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New Year's and Eve sent Salem spiraling into 2019 with a sight for sore eyes -- Jack is back! And so is Xander! Let's roll out the red carpet for these returns as we celebrate in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Ring that bell! Drop that ball! Blow that kazoo! A new year has dawned in Salem, and it brought Jack in with it. Jack. Jack Deveraux. Yep, Jack is back! I'll hold while everyone continues the celebratory roars of "Woot! Woot!" and "Woohoo!"

Can I just say, Matthew Ashford! He is a sight for sore eyes. I've always been a fan of his impeccable acting chops, but, gosh and golly gee-whiz, I'm still in awe of his talent and charisma. And you can tell his costars feel the same, especially Melissa Reeves, who seems to be absolutely beaming. I can't blame her at all. At all.

But wait! There's more...

Not only did we get Jack back, we got Eve and -- drumroll, please -- Xander! Yes, please. Like Eve so divaliciously declared at midnight, "Hello, everyone. Now let's get this party started!" Again, yes and please.

So, where does that leave things? Well, now we have a not-so-dead Jack, Eve, and Xander in Salem. Here's how that happened for all you gazing at Matthew Ashford's dreaminess instead of paying attention to the plot. It seems six years ago, Jack was spatulaed off the elevator floor, brought to the morgue, and, at some point, was injected with "Resurrection" by Wilhelm. Jack ended up in various DiMera rehab facilities, including the last one in Tennessee that went boom. Then, in November 2018, Xander delivered him to Eve in New York. She has something(!?) Xander wants, and he wanted her to have Jack to wreak havoc on Jennifer's life. Oh, that Xander. So giving.

Not to bury the lead, but I'm curious about the something-something Eve has that Xander wants. Eve was married to Deimos. Eve also lived at the Kiriakis mansion for a time. We know it fits on a thumb drive. Xander was happy to receive it. Though I'm just happy his nefarious self is back in Salem again. Right. I'm not sure what files Eve flash-drived to him, but knowing Xanimal, it has something to do with de-black sheeping himself with the Kiriakis clan. He just wants Victor's approval. And maybe a hug.

As for Eve, she's reveling in her wrecking ball bombshell. I haven't seen a Salemite spew so much hate at a party since the early eighties when Renée DiMera blasted nearly everyone in town. That was epic. Find the clip. It's worth it. So worth it. But to stay on track, yes, Eve is doing a dastardly deed by deceiving Jack simply to make Jennifer suffer.

While I feel Eve doing this to J-Ho because of the Brady breakup is a smidge meh and that Eve has other fish she could be frying in Salem (more on that next week), I'm not mad. Eve brought Jack back. That made me happy. Damn the details. Plus, I'm enjoying Kassie DePaiva and Matthew's repartee. Jack isn't just an amnesiac Eve is duping. He's still Jack Deveraux, and the man has wits that won't let her get away with too much for too long. Hmm. Here's to hoping, anyway!

Okay. To undamn the details. There are a few things we should discuss. Needless to say, everyone in Jack's orb was stunned over his resurrection. Um, latest resurrection. He's no Phoenix, but he's been un-dead a few times over the years. I really don't mind the absurdity of it, especially when 2018's theme song went, "Death don't mean a thing, all you got to do is syringe...doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah." There's that.

But let's discuss the other obvious. This amnesia storyline echoes Will's. A lot. Still, I don't think Jack will remain Willed too long. Here's why...

First, Jack needed a valid reason not to be in Salem. It's not like there are an abundance of excuses fans will accept to explain such a lengthy absence from a beloved character. Abandonment, prolonged ISA-like assignments, and tracking down a hot lead (to name a few) don't fly. After a while, those kinds of excuses make characters look callous to those they've left behind. And that makes fans angry. Very, very angry.

If a character is presumed dead, acceptable options usually include, but are not limited to: held hostage, comatose and/or in long-term recovery at a clinic outside of Salem, amnesia, or held hostage while in a comatose state only to wake, have amnesia, and wonder who you are while you're recovering. I'd say Mr. Deveraux wins the Jackpot. He got them all!

Next, if the last two weeks in December were any indicator, Ron Carlivati is not dillydallying in the slow lane. Seriously, missing an episode may now require homework. As in reading recaps or begging someone on the message boards to fill you in. That itself is a glorious thing.

Finally, there's the fact that when Will returned, Sonny was in the middle of more than one storyline. Along with Chad and Abigail, Care Bare Kiriakis was double wedding planning with groom-to-be and Jungle Madness survivor Paul, and the Deimos murder stuff was still a little in play. What was Jennifer doing when Jack returned? Basically, she was baking doughnuts and wringing her hands over Abigail. Nope. Henry does not count. Sorry. And we'll get to him later.

The Jenny Bear spare time factor in and of itself may speed things along. And she's not wasting any time reuniting with Original Recipe Jack. She went to Roman and Kayla and to Jack with photos and a kiss, and, you guys, Jennifer is plucky again! I love it. We needed this version of Jennifer back, and Jennifer simply needed Jack back to make it happen. Who wins? We all do, in this case.

I may end up eating my words later, but for now, I'm not overly concerned about the similar storylines. Heck, even Kayla said to Seth that there's another case like Will's. That gives me another ounce of hope that it won't last excruciatingly long, and Jack will be fully recovered in no time. Again, "Here's to hoping anyway!"

Aside from Jack being alive and the bittersweet reunions, I'm enjoying all the attention to details. Adrienne going to J.J.'s side was sweet, I adore that Jack's humor still attracts Jennifer, we got some Jen and Hope cuz love, and Jennifer went to Roman who was, in fact, there the day Jack "died." Well played, Team DAYS!

She's not perfect, but, damn it, if I'm in a pickle, I want Sarah by my side. She is fierce. She will stand up to anyone. Tenacity is a plus in my book. Go, Sarah. Just go, girl.

Okay, Eve isn't the first person to call Chloe, um, "not that bright," but Chloe is one of the only people Eve could call a friend. Well. Could have called a friend. I think their tenure of friendship has been terminated. Boo.

Soap gods, bless dear Doctor Henry Shah. He tried. He really did. He became Jack and Jennifer roadkill quicker than it took Brady to fall for his last "love of his life," and that's spectacularly fast. At least Henry got in a badass, "I'm Doctor Henry Shah. Stop insulting my date." Again, he tried.

Speaking of Henry, I'm starting a GoFundMe fundraiser for him. He needs a plane ticket, a room at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, and an unlimited bar tab. Maybe once there, Paul can life-coach him and teach Henry how to scour off the tire tracks after being rolled over by a supercouple bus.

Oh, Leo. So it begins! He has mommy issues. He said having no mother would be better than the horrible one he had. He basically said that. I paraphrased. Point is, she's a real mother, and he doesn't seem to want a mother and child reunion. Which got Sonny thinking that this might be a way to take Leo down. I'm in. I want to meet the woman who spawned Snarknado Leo.

Trust me, there's enough blame to go around for the hardships in Chad and Abigail's relationship, but she needs to pump the brakes on the Chad hate when it comes to him hurting loved ones. Loved ones, say, like Sonny. Remember when Abs let him rot in jail so Chad could remain a free man? And then, without missing a beat, she planned her double wedding with Sonny as soon as he was sprung. She put the "k" in "klassy" that time.

To be fair, I get Abigail's anger at Chad to a point, but I'm not looking forward to him receiving Rafe's 2018 storyline. That is, a year-long apology tour and some major fanny kissing. Maybe they should try couples counseling. Laura always seems ready to dive headfirst into Abigail's drama, and Marlena is out of the hospital, too. See, Abs, options. Plus, Julie is Team Chabby. And Julie gets what she wants, mmm'kay.

Oh. And Abigail didn't press charges against Gabi. Say what!? Nope. She didn't. Kate Mansi and Camila Banus rocked those scenes, especially the "I hurt you that badly?"/"Yes, Abigail, you did," moment. The outcome was a bit perplexing, but I get Abby's stance, which pretty much boiled down to "We've all suffered enough." You said it, girl. Sure, Gabi gets her freedom, but I think Abigail feeling free and walking away from the drama was worth it to her. At least, that's what I think we're supposed to feel. I'm still twisted, but okay. That's over. Moving on.

J.J.'s New Year's Eve date, Haley, piqued my interest. She's made a few cryptic calls. There's a mystery there, for sure. So, is she related to someone in Salem? While one thought I had is a frontrunner (a certain spiteful D.A.), a tidbit from ages ago got me thinking. Ron Carlivati certainly likes to dip into the DAYS history books. Several years ago, Stefano returned to Salem with a beautiful woman named Cecily on his arm. Could Haley be the lovechild of the Phoenix and his fling? A Stefano surprise spawn shocker is used and abused (and didn't turn out well the last time *cough Stefan*), but the House of DiMera could use some fresh blood, as it's pretty much Stefan and Chad (for now) holding up the rafters.

Uff da! Salem's mental giants, Hope and Rafe, actually had the following conversation about Jack:

Hope: "...either that or an exact double."
Rafe: "I suppose stranger things have happened in this town."

Yes, Rafe. They have. TO YOU, idiot! To you. Does Arnold Feniger ring a bell, Rafe? *exasperated sigh* Probably not.

Also, Hope said this to Jennifer: "Is this really happening? It can't be!" Hope. Oh, Hope. Like I told Rafe, this happened TO YOU! Remember an acid bath with Ernesto, Princess Gina, Swamp Thang Greta, etc. So, yes, Hope, these things do happen is Salem. In fact, because these thingies happen, you're a free woman and not in jail for murdering Stefano who, ultimately, didn't die, either. Once again, uff da! At least it's good when a cop is self-aware and aware of their city's happenings. Again, *exasperated sigh*

Extra Scoops

Jack. Is. Back! That special brand of Ashford/Reeves magic was seamlessly reignited. I couldn't be happier. There's nothing about this I don't love. Well, maybe one thing...

Jack is back, but Steve is not around to reunite with his brother. NOT. So very, very NOT. Hmm. Now that Stefan has been arrested for treason, though, does that mean the Patch Man can come home? #notholdingmybreath

Eve (to Jennifer): "Why don't you pop a pill and get over it. That's your specialty, right?"

Xander (to Eve): "I was doing quite well until the wonder twins showed up and the entire facility went kaboom."

Jennifer: "You look really good for a man who's been dead for six years."
Jack: "I try to stay out of the sun."

Jennifer: "I want to move on with you."
Jack: "After all this time?"
Jennifer: "After all this time."

The University Parkway area seems to be the "it" place in Salem right now! Perhaps some of the younger set should get out of the loft and check it out. Responsibly, of course.

Oh, boy. Ciara brought up her time as Chad's nanny and the crush she had on him. One, not the time or place, Ciara. Read the room. Ben does not want to hear about that. Any of that. Two, no. Just no. Let's pretend that didn't happen. Deal?

The New Year's Eve party fashion was all the rage! Seriously, the wardrobe department needs some gold for that showing. Adrienne's outfit alone was made of win!

Also, Julie's robe was everything. Love. When I retire to Florida with a sassy friend, a ditzy friend, and someone's mother, one of us needs that robe.

Was it just me, or did anyone else do a double take when they saw Linsey Godfrey with her hair up and think, "Wait! Is that Shelley Hennig!?" #twinsies

Wait! Jennifer never answered Henry's question about dating. How rude. I kid, I kid. I suspect we know her answer.

I'm sending Gabi a "Thank You" card for furthering the rift between "Rope." If anyone wants to sign it, meet me at University Parkway. I'll be on a bench somewhere between the pot mistletoe stand and the cool kids' nightclub.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's it for the week of January 7. Laurisa is back next week for more Two Scooping fun, and I got a sneak peek of an interesting tidbit she's bound to bring up regarding Eve. Stay tuned! And, "That's a fact!"

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