Fortunate son?

by Tony
For the Week of November 7, 2011
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While Bo and Hope were getting all up in Alice's business, they discovered a baby photo. Cue the dramatic music, because that same baby photo is on a bookshelf in the DiMera mansion. Dun-dun-dunnn!

We have a lot to celebrate this week, DAYS fans! Nope, I'm not talking about the chance to see Bren Foster's abs again, although that is reason enough to rejoice. I'm talking about our favorite afternoon delight turning 46 years old on Tuesday!

That's right, we've been fortunate enough to enjoy life in Salem for 46 years. Well, not all of us. Some of us weren't born when DAYS premiered, but I digress. It's a happy time for DAYS fans everywhere.

Plus, it's November Sweeps! You know, when all the storylines start heating up. Juicy secrets are revealed. Troubled couples and would-be couples end up in steamy situations. And even seemingly forgotten characters start to pop up.

So, was DAYS Sweepstastic last week? That answer is simple. Yes and no. Let's discuss!

Let's begin with a little hint of a storyline to come, shall we. Fancy Face is convinced that Alice has more secrets, especially since they never solved the Secret Bank Account Caper. While Bo and Hope were getting all up in Alice's business, they discovered a baby photo. Cue the dramatic music because that same baby photo is on a bookshelf in the DiMera Mansion. Dun-dun-dunnn!

Now, if Big Red had a carton full of eggs stolen from the fertility clinic, does that mean we're in for eleven more shocking maternity revelations? I'm pretty sure at some point that will become redundant. So, if this baby has nothing to do with Maggie, then just who does it have to do with?

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm stumped on this one so far. Of the current cast of characters, nearly everyone has parents who are accounted for. That is, everyone but Madison. Could she be the Horton-DiMera mystery child? Or did the photo just come with the frame? I'm not sure, but I'm a little overwhelmed with paternity shockers lately, so I hope this one turns out less contrived and makes more sense than the last one.

Well, the egg's out of the carton. Dr. Dan is Maggie's stolen egg, pending DNA test results, that is. Here's the thing. I'm with Dr. Dan on this one. I have no idea how I feel about it.

Truth be told, the saving grace on this one is Dr. Dan's reaction to the news. He wasn't doing backflips. He was shocked and upset. As it turned out, George and Lillian Jonas might have accepted a stolen egg, but they loved their son, and it seemed like they had a good relationship prior to their car accident. Therefore, I can understand why Dr. Dan would have a problem coming to terms with the fact his close-knit family may have been hatched from a stolen egg.

On the other hand, I know how much Maggie treasures her family and friends. To see her so excited, despite the eye-roll inducing aspect of this Higley-esque storyline, makes this storyline go down a bit easier. And I want to hug Suzanne Rogers every time Maggie cries. Plus, Melanie's happiness over the matter is also a bit contagious.

However the dark cloud looming is Victor's part in Egg-Gate. Henderson outed Victor as the culprit. I think we all knew this was coming, but me no likey. And I don't think I can put it any clearer than that.

In true Jennifer fashion, she tried to cheer up Dr. Dan. She pointed out that if he's going to find out his mother wasn't his real mother, he's lucky to have her turn out to be Maggie. If Dr. Dan still isn't sure, he should speak to Austin.

Mr. Reed discovered his mommy dearest late in life, too, but, unlike hitting the bio-mom jackpot with someone like Big Red, he learned his mother was controlling, conniving Kate (no offense, Mrs. DiMera). Perhaps that will make Dr. Dan feel better. Then again, Dr. D did sleep with Kate, so maybe that conversation would get a little uncomfortable.

Jennifer was justified to suspect Jack was the creepy masked man at the Halloween party. That is/was such a Jack thing to do. He swears he was in London with J.J. Who was the creepy masked man then? I have no clue. In the end, she went away with him anyway.

Jack and Jen were stranded in a blizzard. Jen freaked Jack out by asking if he wanted canned peaches. He started to have flashbacks of his imprisonment in Afghanistan. And those flashbacks were flipping creepy! Kudos to all involved with making those scenes, because days later, I'm still having Post Traumatic Soap Disorder.

Nevertheless, whereas I grasp the seriousness of Jack's plight, I just can't take Jack seriously yet. I still look at him as the doofus who fell face-first into a cake. And a doofus who faked his death several times. And a doofus who, well, you get the picture.

It breaks down to this. Past writers have turned Jack into such a clown that now I'm having a hard time adjusting to what I should feel and what I do feel. Granted, Matt Ashford is doing a bang-up job, as he always does, but I need time ease into this one.

Having to agree with Abigail makes me want to stomp my feet and sulk. But regardless, I have to. I don't blame chica for still being steamed over Chad and Melanie's moonlit kiss. I mean, really, he did a dip and kiss. I've seen humpback whales come up for oxygen quicker than they did. So, yep, I'd be miffed, too.

So, "GotGame48," a.k.a. the lovechild of Jesse Eisenberg's Mark Zuckerberg from The Social Network and Daniel Tosh, warned the three stooges that some multimillion dollar gambling organization is behind their website woes. I don't dislike this storyline, but I feel it's missing a little pizzazz that's preventing it from becoming Must-See-TV. It might have something to do with the fact that this gang is on once a week, but that's just crazy old me trying to rationalize things.

Thanks to this bunch I feel like a kid again! Remember in preschool when we got naptime? Yeah, Rafe and Sami bring me back to the day because every time they start in on the same old, same old I doze off. No, really, I had to rewind a few times. Whoopsy!

There is an interesting part to this foursome, though. I actually find myself liking the Austin and Sami vs. Rafe and Carrie thingy. I hate the repetitive conversations, but I do like the dynamics. Perhaps it's seeing Patrick Muldoon together with Christie and Alison again.

Or perhaps it's the fact that, even though Sami put Austin through hell, he's willing to admit she's changed and has valid points. Rafe and Carrie, however, seem to want Sami to sit on a shelf and look pretty, and not challenge their way of thinking. Girlfriend's made many mistakes, but Sami doesn't deserve to pay for them forever.

On a positive note, Deidre Hall has been doing an amazing job with this storyline. Years ago, I watched my mother help nurse my father back to health after an auto accident, and I know how exhausting it can be for the caretaker. It's a job one never asks for, but is happy to do for a loved one. The task is part cheerleader, part tough-love coach, and part makeshift nurse. Deidre is conveying that, and I appreciate her focus to the details. You can easily see the cracks in Marlena's armor, but she tries to remain stoic for her family when all she really needs is Calgon to take her away from all the stress. Bravo, Dee!

However, on the whole, I'm becoming bored with this storyline. The lack of action and the abundance of rinse and repeat dialogue are on my last nerve. Case and point -- characters constantly talk about this case and they talk about all the investigating they're going to do, but we never see any of it unfold. We simply get the recap when a character returns to John and Marlena's living room to tell them what happened. Soaps are a journey. And I'd want to be on that journey with the characters in lieu of hearing about it later.

Riddle me this! How can Marlena awesomely defend Sami one minute and then scorn her for thinking John might be guilty because of all the mind-scrambling E.J. and Stefano did to him the next? That's easy. Because Sami isn't Carrie or Belle, therefore she's wrong by default. Sorry, end of side rant.

Mar Mar mixed it up with E.J. Again, Doc is awesome when she gets all Mama Bear. I'm glad she pointed out that E.J. was only fooling himself, and she wasn't a fool enough to believe he's doing what he's doing for his children.

Some part of me believes E.J. thinks what he's doing is the right thing. That warped logic is what makes E.J. an interesting character. However, this "for the kids" defense never really seems to work out for anyone, especially the viewers.

E.J. and QUINN
G'day, mate! Quinn is back and, the better news, Taylor isn't with him! They broke up because she got a job or something like that. What-and-ever, I'm fine with that flimsy explanation. Hmm, if only Sami and Rafe would break up that easily now that he has a brand new job. Right, back to Quinn!

I have no flipping clue why he's back. Nearly everyone he interacted with is gone. Please join me in a few moments of silence for Vivian, Carly, and Chloe. Five, four, three, two, one, and we're back! And so is Quinn. I repeat, "Why?" The dude had more personalities in five months than John's had in a five-year span.

But I also have to ask, "Why not?" Bren Foster made Quinn an interesting character despite all the changes. I also like that Quinn's a link to E.J.'s past misdeed. And let's face it, orbiting Planet Taylor didn't do favors for anyone. So, I'm willing to give him another chance as long as he's not another one of Maggie's unknown hatchlings.

Cheers, Stef N' Ho! Booze out of coffee mugs before noon made morning-drinkers everywhere proud. And you're right Stefano, it is noon somewhere. Laurisa and I are proud supporters of that mantra.

Stefano and Kate weren't just randomly drinking, though. They were celebrating her new sinister plans regarding Madison, Brady, and Victor. Actually, Stefano said, and I quote, Kate's revenge plot was "the most dastardly plan in Salem history." I'm sold. I want to know what it is. I just hope it doesn't involve moisturizing Brady and shaving him. That's already been done.

It warms my Carver-loving heart that Abe and Lexie are getting mad airtime! Coincidentally, Abe and Lexie were royally mad at Stefano when he told Abe to drop out of the mayoral race to preserve peace in the family. His plan, Abe should run for governor. Call me crazy, but perhaps Stefano should have shared that plan with Abe and Lexie before E.J. hijacked his reelection announcement. Although his plan is still laughable, it might have softened the blow a bit.

When John listed the "past lives" he's had, such as Roman Brady, Forest Alamain, art thief, priest, and solider-for-hire, he never once mentioned long-lost DiMera sibling. Are we to forget that happened? Because I clearly remember James Scott with an Italian accent and fake mustache macking on Alison Sweeney with an Irish brogue.

Thank you, Brady Black! You also pointed out that Nicole had no public relations experience prior to her job with E.J. Nevertheless, I'm happy that Nicole digs her new job, but I would dig it if we got to see Brady and Nicole, friends without benefits, interact more often. Just because they didn't work as a couple *insert bitter explanative complaining*, doesn't mean I don't want to see Eric and Arianne's amazing chemistry from time to time. More, please!

Extra Scoops

Sure, sure, Bo and Hope have re-re-renewed their vows/commitment to one another a million times, but last week's scenes were a romantic treat for Bo and Hope fans! On the eve of the show's big 46th Anniversary, it felt right to pay homage to a relationship that has been a DAYS staple for nearly 30 years. Their relationship is one that even foolish non-soap fans have heard of. To boot, Peter and Kristian have this amazing chemistry that makes this Scooper keep falling in love with Bo and Hope all over again.

For the first time in, well, for the first time, Sami has a job, and is balancing said job and her family semi-nicely. So, why is everyone calling her a disappointment lately? First it was Marlena, and now Madison did so last week. Sorry, Mads, but your oh-so-professional rubdown and shaving of Brady a few weeks ago makes me doubt your personal/professional code of conduct, and it's not like Sami didn't have a valid point, but I digress. Sami actually had another valid point about John's mind being as stable as a bowl of Jell-O during an earthquake. Like a Kit-Kat, let's give this gal a break and listen to what she has to say.

E.J. (to Quinn): "There's a big difference between you and me. I'm a DiMera. We have options. You're a drug-dealing pimp with no pedigree. It's tough out there for people like you."

Sonny: "What do you think my family would do if I got arrested for racketeering?"
Chad: "Well, that's a no-brainer. Your father will probably disown you. And Uncle Victor would probably disinherit you."
Sonny: "Because your dad and E.J. wouldn't do the same thing."
Chad: "My father would probably be proud of me."

Why do soap characters think its okay to randomly break into people's cabins? I've never gotten that. When travel conditions get sketchy while I'm driving, I pull off at a truck stop, impulse shop for odd traveling gadgets, and play video games for a few hours.

I think I missed the point of Bo and Rafe's odd little phone chat.

I didn't realize that Hope hadn't been wearing her wedding ring. I kind of figured when she purchased a new bed so she and Bo could get horizontal they had officially patched things up.

Is a shoe in a refrigerator sanitary?

Kate's bowtie? Hmm...

Speaking of, it looks like Marlena got into Kate's closet on Friday.

Why are there so many shots of John exercising? And why do they always make me chuckle?

The random bumblebee costumed couple at the town square cracked me up.

Score! John called Abe "Partner."

Thumbs-up, cameraman! I loved the unique shot of the DiMera living room when it panned over to the infamous Horton/DiMera baby photo.

No, really, where is Celeste? Perhaps she's giving Stephanie a tarot card reading somewhere.

In my pretend DAYS world, Philip bumped into Morgan Hollingsworth in Chicago last week, and they shared a deep-dish pizza.

I don't think anyone has been in the hospital for a month now. That's a coma-less record for DAYS! Sadly, that means Maxine-free days, too. Boo!

So, friends and DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of November 7th. Since life in Salem is all about traditions, Laurisa and I posted our annual countdown of "Reasons to Watch DAYS!" Click here for the first 36 reasons and then head over to my blog for the top ten by clicking here.

But that's not all the Laurisa fun we have this week! Click here for her Łber-awesome appearance on Soap Central Live! I suggest reading the 46 Reasons to Watch DAYS while listening to the show. And, "That's a fact!"

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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