Pre-wedding jitters

For the Week of April 9, 2007
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Pre-wedding jitters
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Would someone PLEASE put a muzzle on Kate, just like they do for vicious dogs? She. Just. Doesn't. Shut. Up.

Hi girls and boys! It was another (somewhat) exciting week on Days, so let's get to it!

First things first, would someone PLEASE put a muzzle on Kate, just like they do for vicious dogs? She. Just. Doesn't. Shut. Up. And what makes it worse is that I have heard Lucas's patented "I'm-going-to-disown-you-and-you-will-never-see-me-or-Will-again speech at least twice this week, which I do believe brings us up to a lifetime total of 300 gazillion. You know what I say, poo or get off the pot. Lucas needs to stop threatening to do it and ACTUALLY do it. Kate will never be happy for him and Sami, no matter if Sami saved her life. Kate just does not have it in her to be happy for anyone else, but since she has all this hatred and animosity towards Sami, it wouldn't matter if Sami bore ten of Kate's grandkids, she will always try to bring Sami down.

But now in addition to Kate's usual I hate Sami cheer, she now is zeroing in on Sami and Celeste's alliance. While I thought Lauren Koslow did a great job portraying Kate with about three martinis too many in her, Kate plopping herself down at Abe and Celeste's table was way out of line. Then to make matters even better, she starts screaming like only Kate can and insults Lexie, who even though she definitely had her faults was still Abe's wife and Celeste's only daughter. Please tell me I wasn't the only one hoping that Celeste would just reach over and pimp slap Kate. But that's okay, Abe definitely gave her a verbal pimp slap which was just about nearly as good.

Why is Willow still on my screen? No, I'm really serious, other than to annoy the hell out of me and everyone that lives in my favorite fictional town, what is her purpose? Days has about two villains too many right now and she needs to go. This week we saw thankfully little of her though, and only saw her when she summoned Philip, of all people, to the jail to help her out. Okay, this guy has humiliated her, manhandled her repeatedly, dangled her off the side of a damn boat, and told her in no uncertain terms to stay out of his face and she is STILL calling him? She must really be a glutton for punishment. It is her own stupid fault that she is in the position she is in, because she threw away her meal ticket and pre-natal care that was being provided courtesy of her baby's fake grandparents (I refuse to believe that baby is Shawn's until Nick does the DNA test himself, because I don't trust anyone but him not to lie) so she could make a quick buck off of a known criminal whom she had barely met before he told her to bend over so he could write a check on her back. I really hope Jed continues in his studies (wherever he went), because obviously his sister has no brains. And then, of course, it took her about two seconds to blab to Phil that EJ had put her up to robbing the Brady's house and then ooops she set it on fire. I really hope EJ kills her. I hate to say it, but I really, really do.

I am also really, really hating crazy, breathing fire, woman-grabbing Philip. He is really pissing me off. First of all, what mother stands there while her son manhandles a woman he has never met before in HER hotel? I knew that Kate was a crappy mom, but dang it took her long enough to intervene didn't it? And to take it a little bit further, why is Phil still walking? Because if I was Duck and caught some spoiled little rich bitch roughing up MY daughter, in MY hotel, he would have been lucky to escape with his life. Philip really does believe that he owns the whole damn planet doesn't he? But enough venting. I'm glad that Shawn and Belle got away, again, but I was really starting to tire of the whole "On the Run" storyline about a month ago. And what the heck was up with all the baby clothes and stroller that Belle found in Gabby's closet? I would like to keep a positive frame of mind and hope that she had bought them as a surprise/gift for Belle and Shawn, but I have a sneaking suspicion that that is not the case. I just wonder what she has planned for them and Claire.

I have a feeling that May Sweeps is going to involve a "Who tried to off EJ? storyline." He is just doing too much. When a villain has that many people at his mercy and is terrorizing half the town, there aren't many other places to go other than that half of the town trying to kill him. Now, I personally believe that TPTB at Days would be absolute morons to ACTUALLY kill off EJ, given James Scott's popularity, but they are going to have to take him out of commission for a little while if they are going to try to redeem him. And given that Tony will be coming back in May or June (yay!!! And Bart's coming too, I love Steve Blackwood) I am really looking forward to these two brothers interact with each other. I really hate the fact that EJ forced himself on Sami, because their chemistry is undeniable and out of control. I have a feeling that they are going to try to redeem EJ so he can be with Sami ala GH's Luke and Laura or he is just going to have to lose his memory and act like somebody else for a while. Because, I'm sorry, you just can't buy the kind of chemistry that James Scott and Alison Sweeney have together on screen. I was watching their scenes where she was trying to convince him she really wanted to be with him and I realized after a minute that I was actually holding my breath! I didn't want to miss a word and I guess I didn't even want the sound of my own breathing to get in the way!

Some Random Thoughts:

I love Matt Ashford. I really do. I just hate Jack. I can't help it, I have hated him for the better part of 15 years. While it was nice to see Matt, I thought it was incredibly rich for Jack to be warning Abby about dating Max. Max, who as far as I know, other than being a little fast and loose with the ladies, does not have an ounce of shadiness in his past. So listening to Abby's former rapist, seedy businessman father tell her that Max was all wrong for her and "those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it", almost made me choke. If Jennifer had listened to that type of advice, Abby and JJ wouldn't exist. I'm not saying Jack is still shady, but before he starts saying things about the kettle, he should realize that he has been black too.

I'm glad that Nick stole the hairbrush for Chelsea, even though I am sure that will come back somehow to bite him. The only reason that I am glad about it is that she really didn't do it this time, and if it helps get Willow the hell off my screen faster, I am down for just about anything. Plus, Nick and Chelsea are just so darn cute together.

One more thing: I hope that Lucas does report EJ to the SEC. I also hope that EJ slithers out of it, but Kate ends up in prison. That would be positively delightful.

Until Next Time!


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