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We all get why Abigail is upset. But it's time to have a come-to-Two Scoops moment with her and let her know that she's got it pretty sweet. Don't you think?

There's a beautiful part in The Sound of Music where Mother Abbess basically tells Maria, "Girl, stop crying. Get your act together. If you love that dude, sack up and go to him."

I'm paraphrasing, over course. But it got me wondering how good of a soprano voice Kayla can muster. It's needed right now.

Kate Mansi is giving her all to this role. But, holy macaroni, Abigail's been crying for two weeks straight! I totally understand Abigail is upset. But she's got all the power here. Plus, while there are plenty of things to cry about on soaps, having two guys worship you and not knowing what to do is not exactly close to the top of the list, there, chica! Chin up!

On the extremely good side, I believed that Abigail genuinely loved both men. And that credit belongs solely to Kate Mansi, who is doing a masterful job of playing Abigail as a hot mess. Sure, we may have more of a head vs. heart thing going on here with Abigail, but Kate isn't tipping her hand. Very well done!

Also, if his solid work this week was any indication, Robert Scott Wilson must be thrilled that Ben is finally getting some character depth. Ben was adorable when Abigail accepted his proposal and pretty menacing during that Chad/Ben confrontation.

Speaking of that proposal, Abigail learned that Ben is the father and decided to marry him and start a life with their little bundle of scandal. Congrats, kids! There're just two tiny things wrong with that.

One, Ben might not be the father. Martin produced a piece of paper that said Chad was not a match. But I'm not sure if anyone knows what the original test said. So, we don't know if Martin actually altered the results or not. (Just for good measure, someone better make sure that Caroline wasn't volunteering at the hospital that morning either!)

Two, really, DAYS? It's 2015. This antiquated move where Abigail has to marry the father of her baby else Ma Ingalls is never going to be able to show her face at church again makes me a little cranky. In fact, the Chad/Abigail/Ben triangle is almost a step-for-step repeat of the Austin/Carrie/Lucas storyline where Carrie thought she was pregnant with Lucas' kid, so she married him instead of Austin. That turned out well.

But we're not done there! Clyde and Stefano are both adamant that their sons marry Abs so that they can get ahold of her future inheritance. I give the writers credit for trying something a little different. But it's a bit hard to buy, especially from the DiMera angle.

You're telling me that the man who removed all of John's memories and put them on a DVD can't figure out how to dupe a woman on her deathbed out of a real estate deal? Please make it stop.

In its place, I'll take this Ravello revelation because there's a great possibility there. Chad looked like he got punched right in the Armani suit when Stefano mentioned that place. Apparently there's something there that could destroy any possibility of Chad and Abigail living happily ever after. The idea of it being another woman is ridiculous, so I'm not even going to consider that. But...what about something even closer? What if Stefano's been hiding Jack on Ravello and Chad's known about it the whole time?

Or, Jack is a dream, but Bo is a real possibility. We know he's coming back. We know he's been trying to catch Stefano. And Abigail would be furious if Chad had something to do with holding Bo hostage. She's dumped Chad over far lesser things.

Speaking of Bo's extended family, his niece, Theresa, is scheming up a storm for his nephew, Brady. That's not as weird as it sounds. Bo's relatives often date each other...okay, now it's sounding weird. Moving on.

I have to applaud Theresa for the thought that she puts into the props for her tricks. From the cast and crutches to the x-rays on the DVD, no one can accuse her of not committing to her game plan.

Kristen once said that the best lies are the ones that are based in truth. In that way, Theresa is a superb liar. I believe that she does want to be with Brady. And she really desires to be a good mom to Tate. But if saying those things will also land her a spot on easy street, well, she's not going to pass up that opportunity. It's kinda what I love about her.

But the thing that makes this couple truly entertaining is that Brady is not playing the fool. He sleeps with one eye open around her at all times. He seems to be onto her again. I wonder what would happen if Theresa was really in trouble...

No, nope, uh-uh, now way in H-E-double-hockey sticks is Eric going to end up as the new Roman. I don't know what the point of that speech was, but I never want to hear Eric praise Marlena and Roman's ability to stay friends while Marlena shacks up with another dude. We already have Lucas saddled with the role of chump. We don't need Eric in that same pool too.

J.J. freaked out when he saw Kyle and Paige together, so he broke into Kyle's apartment with a stolen key. This is actually progress compared to his previous freakouts: sleeping with Paige's mom and trashing the Horton Town Square.

Chloe returned to tell Nicole that she's not cut out to be Parker's stepmom. So, St. Daniel sat the prima donna down for a chat, and I rolled my eyes so hard, I think they broke. Chloe knows novels more about Nicole than Daniel does. Their history goes back a whole different Brady ago!

Victor's snark used to amuse me to no end. But the (pretty unwarranted) slut-shaming comment to Theresa about her kneecaps wearing out didn't sit well with me. But that could be because I haven't recognized Victor since Xander came back. He's basically the wicked stepmother to Xander's Cinderella right now. You know, if Cindy was a crazy person with a homicidal temper.

It was real swell of Daniel to give Serena a Danny Tanner "you messed up, but hang in there, kid" speech. But he might as well have just said, "Listen, Serena, we have new writers now. And they don't want you around anymore. So, pretty soon, you're going to be headin' on out, mmmkay?"

Aiden dumped Clyde and Ben as clients. Something tells me that won't benefit Aiden's life expectancy. Well, that and this news.

Sonny's got an ex who confesses every move to him, and a husband who hides everything from him. Sheesh. Good thing Sonny owns a bar.

Extra Scoops
Thank all the blue streaks in the world! Kate finally seems to be getting the picture about Clyde. While I'll never love how the show dumbed down Kate to make her fit with Clyde, I do so enjoy Kate when she's been wronged. Good stuff happens then.

I'm glad they brought Chloe back for that. I sure wouldn't have wanted to see her when Belle, Shawn, and Philip are around. Nah. That would have been a big ol' waste of time! Besides, how long has it been since we've seen Nicole apologizing in tears to someone? Win-win all around!

Paige (to Kyle) "Well, you're good with people! Technically, you're in sales!"

Delivery of the week:
Drunk Chad (to Marlena): "Well, if it isn't the shage of Shalem. Why don't I buy ya a drink, doc. You can sit down and gimme s'more bad advice!" The gift that is Billy Flynn just keeps on giving. Love. Him.

Baby Tate's bibs match his onesies. That is one stylish tot!

Nicole's makeup miraculously appeared when she went for her walk and then disappeared when she came back.

It is a little ridiculous that Rafe still hasn't been reinstated on the force yet.

So, Kyle has an apartment, and the DiMera living room is still MIA? That's cool. Makes sense.

Brady and Theresa must have the most detailed custody agreement in history. That thing is down to the minute that one of them can spend with Tate!

Julie might not be the best influence on Hope. Gossiping to Will about Abigail being pregnant and why she hasn't told J.J. and Jen yet? Not at all cool, Fancy Face!

Xander Cook, Owen Kent...that Kiriakis gardener's house is a staging area for villains I wished had stayed around!

Kyle graduated top of his class from the Theresa Donovan School of Lying.

I adored that Chad kept calling Abigail "Abby."

I'd love to meet this Bryce guy that Chloe is so fond of!

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