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It would be nice to show more of the actors who have been on the show for 20 or 25 years, like Caroline, instead of watching Carrie waffle again for the billionth time.

Hey fellow two scoopers, and Happy Day After Mother's Day to all you Mommies out there. I don't have any kids yet, but I understand you guys have the hardest job in the world, especially if you are blessed with a stubborn, hard-headed kid like me.

Speaking of mothers, wasn't Caroline slick this week? She was like "I can't give you Hope's number, but I can dump my purse on the floor." Genius. I love Caroline and I don't think that we see the matriarchs like her and Alice, Maggie and Julie nearly enough. And when was the last time we saw Caroline talk to Chelsea's little spoiled butt? We could really spend less time on the "maybe Carrie will change her mind" story and show the actors that have been on the show for 20 or 25 years instead of watching Carrie waffle again for the billionth time.

Speaking of Carrie, could she possibly be any more melodramatic? Yes, I understand that Sami is manipulating the situation through Lexie, but Carrie is just irritating. The way she just stood there when Austin and Lucas were asking her for the seven-billionth time who she "really" wants to be with. In real life, if you are silent that long either someone is going get fed up with you and walk out (mmm, perhaps the guy that gave you a ring?), start screaming at you or hit you over the head with a frying pan to wake you up. Didn't that just drrrraaaaaggg on forever? And the whole thing with Carrie, Austin and the supposed birth defects just makes my stomach sick. I think Carrie and Belle should have been the half-sisters. They both want everything their way and perfect.

Another thing that makes me sick is the whole Lexie storyline. I really don't like the affair thing, but I am talking about how irresponsible that DAYS is being with this storyline. Okay folks, in most cases if you find suspicious lump somewhere on your body, it will be biopsied and 99% of the time removed and sent to a pathologist to see what it is, because even if it is not cancer there are still other dangerous things it could be. Right now my father is going through chemo for colon cancer, my best friend is exploring her treatment options for what appears to be a recurrence of cervical cancer and my mom's best friend is suffering from inoperable mouth cancer. So in a nutshell this storyline is really pissing me off. DAYS writers, I understand that you have to take certain license for creative purposes, but this story is senseless and irresponsible. In an age where criminals watch CSI for tips to cover up their crimes, don't you think people, especially young women pay attention to television shows? Why are the women on DAYS so careless with their health? Lexie has apparently had no follow up since the biopsy and whatever Dr. Death did with her tests, and Mimi had no follow up since being hospitalized for PID after her abortion (which I have a whole 'nother issue with, but I will leave that for another time) and didn't even know it was possible to carry a baby of her own, because she never bothered to go back to the doctor after she heard what she didn't want to hear. I am begging the writers to correct this and have Lexie get a second opinion, or some follow up or something!! I hate to say it, but the other soaps do it all the time and the sky doesn't seem to have fallen.

Now that I am done ranting about that, onto to the devil spawn (Chelsea). You know what? I hope she goes to prison. She just seems to be one of the people who goes through life manipulating and scheming and now just causing everyone a lot of unnecessary pain on top of the pain she has already caused to serve herself. I wouldn't mind a year or so break from this character, or heck I don't care, show her getting beat up in jail or something. She just needs something else to happen to her because obviously, killing poor little Zack and falling down the sewer didn't do the trick. Maybe getting her butt kicked by Bertha in prison orange will change her attitude a little bit.

Why is the drug Alex keeps giving Marlena making her stupid? Friday had to be about the fourth or fifth time that she has confronted Alex, alone, about him drugging her and for the fourth or fifth time her has grabbed her and drugged her again. Why in the holy freaking hell would she confront him alone when Hope and Patrick WERE JUST WITH YOU FIVE SECONDS AGO!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, DAYS sure knows how to beat a dead horse.

It's a good thing that Mimi is much more of a nice (nice but a little bit of a wuss) person than say someone like me. If I would have come home to my husband's and best friend's clothes all over my living room floor after I had heard those conversations, that scene would have been much more embarrassing at the end when the nursery was revealed because I would have ripped Belle's lips off. Now I am definitely not ordinarily that violent, but with the evidence that Mimi had, I would have jumped to the same conclusion. But maybe I missed something, because I still don't understand why the hell they were in towels. I know their clothes got all messed up by the paint, but Belle lives a shorter distance away than it takes me to walk upstairs to my bathroom and trust me, it ain't far. Why couldn't she just go home and change? Oh, that's right. Then Mimi couldn't have almost spilled the beans. Again.

One last thing, the phone call between Bo and Hope just drove me nuts. I completely feel Hope's pain, I really do and I know she feels lied to and betrayed and like she and her boys were and are second best as far as Bo is concerned. That said, there is something about Hope's face that reminds me of a pouting little kid when people tell her she should talk to or forgive Bo. Oh how I hate Chelsea and her manipulation (almost as much as I hated watching the long protracted sex scenes with Hope and Patrick). I'm sure we'll still be dealing with this in 2008.

Well, fellow scoopers that's it for me. I could have gone on longer, but I seem to have a case of food poisoning (thanks so much chicken place that I won't name) and dehydration and I'm really tired, so everyone have a wonderful day and I will see you back in two weeks.

See you in two weeks!

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