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Yes, kiddies, it finally happened! Sami not only made it all the way down the aisle, she actually made it through the wedding!

Yes kiddies, it finally happened! Sami not only made it ALL the way down the aisle, she made it THROUGH the "I do's!" And the best, best, best part is the EJ secrets are out, as far Lucas is concerned anyway, and Lucas did not leave smoke behind him! The man is going to stick it out!

I felt like I was watching a completely different show this week than I was the week of 5/7. I was actually disappointed with how the stories played out last week, and for lack of a better term, was bored out of my potato picking mind. But this week was fabulous! My personal favorite was the slow-motion montage of EJ walking down the aisle of St. Luke's, while EJ's thugs broke into Steve and Kayla's room. That was a great soap moment, wrought with tension from several sources. EJ was so smooth, striding down the aisle after tossing Sami a wink (the minister had just gotten to the infamous "Speak now" part) and calmly taking a seat, while the scene kept cutting back to Steve and Kayla's hotel room and the thugs taking Steve away. But, everyone forever held their peace and Sami and Lucas officially became Mr. and Mrs. Roberts.

Of course, there was one hitch though. Everyone from Celeste to Marlena kept telling Sami to tell Lucas the truth about the night that EJ shot John and attempted to "plant the DiMera seed" in her. And to Sami's credit, she really did try to tell Lucas two times before the ceremony, but he told her anything she had to tell him was in the past and he didn't care to know. Well, Kate and EJ had other plans and made sure that the photo taken by the traffic camera of Sami and EJ in Lexie's car was put at the end of the newlywed's very lovely slide show. So, Sami drops to her knees immediately begging Lucas's forgiveness and Kate starts in with the broken record of how horrible Sami is. Marlena had to be held back by Roman before she attacked Kate. But miracle of miracles, Lucas held his hand out to his new wife and told her not to be sad on her wedding day. Then he shoved a piece of cake in Kate's face (someone out there must be listening to me about getting that woman a muzzle) which I found delightful. Lucas scooped Sami into his arms and made for the door, but who would be standing in their way but EJ? Sami had Lucas put her down and made this speech about how she and EJ should let bygones be bygones and held out her hand to shake on it. Then she punched him in the face. Loved it.

After Lucas and Sami got home, she told him the whole story of how it came to be that EJ helped her lift the beam off his legs when he was trapped and what she had to do in order for EJ to help her. And for once in his life, Lucas decided to man up and accept what happened and forgive Sami. Then he did something totally unexpected and asked Sami for her forgiveness. He felt that if he hadn't run away from her and written her off so many times before, she would have felt that she could have come to him after EJ coerced her into sex and the whole aftermath with that. I had to check my program guide, because it sure looked like the same actors, but I had to make sure I was watching Days.

I am really not liking Stephanie's new and improved personality. She is a rude, selfish troublemaker. She knows everything about Chelsea's accident with Zack, but she somehow still decided to hang out of Chelsea's sunroof like a moron. Chelsea was just as big a moron for letting her. And something that really irked me was the way Stephanie treated Nick when she first met him. Who died and made her the queen of cool? Wasn't it just a couple of months ago that she started hyperventilating when Max broke up with her and he had to have his brother let her down gently instead? Yeah, okay, I thought that was Little Miss "Racer Chic." Her only good deed of the week was pretending she forgot her cell phone at the church to get Nick and Chelsea to meet up, which of course was interrupted by Willow. God, I can't wait until her last day, I am so sick of seeing and hearing her. But back to Steph, I'm glad that Kayla finally told her that if she was not for the common good as it relates to Steve, she can just carry herself back to Dayton. Work that backbone, Kay!

Now that Bo has made it to Tinda Lao, where Shawn was shot (just a flesh wound apparently) by Duck, I am praying that this storyline wraps up already, because, dang is it getting old. See Shawn and Belle run with baby. See Philip chasing them, breathing fire, acting like a psycho. Wash, rinse, repeat. Here are two things I would like to see: Bo pistol whipping Duck for shooting his son and Bo pistol whipping Philip just for being Philip. That would make my day. Now Belle and Philip are in some cave with Claire, waiting for his boat to arrive. Please let it get there quickly and wrap up this stinker of a storyline.


I laughed so hard when Kayla shoved EJ and hit him with the door after she broke into his apartment. I would have to imagine it would suck if you were an international criminal and you came home to the police commissioner, his sister and sister-in-law all in your house (illegally at that), but he made a mistake thinking he was going to keep Mama Bear Kay there for a second longer after she found out about Stephanie's accident.

Just bring up the mental image: Kate with mouth and nostrils full of cake. Priceless.

Steve is supposed to go to Tinda Lao to take care of Shawn and Bo. I wonder how this thing will play out now that Kayla is hip to the whole thing. And if I never hear the words "Tinda Lao" ever again, I promise you it will be too soon.

So what will happen next week? Is it really over with Sami and Lucas as far as EJ is concerned? What will Kate's next evil, hissing move be? Is John ever going to wake up from that coma? Only time will tell!

Until Next Time!


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