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It took two paternity reveals in one week to get DAYS back on track! Finally, DAYS is must-watch TV again. Join the Paul and Xander Appreciation Party in this week's Two Scoops.

The end of Friday's show was the perfect example of why I love soaps. We finally got the official reveal of the secret I'd been hoping for -- John is Paul's father! That's a fact!

The reveal itself was masterful, especially considering the limitations that soap writers have right now. The money for the big sets and group scenes isn't there. So the writers have to be super creative with getting the group of people assembled in a location they already use on the show.

All of the players arrived at Club TBD (side note: we're still going with that name, huh?) for believable reasons. There was a logical explanation for why the place was empty. And the payoff was spectacular. Finally, Will did something good!

Sure, the road here was a little wonky, mainly because of the afore mentioned Whoreton. I would be remiss if I didn't point out the absolute lunacy of John badmouthing someone for cheating. Oh, oh! The best part? He was doing it in a conversation with Marlena! Hello, you two! The whole reason that Jarlena even exists right now is because you had an affair years ago!

Now, before you scream brainwashing at me -- yes. You are correct. But that's my point. There was a reason for the cheating. John didn't even stop for a hot second to think that there might be a reason for Paul and Will. Furthermore, Police Detective Black didn't even pause to think, "Hey, I might want to get some more information before I jump to a conclusion." John, for all his eyebrow raising, is usually pretty level-headed. This was a drastic detour.

Brady also made the comment that Paul must be a total jerk. Of course, the whole thing was just a heavy-handed way for there to be friction between John, Paul, and Ringo Brady. (I'm really, really resisting the urge to make a joke about an Asian woman causing problems between John and Paul.) But I'm okay with it because that friction will be fabulous to play out.

And to get more screen time for the brothers Black, I've collected a list of the scenes that we could have done without last week:
Daniel and Jennifer
Daniel and Eve
Daniel and J.J.
Jennifer and J.J.
Jennifer and Paige
Paige and J.J.
Paige and Eve

Please note, that is not a list I made up. That is literally a comprehensive list of all the scenes that revolved around one thing -- is Daniel going to tell Paige the truth?

So let's talk about Daniel for a second. The character of Daniel has been so bastardized since his introduction to the show as a free spirit genius medical man that I'm to the point where I just find him exhausting. This week, we're supposed to believe that Daniel suddenly thinks it's okay for him to berate Jennifer's parenting and threaten to insert himself into her business. Funny, because I could have sworn that just a few months ago, Daniel broke up with Jennifer for doing exactly that -- inserting herself into a situation that he believed that he was handling correctly.

Still, just because Daniel wasn't the one who should be saying it*, didn't mean he was totally wrong. Jennifer completely brushed aside the fact that J.J. is one messed-up puppy and solely focused on making her baby happy. Pretty sure J.J. was given ice cream and Legos anytime he wanted as a kid. Someone needed to call her on it.

Yet, the conversation shouldn't be whether or not Daniel is going to tell Paige, but rather why Eve and J.J. had an ongoing relationship to begin with. Daniel gave Eve way too much credit. The storyline he described about J.J. being the ultimate trophy would have been exceptional. But alas, that's not what happened.

*For the record, the person talking sense into Jen should have been Abigail. She has a much more authentic relationship with J.J. and Jennifer. And, she knows the mindset of sleeping with someone you shouldn't. Plus, having her recant her lessons-learned would give her a chance to clear up that nonsense she was spouting last week about how E.J. used Jack's book to get to her. Homegirl seems to forget the fact that she flung herself at E.J. Literally. She climbed on a chair and leaped at him like some sort of horny ninja.

Speaking of Abs, she, Chad, and Ben continued to do their dance. And I continued to care about exactly one and a half of them.

As long as Ben is dumb enough to believe anything his dad says, he's dead to me. But, I'm all in on Chad. Billy Flynn is a rock star. The way he's played Chad with just enough mystery has positioned the character to have epic shades of hero vs. devil throughout his run. I love a character who's in control of every situation...until that moment when he loses everything. And that's exactly where Chad's heading, thanks to Flynn.

But Abigail is the "half." Kate Mansi has proven that she can be stellar. But Abigail is a bit all over the place. She's quick to judge Chad but thinks Clyde is a stand-up dude. She clearly loves to have multiple guys chase her but isn't strong enough to commit to just one. However, the thing that tips me in her favor isn't Abigail at all, but Stefano.

Did you catch it when Stefano said it's helpful that Chad has his sights on Abigail? Why her? Because, come on, no one believes that stuff about how Stefano's sons get whatever they want. E.J., Benjy, and Tony can attest to that! So how is Abigail a benefit to Stefano? For that reason alone, I'm leaning toward wanting more of Chabigail.

They can take all of Serena's airtime. As far as I'm concerned, Serena can't pack up her trunk and leave Salem soon enough -- especially now that there's little chance she'll take Xander with her!

Yup, in other paternity reveals, Xander is actually Alexander Kiriakis. Not that one (Sonny's brother) or the other one (Justin's dad). He's the son of Victor's brother, making him Justin's long-lost baby brother. Sure, he's a rewrite, which makes me cringe a little. But I have high hopes. He's on the verge of being so many things.

First, he's the jack-of-all-underhanded-trades from money laundering to murder. While mostly reformed, Victor still has one toe in the underworld. And Xander is that toe. Victor seems to want him around but doesn't want him too close. Victor's bond with "his boys" is very strong, so the fact that this bad egg is family has to pull weight with the big fella as well.

Second, Xander's stepping into Philip's shoes, specifically when it comes to the feud with Brady. Brady's always been a bit of the golden boy who could do no wrong. Philip never dug that. From the way Xander crushed that glass with his bare hands just thinking about Brady, I can see that dynamic at play again.

They threw Daniel in there, too, but we can get rid of that jealousy pretty easily. All Xander needs to do for that is keep being completely charming to Nicole. Gawd, I love the idea of these two together. How long has it been since a guy actually pursued Nicole without reservation? I'll wait until you guys remember Vargas' name. Before that, you'd have to go back to Rollerblade-era Eric.

I love that Nicole is his first choice. I love that he's turning down other gals for Nicole. And I love that after one coffee date getting-to-know-you thing with him, she actually showed glimpses of the Nicole I used to know. I am so glad she did not stand for that absolutely putrid "Please, respect me" noise Daniel was trying to sell. No, thank you very much, Daniel. Nicole's done nothing but worship your sanctimonious self for months. She needs to respect you? Stop it.

Besides, Xander and Nicole have so much more in common than Daniel and Nicole. Can't you see their conversations now? "Oh my gosh, you were accused of murder? Me too!" See? They could talk for hours! And if I can't have Eric and Nicole, I'm more than okay with Xander and Nicole.

I do love Nicole and Brady as friends, but sheesh! All that groveling cost her some brain cells. No, Nicole. Brady isn't proposing. He and Mel have been dating for approximately seven minutes. Then again, Mensa isn't going to be coming for Brady anytime soon. He literally asked Melanie what she was doing in the blood the hospital...where she a nurse. Then, he asked what kind of work emergency Mel could possibly have. I dunno, Brady, maybe reference that whole hospital/nurse thing again.

I'd like to say that I was shocked that Will could be so egotistical as to sit there and let John criticize Paul, knowing the entire time that Paul is John's son. But that would be a lie. Victor said it best -- everything Will does is to make himself happy, and the hell with anyone else. That also must be why Will started this new narrative that Paul was the aggressive seducer, and Will just couldn't help himself. Come on, Will. You're a writer! At least come up with a creative and entertaining lie. Think potions and dragons or something like that.

I smiled when Theresa ran into Daniel and told him about Nicole. It did my heart good to see someone stick their nose in his business for a change. Also, I realized I want Nicole and Daniel to break up so that she can join Anne and Theresa for happy hour.

Oh, and while we're making it a party, let's invite Zoe too! I kind of love Zoe and her unapologetic 'tude. She brushed off Marlena like a boss.

I'm with Kate on this one. Adrienne and Lucas are a bad idea. You see, DAYS has developed the bad habit of confusing mentioning a problem (Brady & Mel's maturity difference/Adrienne's marital status) with fixing it. It's like if we say it out loud, the problem goes away. It doesn't actually work like that.

I'm super thrilled that Hope is joining Team Victor/Rafe on the movement to get Clyde out of town! Not only do I want Hayseed gone, but I like Hope and Rafe together. I always wished DAYS would invest in them more as partners -- not romantically -- but police partners and friends.

I'm so glad we got more of Victor facing off against Will, but it was more than just seeing someone who wasn't buying any of Will's lies. Victor came at this thing from a genuine place of love for Sonny. I can respect that.

Remembering that Theresa gave blood for Eve's surgery was a great move. And while I rarely dig it when a never-before-mentioned character shows up and plays a pivotal role in a storyline (sorry, Jorge!), Theresa totally made everything better. See (upon seeing the bunny): "Wow, Jorge, you are into some seriously weird stuff." and "God, I hate whimsy." Jen Lilley must be having the best time with this role.

I twitch a bit each time Rafe talks about how Will and Sonny are his business. No, it isn't. And unless it puts Ari in real danger, it's not Gabi's business either. As buffoonish as Will can be, he does take good care of his daughter.

Extra Scoops
Christopher Sean, Hira Ambrosino, and Drake Hogestyn could not have been better on Friday. The three of them positively nailed their respective roles. Every emotion came across -- from Paul's visceral anger, to Tori's palpable panic (those eyes!), to John's manic plunge from delight into utter shock. I really hope we get to see more of this family together. There were so many dynamics at work in those captured few seconds that it would be a shame not to let these three play it out.

Daniel said that Jenifer kept the secret about Jack and Kayla from J.J. his whole life. That is such a gross mischaracterization of the truth that I can't stand it. First of all, Jack was alive most of J.J.'s life, thus that decision was one that Jen and Jack made together as J.J.'s parents. Second, the immediate months after Jack's death were certainly not the time to tell J.J. this news, not to mention that he was still a kid. Daniel made it sound like it was some master plot by Jen to lie to her son. Nothing could be further from the truth. That's it, Dr. Dan. I'm taking the surfboard away. You'll get it back when you've proven that you've learned from this.

Xander: "I don't like rejection, so call. Or my misery will be all your fault." #smooth

Seriously, you guys, I want Abigail's work wardrobe. That black blouse and pink skirt was super fantastic and lovely.

I like that Parker's glitter glue drawings are hanging on the refrigerator. And, as my sister pointed out, DAYS must have let both Evan and Luke Kruntchev make one. ;)

If I lived in Salem, I'd just walk the square until I smacked into a nice fella who'd offer to buy me a beverage. Given the amount of run-ins at that place, it couldn't take me more than ten minutes.

After seeing Eve's outfit on Monday, I'm thinking she should have left that clothing drive with more than just a men's jacket.

Question, Dan -- at what age do you plan to tell Parker that Chloe had him kidnapped? I just want to get your superior parental call on this.

I laughed out loud when Maggie cheerfully declared "Oh, I'll just get you some cortisone cream!" Sometimes you can kill 'em with kindness!

I wonder if Tori worked for Stefano the same way that Kate and Madeline worked for Stefano.

Hey, hey! At least Melanie is purchasing her own gifts now!

I wonder when cousin Joan is going to come home and insist that Eve move out.

It was a legit concern for Sonny to worry about Will's next article. Two of his last three pieces have ended in absolute disasters.

And now, time for some DAYS Emmy talks....

Click here if you want to see what clip earned Freddie Smith an Emmy nomination. He's carried a supercouple through a recast, and that ain't easy! Good on him!

Click here if you want to see what clip has a solid shot at winning Camila Banus an Emmy. This gal positively nailed her material in those last few weeks!

Click here if you want to see the clip that absolutely no-questions-asked should win Alison Sweeney her first Emmy, and you'll get a glimpse of Peggy McKay's brilliance as well. While I am unabashedly rooting for the Lady Sweeney, Peggy McKay brings heart to DAYS, and any respect for her is okay in my book. Way to work it, ladies!

That's it for this week! @Tony_S_Days will be back next week. A certain blonde DiMera bad girl returns to the screen. You can bet Tony will be waiting with flowers, chocolate, and a giant bunny to welcome her!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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