complete denial about how horrible a person she really is. And John's simpering answer that she is merely a woman who cares for her children's well being was also gag-a-ble. Does he not have eyes and ears? Maybe all the drugs he's taking are dulling his senses? I can see the firestorm brewing between Marlena and Kate and I am rubbing my hands in anticipation. I loved it when Marlena stepped in to stop Kate from saying vicious things about Sami and immediately stood up for her daughter. That little scene made me eager for Sami to return and begin her vengeance campaign against Kate.

And now on to the topic that's on everyone's mind...the Bo/Billie sex scene. I, for one, am completely disgusted in Reilly! I can't believe he actually went this far... I mean, sure - it was WONDERFUL to see Hope punch Billie (I replayed that part at least 10 times!). I know that's mean to say but in this case; Billie deserved it, no question. It was horrible and awful watching Billie get it on with Bo. In my opinion, she raped him. Billie knew that Bo thought she was Hope (so implausible but, whatever!) and she went ahead and had sex with him anyhow. I couldn't believe it as I listened to her justify her decision to herself. She is the epitome of selfishness - only being concerned with her own desires no matter what the consequence to anybody else. She makes my skin crawl. If this happened to my husband, I would urge him to press rape charges against Billie. I REALLY hope DOOL goes down this road. We need to see this woman pay for some of her destructive behavior. I am really really angry about this turn of events - poor Hope. How much more is she expected to put up with? Will Bo FINALLY see the real Billie? Will he finally understand Hope's point of view?

I wasn't incredibly impressed with the actions of the F Troop this week (sorry, had to borrow Sami's expression). I think it was a given that they would be at the wrong bunker when they stormed the place. Classic Reilly-red-herring. I can't imagine that anyone was fooled. It bugs me that DOOL tries to make it seem like Shawn, Rex, Lucas and Brady are fighting in a war. And the constant comparisons to real service men/women are really getting on my nerves. I couldn't believe my ears when Belle and Mimi told that woman in the church that their boyfriends were fighting in "the war." Uh ladies...your boyfriends are not fighting in a war - they have embarked on some hare-brained scheme to rescue a soldier who really is fighting in a war. BIG difference! But I did have a good laugh when Mimi piped up "so is her husband." Gotta love that Meems!

Welcome back Samantha Brady/Allison Sweeney! So glad to see your cute little freckly face! I thought that Stan's unmasking was a great surprise (at least to me it was a surprise). Sami was in great form as she frantically begged for her life, rambling on about death row and her son needing her (funny how that didn't seem to matter to her while she was pretending to be Stan). Sami had some great lines this week (she yelled at Tony "why don't you ever stay dead"?). I loved it when she realized that Tony was the 'mysterious caller' but you know.... I always wondered just who the heck Sami thought was pulling the strings. I mean, who else could pull off something like making her in to Stan? Obviously it would only be someone who had a vested interest in seeing the people of Salem suffer. 2+2= duhhhh. Oh well, now that she knows the truth, the only way Tony can get her to cooperate is to dangle the "Proof" carrot in front of her face. How convenient that Tony has "THE PROOF" that Kate set up Sami and Brandon. So, what could it be? Kate's fingerprints on a pill bottle? Secret video-tape of Kate or Eugenia sneaking in to Brandon's room? A taped conversation between Kate and Eugenia discussing their plan? The fake psychic? I just pray that, whatever it is, Sami actually uses the proof she gets (instead of merely blackmailing Kate) and reveals to everyone what a horrid person Kate really is. I want to see a speedy revival of her relationship with Lucas. It will be very hard for me to sit through another agonizing protraction of their reconciliation. Sami Brady has been through the wringer with her various love interests over the years - she deserves a teensy bit of happiness - don't you think?

Tony and Bart made their re-appearance this week. Why is it that once again, everyone in Salem is convinced that Tony is dead for real this time? I found it ironic that in one breath; Roman is trying to convince John that Tony was alive and holding them captive at the castle while in the very next breath he is telling John that this time - Tony really is dead. Come on people!!! Use your brains!! When, oh when has any DiMera EVER stayed dead??? And I want to just comment here that Tony must be made of rubber and asbestos. He can survive any fall, any explosion, ANY situation that most humans wouldn't. Kudos Tony, I can understand now why you are so full of your own abilities. I personally could care less that Tony is back - to me, his character has been ruined as well - but, as always, it's wonderful to see Bart again. I would love Bart to get a storyline of his own and maybe a love interest?

I don't know why, but it bugs me that Victor and Caroline were taken prisoner once again. Bart let them out of the castle... why didn't they see Roman, Marlena, Jack and Cassie? How come they were recaptured but the other four were not? Inconsistencies...
Between you, me and the entire Internet; this romantic interest that Victor and Caroline have for each other just doesn't ring true. I don't see any chemistry between them. I hope TPTB don't plan on continuing this relationship once they are finally returned to Salem. I simply cannot imagine Caroline with anyone other than Sean Sr.


  • Is it me or was it strange that Eric didn't jump on the first plane home after he spoke with his parents? They've been "dead" for almost two years! I'm assuming that any person with a semi-decent relationship with their parents would hightail it over to their house once they had learned of their "miraculous" return from the dead.
  • Like I said last week - I hope JER hurries the reunions along just a tad bit more. Belle needs to find out her mom is alive...Bo needs to know about Roman.... and anyone else who is invested in the missing/presumed dead people storylines.
  • I'll be sad to see the last of Dan Wells, I really enjoyed his stay in Salem. I know that most of us hate it when actors get re-used in different roles; but Dan Wells is someone I would love to see stick around. I personally think he would make THE perfect Eric Brady. He looks enough like Sami to be her twin for sure. They even have the same facial expressions. Keeping my fingers crossed that we'll see him again one day.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Frenda:" Hey Pamela, The Two Scoops column is fabulous!! I look forward to it every week! I had a few comments. I can't stand Bo. Sure Billie is extremely annoying, but Bo goes right along with her every crazy scheme. What happened to the Bo who used to be the caring father and husband?? I know they're looking for Georgia yadda yadda yadda, which by the way, if I ever meet someone named Georgia, I'm afraid I will hate them from the start just because of Billie's whining voice saying "Georgia" a million times. TPTB need to wrap that storyline up pronto. It will be hard now, since they've had sex though. My favorite character is Mimi, Farah Fath is a great actress, and Eric Winters and she are so cute together!! Rex and Mimi's abortion storyline has been drawn out so long, people will have forgotten about her abortion by the time she tells Rex. I understand that both Eric and Farah have not resigned, but I wish the end for these characters was something other than Mimi going off to jail (which you know is highly likely) and Rex getting killed off on the "Philip Rescue Mission"(which you have to admit would be very convenient). Well, after all this gloom, I'm definately hoping for the Lucas/Sami thing to revive. I know this isn't a popular opinion, but I'm really hoping for Marlena and Roman to either find new people or get together. Kate and John are not handling the sudden return of their beloved spouses as well as they should. I hate Kate anyways, along with the rest of the world. I miss Chloe, too. Hopefully w/ Austin back that whole thing will work out. No matter how much we love to hate Nicole there is something very pitiful about her. That's all my rantings for now, thanks again for a great column!!!" I hadn't heard that Farah had not re-signed. I knew that Eric Winters was moving on but I heard that DOOL would recast the part. Keeping my fingers crossed that Meems doesn't leave the show. She is one of my faves as well. I totally agree with you about Nicole - you don't know how badly I want to tell her "get a life and a boyfriend that loves you more than his "dead" girlfriend!." Thanks for writing in! ~P

From Emily:Okay, after reading yours and everyone elses feedback about days I had to weigh in. First, I have been watching this show since 1989 and I agree, this show is really at it's worst. Since when did any wife ever stand by and let another woman come between her and "the love of her life"? EX: Hope letting Billie run off with Bo and Maggie letting Bonnie live in her house with her husband. Come on. Bille Reed's character was a good one a long time ago. Now she is just a hateful, decieving, selfish woman. If she were in Hope's situation she would have killed her. Don't even get me started on how stupid Shawn is. Wasn't it just yesterday he was deaf? Or is that me just dreaming of better days past? Let's just deal with the other "couples" for just a moment. I love the actress that plays Nicole she is wonderful and should really be teamed up with Austin Peck when he returns. I have totally lost intrest in the whole Belle Shawn story and would love for Nicole and Austin to be the "it" couple for awhile. Summer is comming up and we all know that the teen storylines will increace so, for the love of all soaps, make them compelling. Not just crap that teens want to watch. Maybe DOOL should take a cue from General Hospital and make the show a little more real. Come on Love and Drama that's what soap fans want not, the same story going on for years! Please return DOOL's to must see daytime TV again or this long time viewer will tune in no longer." I also love Arianne Zucker (the actress who plays Nicole) and hope to see her in a redeeming storyline soon. Since Austin is due back soon, I agree with you that they would make a perfect "IT" couple. Anything would be better than watching her pine after Brady. I wonder if JER will keep Victor imprisoned until Nic and Austin get close? Or will Victor's return be the "thing" that breaks up Brady/Nicole? I hear you though... Love and Drama, that's what we want... give us more! ~P

From Macarena:"It's nice to see Brady in Black and the other lads in the "elite squad" -- with their matching bandannas -- doing something besides obsess over their women. If Lucas and Rex don't spend more time together, I'll keep forgetting they're brothers! And isn't Philip Shawn's uncle? **** I hope Philip doesn't suffer from amnesia or paralysis or anything that would make Belle stand by him and keep Shawn at bay. **** I loved crying Stan! If it had been Sami, I would have wondered where her toughness went, but the "disguise" made it funny and somehow more real. **** Let's just hope Billie's not pregnant; she's already using Georgia to lead Bo around. Has no one thought that they're constantly being lured away from Salem because Georgia's there? Bo, being the pre-bump brains of the operation, should have done a records search on the address. It could have been condemned property, or it could have been found in school records for a tennaged girl. He could have found out who owned it or what vehicles belonged to it. Despite the despicable sex scene, I love that even in an abandoned house in a trap-doored room, the Bs had the L-shaped sheet(s) from the furniture and rescue attempt. Props for the props!." Yeah, the guys are kinda cute in the 'tough-guy' gear. I have a feeling that Philip will suffer some "thing" that will force Belle to stand by him. Knowing Reilly's writing style as we do - there is just no way that this story will be resolved until at least November (sweeps time) - at which point we'll probably be embroiled in a 'who's-the-daddy' storyline with Belle/Shawn/Philip. Nope, this is not a spoiler...just my opinion. Or maybe, as you've suggested, it will be Billie wondering who fathered her baby...Patrick or Bo (god forbid!). ~P

From Alyssa:"hopefully this show will get a little better now that roman and marlena are home. Though, this whole kate/john this is pushed and fake, we obviously know it wont last in the long run. Also, Chloe annoys the hell out of me with her "not wanting Brady to see her." It was fine at first, but too many close calls are making this storyline extremely old." I hear ya Alyssa! They need to move the Chloe/Brady story along, I'm extremely tired of hearing her whine about her scars! ~P

From Sharon:"Sorry but I enjoyed the confrontation between Billie and Hope. Billie did indicate an emergency and indicated that she had called 911. Even if Hope hung up on her she had a reponsibility to inform Bo he received a call. As Jennifer said-she needs to trust her husband. That said, Reilly always has to carry things too far. I love Billie and while she always has been emotional, she is closer to unglued. As for Georgia-I never believed she was dead, HELLO she had the baby on DiMera property and it was taken from her arms right after it's supposed death by the creepy midwife. I like Billie and Patrick as a couple or maybe Billie could be with Roman if they got rid of Kate, who I was starting to like before her "love" for her children made her into an uncontrollable witch. After all they had that hot affair in Paris. As for the unbelievability of it all-true so true, but at least the hostages are coming home. Can't wait for the John and Marlena reunion." Thanks for writing Sharon but in my opinion, where Billie is concerned - it's always an emergency. The woman believes that everything that happens in her life is so much more important than anyone else's. It's that selfishness which turns me off. I don't remember Billie telling Hope that she had called 911 but I do agree that - right up until the point that Hope caught Bo and Billie doing the nasty - she should have trusted her husband. But in light of this week's events, it looks like Hope was totally justified about her feelings for Billie. ~P

From Priscilla:" I have watched Days since the begining, my Mom kept me updated when I traveled. The storyline and the dialogue are now so bad. I watch sporadically in place of faithfully now. Jack/Jen are a brite spot and when Abbie showed commonsense in the Cheating Heart incident I cheered. So much for a dim ray. The stories are so dragged out you can almost watch a couple times a month and know what is going on. The accident with Billie and the hospital where she blamed Hope was ridiculous. Thank you for your cyber column and letting me rant. I hope Days can be saved but I'm giving up slowly but surely. Thanks for writing Priscilla. Hang in there...things might perk up now that everyone's home. ~P

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