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Accidents and accusations

by Tony
For the Week of May 4, 2009
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Accidents and accusations
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The countdown to Rachel Melvin's exit is drawing to an end. It looks like Chelsea will be going to London to tend to Billie, who was seriously injured in an auto accident.

Hello Days' Fans! Well, I have some disappointing news to report. I didn't get the scoop on the gravely voiced spy in the Kiriakis Mansion as promised before I left. The strangest thing happened to me. I finished my opera gig in Vancouver and, as I was leaving the venue, I was hit from behind! I woke up several days later on a submarine. John Black was there. He smirked, raised an eyebrow then lit a cigarette. I'm still not sure what that was all about, but I am sure of one thing - I got back just in time to Scoop a great week of Days! Truth be told, some of it dragged a bit, but by Friday things were cliffhanging left and right! Let's discuss ...


My heart is breaking a little. The countdown to Rachel Melvin's exit is drawing to an end. And, it looks like Chelsea will be going to London to tend to Billie who was seriously injured in an auto accident. Yep, sad all around. Billie, however is expected to make a full, but long, painstaking recovery. But, let me start in the beginning of the week for Chelsea and her drama with Uncle Max.

The fun part was seeing Chelsea dawn a Brady Pub apron! Small detail I know, but having grown up in a family owned and operated restaurant, I appreciated that she was pitching in to help. Kudos for that believable tidbit.

Yet, the big drama happened when Max got an acknowledgement letter from a med school he applied to. A med school in Chicago! Whoops, he forgot to tell her he was applying out of town. Chelsea was upset, but Max seemed to have all the answers ... they can live together, Arianna can take over her part of the lease in the apartment she rents with Stephanie, and they can visit their families ... um ... visit their family. She was hurt he didn't tell her, but warmed up. Crisis averted. Or was it?

Later Chelsea was caught snooping in the hospital's med school records to see what was up with Max's application. Yep, Mel turned her in to Dr. Baker. Now, I like Mel. She's a whacky ball of craziness that is irritatingly fun to watch. I cheered when she helped Stephanie after Philip was shot. That was great. The thing is I don't want to see her morph into a goody two-shoes as that would be boring, but I thought it was pretty lame/random when she ratted out Chelsea. Didn't really see the point in that. At all. It just seemed a little lazy on the writers' part - "Woah, Mel was nice, let's give her something bratty to do to drive home the fact she's a schemer." We know she is, writers, we know. Sorry, end rant. The point is, Chelsea basically got a slap on the wrist and, fortunately, he didn't tell her supervisor. That disappointed me a tad as I thought we'd get to see co-worker Mark one more time before Chelsea leaves town. Not so much.

But, then the call came - Billie was injured! Now, I actually found some silver linings to this. First, we got an update on Jack and Jennifer! That was a very nice treat as it's been ages since we heard anything about them. They're doing fine and vacationing with Bill in Africa. Heck, I guess that's a triple score - we heard Bill's name too!

The second silver shimmer, this exit excuse isn't that bad (when compared to those of John, Marlena, Steve, and Kayla that is). Actually, I'm ok with the reasoning. Unlike John and Marlena, Chelsea has been on the back burner for some time now. We've also known for a while she's leaving. So, for her to leave to help Billie is pretty cool. They even backed that up with the fact Chelsea is studying to be an occupational therapist. Smart move.

Finally, Chelsea is actually getting to say goodbye to her family and friends! That alone is a total shocker given the fact that most character exits under Higley's regime have been horrendously butchered. Sami not saying goodbye to John and Marlena anyone?! Steve and Kayla wondering off to Back Burner Land. Right, back on track ...

After a brief fight with Kate over who would be at Billie's side, Grammy K surrendered and agreed to let Chelsea go in her place. Then they had a great, heartfelt farewell! I was glad they reminisced about their rocky past, but remembered the most important thing - they're family. It was also a nice touch that Kate was relieved that Chelsea was getting out of harms way of the DiMera/Kiriakis Feud. Yep, I get a little happy when they remember Chelsea is part Kiriakis and a potential target because of that.

Next, Chelsea said goodbye to Dr. Dan. I thought this was another nice touch. Heck, for a moment, I even remembered why I liked him in the first place - he is somewhat of a good guy to have in your corner when in trouble (just make sure your wife isn't in the corner near him). He called a friend who coincidentally works at the Kent Hospital in Mayfair where Billie is being treated. Ok, that was a totally contrived coincident, but I bought it. Why not at this point, right? All in all, they did have a strong bond and I'm glad they got to say buh-bye.

Finally, she said goodbye to the Carvers. That came complete with a question most of us were wondering - "Abe! Is that really you?!" she exclaimed. But, seriously, after all of her time with Theo I would have been royally peeved if she didn't have that chance to see him before she left. And she did! Wonders never cease.

I mean, wow, I'm amazed! Is Higley finally getting the clue that hasty exits aren't cool with viewers!? She seems to be covering her bases this time. Yet, I'm going to hold my breath until next week. Chelsea still needs to tell Max and I'm curious to see how he'll react. Not only that, I'm on edge as to whether or not she'll share some screen time with Bo, Hope, Ciara, Caroline, Victor and/or Stephanie (to name a few). So, Higs, I gave you some props, don't blow it now!


Aside from the warm wishes they both shared with Chelsea, Kate and Dr. Dan also had a little conversation of their own. And it looks like Kate's promise to herself to not harm Dr. Dan and Chloe is kaput. Kaput in a big way! I mean, holy heck, the cats out of the bag! Just like that, Kate told Dr. Dan she knew Chloe's affair was in fact real and, yep, she knew he was the "other" man! Oh, I can't wait to see how this plays out on Monday! Stay tuned for a bigger rant next week!


In related news, Chloe had another heart to heart with Father Matt. She gushed about how happy she was and how her marriage to Lucas was the right thing to do. How him getting amnesia from the blast while he was drunk as a skunk was a good thing. Huh? Ok, that one's a stretch, but it all boils down to Chloe stating sometimes wives have to keep secrets from their husbands. Ya, that was the point when Lucas overheard them! I don't have shake the Magic Eight Ball to predict she is going to do some major backpedaling with that statement. Yet, even if Lucas believes her, now that Kate is letting the claws out, I highly doubt Chloe will be off the hook. Something tells me next week she's going to get the tongue lashing of her life! Again, stay tuned!


Fortunately Philip seems to be getting better with every passing day. Well, every passing day in our time. In Salem it's only been something like three hours since he's been shot. Regardless, he's doing well. So well, in fact, he's starting to crave revenge. That lust is making Stephanie a bit nervous and, surprisingly, I don't blame her.

Steph was there when he was shot. She saw the face of the hit man. She was covered in Philip's blood watching him convulse. Most of all, she loves him. She doesn't want to see him hurt again. I'm cool with all that even if her self righteousness is rearing its head again. This time she seems totally justified. I was also glad she apologized to Lexie for Philip's outburst. Not that I blame Dimples for being skeptical of a DiMera, but that was simply a nice thing to do given Lexie is pals with her MIA mama Kayla. Wow, I have to sit down - I'm praising Steph too much. I'm not use to this. Moving on ...

Unsurprisingly, Philip isn't budging. He's all about the revenge and getting back to work. He wouldn't even take some time to recuperate in Greece when Steph suggested they run away. Perhaps, hiding out isn't such a bad idea, but Phil thought it was and Steph tore up the tickets. Note to Steph, Laurisa and I will gladly take tickets to Greece that are already paid for off your hands! Anyway, Phil's all in a vengeful tizzy which pushed Steph away and guess who seems to be his biggest supporter ready to swoop in with a sympathetic shoulder? Yep, Mel! Ready for another triangle between these three? Nope, me either but it looks like that's what we're gearing up for. I repeat - we'll take those tickets to Greece ... especially if that means we don't have to watch this repeat!


I'm always glad when Nicole gets to interact with Dr. Baker and Victor. It's guaranteed to cause some laughs. And, it did! However, Ms. Walker-DiMera spent the better part of the week trying to keep her plethora of secrets hidden as well as doubting what she's gotten into by marrying E.J. Both Victor and Hope (yes, Hope Brady!) gave Nicole earfuls about the dangers of the DiMeras. Well, Victor's was more like gloating that she's made a bigger mess of her life than actual advice. Regardless, the points seemed to be taken, yet they also seemed like things Nicole already knew. Of course, Nicole wouldn't let her adversaries know she knew.

However the most interesting words of warning came from Brady. He gave her the "You Don't Know/Don't Want To Know" speech about E.J.'s devious behavior. He was a little more blunt and forceful than we've seen before. I liked it. Yet, I'm not that hopeful that Nicole will heed his warnings or even listen to the little voice in her head that seems to be telling her to get out while the getting is good. Nope, Nicole has proven to be a glutton for punishment and I doubt she'll leave E.J. and his crimes behind. Ironic because she's threatened to walk out a million times before for lesser reasons.


While Nicole second guessed and schemed, E.J. fantasized about Sami while making whoopee with Nicole! At least he didn't call out Sami's name this time like he did during his initial tryst with Nicole in the elevator. That's, um, good. So is it just me or does anyone else think that E.J. might still be into Sami? Just a tad?

In other E.J. news, he had a little smack down with Victor. I enjoyed their back and forth threats and Vic's mythology lesson. Yet, the Phoenix is also a mythological creature so I don't think Victor should gloat just yet ... even though it does appear he has the upper hand for now. I mean, really Stefano, you got on a plan without bodyguards!?!? Even Mia could put those pieces together and know it's a bad idea. The man was just asking for it. And it looks like Victor is going to give it to him as his yet-to-be-named thug followed Stefano!

Finally, E.J. was handed over the reigns of the DiMera Empire. I think Stefano might regret that. Sure, Elvis J is a formidable opponent, but I don't think he's ready yet. Heck, it's only been a few months since he and Steffie started to see evil eye to eye. Not only that, but E.J. is easily distracted by shinny objects and, in this case, that object is Sami. As mentioned above, he had a fantasy about her ... while in bed with Nicole! And, let's face it, he's pretty jealous of Rafe who's jealous of him. Ironic, isn't it. All in all, it will be interesting to see how he handles, or not handles, things on his own especially with his thoughts lingering on the sexy blond he's in love with ... I'll let you all pick which one I think that is.


Sami and Rafe's relationship has been, in a word, cliché if you ask me. She was the witness. He was her bodyguard. They've been one stirring rendition of "I Will Always Love You" away from being Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. This, to a point, has worked. Sure, they've been a little Yawnsville a times, but they do have a fun, banter-filled chemistry that is entertaining for the most part.

Last week they even acknowledged the fact that they've been living in a "dream world" where it's just been the two of them. I'm glad that's finally brought to the table. It addressed what a lot of us have been thinking. And, I have to admit, they were downright cute together at the airport while expressing their feelings and when Rafe "missed" his flight. Awe! But, sadly, after that the gooey feeling I have for this would be couple dried up and became an irritating lump of phlegm.

The main reason for my annoyance? That's simple - they're basically E.J. and Nicole 2.0. And, the original E.J. and Nicole have been utterly annoying. We don't need a copy cat. So, let's look some facts ... Nicole Sami is keeping a secret about a baby. They fight about the same thing over and over again. E.J. Rafe calls Nicole Sami out on her tiresome strategies (pouting, whining then crying, etc). Every time Nicole Rafe doesn't get her his way, he threatens to walk out (and usually does). E.J. Sami basically has to keep convincing Nicole Rafe she is in not in love with her ex, yet the ex is always around and googly eyes are constantly being made. Yep, we've seen that all before. It's not fun. Nope, not at all.

Moral of the story, it's just like with "Ecole," if the writers want us to root for Rafe and Sami, they need to give them a legitimate reason to be a couple. "Ecole" was basically a product to stir up the bad blood between Sami and Nicole. Now "Safe" is basically doing a repeat of the entire "E.J./Lucas/Sami" triangle. Heck, even Lucas called that during his talk with Sami! So, Ms. Higley, stop it with the copy cat version of an already bad storyline. It wasn't cute the first time and, this time, it's still not so cute.


I've been wondering what Arianna's connection to Salem would be and now we know - she knows Rafe! They had a somewhat cryptic reunion on the pier then spent the night together catching up. Heck, they even had breakfast together because they weren't done chatting. Hmm ...

Now, I don't feel I need to beat around the bush - I'll be all shades of shocked if these two don't turn out to be siblings. Sure there was ambiguous chatter, but I think they're brother and sister. That is a smart move if true. Rafe needed some roots in Salem and I think Arianna is a good start. Granted, we don't know much about her, but she seems sensitive and caring with a twist of sarcastic wit and feistiness. To me, that's a great combo ... especially since a certain Swamp Baby who is sensitive and caring with a twist of sarcastic wit and feistiness is leaving.

More so, Arianna raised some points we've all been wondering about Rafe. He basically dodges every question about himself. He gave up a lifelong career he was crazy about for a woman. And, she mentioned the biggie - it doesn't seem to be the first time he's fallen for a witness. "Some things never change," she quipped when he told her about Sami. Again, hmm ...

I have to admit, I am annoyed by Rafe's pout and walk out tactics with Sami, but I am curious to learn more about him now ... and Arianna. I think Sami feels the same way as she walked in on them during their cozy little chat! Something tells me this could get ugly. Arianna doesn't strike me as the type that would put up with Sami's craziness. And, let's face it, Sami isn't the type to deal with things rationally. So, fellow fans, make sure to have a stiff drink on hand as Sami is sure to drive us to drink on Monday!


Almost ... almost ... almost ... AND no! Dr. Baker didn't tell Mia the truth about Sydney and her non-connection to the little cutie. Instead he said "She's not your baby" ... because you gave her up! D'oh! I nearly fell for the old double-talk ploy. Dang you Higley! Yet, I shouldn't be surprised. I really didn't think this entire part of the saga would be over so soon. I was just hoping it would. However, another part is just beginning which could lead to it's unravel.

At the Java Café Will's friend Tad showed up and interrupted Will's little starry eyed study fest with Mia. The one he got after "date baiting" her by letting her see Grace first. In the rest of the world we call that a red flag Young Will. But, I'll move on ...

Like Arianna did with Rafe, Tad filled us in on a little of Mia's past. He said she went to Salem West and was very active in the student body. No, not that kind of active! Well, I guess she was "busy" with at least one coed, but she also was a cheerleader, homecoming queen, etc. And there was a boy, Brett Winters, who had a little crush on her. Ok, he was obsessed. Mia freaked, made excuses, and sent Tad packing. Bullet dodged? Maybe.

The big question is - what will Young Mr. Roberts-Horton do with this info? Will he dig and get some scoop or simply be blinded by his crush. Something tells me he'll voyage blindly into Teenage Mommy Land a little while longer. This causes me to repeat, I'm not looking forward to his hissy fit when all this comes out!

Extra Scoops


Hot:If Friday's episode didn't prove that Sami and Lucas work best as platonic friends, I don't know what will. They're great together when not romantically involved. Heck, Lucas alone is a lot cooler, smarter, and all out more interesting when he's not blinded by love or being emasculated by his mom for the girl he's blindly in love with. Kudos go to Bryan and Ali as their natural chemistry with each other shines through when they get to squabble and joke, but kudos to the writers for remembering that. More Sami and Lucas bluntly honest pals please!

Not: Stefano wasn't poisoned. He has Type 2 Diabetes. Oh, boy! There's something about this that has me very worried. That's right! I know what it is. It's the fact that Higley handles PSA/socially relevant storylines about as well as the Incredible Hulk handles his anger. This is to say, not well at all.

Line of the Week:

"Well, that's surprising! Your relationships are usually tranquil. Boring actually," Lucas to Sami regarding her drama with Rafe.

Exchange of the Week:

Sami venting her frustrations about E.J.'s interference with Rafe to Lucas:

Sami: "The person who doesn't understand is E.J.! He is such a ... *scream of frustration* ... I just could have killed him. Oh, I shouldn't say that in front of you."
Lucas: "That's alright. If I was a better shot you wouldn't have to deal with any of this."

Ironic Exchange of the Week:

Max tried to convince Chelsea to move to Chicago with him if he gets accepted to med school there. She's resistant. Here's why:

Chelsea: "Because my family is here."
Max: "So is mine. We'll visit."

Umm, ya. They have the same family. Shouldn't be hard.

Randomness ...

Was I the only one disappointed that Caroline didn't show up to support Victor during his time of need? Heck, aside from support, I can't believe she didn't even show up to point a feisty finger in his face and tell him to back down from his revenge plot.

So, Maid Mary is a fisherwoman. Not as fun as Dr. Rolf's pottery and tango lessons, but amusing. Yet, I'll give Mary extra points for saying she heard the wedding was fun. Hello passive aggressive! Note to Nicole and E.J. - invite the staff you take for granted next time, they need to party too!

Sometime I cringe when characters bring up Austin. He reminds me too much of eating stale bread.

Parting Thoughts ...

So friends and Days fans, that's "Two Scoops" for the week of May 4th. I hope everyone is gearing up for May Sweeps! I know I am! I also know Laurisa is warming up her pitching arm to ready herself if she needs to throw something at the TV so I'll be back next week as she spring trains. And, let's face it, after last Friday, Monday is sure to be one crazy inning! "That's a fact!"

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