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Blake Berris is good at playing the smooth geek, but this past week proved that he can do comedy, as well. Nick's antics may have been the highlight of the week.

Hey guys! This week seemed a little bit slow to me, but highly amusing with poor bandaged Nick running all around the country, so shall we?

The week began with a continuation of Nick at Sami and Lucas's apartment, holding the beeping flowers. Nick managed to shove Sami back in the apartment and close the door before the bomb went off, but he himself was not quite so lucky. He got knocked the hell out and upon coming to, he couldn't remember how or why he ended up at Sami's. Now we all know that he got a call from the lab giving him the results of the paternity test that he actually ran this time, but he couldn't remember that phone call or the results. Sami and Lucas called for an ambulance since Nick took quite a blow to the head, but he managed to sneak out the bathroom window in his quest to find Chelsea. I have to give it up to Blake Berris here because the way he kept telling Lucas that he had to find Chelsea and talking past Sami like she wasn't even there was just hilarious. When he went to the beach and started talking to his closed cell phone like Chelsea could hear him, I just about lost it. He is good at playing the smooth geek, but man can that boy do some comedy. He was the highlight of my week.

Of course, Nick couldn't find Chelsea because she had ditched him and their date to pant along after Jett to Vegas. I am finding myself disliking Chelsea again, more and more because of the way she treats Nick. Add that to the fact that she told Jett "I know everything about that kid, right down to the color of his pocket protector," and Chelsea has got me wanting to punch her again. It make me a little sad, because I was really liking her character this year and how she has grown up and turned around, but true to form, she better-dealed Nick as soon as the first dreamy hunk came along. I hope Nick finds someone who actually deserves him.

Nick found his way to Vegas (flying first class no less) and caught Jett and Chelsea in a slightly compromising position. Nick did not remember their fight on the beach or the fact that they broke up, and although Jeremy informed everyone that Nick had taken a hit to the head, and Nick told them that there was a bomb, Chelsea basically accused him of being drunk and following her around like a lost puppy. Yeah, that's sensitive. And then, instead of, I don't know calling for a doctor to check him out, she and Jett decide to hit the casino. She is such an insensitive brat, who makes everything all about her. Nick also found his way to the casino and ran into a high roller, played by none other than Jerry Springer. I must confess that I am a closet Jerry Springer fan, and I even had a Jerry Springer Show "Security" T-shirt in high school that I began a tradition of passing along to someone in the next class down. It made it through about five classes before finally being retired. But I digress, the whole story with Pappy's lucky glass eye and everything was so funny. I did think it was sweet that Jerry's character had set it up so Nick would win that 50 grand. I just hope Nick doesn't do something stupid with the money, like try to buy Chelsea something. That would be a waste.

Speaking of obscene wastes of money, what the hell is wrong with Shawn? So, he's been bitching for at least two months about living with Philip and how he wants to provide for his family and blah, blah, blah, and what does this moron do? He asks Max for an advance on his salary and for what? To put money down on an apartment? Nope. To put a down payment on a starter house? Not even close. This idiot decides to spend of that not-even-yet-hard-earned money on a ring the size of freaking Portugal so he can show up Philip to little princess Belle (don't worry, I will get to her in a second). I really, really wanted to slap him. No Shawn, never mind the fact that Claire is a growing child and will need things a lot more than Belle needs a rock that size or the fact that Max will be taking back a cut of his paycheck for the next million years. Good Lord, he's so stupid sometimes.

Belle makes me sick. First of all, she had no business accepting those clothes from Philip, her ex-husband. Secondly, she lies to Shawn, saying that Marlena had taken her shopping (FYI, if you are going to use someone to cover up your lie, it's best to warn them that they are your alibi because having your boyfriend thank them for helping you is a surefire way to get caught) so she can keep said clothes without hearing Shawn's mouth about it. Third (and lastly), before she would say yes to his proposal, she gave him this hypocritical speech about honesty and grilled him about what he did instead of going to the interview that Phil had set up, but still failed to mention those pesky clothes again (by the by, wasn't she wearing one of the outfits Philip bought her while she was waxing all poetic about honesty?). I know all you Shelle fans out there are happy they are engaged, and I am happy for you guys as you have waited years for this to happen, but I still can't stand either one of them.

Sami has now joined The-Marlena-Kidnap-Me-A-Hundred-Times club. I really hope this is not starting a new trend, because it drives me nuts when Marlena gets kidnapped eight times a week. Anyway, Andre planted some type of ether bomb in EJ's briefcase, and in the least brightest move I have ever seen EJ make, he opened the case when he heard it beeping. He, Sami and Lucas all got knocked out, but when he and Lucas woke up, Sami was nowhere to be found. They later learned that Stefano had taken Sami and they were on a plane over international waters. Stefano's bright idea was to have Dr. Rolf perform the very delicate stem-cell procedure on the airplane. Because there is no such thing as turbulence. EJ tried to talk to Stefano out of it, but Stefano still has his panties in a twist that EJ is not a mindless, insane soldier such as Andre. I guess we will have to wait until next week to find out if Stefano goes through with the surgery or not.


Who is Ilsa and what is her real connection to Jeremy? We now know that she is a "working girl" but I have a sneaking suspicion that she is not doing that by choice. Given that Max was not-so-nicely escorted out of the casino at gunpoint, perhaps he's getting a little too close to the truth.

It was really nice to see Billie. Now hopefully they will give the woman a storyline. I would say to pair her up with Roman, but since Roman was married to her mom, that's just a little too much in the family lovin' for me. Give her a man for goodness sake!

I'm still loving the real Tony and evil Andre. Thaao Penghlis is acting his butt off. I can actually tell which one he is before he even talks because of the facial expression and look his eye. Now if only the residents of Salem could catch up.

I loved the Santo/Colleen story at the beginning of the week. She did actually meet him as he requested, in normal clothes and with her hair down. She said that she did it to prove to herself that being a nun was the right path for her. That worked until she found herself in a lip lock with Santo. That little boy Grandpa Shawn walked right up on. I can't wait until the next installment. I wanna know what happened!!

So scoopers, what will happen next week? Will Stefano sacrifice Sami's twins so he can be evil for a couple more years? Who is the real dad of Sami babies, will Nick remember, or is that little tidbit gone forever? Will Chelsea stop being such a brat, or will she use this latest breakup with Nick to gloam onto Jett? Only time (and our TV's) will tell!

Until next time!


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