Killing me softly

by Tony
For the Week of June 7, 2010
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Kristian Alfonso is the bee's knees. We've seen her seamlessly go from Regular Hope to pill-popping, Judy Garland Hope. But with Bo back in town, we got a glimpse of something deeper last week.

Ouch, just ouch. Last week, not only were feelings hurt in Salem, but hearts were crushed and stomped on. From overheard moments to blatant realizations, love not only stunk, but it downright hurt, too. Let's take a look at what became of the brokenhearted and those most certainly headed to the Heartbreak Hotel.

Last week confirmed something I already knew and have gushed about -- Kristian Alfonso is the bee's knees. We've seen her seamlessly go from Regular Hope to pill-popping, Judy Garland Hope. But with Bo back in town, we got a glimpse of something different -- something deeper. In other words, "both" Hopes are heartbroken, but dealing with things a little differently.

First, I applaud Kristian and Peter Reckell for their scenes together. Anyone who's ever run into an ex and had a painfully awkward moment -- or ten -- knows they nailed those feelings perfectly. Their obvious uncomfortableness was spot-on. And unfortunately, they have kids and work together, so there's no escape from Awkward Land for them.

I also applaud Hope for admitting that she was in pain and she couldn't handle Bo's tenderness towards her. I know, I know -- some will argue it's "all her fault." Well, technically, Mean Dean was the catalyst who started this ball rolling, but I digress. The beginning of this storyline sucked, and that's been thoroughly established by both of your faithful Scoopers. With that said, I'll get back to my accolades for Hope...

As a person whose love life resembles an Alanis Morissette song circa the '90s, I know a thing or two about making relationship mistakes. Although Hope thought she was doing what she needed to do at the time, ultimately, she was wrong. And if she didn't get that before, she certainly realized it last week. Therefore, I felt bad for her when Bo was being so supportive -- it's a frustratingly sad feeling when you want to rush into someone's arms, but can't because of mistakes you've made. An emotional double-whammy, if you will.

Of course, Ciara provided a little twist of the knife when she pointed out, "Carly caught the bouquet." I repeat, ouch, just ouch. However, touché, Ciara -- she unknowingly got a little revenge for her mom's pill-popping antics. Lil' Girl might end up in Crazy Town, but at least she's going down swinging.

On the flip, Pill-popping Hope is already settled in to Crazy Town. She's fully convinced everything is Bo's fault. Obviously, that's a tad untrue. However, it just backs up my initial point -- Kristian reminded us why she's great -- because she brings heart to her work. We know Daytime-Hope has heart, but now she's adding dimensions her alter-ego, and it's making things much more interesting.

Also interesting is the little something-something brewing between her and Baker. Hmm! I'm not sure what's up with that, but the not-so-good doctor seems to have a little crush. Aw, how cute -- crazy, criminal love! What could go wrong!?

Ironically, we go from pill-popping Hope to non-pill-popping Stephanie. Correction -- Stephanie is pill-popping again. A "morning-after" pill, that is.

Of course, her actions were a result of hearing Nathan's deal on becoming a daddy...someday. Well, that and a heart-to-heart from *squeal* Aunt Adrienne! I'll spare you prolonged gushing while I jot down Judi Evans' name with a little heart beside it in my cyber notebook, but it was great to see her!

Additionally, it was great to see Stephanie (momentarily) act Sweetness, Jr., again. Truth be told, Shelley Hennig did a great job of selling me on some of Stephanie's motives during her recent chat with Dan on Soap Central Live. Shelley reminded me that Stephanie's not just an irrational, insecure pile of bitchy neediness -- she's simply damaged goods with a heart of gold covered with a layer of insecure bitchy neediness. Yep, there's a difference.

But trust me -- I'm not letting Steph off the hook that easy. It will be a long time before I send her an edible arrangement for her birthday again. And I don't think Nathan will let her off, either. Of course, I have a feeling that Steph will lie and deny. I hope I'm wrong. I also hope her pill kicks into action, as a Baby Steph is something that sends shivers down my spine.

Speaking of insecure, needy bitches, welcome to the Chloe and Vivian section! However, in their case, their feelings are expressed in the most enjoyable way possible. Simply put, these two are a hoot!

For example, a frustrated Vivian said, "Chloe, surely I don't have to spell out all of the details!?" Sorry, Auntie Viv, but you do -- the Chlomeister isn't really the sharpest tool in the shed. But I'll admit I could pop a bag of popcorn and watch Chloe go off on tangents all day. It's hilarious, as were Vivian's reactions to dealing with Chloe's dimness. More, please!

Of course, props go to Nadia Bjorlin's performance. She's killing this current storyline, no pun intended. Sure, a ditzy girl with big, um, issues is a bit of a cliché, but Nadia is making it fresh and fun. In fact, sans Chloe's coma, the past few months mark the first time I've enjoyed watching Chloe on a daily basis. Do I even care she's contemplating murder? Nope, not at all -- this spastic, vindictive, irrationally dim-witted version is way too much fun to watch. I repeat, more, please!

Laurisa is like the John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt of Two Scoops -- her thoughts on this crew are my thoughts, too. Carly has every right to tell Dr. Dan. Chloe is a cheater who cheated. And Dr. Dan's not at fault for being dense. Yes, I have a very wise partner. Be sure to check out all of her brilliance from last week's Two Scoops!

While on the subject of "brilliance," I didn't think the writers were too bright when they had Maggie waving the Pro-Danloe Flag so vigorously. But they proved me wrong! They also dodged a bullet by having Maggie and Dr. Love-Struck share some coffee talk. Maggie forgave Dr. Dan and proved why she's so fantastic -- because, among other things, she's wise enough to forgive and move on. Aw, love that Big Red!

Victor also seems to love a little Big Red and, of course, Vivian isn't loving that! However, I loved every moment of Victor's interactions with both of the ladies in his life. I mean, really, John Aniston's use of sarcasm should be registered on some deadly weapons watch list.

Of course, the way Vivian just ignores Victor and goes about her task at hand is also humorous! Louise Sorel makes even Vivian's craziest moments seem logical. Well, not really logical, but amusing. It's sort of like the Pill-Popping Hope thingy -- even though they're both wrong, the actresses are so convincing that you believe that the character is doing what they think is right.

Besides, I'm such a Sorel fan, I'd probably enjoy watching her open an envelope. I'm also a Vivian fan and felt a little bad for her when she overheard Victor's rant about her. Sure, she's despicable, but naughty girls need love, too, just as Samantha Fox does.

Then there's Victor and Maggie -- they're full of love! Love their banter. Love their friendship. Love their support. Love that they started a scholarship in Mickey's name in one day. Simply put, love it. And as long as the writers don't rush a romantic relationship between them, I have a feeling this storyline will have some major longevity.

Ever since Vivian blackmailed her way back into Victor's icy heart -- and since Maggie accidentally started to melt it -- I've wondered one thing: how will Caroline react to the news? Last week, part of that question was answered. Caroline was, shall we say, royally pissed!

Now, as much as I loved watching feisty Caroline vent her frustrations, I have some new questions. What will she do about it? Are we in for a Caroline/Victor scene? If not, dear writers, can we get one!? Also, is she simply upset that Victor married Vivian, or is she upset Victor married a woman who's not her?

If Caroline is upset that Victor moved on with another woman, that will be a little ironic. After all, she let him go when he tried to court her last year. Hmm, maybe Caroline and Hope should get together and talk about prematurely sending a Kiriakis boy packing.

Did anyone else nod off during Philip and Melanie's four-day-long chat at the pub? Maybe it was three days, I don't remember. They talked about Chloe and Dr. Dad and Dr. Dad and Chloe and, oh, gosh, it was boring filler, let's move on...

Kate and Carly...interesting. Sure, their chat was a convenient way for Kate to school Carly on all things Chloe, but they seem like they could have a fun time throwing back a few martinis at Chez Rouge. After all, they do have a few things common -- they're sassy working gals, constant scapegoats, and both have been with Victor and Dr. Stud-Muffin. Yep, they'd certainly have a lot to talk about.

E.J. vs. Nicole was great! Why? Because for the better part of '08 and '09, we watched a watered-down version of Nicole pine after E.J. and now we get to watch hellcat Nicole go after him like she would any other enemy. This is one epic clash of the titans in the making!

I have to give props to the writers for the small touch of having Arianna call her mother. It was logical. It made sense. People call their loved ones when in trouble. Good job, guys and gals of the Writers' Room.

Now, I just wonder how long it will be before Mama Hernandez makes it to Salem. And then how long it will be before it's revealed she, too, was a hooker who worked with Kate. And who had an affair with Dr. Dan. And possibly did porn. Nope, new gals never have it easy in Salem -- especially if they were easy before they arrived.

Does anyone else hear the Psycho theme when cute-but-crazy-Ciara appears on screen? I feel horrible for the tyke, but Lauren Boles is doing a great job with the material! The way she delivered her line, "Hi, Carly," had the same sarcastic, smartass tone that Arianne Zucker uses when she called Dr. Baker "Dick." Bravo, kiddo -- big sis Chelsea would be proud!

Perhaps this is more of "Random" than a "Loose End," but I miss Rachel Melvin! I'd love to hear Chelsea's take on the entire Hope/Bo/Carly scenario as well as on Stephanie passing on her pills. Something tells me sharp-witted Swamp Baby would have this mess cleared up within minutes.


Last week had some bright spots -- getting some Caroline and Adrienne time, Victor and Maggie, and Chloe and Vivian, but the brightest spot was E.J. doing...something! Don't get me wrong, E.J. and Sami interacting is never dull, but seeing him work was refreshing. You can also read that as: seeing him do something other than feel guilty was refreshing. More, please!

The downside to Kate's Chloe history lesson is that it was a bit askew. Not the part about Chloe cheating. That part was spot-on. I'm talking about the part when Kate blamed Chloe for Brady's drug problem. That argument is as tired as the Philip/Chloe couch sex-capades flashback. It simply doesn't make sense -- Brady is to blame for HIS problems -- period. The only thing it manages to do is make smart, sassy Kate look like a dumbass.

Victor (To Vivian, upon arriving home only to find her bags packed hours after their wedding): "You're leaving me? That's a damn shame. Eh, well, we gave it our best shot, right?"

Kayla calling Stephanie was a nice treat. The better treat!? Knowing we're going to see Mary Beth Evans soon!

Where does Nicole live?

The music at the end of Tuesday's episode was chilling! Good job, music peeps.

How did DETECTIVE Bo not notice two people standing outside of his house -- in front of a large picture window -- having a chitchat!?

Does anyone else wonder how Chloe got around Europe when she barely comprehends English!?

I love that Vivian has the hit man's number memorized and could simply jot it down for Chloe.

What that? You want more Victor brilliance? Sure! Here's another gem from him to his blushing bride: "What do you think about a stay-cation? You know, you stay in your room. I'll stay in mine."

So, friends and DAYS fans, that's it for the week of June 7th. If you want a little taste of things to come this month, be sure to check out NBC's June preview. Just be sure to have a tissue handy. Laurisa will be back next week to Scoop on all the latest heartbreaks and horrible plans. And, "That's a fact!"

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