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There may have been some dark and twisty moments on DAYS last week, but there were definitely fun times worth celebrating, too! How about how Jennifer and pals brought a basket of awesome to the table!? Let's (mostly) focus on the sunnier side of Salem in this week's in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Well done, DAYS! Last week was a great balance of drama, comedy, and action. But let's focus on the fun and funny stuff first. We could all use a little enjoyment in our lives, right?

Sans Jennifer's lingering feelings for Eric, which need to go far, far away -- but when it boils down, I really can't blame her too much because Eric looks like Greg Vaughan -- whew! -- I couldn't have loved Jennifer more last week if I tried. She was an amusing, positive thread woven through Salem's storylines. And while the fab Melissa Reeves certainly knows her way around drama, I enjoy when she gets to bring that plucky, smart side of Jennifer out to play. Case in point...

I still want to lunch with Jennifer and Valerie. I adore that they're becoming pals. I like it even more because Val admitted to being smitten with Abe. Yes, please! He's a great guy and deserves some happiness. And since he knows she has a son (which I assume is part, but not all, of the secret Val spoke to Jennifer about), it shouldn't be too much of an obstacle. Right? Here's to hoping anyways!

Generally speaking, though, I admire that DAYS is giving Jen and Val time to bond. In a Salem where besties/former besties Nicole and Chloe are fighting over Holly because of Dirty D, it's nice to see that the current/soon-to-be-former writers are focusing on building friendships between two strong women. That includes Jennifer and Valerie as well as the amazing job they've done with Adrienne and Kate as of late.

Though, while the writers are getting their friendships in line, they might want to break out the family trees from time to time. By doing so, they'd stop characters like Julie from saying asinine things to Jennifer like, "Didn't it occur to you to consult Hope's family..." Um, they're cousins and best friends forever, Jules. Then again, Madame Williams has some wonky relations hierarchy going on, but I digress. Julie actually made my day by...

Convincing Jennifer to give working with Anne a shot! Yes and please, and thank you, Julie. We're good for the moment. Take a cookie and exit to the right. There is so much to love about Jennifer and Anne interacting again, I don't even think I could cover it all. It starts with Anne's "Jen-nay" and ended with their "Yes/No!" exchange. I'm in. I'm totally in. Let's get some more Lucas and Anne scenes into the mix while we're at it, dear writers.

And for a "Jennifer Was Awesome Last Week" victory lap, she's now tangled in the Orwell drama because of her super sleuthing skills. Again, yes, please, because let's be real, the men involved are basically having a pissing contest over the thing while the women of Salem are attempting to clean up their messes before things get ugly uglier. If the men were smart, they'd just divide the billions -- BILLIONS -- three ways, but, nope, they have to prove who has the biggest, um, ego and wage war for the device. Smart, gents. Very smart.

The best part? Jennifer holds the key to the device. That is, the key is not a key-key, it's a person, and that person is Drew Donovan (Shane's not so Shane-like twin brother). Nice twist, writers! The fun that Charles Shaughnessy seems to be having with the role is just infectious. He's brilliant. Drew needs to stick around. And I'm glad he's found love with Camilla, but part of me was hoping he'd be free for Jennifer (or Hattie!). Jennie seems to do well with handsome, smart guys with a wacky streak.

But let's go from "wacky" to "whack." If Jennifer was a brightness weaving through several storylines, then Deimos was a darkness doing the same. This guy's the like the anti-Visa: he's everywhere you don't want him to be.

As Joanie slyly said to her sister in Muriel's Wedding, "You're terrible, Muriel." Ditto that, Joanie, substituting Deimos for Muriel, of course. He was. He was terrible last week, but, damn, Vincent Irizarry was so good playing bad. How gothicly creepy was that piano montage as Deimos tickled the ivories while Andre and Dario were attacked!?

Yet while I can praise Vincent until the hourglass runs out of sand, Deimos is a much, much harder sell. In fact, I'm not sure I even love him in a "love to hate him" kind of way. Come to think of it. I'm not sure what I hate more: Deimos himself right now, or how those around him react to his "with me or against me" arrogant demands.

Yes, I'm looking at his flying monkeys, Brady and Sonny. They need to man up. If Deimos gets his hands on Orwell and the key, he'll have nearly infinite power, and, methinks, he's not going to stick to his word and let Brady and Sonny determine who gets the billion-dollar shiny object. Think a little harder about your life choices, Brady and Sonny, as an egotistical maniac with nearly infinite power doesn't bode well for society.

Let's talk about this entire Nicole "I deserve better" thingy. She does. She surely does. While Deimos claims to love her, I think he loves the idea of her more than Nicole the person. That was clear when he proclaimed it would be the "best night in Kiriakis history" as Nicole was sobbing about Holly in the next foyer. Sorry, Nicole, he's already picking profit over comforting you, yet he's ready with an abundance of shade to throw at Brady for being there for his best friend. That's a deal breaker, lady.

Also, Deimos proclaiming, "Holly will be our daughter," gave me the icks. He's a megalomaniac and wants to create his vision of a perfect life for himself, complete with obedient wife who will scurry into the next room at his command and child, it seems. I'm super worried that in order to get Holly from Chloe, Nicole may do something silly like speedily marry Dirty D and let him adopt her. I'm sharpening a few wooden stakes just in case this happens.

When it all boils down, part of me kinda gets Deimos' need to hastily construct a life for himself as he missed out on decades while being in prison. But a larger part of me thinks the writers don't address that at all. Giving Deimos a vulnerable side that may balance his gigantic self-esteem and entitlement would be smart. Instead, we just have an overconfident blowhard who acts out of spite and uses threats. Sorry, writers, but I need more layers to my bad guy, please and thank you.

So, Salem police officers...none of you in the search party could spot a former felon carrying an unconscious fugitive who were feet away? Really!? None of you? "I'm shocked!" says no one.

It's one of the weirder DAYS duos, but there's something charming about the relationship between Abigail and Andre. It's part hilarious. It's part suspension of disbelief. And it's part sincere. I'm a fan.

My heart broke for Chad when he faced losing Andre. From deaths to abandonments, that poor guy's life has been filled with saying goodbye to loved ones. Thankfully, the Grim Reaper didn't claim Andre. Then again, perhaps it was silly of me to worry about Andre dying. He's done it before, and look at him now.

The Prague storyline is creeping along, but I'm kind of excited for the Masquerade Ball! And their plan is solid. If anyone can bait Stefano, it's Marlena. She has that effect on him. Plus, if Stefano is alive, a final Mar Mar/Phoenix faceoff would be a great swan song. Let's just hope that tune doesn't take another month to play out.

Even if the following is a bit premature, I'm putting this out there now: I'll be set off on a Kristen DiMera-sized fit if Brady and Nicole fall back in love and there's even a peep that it has to do with Brady having Dr. St. Dude of Jonas' heart. They've been in love before. They've been besties for years. That's enough to potentially send them back down Romance Road without bringing Dr. Dude's ticker into it. So, seriously, writers -- one peep, and I'm off.

Extra Scoops

Hallelujah! Have mercy. And break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar. Nicole actually said, "I deserve better," in regards to Deimos. Yes! Yes, you do deserve better. Welcome back, Smart Nicole. I hope you stick around. Read: please, please, oh, pretty please stick around, and I'll buy all your dirty martinis from here on out.

In other "Girl Power" HOTTNESS, let's hear it for Abigail and Gabi! Was their plan amazing? Nope, but they were gung-ho to stop the boys from tearing each other apart one way or another and I'll take two dedicated women on a mission any day. Things will get done. Plus, Gabi totally cracked a safe and thought to drop the necklace? Somewhere in Prague, Rafe is totally hat tipping his little sister's use of connections, sass, and smarts.

While DAYS' misogynistic views usually stem from something stupid Victor says, I'm disappointed that there was a recurring theme of "Go home, woman, the men folk will sort this out" going on last week. It was just jive. Oh, and Deimos, don't call Gabi "girl." She's a woman. #respect

Jennifer (to Anne about her excellent references): "And who did they call for those references? Satan!?"

While I overall enjoy the Orwell drama and Jennifer, Gabi, and Abigail's attempts to stop the insanity, the sausage fest that is the Kiriakis, Hernandez, and DiMera men's club could use a femme fetal or two. Methinks Kate should just steamroll over all the menfolk and keep the device for herself. Or, let's just get Kristen back in Salem and watch what would happen if Deimos called her "girl."

Ha! Lani, I'll give you, "Well, that was productive." Nicely played.

Wait a second...weren't Chad and Gabi just stuck in a room together!? Nah. I must be imagining things.

I adored Maggie and Nicole's hug-it-out scene. Maggie made Nicole into an optimist about her future with Holly. And I believe if there will be a "Team Bracole,"Maggie has a foam finger on standby.

J.J. needs his cousin Shawn-Douglas to take him clothes shopping! I mean, he could ask Gabi, since she's a fashion consultant and all, but that may not end up being fun for either of them. Moral of the story: when J.J. was dressed in his blues, it appeared as if it were a costume. Now that he's a detective, it looks like he's a kid trying on his dad's old suits. Casey Moss is too handsome to be distracted by J.J.'s oversized wear. Again, let Shawn-D take J.J. shopping before those baggy clothes cause Jr. to trip while he's in hot pursuit of a criminal.

Speaking of clothes, if next week's Two Scoops column is late, it's only because Henderson is taking Laurisa and me out shopping for matching robes.

I'll never not be happy to see Shawn-Douglas and Belle. Since we're getting new head writers (you know, again), can someone please send them a long-term invitation? Thankyouverymuch.

Nicole should take Justin's advice. He's been on a roll lately. Plus, "play it cool" might remind Nicole that she is cool deep down.

It's a good thing DAYS was smart and let Alexander Bruszt (ex-Dr. Fine, err, Fynn Thompson) and Ximena Duque (ex-Nurse Blanca) go. Since Valerie had the day off and Kayla's in Prague, we got some day player docs instead of interesting, established characters. Yep. Good call, DAYS.

How happy do you think Kristian Alfonso was when she showed up to work and found out her wardrobe for a few weeks would be sweatpants, an oversized shirt, and comfy shoes? That's like getting to wear your pajamas all day while working from him. Score!

I adored Marlena's casual approach to Stefano's feelings for her: "I think now, perhaps, he just wants to destroy me." At least she got to be his "Queen of the Night" for a little while. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of February 6. Are you ready to party at the masquerade ball? A masked Laurisa will be back next week to see if Stefano really does exist. And that's a fact!

As always, thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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