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The truth about Marlena and Roman's baby finally came out. While Marlena did in fact take a tumble down the stairs, Kate was not to blame.

I don't know if it's my vacation or the beautiful summer weather but - I'm feeling very generous. I think I could go as far as saying that I actually enjoyed this week's worth of shows. The wedding renewals/party at Chez Rouge were fun to watch and the scenes were a lot more fast-paced than we have seen in a long while. It was refreshing! The truth about Marlena and Roman's baby finally came out. While Marlena did in fact take a tumble down the stairs and is now in the hospital - unfortunately Kate was not to blame. Sounds rude I know; but I was hoping that Kate would be blamed for the loss of the figment-of-imagination baby. Sorry but I still think that this is all some big hoax. I can't believe that she's pregnant and definitely not that it's Roman's baby. The rumor that John is really Roman and Roman is a merely DiMera pawn is looking more and more appealing to me now.

Why the heck would Roman blurt out to John to be careful with Marlena because she's pregnant? It's not like John was going to drop her on her head or put a strangle-hold on her. Sheesh! That was pretty lame in my opinion. Poor Marlena - her transgressions are always exposed in public. Every time she screws up the whole town finds out about it before she has a chance to tell her family in private. Remember when Belle's true paternity was revealed in church during her baptism? Considering that John was in the exact same situation then as Roman is now - one would think that he'd be a bit more understanding and stop threatening to kill him.

Three cheers for Bo! He finally found his backbone and told Billie that he was not going to run off with her on some wild goose chase to find Georgia again. He made it plain that Hope and the boys were his priority. It's about darn time!! I definitely felt some satisfaction as well when they brought up Billie's rape of Bo. And surprise, surprise - Hope actually called it what it was; rape. It's unfortunate that Billie didn't serve some jail time for that one but at least she was slapped down again (figuratively speaking...I could only wish that Hope had literally slapped her - lol). Though I am glad that Bo and Hope have a storyline that does not involved Billie; it kinda sucks that they are leaving their boys once again. The idea of going after Tony is a good one. What better way to stop the insanity and find Victor and Caroline, than to capture Tony? But, unfortunately, it means leaving Zach once again (has he spent more than three minutes with either parent in the last 3 years?). And what about Shawn? Talk about being in limbo and needing your parents! He's out of jail on bail only - I'm assuming that means that he could go back to jail. He still hasn't had a trial right? His love life is in shambles and he keeps doing immature and rash things to get Belle back. Though WE know he's promised Belle that he will quit pressuring her and give her some space, Bo and Hope don't. Surely they must realize that he needs them right now??

I've received more mail about the Shawn/Belle/Philip triangle than anything else in the past few weeks. My conclusion from this is: JER has finally found a storyline to interest the viewers and keep them watching. This is great actually because I for one am now eager to see what will happen next. Will Philip and Belle be intimate? Will Shawn keep his word and back off? What is this mysterious stomach problem that Belle has? Will Philip ever get a clue? All these questions keep me glued to the screen when their scenes are on. I was so happy when Shawn told Belle that he would stop hounding her. I saw a glimmer of the old Shawn D shine through and I am hoping against hope that he can act maturely and keep to his vow. I still feel that Martha Madison's Belle has more chemistry with Philip than with Shawn - but that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Luckily for me, that's my prerogative. :)

I am really torn about the Jennifer/Jack/Frankie situation. I know there's literally a ton of Jack/Jen fans - and I am at the top of the heap!! But this week's shows proved to me that if Jack does pass away (gawd forbid!!) I would be happy with Frankie hanging around to help Jennifer pick up the pieces. As long as it's not Patrick, I'm fine with it. Something about Patrick bugs the heck out of me. He's okay with Billie...but definitely doesn't suit Jennifer at all. I am really enjoying the flashbacks with Frankie and Jennifer. That takes me back to my own teen years. I was a teen during their romance and was very wrapped up in their "first love" storyline. The 80's were a time of fluffy-romance-novel-type storylines when people always pledged their love to each other before sharing their first kiss. Unless, of course, you were a "bad" girl or boy. Then you would kiss anyone you pleased anytime you liked and roar off on your motorcycle dressed in leather with a bandana on your head. Sigh..... What were we talking about? Oh yes, Frankie and Jennifer. The only problem is that Frankie kinda creeps me out when he starts looking at old pictures of him and Jen. He gets an unfathomable look on his face that makes me wonder - is he working for Stefano in secret? Or is the actor simply having a hard time shaking his creepy "AJ Quartermaine" facial expressions? (For those of you who don't know, Billy Warlock used to play that character on GH).

You know...I want to like Max, I do - but unfortunately he is being written very badly and as a result - is not likeable at all. I found his scenes with Billie to be plain ole icky. He comes off like some kind of sex maniac. I know that guys his age are supposed to be single-minded in that regard but come on; can't he think of anything else? Doesn't he have to practice for his races at all? Do famous race car drivers just sit around tanning and swimming all day? The same goes for Chelsea - I want to like her character too, especially given that she's half a Brady, but she is being written so despicably. We need to see more of her soft side. The one that is in so much pain, it forces her to act out so rebelliously. That's the problem with JER - he writes his "bad" characters as being so one-dimensional. You have no sympathy for them and don't care what happens with the character (even when they've lost their parents, house and everything else). I don't know where Days is going with the four of them (Chelsea, Max, Billie and Patrick) but the fact that Billie and Patrick are taking Max and Chelsea respectively, to the dance doesn't bode well. I have a feeling that the four of them will spend most of the night arguing about who will dance with who and making eyes behind each other's backs.


  • How fortunate that the champagne bottle sent by Tony to Bo and Hope didn't explode until after he tossed it in the garbage. How conveniently fortunate I should say!
  • I can't believe that Lucas believed Eugenia over Sami. He doesn't even KNOW Eugenia well enough to know whether she's lying or not.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Rach:"I decided to really think about the Shaw/Belle/Philip thing in light of all the fan's back-and-forth over who is right/wrong, belong together/need to get a life, etc. After going through all 3's actions since Jan returned to Salem, I've realized that the 3 of them need to break up and join pathetic co-dependents anonymous. If you follow this and it's progression, I think you'll agree:
1. Belle covered for Marlena = stupid, but understandable.
2. Shawn freaking out and leaving = Stupid but understandable.
3. Son getting kidnapped = innocent
4. Philip attempted to help Belle find Shawn = noble
5. Belle finally giving up after Shawn didn't call and Jan delivered her ring = understandable
6. Shawn, even with a head injury, Believing Jan's explanation for anything = the head injury did more than just effect his memory
7. Philip going on about his duty endlessly until Belle stayed with him though Shawn was coming around = pathetic
8. Belle marrying Philip, though she didn't love him, just because he's going away = stupid, self-destructive, cruel to both men, and unrealistic (can't pretend forever - although Philip seems willing to take what he can get since his actions have shown he know she still love Shawn).
9. Shawn driving through the church = ludicrous (but I think he was drugged at the time)
10. Belle admitting she loves Shawn, but not telling Philip because he's in danger = stupid
11. Belle telling Shawn she loves him, but affirming her commitment to her husband = cruel and attempting to have both men and not have to choose (apparently she thinks that Shawn will just sit around and pine and never look at another woman while she stays married)
12. Shaw going off half-cocked all over town and the world trying to force Belle to commit = pathetic and immature
13. Philip telling Belle it was her choice, while repeatedly mentioning his injury and how much he loved her = pathetic and manipulative.
14. Shawn still chasing Belle even after she chose Philip again = pathetic, immature, lame
15. Belle continuing to allow Shawn to kiss her = stupid, cruel and again trying to keep both of them.
Ergo, all 3 of them need therapy and to not date eachother ever again. Sadly they're all related to almost everyone else in town, so crap. I guess Shawn and Philip could now fight over Mimi and I don't think Rex is related to Belle." Thanks for writing Rach that was very enlightening!! ~P

From Frenda:"Glad to have you back Pamela!! I totally agree with you that this Belle belongs with Philip! I'm really hoping for a Shawn/Mimi storyline, now that Eric Winter is leaving the show. Rex has started to be annoying anyways. I wonder how they will finally wrap up his character. I suppose he will depart in a rage when he finds out about Mims' abortion. That could have been such a good storyline, if she had told him before she had the abortion, and they could have worked through it and raised the baby together. For a few weeks after the abortion, I kept hoping she would turn around and say she hadn't actually gone through with it. Oh, well, as long as they give her a new SL, i'll be happy. Lucas must be the dumbest mama's boy ever!! Please wake up and see your mother for what she is!! Why is it that no one but Sami knows Kate for what she is? I am sad that Brady and Chloe are leaving. They would have been a good couple to watch. I wonder if Arianne Zuker will follow in her hubby's footsteps? Thanks for Two Scoops!" A lot of people feel as you do, that Shawn should hook up with Mimi. But I remember reading somewhere that Farah Fath (Mimi) was leaving too...but maybe that was just a false rumor? Guess we'll have to wait and see. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Wendy:"Well you could have fooled me that belle wanted nothing to do with Shawn and was all about Phil. If that was the case then why the multiple very passionate kisses? As Belle ran her fingers through Shawn's hair while they devoured each other, that showed me that she is not the innocent wife trying just to be the Stepford Wife and big and bad Shawn is forcing her to do all these things. If she was truly commited to her husband then if another man kisses you, then you can stop right then and there. People who are forced to kiss someone else do not end up running their fingers through the assailant's hair. It is so evident what Phil is doing. He is manipulating. He knew exactly what he was doing in Germany. He knew good and well that Belle would not dump him in the hospital so of course he pressured her to make a choice. I guess my situation is different, Shelle did not in any means end when KS left, in fact I have become more of a fan with Martha in the role. She enjoys and supports the couple of Belle and Shawn and her and Jason (who has been doing great in his scenes) have great chemistry. Sorry but Kyle Brandt's version of Phil is about as exciting as an watching my toenails grow and the chemistry with Martha is forced and very uncomfortable." Thanks for sharing your opinion. ~P

From Rachel:Thank you for your commentary on the whole Shawn/Belle/Philip triangle! I couldn't agree more. I cannot watch Shawn follow Belle into another bathroom, hallway, etc to try to get her change her mind and leave Philip. Give the girl some space! Also, how is it that Mickey could find the time to buy a new restaurant for Maggie and plan a renewal of their vows BUT not actually tell Bonnie anything about it. Considering this was such a hard decision for Mickey you'd think that meant he actually cared about Bonnie and would give her some sort of warning. I really hope she goes crazy before all her bank accounts and credit cards are closed." I'm just glad that Mickey finally made a decision! Thanks for writing! ~P

From Jamison Rountree:"Hi, Pamela! I love reading your columns, and boy, do I have a lot to say! And most of it, I assure you, is positive, for the first time in, like, EVER! I'm actually feeling pretty optimistic about DAYS right now. More than I've ever been. I'm really glad that Bo's decided not to put Billie and Georgia first. He needed a wakeup call and finally got it. Let's see him return to being that family man he used to be. I love that Lucas is finally waking up to what Hope and Sami are both telling him about Kate, but not so much that he believed Eugenia, whom he'd only known for a little while, over Sami, whom he'd known for years. (It seems that while all the previously-dumbed-down men in Salem have smartened up again, Lucas is definitely the one exception to the rule.) Speaking of Eugenia, I'm so glad to see her back. Daphne Bloomer (Eugenia) looks just wonderful with her new haircut. But she was just despicable on Tuesday, selling Sami out the way she did. But I hope they keep her on after this whole thing with Kate is over. Why not put her on-contract and pair her up with Tek? I was happy that Mickey finally woke up and picked Maggie. I relished in Bonnie's heartbreak. Didn't feel sorry for her one bit. I was over the moon when Patrick and Billie moved in together, even if Chelsea did move in, as well. This is just the first step to Patrick and Billie getting together, I hope. They have so much chemistry and to have them as a couple would be a welcome sight for me. Rex is leaving VERY soon, and I'm not happy. But I AM happy that he's going to find out the truth about the woman he loves -- that she's a whiny little COWARD who cared only about her own interests. I'm happy Brady and Chloe are together again and Nicole's been kicked to the curb. But I won't be completely happy until Kate's gone down for all she's done. She deserves whatever she gets. Well, that's all for now. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!" Great commentary Jamison; thanks for writing! ~P

From Connie J. Foley:" I agree with you about Shawn and Belle. I just wish they would get on with the storyline and since Belle has made her decision get on with it!!! Maybe Shawn will end up with Mimi. But on the other hand, Belle is pregnant by Shawn so that might be interesting." How could Belle be pregnant by Shawn? They haven't made love since the barn incident eons ago. There's no way she could be pregnant from that long ago. Or did I miss something??? Thanks for writing. ~P

From Jennifer: " Hey Pamela. I wanted to shed some insight on a question in your feedback column. The reason that John hates Shawn so much goes back to the relationship between Belle and Shawn during the Salem Stalker episodes. Shawn repeatedly lashed out at Belle after the conviction of Marlena. The outbursts were worse once it was out that Belle lied about Marlena's alibi. Then of course Marlena escaped to the roof of the prison and was shot and died in John's arms. Instead of staying in town and grieving over their losses together Shawn devastated Belle by leaving town. Even though there weren't any scenes with Belle confiding in her father over the heartbreak she was going through, one would assume that at some point it occurred. Then of course Shawn came "CRASHING" into town calling her horrible names and accusing her of sleeping with Philip, yet again, breaking her heart. All of this of course was brought to us by the ever so wonderful Jan Spears. Since all of this, of course, Shawn has apologized, but I am sure that it is safe to assume that Daddy John will never be quite as forgiving as dear sweet Belle. Fathers don't tend to be forgiving when your play with their daughters emotions. I hope this helps to create a better understanding of the situation. On to a different topic same characters. I do not like the fact that Kirsten Storms no longer has the part of Belle! She expresses Belle's emotions a whole lot better than Martha Madison. I also think that MM isn't living up to the perkiness that KS established for Belle. I always perceived Belle as a "cheery, always looks for the good," type of personality, not the "everything is so serious" type. Everything MM does is way too serious. Even the scenes that were obviously written to be more laid back are too serious." Thanks for your insight into the John/Shawn situation. I think you hit the nail on the head with the difference between how MM portrays Belle versus how KS did. The perkiness is definitely gone - it's like the character aged 10 years over night. Thanks for writing! ~P

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