Swept away?

by Tony
For the Week of December 2, 2013
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When Gabi found herself between a hard place and a rock, the tides turned for Nick, but was Salem's resident psycho swept away, or will he live to be crazy another day? Plus, now that Kate, Sami, and Gabi are three peas in a guilty pod, which one of them will split first?

This one time I accidentally spilled some bleach on my roommate's comforter. So, I decided to do the only sane, natural thing. I asked to borrow her car, donned a disguise, drove the comforter and bleach bottle to the Nevada dessert, buried it, and then set the car on fire to cover evidence that the comforter was ever there. Oh, and then I told her someone broke into the house and stole only her comforter and a half bottle of Clorox. And I may have mentioned that I was carjacked on my way back from the orphanage where I had read to the children after serving them nutritious apple slices and letting them pet puppies and kittens from the animal shelter. I just told her not to call the police about the car and the comforter as I figured they wouldn't believe my story because I got a speeding ticket when I was sixteen. So, just like Kate and Sami, I didn't overreact.

You see, I'm in a love/hate relationship with this entire Nick/Gabi/Sami/Kate storyline. A large part of me wants to love a storyline where Kate and Sami get to team up. In fact, that is pretty spectacular. Lauren Koslow and Alison Sweeney have made a career out of sparring with each other, and their uneasy truces have sometimes been more captivating to watch. So there's that, and I'm all for it.

The hate part comes because I have to believe things I don't want to. One, that Gabi is going to be front and center for the next several months as this crime continues to be covered up. What Nick tried to do to her was horrible, no doubt. I'm not blaming the victim. In fact, I would have handed her the rock myself had I been there. Well, technically if I'd been there I probably would have just pushed Nick away and called 9-1-1, but I digress. Wait! No, I don't. Why weren't the police simply called!?

I know Kate and Sami agreed that they pig patrol wouldn't have believed Gabi, but I'm having a hard time swallowing that. For starters, yes, Yo Gabi Gabba and Nick did argue in public, but Gabi's side of the argument would have been easy to explain -- and gather proof about. They could have simply checked Nick's email account and see he sent messages to Sparkle. Or, um, just look at his track record with the ladies and his computer where he has more pictures of Gabi than a 'tween does of the cast of The Hunger Games.

Also, Kate and Sami's presence could have easily been explained there. I doubt one person in Salem would have disbelieved them if they said they were fired up and went to tell off Nick. These two mama bears have a long history of interfering in their loved ones' lives. It wouldn't be a stretch.

Instead, we have an act committed in self-defense turned into murder, a "dead" Nick, some silly excuses not to go to the police, a possible witness, a secret with too many participants with big mouths, and sloppy body disposal including evidence left behind. Truth be told, I am not even remotely convinced that Nick is dead, as there was no body. Granted, not that even seeing a dead body means anything in Salem, but I digress. As excited as I am to watch Kate and Sami on the same side, I'm a little worried about the longevity of this storyline on my nerves.

Okay. I'm torn. On one hand, Eric hurt Nicole deeply, and she should be upset with him. On the other hand, Nicole has supposedly worked hard on forgiveness and change the entire year. So shouldn't she at least try to forgive Eric? Then again, he did accuse her of rape. Not cool. Yet Nicole tricking Eric into spilling his guts for a story was also not cool, either. What was cool -- Victor and Nicole as drinking buddies. That was fun. Let's focus on that and let Eric and Nicole cool off a bit.

Dang! Caroline didn't hesitate to cut Victor where it hurt. I can understand her side of the story, but I'm still with Victor on this one. He did what he had to do, even if it wasn't easy. He's a big tycoon. He can take the heat. Although I really think Victor should have "Would you like a drink while you tell me off" printed on his business cards.

Yep, I'm pretty sure Will and Sonny are the couple in Salem others should try to emulate. If they fight, they take some cooling off time to think and then return to one another with rational thoughts to hash things out. I mean, kidnapping and/or shooting someone in the head works, too, albeit Wilson's approach might be a little healthier.

Okay, Brady! We get it. You're the king of bad decisions. You're a bad decision making god. You're the Bad-Decisionator. We get it, so stop trying to prove yourself over and over again. Just put the drugs back and walk away from the crack den, thankyouvermuch.

Extra Scoops

As suspect as the Nick storyline is, I love Lauren and Alison's chemistry! They owned their characters' actions. From the grand blowouts to the subtle looks, they are totally killing it. More, please!

Really? That was it for Nick? I've mentioned this before, but man was Blake Berris misused in the past few months. Nick has never been a novice nut job. Blake could have handled a huge helping of crazy, but instead, we got Obsessed Schemer 101. Boo!

Kate and Sami (in unison, regarding Nick and Gabi): "Go get 'em!"

Brady: "I should have known better than to come here for answers."
E.J.: "Brady, when have you ever known better?"

Hey! Abe was on.

Mad props to the set design crew! The entire eerie riverfront set was amazing.

Eric not in priest gear? Not too shabby, folks.

Ciara in a Pilgrim costume just made her seem a little crazier.

Ah, I remember all of the annual Thanksgiving parties for the kids. I mean, I think I do...

Hmm, Eric was taking pictures in and around Horton Square. Do you think he captured something suspicious?

Why does Jen always sit in the waiting area near the nurses' station rather than doing work in her office?

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of December 2. With that, November Sweeps has left the building, but don't worry about the fun stopping. Storylines are in place to get us through the next few months, and there'll also be some exciting Two Scoops events in December, namely the Seventh Annual Golden Donut and Alex North Memorial Awards! Who will be this year's winners and losers? Well, we can't reveal that yet, but soon, very soon, and "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

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